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Don't you love surprises? My all-time favourite surprise was when someone gave me a surprise party! ZOMG! Just kidding. That never happened. However, I've always wanted one. Therefore, THROW ME A SURPRISE PARTY?! I think I will just marry you on the spot. On Facebook. Obviously legit.

I'm sidetracked. Back on track: feelings of being surprised inundated me when I wore these pants to school and they were really well received. Not sure why. I guess they really suit me. Because, you know, I'm thug and hard core and so forth and dawwwwg. BANG! (However, I could be reading compliments wrong and remarks were actually sarcastic, not heartfelt as perceived. Hey, I'm like the Internet when it comes to sarcasm! I just can't tell... Er, great analogy, Lexy... (that was sarcasm?! Could you tell?! NO, IT'S HARD!)

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I'm madly in lurvvvve with these pants. I wasn't going to buy them at first, but the lady said "oh, I love those pants!" whilst I approached the check-out line of the change rooms. In a swift motion, I slid them to my other pile deemed "things I'm going to buy" and with my air of cool (obviously), said, "Ahhhh, yes, well, I always knew I was going to buy them..." (Optional: imagine that line in a french accent to accentuate air of "cool.")
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I wore these pants to an art trip in "the Big Smoke" aka Toronto. If you didn't get that Toronto = the Big Smoke, that's okay. I don't get it either. My teacher recently said that. I thought it was weird. So yeah. Great story? OH YEAHHH.
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BUT OH MY WORD. Graffiti galore! I felt like I was in some amazing Dr. Seuss book, but instead of being surrounded by Green Eggs and Ham and Cats and Hats, it was GRAFFITI. To quote the doc himself, "Oh the places you'll go..." (MOST OVERUSED GRADUATION SPEECH QUOTE EVER. Just sayin')
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Denim Shirt - Mum's, Pants - Vancouver Consignment Store $8, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Bag - Value Village $10ish, Belt - Thrifted $1, Necklace - Aldo)

Isn't graffiti AMAZING?! Back in Middle School when my kilt was down to below my knees and my socks were up beyond my knees (i.e. the good ole' fashion "unintentionally looks like I'm wearing tights" effect), I was so anti-graffiti. Graffiti struck me as an ugly, gangster mess - adjectives that I also associated with the likes of tattoos. However, as timed progressed and LA Ink became my lover, I recognized the beauty in both graffiti and tattoos. There's an incredible amount of workmanship and visionary behind these mediums, proving that they really are credible as art forms.

It's fascinating examining art's progression to so many mediums. On one level, it's a little disturbing to think that anything that's deemed "unconventional" or "semi-creative" hast he potential to give itself the label of "art." On the other hand, it's like, why shouldn't we all hold hands and eat out of a giant art cake?! Let's spread the love (and the nonexistent art cake)! Art's insane and ambiguous and beautiful and controversial and interesting and that's why I freaking love all of it - and why the whole world should join in.

How would you define art?


Platform Princess said...

Thank for your comment- you are HILARIOUS!

Those pants (and ring) are all kinds of fabu <3.


Platform Princess said...


(slaps herself)

Eli said...

ah that is so cool you noticed the graffiti in my post! here is a closeup, it's where I used to take my photos



Although what you found is a billion times more awesome! I'm in total love with your whole look!!!

Exuvalia said...

I love love love taking pictures with graffiti in the background. Oh, by the way, here's something random that I just had to say: You have really white teeth, hahahahaha.

Shirley said...

I love your outfit!looks so fun and cheerful!
those pictures are amazing!love this blog!


Hanna said...

Love your outfit! And your pants is fab!
I love all the grafiti! It's beautiful!!


Marella said...

Love your jacket!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Great pictures! Like your blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


Jing said...

love the colorful outfit.it symbolizes happiness

pixelhazard said...

Those pantsa brought the grafitti to town didn't they? I want your orange loafers and i love the colour of your blazer

Bright Green Laces

Oslo by fashion said...

I know i maybe shoud know this, but what are diy? -Haha.. i see many comment that!

Youre outfit is fab btw! Love youre style :*

commodestyle said...

Love your oufit all the matching.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! Those pants. I want! You are my HERO for owning them!

Art, to me, is EVERYTHING - music, food, desserts, fashion...art is what you make it!! :)

Two For Tea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh my word, I absolutely LOVE yours (no sarcasm there) and I'm your newest follower :)

Those pants are stunning on you (again, no sarcasm)...and they look like a piece of art to me!

<3 Cambria

jewel said...

those pants = freaking awesome
that is all
x x x

DeVero said...

You rock in htse pants! This is art! I like it!

With love,


Chelsea Lane said...

your braid is so beyond <3 that outfit is perfection!


Abbey said...

1) I love your header. Awesome.
2) Loooooove the pictures! Like I want to go search for graffiti walls and copy you. Just kidding. Maybe.
3) You totally rock those pants.

Ali said...

Coolest pictures EVER! The graffiti backdrop is way cool. And those pants are WAY AWESOME (no sarcasm intended!). And did I mention that your shoes are great? And ORANGE? Where does one find ORANGE SHOES. Like oranges on your feet. Sweet. hehe.


i LOVE your outfit, its so unique, chic and yet ever so stylish!
you seem like you've got so much wild personality waiting to pop out of you, and you can tell that by your expressions in your photos :)
GREAT BLOG,one of the best i've come across... DEFINATELY FOLLOWING YOU!

please check out mine
courtney xx

Anonymous said...

anything and everything you think is cool that comes from your heart and brain of course. :D



Vanessa said...

Now those, my dear, are some PANTS! Awesome shots, especially great with all the graffiti. We currently have a graffiti tagger on the loose in my town who uses a signature heart shape on everything he tags... bridges, banks, buildings, signs, etc. It's like a giant city-wide valentine. I kinda heart it.

