I'm a winter baby. I'm a Canadian. I'm a part-time unicorn. (the latter may be somewhat of an exaggeration...) Sounds like a recipe for a WINTER LUVUHH (lover), RIGHT?! Actually, contrary to stereotypes, Winter makes me want to vomit sunshine and inhale blue skies. Yes, Winter, that's right. I ain't a fan.

However - yes, that all important HOWEVER makes its appearance - I was ridiculously excited when I awoke to a blanket of sparkles! The first snow fall is always, always the most magical. Especially when the weather has been freezing for years (okay days) and snowless. For all of those who aren't lucky enough to live in igloos and ride to school on polar bears, here's some winter-y photos for your enjoyment!

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Evidently, the sibling and I dorked out and took self-timers in our winter gear. This a real testament to our, uh, awesomeness?
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I'm extremely aware that I'll be cursing the snow in, say, a day when my feet are inundated with wetness and my tights clash with my jacket. But for now, I'm thanking Mother Nature for her magic that falls from the sky (yes, I'm also aware that there's a science behind this "magic" but that is precisely why I dropped science. I happen to like magic)...
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Here's to a sparkly winter, vintage layers and lots of hot coco! (Also, good marks on my midterms, but that will go in brackets to make me feel better for not studying yet. at all. ah ah ahh, freak out, think winter, yay.)

I absolutely love this season! Santa was at the mall and I was thisclose to getting a picture with him (THEY'RE FREE) but I refrained my inner-child and merely stared and smiled at all the ecstatic children like the creeper I am (not. that didn't happen...). Also, the sibling and I set up the tree on Saturday. It's fairly heinous. I don't think I'll post pictures. Let's just say sibling wanted "modern" and I wanted "traditional." We decided to compromise. Compromises aren't always the best solution. But whatever, it has heart. (And my rubber Santa toy as the star, YES.)

What are your plans for the holidays?
Distract me with family traditions and OTHER FUN JAZZ so I have some hardy reading to do for procrastination.


Audrey Allure said...

Haha, I'm about to put up my Christmas tree with my family today.

I kinda wish it was snowing over here too.

Dreamy Princess said...

Aaahhh.. Snow already!!!
Your coat is fab and the photos are FABB!

Still have no plan on my holiday.. Maybe just spend time with my family and get a hibernation xD

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Diane said...

I'm also a winter lover! I can't wait for Christams and I'm super exited about all the Christmasy things in the shops!!!

have a wonderful day!


DeVero said...

So lovely pictres with such joy ;) I love that red coat!!


Hanna said...

These pics are great you guys look so cute!!


Marella said...

Amazing pics!

duckalicious said...

cuties!!! I freaking hate snow xD

K. said...

Looks like there's just the perfect amount of snow in your town. Here by us, it's snowing non-stop and we're drowning in this white stuff. If anyone's interested, we will gladly send some of our snow to you. Plese, just take it! Anyway, no special plans for holidays, a pretty usual christmas dinner, that will keep us full 'til new year.

Vanessa said...

These pics brought a huge smile to my face. You and your sister are darling and you remind me of me and my sister, which makes me happy and makes me miss her. Boo (She's at college!) I adore the matching big flouncy hairbows/headbands. Adorbs!

Kenziefaith said...

These pictures are so so fun! I love both of your outfits. Super cute!!

KF x

Sarah said...

You and your sisters outfits really bring out the other! Lalala snow. I'd like to say I'm glad I don't live in Canada because I hate snow, but sadly (and happily) I'm your friendly Northern US neighbor...

and lalalalala holidays! I'm Jewish so I'm celebrating Hanukkah in like 3 DAYS! :D

LyddieGal said...

you and sibling both look adorable, and look to be enjoying the fresh snow.

i too am a bit of a winter hater, but even the most hardened of hearts can't deny the beauty of the first snow.

Chic on the Cheap

Ali said...

YOU BOTH LOOK SO AWESOME AND I WANT YOUR SNOW. GIVE. Red coat love. Camel color coat love.

