Sew what?!

Do you ever have those days where you feel like doing absolutely nothing except lounge in your pajamas, have some hot chocolate and read a book? Well, I've never actually had one of those days, per say, but I woke up to clouds this morning and decided it was a lazy day.

Kind of ironic that yesterday I posted pictures of the sunny weather here! *sigh* Don't you love the ever-changing Canadian weather? ..Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, I spent most of the day (well, half, because I decided to sleep in late and thus wasted the morning) sewing. Actually, the power went out for about an hour, so I stopped sewing then too. And I stopped for dinner and lunch... Still, I did quite a bit of sewing..

I finished up these bright harem pants. I'm thinkin' that I should have stuck with basic black, but you never know when your in a mood for bright, red pants! ..Right? :) They're really comfy. My sister calls them "poop pants." I don't know how much use they'll get, but they were pretty fun to make!

I also whipped up that puffy Ronald Macdonald-and-nameless-friends skirt!

I'm somewhat addicted to making these skirts (I think I've worn them in most of my outfit posts already!). I've made six in the past month and I bought fabric for two more! Anyways, I figure I'll get so sick of making them, that I won't make anymore. Trust me, it's reallllyy addicting!

Here's a dress I sewed a few months ago:

Denim and Tulle. The tulle's like a sea foam/ mint green. Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscar dress.

Rosettes = Good times (NOT!)

I've never actually worn this dress. Anyone want to invite me to a nice, fancy party? ...Really? ...Aww, you're so nice! Thanks for the invite.
(Yes, I just had a conversation with my imaginary friend. Jealous? You wish you talked to imaginary friends!)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I know I'm no pro sewer, so please do not critisize my lack of skills! Please and thank-you.

Lastly, thanks again (I know I say this every time, but you have no idea!) to all my lovely commenters, especially those who come back and comment again :) Special shoutout to thetrendydwarf because he always leaves lovely comments - check out his blog! And shoutout to anyone else who has commented. You all rock! Oh, and to my 11 followers! YAY - you guys rock, of course!

Have a lovely evening :)

P.S. Any Project Runway fans out there? I am! America, Australia, Canada (started Philippines, and the British version but never finished).. Anyways, I'm watching Project Runway Canada Season 2 right now. Sonny is so adorable! But don't tell me what happens, I haven't finished! I don't know why this tidbit of information has been shared to you all, it seemed relevant.. in some way.. maybe.. okay.. bye..


Emma said...

awww yay go us!
Where you do you live in Canada? I'm from vancouver, BC.
Its really cool how you sew your own clothes. i wish i could do that lol

ya link buddies!


Anonymous said...

oh my god, you got me so inspired with those skirts! and i really love the dress! ahhhh :)

Wendy said...

The rosette dress is so well done! You have to wear it!

Emma said...

WOW is all i can say! these are all SO GOOD!! i cannot sew for my life. but you on the other hand, my friend, are amazing!

irene said...

thank you for the sweet words. the jacket is from H&M! it's become my favorite piece. love your blog xx btw how do you switch pages?

Anonymous said...

im obsessed with the tulle dress..do you sell??????????

loving the post..beautiful stuff
theres a store here in nashville called sew what?! hahah

check out my blog @

Anonymous said...

i love all the skirts you sewed their so cute! i really want to make or get skirts like that. and yeah project runway is the best ive only seen the america but i live in israel and they just started an israel one here!


Nerdic.. said...

Thanks for the comment! I would love the exchange links. I already added you to my link-list.
Love the tulle btw!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Emma's way of life said...

Ok i put a link for your blog in mine ;-)


Andie said...

ooooo!! i LUUVE you mickeydees skirt!! JEALZ!

Eva said...

Sure i'll put your link on mine (:
I Love That Dress you made !
i made one like it about a year ago but the tulle was more of a pinky colour !
I Might Show it on my blog sometime.

You Have a Real talent . keep it up !

Eva Xx

oh you pretty things said...

Wow you are talented!
Love the dress :)

theTrendyDwarf said...

Oh Em Gee! I hate this rainy weather! You guys too?! Well..at least I am not the only one suffering! A day spent sewing must be a very entertained day..really! I love the dress you sewed! I could see something neon being worn with it but you should take some pictures of how you would wear it and post them up! That was just a suggestion obviously. Thank you so much for he shoutout..I feel honored! Thanks for the comment on my header post too!
check out my trendy blog!

Malena said...

your sewing projects are so cool.. i am jealous of your skills. i especially love the mcdonalds one.

xs said...

those pants are totally cool! great job!

Anonymous said...

you...are a very talented girl! i wish i had that skill to sew. i'm actually just now trying to learn. :) i really want to make m own things ya know. so you are a great inspiration form me. i really love the dress!