may flowers

This title - and outfit for the matter - boasts a fun sort of irony to it. You know? The kind of thing that you silently smile at? Thinking to yourself, Oh, well that’s not hilarious or laughing out loud or anything. But it's something. Something deserving of a smirk. Because it’s oh so ironic. Becaaaaause, contrary to the “May flowers” of May, there have, in fact, not been many “May flowers.” Rather, there have been many MAY SHOWERS. Isn’t that hilarious?! No. It sucks.

(Note: I did not photoshop the sun into these photos or anything. They were taken last weekend. When there was sun. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.)

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I go through blazer phases. I’ve been wearing this floral blazer for about a week straight now. (well, on top of my uniform. So not really “wearing”... but that’s besides the point). It just screams SPRING. Which is a good thing, because the weather isn’t! (Screaming Spring, that is.) (Hah? Did you all check out my good-nature stab at weather? We’re so flirtatious.) Thought I’d pair Mr. Floral Blazer with attire other than the blues and greys of my uniform. Diversity, baby.
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Actually, that’s one thing that may interest your brain (probably not): I have an uncanny obsession with blazers. It’s not a matter of wants. Nor is it a matter of needs. It’s simply a matter of I CAN'T BE TAMED. Also, Value Village is having a 50% off sale on Monday. This is both an exciting and nerve-racking prospect for both my money bag and my blazer collectionthatiscompressedinanincreasinglyconfinedspace. (See what I did there? Made all those wordsCONFINED. To EMPHASIZE my point. Sew sneaky.)
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Ooh, what do we have here? New friend? YUP. He shoots arrows at nerdy boys that deserve luuuuuuuv.
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Continuation of the flower motif. I feel like you kids should be sending me flowers, or something. With love notes that will make my cheeks flush pink because, hey, I enjoy feeding my ego.
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OPI, if you ever read this, do you want to send me some of your "cracked" nailpolish? I borrowed it from my friend, and it's seriously beyond rad. I will endorse you forever and wear you forever and maybe even write you a haiku while whispering sweet nothings into your ear drums. It will be beautiful. (Like you! D'oohhhhh!)
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(Blazer - Thrifted $1, Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Value Village/ Thrifed $5, Socks - Vintage Store $5, Shoes - Urban Outfitters $10, Cupid Friend - Cne PRICELESS, Bangles and Red Bow - Gift)

In other news, I have about a month to decide what I’m DOING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Well, by “rest of my life,” I mean next year. (We pre-graduating highschoolers are so dramatic.) It’s one of those decisions that I’ve got to make on my own terms, so I will be vague and mysterious and what not (because, you know, I obviously am. Imagine me with red lipstick and a puff of smoke exhaling from my mouth. Also, I'm in Sepia/ dim lighting.). They’re both total dreams come true. I will keep you posted.

I'm feeling a little lost. But probably in the best way possible. I really want to ride my bike. Sun, come out?

Describe a tough decision you've had to make?
(In 500 words or less. Include proper sentence structure. Spelling and Grammar will count.) (Sorry. Those words in the previous parentheses are a lie. I was just trying to be, ahem, witty as my question is very essay-like. Thus, I was structuring it as though it was an essay. But it is not. It was simply a strategic move to prove that I am witty. Get it?)

Also, just for funzies... based on ma 'lil blawg,
What do YOU see me doing next year? Or in the next five years?

This will be FUN STUFF.
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Missy Daisy said...

I LOVE YOUR STYLE <3 You're so cute! :)


Lydia said...

What is that precious little big-head yarn man??!!

Victoria said...

love all the flowers!!! You look so cute!

and havent really had to make a tough decision lately, and cant really remember any! hmm
I see you doing something with art and lots and lots of color!!! At least you should, i just dont know what :)

Charmalade said...

Your outfit is as loud as spring can be when the earth wakes up after a long sleep! I do dig how you're true to your style, the clashing-matching florals rock! Also, I wonder, have you named the little cupid yarn man?

As for your question... I feel like I haven't made ENOUGH tough decisions lately. It's already summer break where I am and I feel lost and very behind. It's quite stressful once I realize it.

Toast with Charmalade

TheMadTwins said...

You're outifts and pictures keep being amazing!! I adore it ^-^

And the doll is soo cute =D

Xxx London & Paris

ps: you can still join our Chanel giveaway

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

You're my favorite apart of the East Coast and I haven't been getting enough! tragic!

Sigh, here I will go sounding like a broken record: I FUCKING LOVE THAT BLAZER. SO F'LOVE IT. SOOO MUCH.

P.S. I see you going to Parson School of design come fall. New York. Fashion Design. yee boii.

Nieke said...

I love the way you combine all the different textures. You have an amazing style. Love it!


Audrey Allure said...

Great blazer, I really love your skirt & nails!

I see you becoming an amazing fashion designer! :)

Charlotte. said...

i love your blazer! in fact, it reminds me of the fresh prince of belair where will wears his inside out to show the colourful lining.

sacramento said...

Lovely patten combo.
You really have got an eye for mixing.

Jen said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!!
I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!

Jen said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!!
I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!

Jen said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!!
I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!

Jen said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!!
I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!

Jen said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!!
I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!

Savannah Burton said...

blazer! flowers! Ahhhh!! Thanks for the advice on the blurry pictures! It's really been driving me crazy! I see you as a crazy arist/ stylist/ fahsion journalist/ antique shop owner.

SunnyToast said...

I love how you manage bold designs and colors....great personal style:)

JAZZA. said...

this is such a fun outfit! i love the cute socks and the blazer!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Such cute photos!!! I love them so much! The floral jacket is amazing!! I miss the sun, the past couple days have been absolutely disgusting! I need sun!

Shatter nail polish! Woo!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

the tough decision that i had to make is to buy a house in town and not in the city =( .....i love the flowery things going on!=)

LyddieGal said...

this rest of your life busniess is simply not true. its okay if you change your mind. a bunch of times. so dont get too stressed out about what you choose.

and floral blazers rock!

Chic on the Cheap

Thu said...

This is such a cute post, I love all the colours and joy in all the photos. xx

the fashion turd said...

..i think you should do an office job where you are locked away and no on can see you...like an accountant ;-p

Lea said...

You've got guts, girl. Ha. Your style I think, is the complete opposite of mine. Because I don't like to be particularly bold in my dressing. But you're super adorable :)

It's so silly though. Because sometimes, I wish my hair would get a little messy. but seriously, it doesn't! I wish I could have a tiny bit of that 'I don't really care, I just rolled out of bed' type hair. But I just don't.

Angelica Ng said...

That's real sunshine? Oh fantastic!!! It looks gorgeous outside. Love your shoes the most here. The lace socks with the floral shoes...awesome! And I saw that cracked nailpolish a while ago! Quite the innovation.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

I'm going to be a dork here and say that I really love your blog and got super duper excited when I saw your comment...

Woop woop me!

BTW, I would very much like to have your jacket in my life... It's the stuff of dreamworlds...

sojourned in style said...

florals on florals, I like! that is a sweet blazer, so vibrant with electric colours. coool sneakers, the lace socks are lovely with them.

Claire said...

love the florals with the polka dots. and fab bracelets! such a happy outfit!

i gave you an award on my blog today (sunday). so check it out if you feel like it!

Claire @

Joshua Stoltenberg said...

This outfit is awesome!! I love all the prints!! I can see you traveling to Nepal again!!