I like the cold only because I can wear all my cute colored tights and and jackets and coats and that's fun. Layering is fun. But sometimes it can be evil. But worth it.

kyki said...

Winter, as a season overall, is fairly horrible in Canada. However, it gives us an excuse to dress up in cute little coats and sweaters, drink hot chocolate, and cuddle with cute boys, so I guess I can bear it. ;)

You two look so adorbz in your outfits! Ahhh! I'm so jealous. I haven't a coat as awesome as that. :(

- kyki xx

NEW BLOG! --> blessedwithgoodjeans.blogspot.com

Maria said...

wow i love your photos! i'm not really a cold person, in fact i have allergies to extreme (even not so extreme) cold weather but i've always dreamt of snoooow!

btw thanks for dropping by my blog. yea you really can be an amusement park coz you look so fun and happy!:)

Eli said...

this looks like it should be on a christmas card!! you guys look awesome!

Christmas should be fun, I finally get to spend it with my family because everyone always beats me to getting the day off! But I got it this time, I'll be in California - we dont get snow there but I dont think I would be able to stand it, I'm a big weenie for the cold

Ellen ♥ said...

You really having fun there and you two are sooo cute :)

Love your coats :)

♥ Ellen


roxanne said...

this is a christmas card if i ever saw one - you should totally make that happen, with cheesy '80s script preferably. your coats are too cute. TOO. CUTE.

jen said...

OMG your jacket is so cute!

unlike you, i'm a summer baby, but i love the colder seasons for some reason. maybe it's because i don't sweat as much haha.

mica said...

omg u're making me so jealous!! i love snow; only seen it once up in the snow mountains; but its such a beautiful sight! seeing ur pictures remind me of how much fun i had with my friends then, playing with the snow & throwing snowballs @ each other. i'll very much love to experience that feeling of waking up to the 1st snow fall of the season and having romantic walks with the boy ;D

thanks so much for the mini note u left me which u lovingly sealed with a kiss! u made my day =) i'm addicted to things polkadotted too! dots are such cuties it's so hard to say "no" to them >_<

looking forward to ur next update!

lotsa love,

Abbey said...

Gorgeous pictures! I WISH it was snowing here! We're back to 80 degree weather. :( Both of your coats are lovely! I'm jealous. :)

suki pooki said...

i can't wait for xmas too! I'll be happy even when it's december! i love almost any festive holidays and xmas is definitely on the top of the list!

hahaha i understand how you feel about school! I've got papers and finals all coming in at once! Luckily i managed to finish my papers a while beforehand so i just need to focus on studying for finals, which is coming up very soon for me!

and no i don't think its weird u wanna eat my bg, its so cute even i wanna gobble it up and im so sorry that it's been taken off, i was trying to update my bg and i messed up a bit =P so im back to my boring bg but i sure hope not for long!!!

i love the pictures of you and your sib out in the snow with over sized bows and pantyhose!!! adorable!!!! i wanna prance around like that during the next snowfall lol

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh! The two of you in your winter gear is c'est magnifique! I seriously want your red coat!! :)

sojourned in style said...

putting up the treee is always fun, minus the apples my mother likes to use for ornaments (plastic not real)

jewel said...

god bless self-timers in the snow!
you both look so cute with your swing coats, and the head bow! i am so so excited for christmas - the snowfall has only exacerbated it :D
x x x

mashi said...

You're so lucky to have snow! In Australia it's just raining in Summer! Yes, horrible weather, so really, it's better in Canada.

I love your coats, where did you get them from?

Anisa said...

You and your sister are SO CUTE! I JUST WANT TO EAT YOU GUYS UP NOM NOM NOM! i wish it snowed here in California :( JEALOUS! I WANT TO MOVE TO CANADA!

P.S. I gave you the stylish blogger award over at my blog because you are super fashionable, duh! http://thelaughslut.blogspot.com/2010/11/sweaterin-it.html

Check it out love!

Anonymous said...

aaaaaah sweet canada! i miss it there. can we trade places lexy? :)



Clare said...

