Don't you ever wish life was a musical? Oh wait. IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. OH MY GOLLY. Do you see it? We're all doing the macarana (I don't know why. That's the only dance I know (save for Travolta and Troy (High school music reference for dem young 'uns))) and singing "REUUNITTTED AND IT FEEELS SO GOOOOD." (First time I heard that song? That's so Raven. Please tell me someone else saw that episode. Twas with Stanley. Man, Stanley had swagga that would rival even Mr. JBIEBZ.)

Sidetracked. In conclusion, this is your cue to, you know, start doing the macarana and commence singing Reunited... SO MUCH FUN. GO.

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Yes, I'm back! I know. After 10 days, 12 hours, and 37 minutes. But who's counting? Not me. (Really, not me. Those numbers would/ could be a TOTAL LIE. And you wouldn't know. Unless, of course, you have been counting. OH HAI THAR STALKER! *Insert awkward sideways heart symbol thing here*)
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Insignificant things that have occurred since I saw you all last: I completed six examinations, I almost missed one of them due to fake snow days (long story? yes), I definitely lost my arm circulation due to ridiculously long history exam, and I'm ON HOLIDAY. Can I get a falalala? Please? (Someone comment a "falalala" so I know that we are soulm8z.)
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So crazy that it's already the HOLIDAYS. Time has flown by like no other. It feels like school was just starting yesterday. Before I know it, I'll be an old lady glued onto my ancient macbook with my little grandbabies going, "Grandma, what are you doing?" and I'll be like, "Oh, darlings, just this silly ole' blog granny has had since she was child to compensate for her lack of life." They will grant me a strange look of "WTF IS A BLOG?" before proceeding to play on their iphone 9000 or spaceship or whatever's all that in the future.
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Oh, yeah, another thing that seemed to happen since I saw you last... I turned seventeen. I'm feeling bizarrely old, which is definitely a sign that I'm due for a midlife crisis by the time I'm twenty. Whatever. It's just that seventeen's such an awkward number. Something to do with not being divisable. And that I can't even drive. I mean, that was a joke. Pfft. (IT'S NOT MY FAULT I'M ONLY ALLOWED TO DRIVE IN EMPTY PARKING LOTS. PARKING LOTS AREN'T EMPTY UNTIL AFTER 6. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE IN THE DARK. IT'S DARK AFTER 6. WHY AM I SHOUTING? sothere.)

I find gifts and birthdays somewhat unnecessary (especially if the latter is squished in the middle of examinations leading to a less-then-celebratory-mood.) But mommy dearest was very kind! In addition to some jewelry, I got this giant portfolio that will only contribute to my air of hipster-ness (duh) and an Alexander McQueen book. AHH SO MUCH BEAUTY. Does McQueen make anyone else cry? I want to indulge him all day, err' day.

Daddy dearest truly outdid himself this year. Really. He is the type to quip up "Oh yeah... well, I paid for your gift!" which I adore. But this year he GOT ME LINDT CHOCOLATES! From Swiss Chalet! Which he got free. From his colleague. His words exactly, "Yeah, he bought me a lunch. I was going to give you the Swiss Chalet bun too (!!!) because I know you like it. But then I ate it because I was hungry." My dad is seriously awesome.
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(Shirt - Value Village $3, Pants - Value Village $6, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Shoes - Value Village $7, Jewelry - Assorted)

Anyways, I'm back! And the holidays are here! I'm ridiculously excited. I know that they'll be over in a blink and I'll go back to this post and be all "And I said that they'd be over in the blink" (my Raven-tendencies are uncanny.) Creative gremlins are already exuding from my temples and I can't wait. Hopefully lots of posts filled with the things I love. Namely, myself. Kidding. Kidding. Kind of. (But I'm feeling very narcissistic with the amount of "me" that goes in this blog. But whatever. ITZ MY BLOG SUCKERZ.) (that was mature.)

