i wish i had a mango tree in my backyard

My approach to rainy and down days? Aw, well thanks for asking. It really is a rather basic remedy: WEAR BRIGHT COLOURS. And patterns. And basically pretend it's spring in your head. Seriously. I wish everyone had bright rain jackets and patterned umbrellas. Instead of waiting for the rainbow on rainy days, we could BE the rainbow. AWWWW.

This outfit was composed of lots of patterns and colours and the mentality that it was spring. It reminded me of being a kid and getting excited to whip out my pink and purple rainboots and splash in all the puddles. When did we stop splashing in puddles? And why? I like puddles. (People that know me would fully support the thesis that I never really grew up.)

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Also... Hi, my name is Lexy and I’m socially awkward! People? What’s a “people”? (Kidding. I obviously know what people are. I’m socially awkward, not st00pid. REMEMBER?)

Seriously. You know that person who, when you’re around, you just feel… uncomfortable? It recently dawned upon me... I AM TOTALLY THAT PERSON.
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Socially awkward situations that I just can’t deal with:
1) Big groups. I just can’t do it. I really can’t. There are a few exceptions. But when people are being all jolly and chatty in a giant group, my mouth refuses to speak. I don’t like big groups. I really don’t. I can’t even imagine being at a proper high school party. With dozens of people in a confined space? Um, no thank you.
2) Strangers. I like the idea of spontaneous conversations with strangers. It’s… charming. But, um, I have to be, like, mentally prepared to meet a new person. Like, “Okay, Lexy. You are meeting someone new. You have to savage your dignity and learn to, you know, converse and talk and stuff. YOU HAVE TO TALK AND STUFF BUT WAIT… STOP SPUTTERING OUT GARBAGE WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU AWKWARD BEING?!”

Consequently, the equation shouldn’t be hard to picture:
Lexy + Strangers + Big Group = HiThereMyNameIsAwkwardIMeanLexyHahhahahahIWillNotSpeakNow.
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Anyways, I fully support my hermit lifestyle and I’m okay with just watching people and imagining our interactions rather than, you know, actually interacting with them. That being said, I think it would be beneficiary if I learned to, you know, be less awkward and things.
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At one of my favourite parks, there’s always a group of monkeys. And by monkeys, I mean university-students-doing-these-way-cool-balancing-trick-things-on-trees-and-stuff. Picture this: There are several trees. They have seat-belt-esque straps that they connect them with. They spend hours walking on them. All the time. IT’S SO COOL. Obviously, way out of my league.

I decided to suck it up and you know, be a man and be all cool smoooooth (like I am). So biked in that area. And stared at them for, like, ten minutes. (Literally. Sat there on my bike. Staring. Smoooooth, I tell ya!) One of them invited my to try it – it was a lot of fun. I AM A NINJA. Just kidding. I almost literally disjointed the guy’s fingers I was relentlessly clinging onto with all the strength of my life. He was nice about it.

I think that this could have been one of those, “See, Lexy? You’re not really socially awkward” experiences. But it was more like, “Woah, Lexy, you haven’t voluntarily interacted with strangers in so long that you’ve forgotten how awkward you are! Hahaha, sucker.” You know. Baby steps.
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(Sweater - Value Village $4, Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Homemade, Scarf - Nepal, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Winners, Ring - Gift, Belts- Thrifted $1 Each)

Anyways. I am fully aware of my social awkwardness. My sister, father and myself enjoy sitting in corners of Christmas parties, continuously stuffing our faces with food. This gives the essence of, “Oh hey. It’s not that we don’t want to socialize, but MMM we’re just supporting the chef over here and bonding (with each other. Even though we live in the same household) and stuff.” (Partygoers probably think that we’re freaks.) I also have this problem that, when I’m in big groups (for example, at lunchtime), I’m like, “Damn. Would it be weird if I just, like, sat in the corner and drew a picture of a unicorn?” (“Yes,” often comes to mind. So I just pretend I’m really engrossed in creeping grade 9s.) (I really AM engrossed. They’re actually quite fascinating to watch. I am so ridiculously glad that I’m not in grade 9. Mediocre times, ehhhh.)

Anyways. I am awkward. I’m okay with it. I’m sure it’s one of those things that I have to just “grow into.” (Haha. Sounds like I’m a 13 year old girl receiving my first training bra. Also mediocre times.) But if you have any suggestions as to how to speed up the process, that would be helpful. (Of being less awkward. Not the training bra thing. Just clarifying.) It’s not like I want a billion friends or desire to be with people all the time because, quite frankly, that’s unhealthy. I enjoy being alone.

It’s just that I encounter so many strangers in a day. And it’s like, what if I’m missing out on something? With our laptops in front of us, our phones in our hands, we have these screens. They shield us from existing and interacting with one another. It feels disconnected. It feels like I’m maybe missing out on awesome people. I think we all are. I think people aren't as bad as a lot of us like to make them out to be. I think we all, if we really tried, really could get along. But that’s just a whole other post.

