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Arthur epitomizes my childhood much like Fire epitomizes my winter. (Okay, that's a terrible analogy but I felt it NECESSARY to have some ARTHUR REPPIN' due to the copious amounts of Pokemon pictures invading my Facebook newsfeed. I'm in a slight state of confusion, but don't mind me here.) (OKAY MIND ME. SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT TO ME ALREADY.)

I've been roasting by the fire for countless hours this week doing my favourite past time (besides watching Arthur, of course): STUDYING FOR EXAMINATIONS. Oh, hi sarcasm.

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I've been sufficiently un-motivated to study for exams. Ironic as it's the singular year in my entire lifetime where these exams ACTUALLY count for, you know, the future. There's just something so irrelevant about what I'm learning in school right now that makes me want to scream. I wish we were in primary school where we were taught about beauty and love, not rational functions and Spanish revolutions.
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I definitely value education and enjoy many of my classes. But sometimes I can't help but to question why regurgitating information is such a common thread in learning? I understand that math is important but NO, I'm not planning to jump of a building in a perfect parabola and calculate the time it will take me to land. (Though I'd nail that shizzz it if that ever came up. Provided I had a graphing calculator with me prior to the jump.)
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I'm weary to calculate the amount of hours I've done studying and forgetting things that clearly have no relevance to my life. Can I get a "LIFE'S TOO SHORT"?! Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader taught me that a) adults are, generally, NOT smarter than a fifth grader b) but that's only because what you're taught in fifth grade really has no relevance to life.
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But anyways, I guess that's life. You learn something new each day! Hip hip hooray! (I added that rhyming bit.) And so little of it actually resonates with you. But some of it DOES stick. And that's how you really learn and really discover and really create who you are and what you love and what you believe. Friday taught me many new things, but I won't go into that now... (How intrigued are you regarding my AURA OF MYSTERY? oooh...)
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Anyways, in case you haven't noticed, Welcome to Lexy's Wardrobe circa Examination Time. This is my equivalent of sweatpants and sweatshirts. Barney would approve of the colour combination. No one would improve of anything else. But whatever. IT'S EXAMS I CAN GET AWAY WITH IT NANANA BOO BOO. (The Barney-lovin'-five-year-old-me clearly just came out... Mature? Yes.)
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(Purple Sweater - Value Village $3, Pants - Value Village $5, Daisy Sweater - Mum's, Jewelry - Assorted, Rings - Peru)

Teachers aren't allowed to teach new things right before exams. So I guess I'm not learning something new every day, after all? (Actually, I am. Just not with respect to schoolughh. (That is now one word.)) But anyways. Since I'm pretending that I'm not learning something new every day...
TEACH ME SOMETHING NEW. About anything. About yourself. About life. About Arthur. Whatever way, I smooch your little aardvark face. Yes, you are now aardvarks. This is officially the biggest compliment of your life.

P.S. Muchos gracious for all the comments and new followers! You're all so rad and I'm sorry to inform that I'll be neglecting your beautiful blogs for the next week or so. I'll visit them STAT. I know. Priorities SUCKS.


Anonymous said...

(Ha ha ha) It's alright, I feel your pain. We've had a lot of exams at my school and it's funny because when I saw the word Parabola my teacher popped in my head (the way he says that word is too funny since he has a heavy accent). Dad's been gettin' the fie burning too since all of us are always bugging him about how cold it is in the house. ^^

Come by again sometime.



Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Hey studmuffin; long time no talk eh!?
Alas, t'is what priorities and busy lifestyles seem to dispel.

Also, I approve of your outfit because yesterday......

BUT I WAS STUDYING!?!?! So, it's justified? *weak smile* :P


CDG said...

This is weird. Litereally less than 24 hours ago, I decided that I need a pet aardvark named Aurthur. Yes, aardvark's can make for good exotic pets. Taught you something new?! Yes, no, maybe so? Most likely no, because that statement is entirely untrue. They would make terrible pets! Enough rambling, you're wearing sweats and still manage to dress more unique than 90% of people I have come across. Good luck on the exams!


these photos are really nice, you look so adorable!
great post x

Anisa said...

The pokemon, cartoon characters on FB are to raise awareness against children violence! My whole FB friends list is covered with childhood cartoons (WHICH I LOVE!)

i FEEL THE SAME WAY, i'm so unmotivated to study for finals. i feel like the things i'm learning now have no association with what i want to do. poop. lets get out of this funk together!


MJ said...

That chunky knit purple sweater is so delicious!

Priorities suck for sure. I really should be studying instead of reading blogs. bummer.

FashionJazz said...

Hey hun! Good luck with everything! Chat soon mwah xx

sojourned in style said...

math sucks, i know cause I suck at but i still take functions (gr. 11) anyways. i feel your pain, in a way i hate exams too but mine arent till january...
besides barney having approval of your insane colour coordiantion, i give it a checkmark in my books.

good luck with your exams,

LyddieGal said...

