Peas on Earth.. or At Least on a Skirt

Today's weather was so sweltering at 31 degrees Celsius (that's 87.8 degrees Fahrenheits for all you Americans - I spent a whole minute converting it for you!!). Therefore, I was cooped inside my house for the majority of the day :(. Anyways, I stuck with a simple outfit because with any more layers, I would have melted!

I don't know why I wore my pink skirt underneath.. but I did. It made it more poufy. Maybe. Actually, no.. I wore it because it makes it fun to play with it.

(Yellow dress - California $15, Peas skirt - Thrifted $5, Pink skirt (underneath) - Homemade, Shoes - Pacific Mall $15)

My attempt at a jumping shot. The flash wouldn't correspond to my jumps. The one time it actually did work, I was jokingly expressing my anger towards the camera. Oh darn..

(Ring - Forever 21 $6, Blue Bracelet - Suzy Sheer $3, Yellow beads - Claire's $1, Yellow Bangle - Claire's $4, Orange Bracelet - H&M $6, Earrings - Flea Market $1, Bow Tie - Claire's $3)

Skirt Pattern:

I have a thing for crazy and unconventional patterns - I think they can make any outfit more fun! Unfortunately, most stores don't sell outfits with "crazy" patterns outside of florals and polka dots. In result, I've resulted to buying my own fabrics and sewing them..

It's so vibrant, loud, and fun! I'm making it into a puffy skirt.

Ronald Macdonald and friends (does anyone know their names?). I'm not a fatty, I promise! This pattern just made me giggle and I wanted it. It will be a puffy skirt (same as the pink one I'm wearing - which you can barely see..)

Monsters and aliens! This made my athletic banquet dress. When people asked me what my dress would look like, it was rather humorous.
People: "What does your dress look like ?!"
Me: "Um. I sewed it. It has monsters.. and aliens on it."
People: "Oh. Um.. Cool!"
Good times!

Fun fabrics always seem to remind me of Katy Perry. I think that she can rock crazy, unconventional looks like no other!

(Google Images)

Alright people, nothing left to say but thank you once again. Your comments are so nice and they really keep me stoked ! Anyways, I've linked all of my fabulous commenters and I'd love if you'd link me too! :)

Okay, well peas out (pun totally intended. Pretend it's funny). Hope you ladies and lads are having great, summery (but not unbearable!) weather!


Emma said...

haha i laughed at "peas out". eeek your blog is so cute i can't get over it. and duh i'm linking you! :D

theTrendyDwarf said...

Yeah...well thanks for the good wishes on our summer! Sadly my summer is terrible for now because it wont stop raining and it will keep raining until sunday! Anyway, once again you manage to pull off a completely original ensemble!! You can sew?! I really want to learn to sew, that way I can add cooler designs to my clothes or make new ones! I think you're the absolute coolest 15 year old girl ever just because of your wardrobe and personality! Thank goodness you aren't like the rest of the girls that only wear A&F and Hollister and A&E!!
check out my fashion blog!

Chloe said...

Aww you so cute. And I love your outfit. Also thanks for the comment. Any comment from people means alot. =] Have a great day! And I look forward on hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, it means the world
im loving yours! such cute stuff
and the fact that you wore the pink skirt under the black print skirt...FABULOUS
loving your style dearie, beautiful outfits with fun posts
keep it up!

check out my blog @

Anonymous said...

I love that yellow top/dress whatever it may be. And that salmon on acid free thing you got (posted below) I would kill for! SO VERSATILE!

Lizabeth xoxo

Jowy said...

thos colours are FAB just FAB! it puts a smile on my face! great style!

one love,

Zarna said...

i love all these bold colors.

i also love how you put on two skirts, how clever :)


The Stylish Wanderer said...

you look so happy in these pictures.

yellow definitely is a fantastic color on you.

Shin said...

I always admire girls who can pull off prints and wild patterns! You look so effortless in that skirt! I love the unexpected pink fabric underneath and your pink flats are very pretty! Love that jumping shot too! xxoxoxo

sarah said...

Your blog isn't too bad either love :)

love how the pink skirt underneath isn't part of the other one and how it matches the ballet flats.

we can def exchange links


Vik said...

HI again :) Thanks for the lovely comment.
Im going to link you right now! :)
Love this peas in the pod skirt its fab! I have an obsession with pattern and prints but it means all my clothes are patterned and none of them match!!

suzie said...

totally cute!
i like the crazy fabrics, and you look amazing!
xoxo suzie

Laura. said...

thanks for the blog comment. I haven't graduated yet though! Thats next year for me! I just went along to look at thecollections and mingle.
i also love my disco ball jacket.

Cute skirt I like the pink one underneath :)

Anonymous said...

great post! i love all the photos and your style is amazing. so cool that you make your own puffy skirts with funny and awesome fabrics! :)


Ashley said...

The pea-pod print skirt is adorable. I love that you wear so much color..very summery.


Is This Real Life? said...

Love your outfit, Its so cute
You've got a great blog here!
Yeah I would love to exchange links with you!
I will put yours up today!

Mi Guapa Fresa said...

You´ve got such a nice blog! It´s full of energy. I like that :PPP

Fashionablegirl said...

WOW what a lovely skirt!
And yes I'm new xD!
And I make a neckless with old necklesses :)

Cleo Hurst said...

Neon is such a great trend this summer and these pictures provide fabulous inspiration!!

don't forget to follow my blog:


fashion nugget said...

Heya! ya for sure! I love Katy. I adore that mcDonald's print! Hamburgler! lol definitely exchange links ;)

xoxobriibarbiie said...

definitely a cute outfit very unique and it compliments you by the way when you have time check out my blog thanks hun
P.S keep up the good work

Emma said...

I love your outfits! The skirt patterns are fab
thanks for the comment :) want to exchange links?


Suzanne said...

hey friend. Thanks for the comment. I LOVE ice caps. I know it's horrible, but I probably have like five a week! Watch, by the end of the summer, and after all my midnight Tim's runs I'll be about five hundred pounds! Well, hopefully not actually... :D

I absolutely love that skirt. The print is fabulous. I gotta say, I'm also a giant fan of fabulously random prints, and I love that when you cease to find epic peices like that is store, you just make it. So much more fun. I will definitely have to do that more often. That McD's print makes my life. Love it!

Link it up?


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

thanks everyone SO much for stopping by at my little blog :) it really makes me happy!!

i'll link you ALL very soon and i will definitely be visiting/ re-visiting all of your fantastic blogs ♥♥ thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great fabrics and patterns and I reallly like that colourful and fun jewellery! Oh, and I understood your celcius talk =P... it's not that hot in Australia at the moment though, seeing as it's winter here and all lol!

- Charlotte. =].

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm going to add your lovely blog linky dinky to my page. =].

Anonymous said...

i really, really like that outfit!!! it's soo cute. cool blog, btw.


Zarna said...

i'd love to exchange links, ill add you now :)


Miranda said...

katy perry is gorg!
and your so colorful!

Andie said...

omg! your skirt is so cool!
i love your blog! mind if we swap links? :D

Michelle said...

I love the pink on your skirt!

P.S. I added you to my blog roll as well. Thanks for the link! :)

Miranda said...

of course i'd love to exchange links!!

PrincessImp. said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Your skirt is crazy-cute and I love that you worn another pink skirt underneath it, it matches your shoes perfectly and I love that shade of shocking pink!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

thanks again for the comments - you've all been linked!

Nerdic.. said...

Love the top, I love how you work with colors!
X, www.fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com