Violet said...

ive never had a surprise party either :(

I think these pants really fit you and they look really great next to the grafetti. glad you decided to get them

Vi from Cali

sherryl said...

just found your blog and o.m.g.

i'm in love with a blogger! (GET IT GET IT) cough but seriously tho. i spent the past..i don't know hour? looking through your entire blog. i'm creepy.

i freakin love your pants. hella ghetto but k00l.

Violet said...

i define art as anything that comes from someones mind and is a invovles some sort of passion while making it

Vi from Cali

elanor, said...

hey! thanks for your comment on my blog. :) it made me smile!

and i love your outfit here! the blazer is so cool!

decided your blog is awesome - following!

xx elanor

jamie-lee said...

I love your pants - and I love them against the gritty look of the graffiti. gorgeous dear x


Anisa said...

GIRL. THOSE PANTS. ARE FIERCE. YES. I SAID IT. FIEEERCE. I'm also digging your mom's denim shirt! I'm going through this weird denim obsession right now, I'm not sure why though.

ART: anything that's created with passion and evokes emotion.

-Anisa, thelaughslut.blogspot.com

TheMadTwins said...

wow! Amazing look! really
I adore the trousers :)


Audrey Allure said...

Those pants do look amazing on you! I think they go really well with your entire outfit too :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think these pants are great, especially with the artistic graffiti backdrop.

i'm loving your blazer!

Be sure to enter my Lanvin, Jewelry & Makeup holiday giveaway!


Hope Adela said...

i love the patterend pants and the big ring! girl, your style is so cool and eclectic! =)


A blog by Mallory and Whitney said...

that yellow blazer is the cutest thing ever. i love these photos, you are so adorable!

βe said...

Those pants are awesome. And I love graffiti too Especially when I saw this awesome one somebody illegally did on a truck which was tearing down trees for a new highway. Heehee.
And here's a Q for you, since I also find a love in body art (althoguh I dont have any). Anyway, if you had to get a tattoo (or die horribly) what would it look like and where?

βe said...

Those pants are awesome. And I love graffiti too Especially when I saw this awesome one somebody illegally did on a truck which was tearing down trees for a new highway. Heehee.
And here's a Q for you, since I also find a love in body art (althoguh I dont have any). Anyway, if you had to get a tattoo (or die horribly) what would it look like and where?

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

hey lexy, i think this is an adorable outfits, and i really love those pants...and the blazer is stunning thing that i ever seen.

and you are a great blogger and friendly blogger who always reply the comments in your blog

CDG said...

Awwww Yeahhh spaztastic pants! Spaztastic pants= pants that are so fantastic that they make one spaz. I'm sure you prob already knew that definition though since you're the one wearing them.
I'm not quite sure how to define art, but I think that the purpose of it is pure enjoyment, freedom of expression or a creative outlet to turn emotions and personal life experiences into something positive. I am so saving this comment for use on my next art appreciation essay.

Sian said...

Those trousers are actually awesome =DDD And that graffiti background is pretty cool too! I've left an award for you on my blog!!


sweet said...

I really do not know how to define art??? I do not have the talent in painting, drawing or whatsoever...I am good in photography and video editing though so I guess that is part of art too...I think art is your way of expressing yourself in a manner that you are very creative... like in fashion...you make your own outfits to express what you feel inside...

And just like your pants...I am loving it because it tells a lot about your personally that you do not play it safe...you love to experiment and that what I love about you lexy dear...you are such a risk taker...


michelle_ said...

how are you able to find these amazing value village finds ?!?!?
and yesss graffitis are awesome ! i wish i had the chance to shoot infront of graffitis like u did ! graffiti filled areas in my town are ghetto areas.. and i guess i dont want to take the trouble and take some photos in my wacky getup there :s

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters


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misslikey said...

for me art is freedom of self-expression.
love your style. very unique and flamboyant!

F.M. said...

Those pants! Holy Batman! ;)

maphi said...


( eyes pop out from seeing amazing pictures )

i must bow down to you for making those pants look so amazing !!! only the coolest of all can pull those of off and ur the coolest of all !!! i realy love the pants too :D

art ? ermmm i guess art is subjective , i love anything which looks out of the ordinary :) xoxo

Clare said...

Girl you style is awesome and you have the cutest little face!

roxanne said...

girl, you are looking all kinds of rad right now. and that graffiti is the perfect backdrop.

ps my definition of art changes everyday, so i'll have to get back to you on that one.

jen said...

i'd like to have a surprise party thrown for me as well lol.

thanks for stopping by and leaving some love!


Joanne Faith said...

Those pants really are stunning, I love the last picture especially. The graffiti is pretty WOW!


Abi said...

Such a fun post! I love a girl who's not afraid to wear vibrant colours right on into fall. The blazer and penny loafers please?
And of course those trousers...pfft! Didn't the lady at check out know it went without saying that you were going to buy those regardless?

Graffitti fits right in with your outfit. There are so many different forms of art, I couldn't bring myself to define it

Charlotte said...

oh my, these trousers are amazing!!


jada and jon said...

love these pants!! great blog!

if you like vintage clothing please come and check us out!



Anonymous said...

great look - love the final photo!

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Those pants. Are fantastic. I wish I could shop at the places you do, but we dont have any cool vintage stores here!

Spence. said...

OMG those pants are awesome! Nope, you know what, you make them awesome ;)

Btw. I've tagged you in my latest post to do a "10 things I love" list, if you fancy it?

Diane said...

you look amazing!!! those pants are absolutely gorgeous!! I love them!!


sojourned in style said...

those pantsss are so so awesome!!!

p.s. i woiuld love some of that art cake.


Tanya said...

I like your shoes.


Suz said...

cute shoes, nice colour