Exams are dreadful and far too much importance is put on them which shouldn't be -- the ability to memorize will only get you so far (unless you've got a photograph memory and can pretend to be a psychic detective and then you will be set!)

But good luck on them all the same, I hope you don't get too stressed and do well!

Deidra said...

Hi! I always read, but don't always comment.

Good thing today is your lucky day!

Two things:
1) I've always liked purple and turquoise together. But maybe that's just me.

2) "I wish we were in primary school where we were taught about beauty and love, not rational functions and Spanish revolutions."

I quoted you on my Facebook status, because it was just too perfect. :D

kyki said...

Ugh. Exams are ruining my life right now. Being a freshman in university is the PITS.

Good luck on your exams! :D You look adorbzz in lazy clothes, bee tee dubs. Tee hee.

- kyki xx

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Charmalade said...

I TOTALLY was randomly watching an Arthur episode (the one where DW copycats Arthur so he'd hang out with her) yesterday for old time's sake 'cause I still think it was an awesome cartoon back in the day and I freakin' loved watching that show. I guess I still do, 'cause I still enjoyed it at age.... 20. xD Hell yes, I love how you so happened to start off your post with that! win.

Admittedly, if you're planning on going to college, exams still DO count (as much as I sorta wish they didn't at this point when I'm not studying, argh). Still. It's good to cover all the basics in HS, but I can honestly say that I don't remember much from economics or calculus class. I sorta wish I did, just because they are important subjects, but I feel like it doesn't pertain to me particularly.

And something new? Uh, uh, did you know that the Beatles wanted to make a live-action adaptation of Lord of the Rings back in the late 60s but couldn't because of obvious visionary/technology limitations? Trufax.

Toast with Charmalade

Sweet said...

Oh my I feel your pain in studying...I am having troubles with working as well...I should be lucky and happy to have a stable job that wants me to stay...but if you have toxic people surrounding you....there is no inspiring thoughts and things to motivate you right??? gawd...I wish our world is as easier just like in fairy tales babe!!!

always remember...things like this passes you by...just make sure you do not loose the motivation in living your life to the fullest that is the most important thing...never loose yourself in reaching your ultimate goal and dream...

I love the combination of your outfits plus it is so comfortable to look at...


roxanne said...

preach, lady, but power through and hopefully you'll soon have the chance to learn about only the things that interest you. as for learning, i just found out today that there are people who have been dressing up in panda suits in china so that a newborn baby panda can be reintroduced into the wild without having been knowingly affected by human interaction. panda suits. i thought you'd enjoy that.

Becca Joy said...

ahaha I wish my exam attire was that colourful, I've wear black shorts and a grey hoody, not exactly barney! Teach you something new eh...I reaaallly think you should go into fashion design so I'll teach you something about the fashion design program at my college. There are 3 different ways to make patterns,the hardest being drape and if you ever skip a drape class you will be screwed. Just something that I learned this year XD Get those exams done, good luck!

Vanessa said...

I like your sweatshirt/sweatpants substitute. Much cuter than sweatpants! Good luck with exams1

βe said...

A twice removed cousin is if your aunty got married, then divorced and had a kid to her new husband. Apparently. You probably already knew this, but I just learnt it today so if you didn't know that already then you have learnt something, and if you did already know that then you have learnt that I didn't know that until today. If you cant make sense of what I just said then you have learnt that I am impossible to make sense of sometimes-most of the time. And if you already knew that then. . .

Joanne Faith said...

Go & study.. haha
As boring as it is... :-)

Fires are my favorite part of winter - so cozy to snuggle up in front of!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

people learn in different ways..i myself don't have a long enough attention span to listen to classes so i always tend to cram before exams...i did pretty good but i always knews what i was learning won't be relevant to the future i'm choosing. so yeah, maybe you should try another way to study for your exams and make it fun...

anyway, enjoy high school...you may find that it's one of the best days of your life. i did. :D

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BenchesandChandeliers said...

love the chunky purple knit!


Spence. said...

Oh Lexi you never cease to make me giggle ;)
I totally agree with you about school, most of the stuff we're taught is totally irrelevant in later life...
Mmm Arthur, he's always been my favourite aardvark, it's probably sad to admit to but I record the re-runs throughout the week and watch them whilst I'm having a lazy saturday morning, tehe.

Good luck with the revision btw!

Aimee said...

Love your cardigan! And Barney = AWESOME :) xx

Marina said...

nice sweater!!

Sands said...

(Ok, I really hope you see this)
Here's something you DON'T know. About Arthur. My friend was the voice over for Timmy Tibble. Hahahahah. Random? Yeah. Cool? HELL yeah.