How has life been as of late? Extra points for a pun. I was going to say "awesome" pun. But I didn't. Because ANY pun is an awesome pun! Just... say a pun. (Fact 8213 you should know about me: I love puns. They're so... punny. Hah!)


Eva said...

falalalla (:

love all your crazy hair flippin`.

kyki said...

I'm not very punny today, I apologize.
But..I love your shirt! So...brownie points? <3
I know how exams feel. Ugh. Currently suffering through them. IT NEVER ENDS OMGGG.

-kyki xx


Eli said...

okay if these photos dont scream "quirky explosion" I dont know what else would! You are a little fairy of energy in these photos! so cute! Cant believe you're just 17, Im 27!


I take it you've heard the song 'whip your hair' by willow smith!? well these photos sceam fierceness and remind me of the song so much!

Amber Rose said...

You. are. awesome.

I swear, your posts always make me want to dance and jump and eat coco puffs.

Clare said...

these photos look like an editorial... your hair is fierce... you are amazing!

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

FREAAAAAAAAAKIN' LOVE YO' OUTFIT. It is f'amazing, as per usual.

You are such a STUD(ious student).
Pun. Ish.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXY!!! 17, my gosh you;re old. ;)

Brittany said...

I had so much fun reading this post, I could feel all the happiness and it made me smile! I asked for the McQueen book for Christmas :) I hope I get it.

Your comment made my night, you're awesome and so sweet. And dude i love this funka-delic/psychedelic top you're wearing--amazing! So tripppy!


Kenziefaith said...

You seriously make me laugh SO hard! & I deeefinitely saw that episode of That's So Raven - First time I heard that song, too! LOVE this outfit!!

P.S. Falalalala :)

Kf x

Dreamy Princess said...

Thanks for the compliment. Just wanna share Christmas spirit to the world!xp

Aww..I LOVE LINDT!!! make me feel happy to eat it. hee..

LOL at your grandma and iphone 9000 thing!xDD You're always have nice sense of humor(:

Falalaa..it's almost holiday for me..Oh, and happy sweet 17 birthday! It's almost a legal age for drinking, aye?? (Oh..sorry! please don't listen to this pervert.Later..!)

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

LyddieGal said...

You are so lucky you are on vacation!
Hope it's a good one, and Happy Birthday!

and I love your bright colors, and your jumping photos!!! So Fun!

Chic on the Cheap

βe said...

I love the hair-flipping, jumping photo shoot. It looks like fun and that colourful shirt. :D. Ooooh, and Happy Birthday! I'm sorry because I dont know any puns :(
Hope you have a great day!

Britty said...

whenever i see A.McQueen collection i get sad because he's gone there will not be another him ( maybe) anyways wow that blouse it colorful/epic love love love love love it lovely pants tooo

Jennifer said...

whip that hair man! I love the shirt and the whole outfit! My dad is kinda like that too..I would ask him what he got me for my birthday and he'd look around his office and be like "uh....do you want a new USB drive?". I actually think it's hilarious and have gotten some interesting things from him

Stacey Kay said...

I love your style! That outfit is awesome! So unique.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

Viktor & Rolf Inspired Post

diana kang said...


Hanna said...

Wow these pics are freaking awsome! Love the way your flipping your hair in these pics and still look pretty. If I try it I always end up with these weird faces in the pics... Oh and did I told you I totally totally love that shirt?!


Sweet said...

I never get tired of saying this but I always enjoy reading your posts..and this hair flippin' is awesome...I love your hair...its so perfect!!! I wish I have a gorgeous locks like yours...

the outburst of colors...is perfect...eye candy top and your trousers so cute!!! perfect!!!


SunnyToast said...

I'm inspired with your hair flippin' pics..! and the color of your tops! love it much!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Every time I stop here all I can think is...FABULOUS! You are the epitome of fabulosity - seriously!! :)

KrystaRose said...

