That 70's .. Post

This probably got me a lot of weird looks. Yay.

(Blue Dress - Liz Claiborne/ Value Village $10, Skirt - homemade)

Jealous of my "disco" moves? Yes, I know you are. It's okay, I would be too. Pretty skilled. But, whatever..

(Belt - Stolen from Mum. Bracelet - H&M $4)

I'm pretty sure these are my new favourite shoes - their so bright and fun! Like.. a clown.

(Shoes- thifted/ Kensington Market $15)

Yet another rainy day. Grr. Actually, no. It wasn't that bad - spent most of the afternoon doing some sewing and DIY shirts. I'll post them tomorrow! Highlight of the day: discovered a thrift shop with ridiculously low prices. I kind of bought 8 belts. But they were only $1 each! Also, sunglasses for $0.50! Cha-ching. Score.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for stopping by :)


Carina the Blogarina said...

Those shoes are fierce!

Stephanie Kim said...

the skirt is precious!

Isabel said...

Girl, this outfit is wicked and so are your moves! Haha. I like how you wear bright colours, unlike everyone else in the world. Those shoes are badass.

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Anonymous said...

loving the shoes!!

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itchy said...

you've got great style!! how you manage to spend so little money and have such a great style!

jealous..yeah and jealous of your disco moves. for sure

Kaitlin Rae said...

haha fun colors and totally wicked skirt

Emma said...

I love your outfit!! I hope to go to the Kensington Market this summer when I go to Toronto


Anonymous said...

your looks are so GREAT!
Those shoes are a bit too cool :)
lots of love,
nicky x x

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish our thrift stores were that cheap! Cha ching indeed! And those shoes are crazy insane but I am loving all the colours!

Marian said...

i love your spirit , sucha fun gal! love the skirt over the dress, it looks wonderful and the thrifted shoes are wonderfully colourful.
muah x

Anonymous said...

wow so cool about the 50 cents sunglasses! i love your outfit!

Andie said...

lovin the colour combo! intense!

Enep said...

your shoes looks like a popsicle, yummy :9


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

So many fun colours, yes I would love to exchange links, tomorrow I shall do that! I love love love your style!

Beki said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of everything!!!


Malena said...

that skirt pattern makes me laugh every time i see it. not in a bad way. it makes me think of flashdance

bisou-joue said...

nice outfit ! Love the colours, love the way you wear colours, and mix'em up !

mikaela said...

thanks for the nice comment on my blog!!!

can't believe you made that skirt yourself! SO PRO

and i also have a knack for finding cheap stuff HAHAH
the shoes are rad :)


Stacy said...

those shoes are great! you look adorable


DANIELLE said...

awhhhh what a loverly outfit :), haha Loving the dance moves there!!

them shoes are cute , remind me of the "jellie" sandels we use to call them when i was little niceeee!!!

Suzanne said...

very cute shoes!

Anonymous said...

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