dots of polka

There are some things that are timelessly adorable: ferbies, baby cousins, snooki, joseph gordon-levitt and polka dots. And woah is me! What a coincidence! I'm wearing polka dots! I must be timelessly adorable. Slash not really. More like, OH LOOK! IT'S GRANDMA. (I love my Grandma, so this is basically the biggest compliment of my life. One I gave myself. That's normal.) Inspired by, um, also myself. Blast to the past to the Sibling and I's Grandma Shoot? This whole explanation is turning out to be a fail so I think I'll be all, "Just let the pictures speak for themselves." So, yeah. Just let the pictures speak for themselves...

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AND WOAH. Is that a long skirt? Is your computer melting? Are you going blind? (Try laser eye surgery!) But at last, your computer isn't melting, nor are you going blind (unless you are then, woah I'm psychic! Also, I'm sorry. That sucks.) I bought this skirt with the intention of hemming it. I've been too lazy. My style's been feeling a little static recently (hey now, it was school. then exams. then the holidays. I suck.) so I thought it'd be fun to experiment.
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I think it's mighty important to experiment with style. It's just clothes, it's just fashion. JUST HAVE FUN. You don't want to turn into a "I am a style drone. All I do is be safe." (That sentence made no sense. This is the reference. The sentence still doesn't make sense. But I thought I'd give the Office a shout out. I watched it again yesterday. I always forget how hilarious it is. I want to meet the real-life equivalent of Dwight. And Stanley. Stanley is so underrated. He's hilarious.)
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Meet __________ (below). It's a hottie. With a body. KIDDING. It doesn't have a body. Or a name. (Suggestions? Please? You're all such creative creatures.) It's beautiful, for real. Took me so long to decide which one to get. I didn't want to settle, you know? It was hard. Musing over all the possibilities. Different qualities of different ones stood out. How do you choose? It's hard. After hours and hours, I chose. I need a life. (Disclaimer: It wasn't really hours and hours.)
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It was a bizarre sensation wearing this outfit today. I wore it downtown, where the awesome vintage/ thrift stores inhabit (by that, I mean there are two). I felt totally comfortable and awesome. And then I wore it to the mall. I generally despise the mall. As in always. I did today. I felt awkward in my attire. I don't know what this means. Maybe I just hate malls?
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I always feel best in the more non-conforming parts of town (i.e. not the mall/school/etc). I guess it parallels to my style and outlook on life. There's something about the mall that feels really restraining and constricting. I don't like being restrained and constricted. This could be because I'm a Sagittarius. (Kidding, I don't usually play the "Astrology Card." I actually don't even know how to pronounce mine. (It sounds like a dinosaur.) But I was reading a book today. It was interesting. It said that I'm adventurous, love exploring and traveling, and hate being restrained. It made me feel good. It also said I liked sports. I laughed. Then decided Astrologies are accurate because I liked the former of the qualities. (A pick-and-choose dealio, y'know.))

P to the S...
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(Blouse - Value Village $3, Skirt - Value Village $3, Blazer - Value Village $7, Brooch - the Painted Lady $25, Shoes - Vintage $35, Scarf/ Headband - Value Village $3, Belts- Thrifted $1 Each, Tights - Unknown, Jewelry - Assorted)

When/Where do you feel most comfortable in your style?
(Or am I the only one that has the case of "Oh hey, this is slightly awkward?" When in doubt, throw your head in the air and speak in a funny accent. Just because funny accents are, you know, funny.)



You look ever so cute, so stylish and unique!
When do i feel most comfortable in style? thats a tricky question yknow.. i thnk when i have an occassion to dress for, when i can really let my personality shine through my clothes and appearance xx

projectvee said...

i love your style - definitely one of the most unique bloggers out there! love how you mix and match :) vibrant like your personality? haha.
merry christmas!!


Mrs. April said...

I love this look :)
Very colorful.


Melody said...

You are gorgeouss :)
And eh, I don't know. I just feel comfortable whenever whatever I'm wearing isn't like you know ..cutting off my air supply or like making me feel like I weigh a billion tonnes.

LyddieGal said...

yes, polka dots are awesome. I love that you are rocking as many different dots as possible in this look!

Chic on the Cheap

duckalicious said...

LOL@putting snooki on the list of adorable stuff :D nice to know you crossed her out!

I looove both of these polka dot pieces and the blazer, awesome!


Charmalade said...

Polka dot overloooooooooad, it's reminiscent of 80s spunk, so cute. And I'm totally glad you inadvertently reminded me that I need to dust off my books and read (which I haven't done in. Forever.). OK so that brooch is mildly frightening but pretty in that way, so... for some reason I imagine her to have an Italian name. Like uh... Bonifacia or Addolorata. Lucia?

Merry almost Christmas to you, too!

Toast with Charmalade

Hanna said...

I love the mix of polkadots! And that skirt is soo cute!


Marella said...

Super cute dear!

maphi said...

i love polka dots looool
very cute :D xoxo

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

First, I loved your outfit in the previous photo, and as always I love that you wear so much colour, your style *is* really quirky, and I LOVE IT!!

Second, woah woah woah. I want your polka dot skirt. So amazing. I think it looks amazing at this length, but will look really awesome hemmed as well. The Brooch is so gorgeous as well. Beautiful.
I know what you mean about malls. I mean, I love H&M and AA and Urban Outfitters, but I don't like shopping in them if they are located in a mall. I prefer entering from the street. Malls make me exhausted and the looks I get from people are aggravating. I feel most comfortable in my style when I'm just out and about on the street, instead of in a mall. Malls = terrifying.

Rand T said...

HMMMMMMMM love ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:)

Courtney Erin said...

I love that you braved the snow and cold for these! And I'm jealous of all your sweet Value Village finds - I'm from Edmonton and I used to show at Value Village all time, I miss not having them here!

xoxo ~ Courtney

iUnderEye said...

you gotta love a furby, when i was younger I had 3...some things never get old.

Loving your images. x


Sweet said...

Merry Christmas to you babe!!!

did you know that you will get lucky wearing polka dots before the new year ends...

you are so cute...


Eli said...

I would totally rock this, you look fantastic! I love the contrasting dots but they work together so perfectly

sbot said...

WOW!! Your blog is awesome. I will def be following!
IHope you do the same for my blog : )


DeVero said...

Merry Christmas to you too! What a cool outfit! The accessories the balzer, the tights I like them so much ;)! I like how you mix colors and textures!


Flashes of Style said...

Ohhh that skirt is adorable! Lemme steal it.

Merry Christmas! xx

jessica wu said...

mmmm you're so good at mixing pieces. i think i feel more comfortable at school... which is kind of weird for some people i guess. but i feel like more people have an appreciation for people who actually dress up for school :)

happy holidays!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

the tights are hot! love the whole look.


monster cakes said...

Polka dots and bows are my ABSOLUTE favorite things! So I'm loving this crazy mix of polka dots! You look amazing. xo

sojourned in style said...

your the besttt! (i think i've said that before, but I'll say it again). i love all the polka dots, big ones small ones and in diff. colours! love. & i think i have a name for hottie without a body, its kind of the same but a little different- mr. hootie mcyummy no pants! (its prettty random :)

Diane said...

such a lovely skirt, really beautiful color!

Missy Daisy said...

Love the skirt!