You are too cute. Love your blog darling, it's so much fun!


Anonymous said...

amazingified shirt and photos.thanks for the comment maybe you'd like to follow xx

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

the double belt look is soooo cute. where do you find all this awesome stuff (thrift stores, etc, i know).

lovin' it!


chichichic.wordpress.com said...

your top is so amazing, and i love these pictures! following!

SABINNA and DAVID said...

you have a very lovely blog! love this post!!

xx, Sabinna and David


Hope Adela said...

i loooooe the bright colors and the bangles! =)


K. said...

Srsly, you have holidays now? ME so jealous! Gah, i'm literally losing my mind because of school and there's still one week to go! Well, falalalala to you then, enjoy while it lasts ;)

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the fun pictures and that fantastic blouse!

jen said...

i felt old when i was 17 too,
but now that i'm 20,
i realize that it's just the feeling of time going by so fast that makes me feel old. we're only as old as we think we are!

Ali said...

GOSH YOU'RE EXCITING. I love those electric blue socks of yours, and also that intense belt layering you've got going on. Such exciting accessories!~ And I miss you and I'm sorry I've been failing to comment. I swear, after this week is over..!!! I wanna get back to blogging so bad. D:: That's how life has been.

HAPPY TURNING 17. Isn't it great?!?!11 we can be fellow 17 year olds now. :D :D

Vanessa said...

falalalalal batch atcha!
Glad your back to your good old elf... I mean self.... done with exams and having fun. Terrible Christmas pun. I tried.

Flashes of Style said...

Your hair= AMAZING! <33

xx Bonnie


suki pooki said...

falalalala hee hee hee~

hahaha thanks for the super cute comment on my blog about the background and how you wanna make a snowman RIGHT NOW! Sigh I actually didn't even have time to make a snowman during the ONE day of snow I had! at least my doggie enjoyed peeing in it! hahaha I tried hard with my tree, in fact I made 294958357 runs to Michaels to buy the "correct" and "coordinated" ,all in my head of course, perfect ornaments that would make my tree look magical, Im actually missing a few things but if it's not broken don't fix it right? =) hope you're having a magical day! Oh and congrats on living through all those exams!!!

p.s 17 isn't that old, now I feel SUPER old =( lol

Audrey Allure said...

Love your outfit, and sounds like some amazing gifts! Happy belated birthday :)

michelle_ said...

i have no idea why.. but everytiime i visit your blog, i always get this happy angles flying around my head.. i think it's your awesome enthusiasm that you spread through out your post (even when there's no outfit posts !!)

your words simply make me smile :)

glisters and blisters

DeVero said...

So cool pictures! Like this outfit!!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Haha I honestly get in such a good mood when I read your blog. Your style of writing is something that I can only do on facebook, haha.
ANyways, Love the outfit, and yes, I do wish life was a musical. Or if people randomly got up and just did a dance, like in 500 Days of Summer.
I finished my last exam at 9pm tonight. Yay for late night university examinations (insert sarcasm here).
Holidays are the best though, I'm so excited to just update my blog and watch Christmas movie on Christmas movie. And btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To be 17 again. When I turned 19 I was like, damn I'm old. And I only got my G1 this year, so I could have ID for those pub nights. Bahh. Anyways, yay for your Barney coloured outfit below!

Felix Curds said...

FALLALALOVIN' THOSE COLOURS! Happy belated birthday. Jealous of your McQueen book:)

Angelica Ng said...

Whoo! You look like you had fun taking those photos! Em....no pun here! But life would be fun as a musical...


sojourned in style said...

i love when you said "he GOT ME LINDT CHOCOLATES! From Swiss Chalet! Which he got free" pricless man, pricelss. i have to say that last pic of your outfit, belongs in teenvogue, no lie. dont feel to bad about the driving situtaion, i can barely turn, and evryones, talking drivers ed already..

Suz said...

love your top!

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