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You know those characters that exist in movies and shows and books that just don’t exist in real life? You really, really want them to as they’d be super awesome, entertaining and/ or awkward? But they just DON’T exist? And you know the really enthusiastic one that smiles at everyone/thing and might as well be giving gold stars? And you always think “Man, no one is that joyous in real life”? (If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, then try out…!)(that was supposed to be a mockery of an advertisement.)

Actually, I know one of these always smiling/ encouraging/ doyoureallyexistinreallife? characters. Enter my grade 10 Careers teacher, who also doubled as a guidance counselor. Yes, a great combination for some feel-good “If you can dream it, you can do it!” One of the tasks we had to do in was create a “Brag Sheet.” (Not sure how that was significant to my future…) It’s exactly how you’d picture it: a sheet where you simply brag about yourself. No, I’m not going to share mine. Ever. But here’s one thing I’ll brag about.

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Brag: (in a nonchalant, cool way. obviously.) Painted this chair for a school fundraiser and it sold for $2400 (!!!!)

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At the time, I wanted to murder this chair for consuming my life – both physically AND emotionally. (Okay, maybe not emotionally. Or physically. But it makes me sound INTENSE. And dramatic. AND INTENSE.)
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Actually, I still do want to murder it. Nicely. Maybe through poison and evil snakes rather than straight up burnin’? I think it would be effective. While I adore Roy Lichenstein, I’m inspired to never do his project related to him again. Never. Ever.

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“The inspiration for this chair came from the works of iconic pop artist, Roy Lichenstein. Reaching both national and international fame in the 1960s, he was one of the frontrunners in the pop art movement. Lichenstein honed a truly distinctive style, which was associated with words like unique, bold, fresh and energy – adjectives that this chair strives to embody. Several elements of this piece, such as the flat, bright colours, the comic-esque figures, and the words denoting sound were all inspired by the characterized style of Lichenstein. The plethora of quotes that fill the centre of this chair are ones that students and staff labeled as their “favourite quote.” From Albert Einstein to German phrases, this chair inhabits an accumulation of beautiful and inspirational words from, literally, around the world. Artist Lexy hopes that you enjoy this piece!”
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"If you want to be happy, be" - Samuel Levenson.
(My life motto. Fo realz. Yo.)

Anyways, enough about me. We get it, I’m awesome (kidding, kidding). Therefore…
You know, it has been scientifically proven that those who brag more lead a longer and more content life. Score? I KNOW.
(That is a lie. However, it was purposefully constructed to 1) make you feel unguilty for any feelings of narcissism that may fall upon you 2) trick you into bragging. Pretend you fell for it. Or send me some sympathy brags for my efforts to get you to brag. Basically, if you don't brag, you SUCK. Kidding, of course...)


Exuvalia said...

One word to describe: Talented.

Sarah said...

That chair is seriously and honestly one of the sickest things I've ever seen. And sick in a good way, not laden with flu virus germs with the capability to destroy the entire universe.

Gracie said...

Cool chair! And I like your blog... it's witty :p

I will brag, I don't like to do it much vocally... although I do do it a bit in my head.
I... am quite famous in my town of 40,000 people as a photographer. I'm pretty pleased with that, it's not a huge town but still. I'm famous :p

Hanna said...

OMG that chair is beyond amazing!! Totally love it!!


Anonymous said...

Cool design; $2400 is amazing! Congratulations! :D

Castor Pollux

michelle_ said...

its just soooo damn awesome ! you creative and talented woman !

and ive just heard abt that those who brag lead a longer more content life thingi.. maybe i should brag about myself even more ? lol.. im already the "noise maker" in conversations.. the only person i kno who makes "noises" more than I do is my boyfriend.. lol

btw lexy, im having slight trouble loading your blog.. somehow some of ur pics load halfway through :/

kyki said...

That chair is like Jesus in furniture format. I NEED IT!
Wow, you are SO TALENTED. Gossshh. I've always wished I could draw. (Alas, none of my Dad's amazing talent was passed on to me.)

- kyki xx

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Anonymous said...

that is one awesome paint job!

love it!



Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Princess that chair is an amazing work of art, seriously. Loving how you portray the pop art style. =) And I agree with the rest, there is only one word to describe: talented. So keep it up oh, and brag all ya want!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love some of those quotes. I'm gonna go and copy some of them out into my moleskin while watch the Holiday. Yes, this is how I treat myself after a week of excruciating university life.

Anyways, missed your blog!!!! I did read it though, but it'd be when I was procrastinating and I'd never sign into my blog to comment.

βe said...

I love that artwork you did on the chair (espesially the back), and although it almost killed you at least you got some good kaching ;D

FashionJazz said...

Wow this is amazing!! Happy Friday hun! Mwah xx

Anonymous said...

well thats just amazingly amazing you know??
love it if you could follow me xx

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love those chairs! Amazing!
And love the outfit post in the post below!


Vanessa said...

Awesome job! Good work! And, I do think it is so important to have some good confidence in your skills. And, you definitely have skills!
(wishing for snow for you!)

head over heels said...

this is really quite amazing, definitely blag worthy! i saw the lichtenstein inspiration straight away :) x

Kayraheart.fashion said...

AWWW This is amazing....

Poppy † said...

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Visit me and leave behind a trace of xdd.
follow me on blogger ;]]
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Love, Poppy xoxo

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jen said...

wow those chairs are amazing!
def. worth every penny.

DeVero said...

Waw you really got talent, I love this kind of art!!


Ali said...

HOLY SHIT your chair is way so awesome. I love it all. The quotes are so neat and lovely and this looks seriously LEGIT. Brag all you want, gurlfran.

&& answer to yo question: I has Canon T1i with standard 18-5mm lens. He's a babe.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Whoa! That chair is fantastic! I hope it takes home a TON of money - you should start making them and selling them yourself. Love! :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh my goodness, that's awesome--both the chair and the price it sold for.

and i love the title of this post! it's a great song.


TheMadTwins said...

WOW, that is a lot of money!
But the chair is very beautiful :) I would love to have it actually ^___^

xxx London

Abbey said...

Awesome job on the chair!!

WhitWatWear said...

wow! your art is amazing! thanks for stopping by :)


Eli said...

that is awesome, hard work almost always pays off in the end :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

GREAT chair. Seriously. And youre hilarious, just sayin'. Man if I spent that much time on a chair I wouldnt let it be auctioned off haha.

chloe said...

oh my god what an amazing chair! totally worth bragging about, are you kidding? i don't even know you and im proud of you! :) x

jewel said...

that chair is so so awesome. makes me want to buy this chair and plaster my walls in lichtenstein wallpaper and, god, i don't know, run around shouting POW! and BANG!
and thank you very much for my billion awesome points, i shall add it onto the other eighty it's taken me approximately sixteen years to earn from my friends :)
x x x

fhen said...

It is so amazing! can i have one? hahaha
of ceourse it is something worth to brag about!
love love love it
you totally nail it. bang bang! awesome result!

yes i have just remake my layout :) glad you like it


misslikey said...

I am also painting my chairs but in pale blue with spots:)but you are really nikola tesla for me. this is really piece of art! you should brag about it. bravo!

Clare said...

Wow, wow, wow, woooow! You are incredible. Congrats on the auction too. You should be so proud of yourself and you have so much bragging rights!

Hope Adela said...

i know exactly what you mean about book characters. i am feeling that way towards all the harry potter characters! =)


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so amazing. x hivennn.

Gorgeous Clara said...

hahahaha these chairs are soooo funny!

sojourned in style said...

that chair is RIDICULOUSSSLY AMAZING!! the concept is genius and yur just beyond talented.