The Jonas Brothers were in my dream yesterday. How embarassing.

Don't you guys love those outfits that make you feel like you take on another persona? I sure do - I felt like this hard-core rock chick in this outfit - note: so not like me! (Second note: why do I always begin my posts with questions? I do not know.)

^ That giant reflection on the sequin is real. That's what attracted me to this picture. Not my expression so much, really.. at all.

(Sequin dress: vintage/ value village $12, denim shirt - dress-up box/ mum's?, pink cardigan - forever 21 $6, belt - dad's, sunglasses - value village $2, jewelry - assortment)

Woohoo! Lot's of different materials.. fun, fun..

Light denim; pink cotton and pearls; black sequins, lace, and beads

Went to value village and picked up these sunglasses right before I was about to pay..

Actually, I picked up a lot of other things at Value Village - totaling to $36! Ahh, how I love it there. There were so many elderly ladies there (more than usual), as it was Seniors-get-20%-off-day. Gotta love the seniors :) Anyways, I'm excited to wear them! (After thorough cleaning, undoubtedly.)

Unrelated: Yay, this is my seventh post, I believe! :) Thanks again (are you getting sick of my thanks yet? - hope not!) for coming. I really, really, really appreciate it. I'm glad I've been able to update everyday. Anyways, the point is that I am leaving for Peru for volunteer work very soon for three weeks. Therefore, no updates during that duration. Just a head's up. You know, if you care..

Okay, have a lovely weekend! Sending happy vibes and good weather your way (hopefully)!

P.S. Thanks for all your nice comments on my previous post. For all of you who liked the puffy skirts, let me tell you that it's super easy to sew and takes less than 2 hours so I highly reccomend you give it a try! Warning: they're super addictive. How else would I end up with 7? (I made my seventh this morning, with the disco ball fabric I posted earlier)


Anonymous said...

loving the colors in this..glad it could help you take on the rocker persona
loving the little sequin flash in that photo as well, super unique and caught in the moment

love the post!

check out my blog @

Marian said...

wonderful layering honey, loving how the colours work!
muah xx

Anonymous said...

thank you for the comment! and no you didnt offend me haha your title made me laugh. and i saw that you made your own skirts around the same time and now that im looking for skirts like that so it kind helped to know their easy to sew! i love your outfit, does sunglasses are pretty awesome!


thischicksgotstyle said...

Such cool pictures!!


Malena said...

cool sequin dress!
i would definitely like to trade links. im adding you

Emma said...

Love the outfit! woot value vintage is where its at!


Isabel said...

This outfit is so killer! I'm just loving the sequin dress and the pearl cardigan. Your thrift skills rule!

fashion nugget said...

Heyy, Love the denim button-down tunic. WANT ONE. Value village?

Eva + Joanne said...

Love the cardigan (:
it's pretty gorgeous!
You Have just inspired me to fix my camera :P


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

thank-you all.. I will be paying your lovely blogs a visit very soon!


Daisy said...

Such a cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting outfit! Love the sparklies and the layers. ^_^!

Anonymous said...

hey i totally love your style awesome