Why, hello friends.

Whenever I attempt to state a catchy sentence, it comes off as cheesy, so maybe with rhetorical thinking, my lack-of-originality-opening-sentence is enough to trigger you to stay here. Maybe?


So, welcome! I'm just a fifteen-year-old girl who happens to love fashion. A lot. Unfortunately, I am a victim of a uniform-wearing school. If you have been stuck in the cloud of uniformity then you will understand what I mean by saying that I'm ecstatic to finally be able to wear my clothing of choice, every day. Because it's summer! Here, you will see what a young, small-town Canadian girl flaunts on a day-to-day basis.

Besides being a young girl living in a town of nothing-ness, what sets me apart from most bloggers? Well, I guess it would have to be that I am a huge bargain buyer. As in $5 shirts and jeans. As in $20 is quite a bit to spend on an article of clothing. I find it thrilling to find a good deal on an arguably ugly (according to my mum) garment and transform it into a fabulous outfit. I'm a self proclaimed "frugalista." Sorry, that's just me.

Below are the outfits I've been wearing the past two days.

June 18, 2009:

Looks like a mugshot, no?
(Vest - Pacific Mall $15, Beige Blouse - Value Village $6, Floral Shirt - H&M $10, Belt - H&M $12, Shorts - Value Village $3, Tights - H&M $14, Boots - Vintage $30)
Being a frugalista and all, I must share my deals. I'm sorry, it's tacky, I know. And yes, I'm on a H&M overload. My bad, will try better.
I went to the mall. This man gave me a once over, stared at my tights, and proceeded with an evil glare. I giggled.

June 20, 2009:

Action shot? Yeah, I'm cool.

I forgot to take pictures of my shoes - they were yellow jellies. Don't worry, you'll be seeing them a lot.
(Sweater - Value Village $6, Belt - Pacific Mall $10, Skirt - Handmade, Ne
cklack - Forever 21 $12, Bracelets - Forever 21 $6, Ring - Bitter:Sweet $18)
I went to a birthday party for my mum's friend's daughter and there were a lot of elderly women. Very adorable. This cute one shared to me that they wore similar clothing "back then." I suppose it does seem very 1950s. Oh well.
NOTE: Dad enjoys bragging about his "frugalista" daughter. Be careful when he wants to introduce you to people.

Well, there it is. My very first post; how exciting! I hope you didn't get bored. If you did, please don't tell me :). I hope you enjoyed yourself mildly. If you did, please do tell me :). Oh yeah, thanks so much for coming and come again. Leave a comment? :)

Yes, please.

P.S. Wow, picture quality sucks. I'll work on that.


Talita said...

I cannot believe the bargains you have! Really, you're talented, you make this clothes look like they are super expensive! Love how quirky and fun your style is, the look with the yellow belt is about as adorable as it gets.

ps. thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog :) I'll try to keep on posting daily so be sure to come back and check it out!


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Definitely! :)

Thanks SO much for your comment - it's so nice! Come again! :)

Eva said...

I do indeed like your style (:
it's very brave yet you wear it effortlessly !
glad to see another new blogger like myself !
keep at it !