Ahhh snow already?! you are so cute! My holiday plans include spending as much time as possible with my family!

Brittany said...

Great photos! You two are so adorable. I'm in love with both coats, they look even better in the snow :)

Zabrinah said...

I love winter! I cannot wait to take pictures when snow gets here!

I LOVE these photos. They inspire me. The second one is my favorite: pure fun!

These holidays, I hope to live A LOT and blog A LOT in new and surprising ways, but for me to do that, I need to have new and exciting experiences! Let's see!


Best wishes,


Spence. said...

Adorable pictures m'dear, I love your red coat!

Hmm, my plans for the holidays?
Eat. Sleep. Blog.
Oh, and roll down a snowy hill in a blanket until I turn into a giant human snowball.... yeahhh that's just how I roll ;)

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

awesome pictures! "))

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

ugh, no snow where i live! you might not be into the winter weather that much but these pictures turned out great. you are your sister look so cute and are obviously having so much fun!


SunnyToast said...

Snow..snow how I wish I can spend my Christmas with snow:)


Poppy † said...

nice pics ;]]
Thanks for your comment ;DD
Love, Poppy xoxo

Anonymous said...

looks fun.snow fell in london too its magical.thanks for the sweet comment and maybe you'd like to follow x

Kym said...

i agree! the first snowfall is always magical.... then several hours later you have to shovel it out of your driveway and it turns into slush and turns black because of the cars.. and while you're shoveling snow cars drive by causing snow to be sprayed on you... dirty snow might i add. hahaha! way to be a downer eh?? ;P but i do love the first snowfall! you guys look so cute in your winter getups (complete with hair band) love it!

michelle_ said...

i always get jealous when there's snow in other blogger's worlds (ehem.. YOU..) the weather doesnt even come close to yours lexy ! we're like 38 celcius all year round (maybe 28 when it rains..) i never have the opportunity to wear thick coats and tights out... and it kinda sucksss..

anyway, color clashes always look good on you ! so no worries there :D and i hope ur legs dont freeze too much after the self timer shots..

Angelica Ng said...

You two look so cute! Loving both your coats. I'm ready for the christmas spirit! I'm just going to enjoy my holidays.


βe said...

Awww. So jealous. I wish it'll snow in Australia. All I get is rain or the hot sun. And really I hate all of the seasons. But I just wish'd It'll snow, I adore the snow.

That bow you have on is so cute. I had one once but I never wore it, seeing this one makes me want it baaaaack!

And the snoooooooooow!

Dreamy Princess said...

What a great offer. I will be so happu to illustrate you! seriously!;D

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

KrystaRose said...

You guys are so cute!! I love the snow, but for only a week or so. After that I feel just the way you do.
Krysta Rose

Sweet said...

I just put up our Christmas tree...it is a bit exciting for me since I will be spending my first Christmas with the hub...so something we are really looking forward this year...

I love the photos Lexy you look like you really had fun...I wish I can play with the snow soon...

aww babe...you remind me of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland with your outfit...


Felix Curds said...

hello there:) haha, this post is so fun! I would gladly swap my sweltering heat for a beautiful blanket of snow any day. love your outifits and gosh, you remind me so much of my cousin...

Hope Adela said...

you both look spectacularly adorable!!! love your hair accessories in particular! =)


Two For Tea said...

You guys are the cutest things ever. Seriously. Wow!

And I love snow...I've never understood why people dislike it...it's actually snowstorming right outside my window at this moment...and it's the most glorious sight in the world :)

<3 Cambria

Britty said...

AAH WINTER!! you look so rad in the pea coat! this post just made me smile =] i want to sing that chirstmas song Baby It's Cold Outside haha

Suz said...

cute coats!

TheMadTwins said...

adoration for this amazing pictures in snow. Snow is so nice to take pictures from ^__^

sadly I have to study so I can't do anything nice :'(

besides, you both have lovely winter outfits :)
amazing. your coats are lovely, and your bows as well :)