Zellers is like Wal-Mart... but with less stuff..

Trend: Whenever I post pictures of the lovely weather, the following day is rainy and gloomy.
Example: Today.

Trend: Boyfriend jeans.
Example: Today.

Due to the gray skies and water spitting from the clouds, my outfit is rather monotone/ not very bright. Despite the cool weather, I decided that this was an oppourtunity to wear the clothing that had been tucked away until cold weather is SUPPOSED to come around (ie. not the summer).

(Blazer - Vintage/ Value Village $6, Shirt - Value Village $3, Jeans - Value Village $6)
Note: This are legit boy jeans. Went to the male section and tried to discretely take them without getting any strange looks. Failed.

I'm attempting to emulate "boyfriend"/male concept of the jeans in my photos. I don't know why, but I decided to go for the "gangstah" boyfriend. Hence, my poses. "I'm a gangstah, I'm a straight up G, the gangstah life is da life for me" was running through my head. Actually, no. I was rappin' out loud. I think it'd be fun to be a gangster. Though I'd probably be more of a Taylor Swift via thug story. But, you know, whatever. I'm still pretty dope... Whatevzz dawg..

(Shoes - Mum's old shoes)
I used to think these shoes were the most atrocious things to set on this planet.. I've grown to like them.

(Belt - Stolen from Dad, Gold chain (attached to belt) - from old shorts)
(Necklaces - Top to Bottom - Value Village $2, Flea Market $10, Winners $10 (belt worn as necklace))

Perhaps it was the Flea Market Clock Necklace that triggered the gangster 'tude.. Flava Flav anyone? (NOTE: I do not watch his show, I promise. It was just on the plane and nothing else was on!! It was one time only!)

He's saying "Gurrrl, if you can wear a clock like me, then you're gangstah too!"
Aww, thanks Flava Flav!

Um, moving on to somewhat more relevant things.. Thanks for all your nice comments - glad you like my skirt. Someone mentioned I should sell them. Question: Would you buy them? - Different colours/ patterns/ details? At what price? Please respond :)

Three more days until I go to Peru! 'Ight, peace fellaa homie G bloggahzz,

Girl with da Gangstah 'ttude.

P.S. Rainy weather officially makes me crazzzy. Erm, I'm sorry.


Jennifer said...

Fab blog...and I love your outfit. I especially like the jacket and the shoes. So classy!

Anonymous said...

id definitely buy it..maybe not mcdonalds but other prints, definitely
and id start out with a lower price..then raise with popularity

loving the necklaces..fun post!

check out my blog @

Posh said...

Very nice look, love the jeans in this way!

Anonymous said...

getting weird looks was worth it because theese jeans are awesome! i love your entire outfit!


Diary of a Young Designer said...

You look so cute! Love the jeans, great style! And I think you should sell the skirt! Different colors could be great!


Isabel said...

Yeahhhh boiii, FLAVA FLAV!

Just kidding. But really, those shoes rule.

Miranda said...

so cute!
love the shoes

Malena said...

its practically impossible to not get weird looks when shopping in the other gender's section, but it usually has some pretty great stuff

preppygoesrock said...

i so love your look
check out my blog

Marian said...

hi honey,you look great dear. Love the jeans.the shade is perfect. In ref to my last post, it is not me who can tie the cherry stalk in my mouth into a knot. It was the celeb i interviewed.
muah x

Vik said...

love this jacket!!!! oh how i wish there was a value village in Ireland!!
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

Anonymous said...

This is a fun look! Love the jacket and all of your gold bling... and I actually don't mind those 'mum shoes' either! And I think you should definately sell those skirts... don't ask me for how much or anything though because I'm good with that, but I know people would definately buy them! ^_^!

DANIELLE said...

Thisss is a spot on combination!, of the boyfriend jeans with the smary blazer!, boyishh yet with an element of a girls touch! really like it !, awhhhh u guys have flea markets i think the best we get is like " carboot" saless