How would you rank yourself on the social scale? Tips for chatting with/ befriending strangers?
(ex. Compliments? Asking for the time? Spilling coffee over them? Pick up lines? Plucking their boogers? SO MANY OPTIONS. All great. Obviously.)

Edit: Just in case you were wondering, I totally just had the most glorious walk in the rain. (Alone. Yeah. 2 kewl.) I discovered a few things: 1) my rainboots are not waterproof, as puddles + wet feet showcased and 2) once you start looking for earth worms to play with, sticks look surprisingly similar to your new favourite creatures. I just thought these observations could redeem me and showcase my utmost coolness. Werrrd.


Anna said...

Bahaha that's totally me, without a doubt. Except the difference is I find it entertaining to make a conversation awkward with the things I say :P
Awesome outfits too!

A said...

i have been called socially inept before...but then i find it fun to be weird around people. the best thing to do is to smile and nod, smile and nod! lol- love your outfit AGAIN! seriously i just might have to steal some of your styling tricks- dizzying patterns & bold colors are perfect for my imaginary outfit heaven!

Mrs. April said...

YOU LOOK LIKE A SUPERHERO! Saving the world from bland and boring one day at a time!

Be said...

I'm usually right down at the bottom of the social scale but lately I've been finding myself a bit more outgoing, and it feels great. Altough I too stand there and play dumb (unitentionally) when there are large groups. Even just talking one-on-one I feel like I have to think of things to say so everything wont be awkward.

P.S. Sorry I've been absent from your blog for a while, I'm just starting to get back into the blogging mood.

P.P.S. I have a mango tree in my backyard. It doesn't grow any mangoes.

Hanna said...

lovee this! you pulled of these leggings so well, I know for sure not everybody can!

and about chatting with strangers. I have no idea, I think I just attrackt it or something, but I alway have chats with strangers everywhere haha.

Don't forget to vote for me, I'm nominated blog of the month at blogaholics.nl

Anonymous said...

SO much colour....I heart your stuff!

Training to be a teacher kinda scares the awkward out of ya a lot of the time because you have to be able to stand at the top of a room and be confident.
However, if that's not your scene (summers off aren't for everyone apparently) then I would definitely consider a job. Nothing helps to cure awkwardness better than forced communication =]
I've worked in a shop for nearly 6 years and I could basically talk to anyone. You get so much practice and, in general, they're not around long enough for you to fuck up the conversation too much!
I also got my boyfriend through the shop. He was a customer! So, I'd like to think it works =]

the fashion turd said...

there is still a weird tabboo about liking being on your own...guess what ? it's fine! i guess im quite a sociable person but generally a lot of humanity down interest me very much! not to sound like too much of a tosser! and i definately need a few hours on my own every day... people assume that if you wear bright colours like we do that you are 'bubbly' and attention seeking and like being sociable all the time,,,,but hanging out hermit style is definately something that i indulge in often! p.s glad you like my brother x x x

Ali said...

I always think I'm socially awkward, but not really. I'm good in groups. one on one with people I don't know that well is weird and a situation I usually try to avoid! I think I'm only socially awkward in that I'm not good with manners-type things like accepting compliments graciously and knowing what to bring to a party and knowing how to greet different people (is it a handshake, a hug, an awkward wave, the whole quick cheek kiss/half hug thing?). I think I need to go to finishing school.

also I LOVE jumping in puddles in my gumboots! I always see people staring at me doing it and I've decided that they're jealous of my awesome boots.

Juliet said...

Amazing outfit, it's so fun!

Argh, I can be completely socially inept at times and I suck at trying to talk to new people :(. At the same time though I have to do it for my job, that helped me a lot since I literally had to drag myself out of my shell to be good at it.

Alone time is good though, I definitely enjoy being by myself and sometimes having other people around really annoys me.

ohmaygod said...

looks like autumn!
thanks for you comment, im followiing you :D

love, may

Andie said...

YOU TRIED THOSE WEIRD BELT TREE WALKING WATCHAMALLITS?!?!? I HATE YOU!! THATS SO COOL! and i wish i can wear knits ( I LOVE KNITS!) but im stuck in the frickin tropical philippines where wearing knits is like wearing boots (not wellies, those are cool), UNPRACTICAL. ill be over here sulking in the rain/sun/rain/sun/rain.


Jacqueline said...

i'm very socially awkward, so i feel your pain, haha. i love your colorful, quirky style! you're adorable! (thanks for commenting and following on my blog!) much <3..

Charlotte. said...

love that scarf/necklace thing! i would say i'm pretty socially awkward, totally the reason i have a blog.

Nieke said...

You don't look like a socially awkward someone (not that I'm a specialist in things like that), I had the exact same problem when I was in high school. But when I grew older (now it's seems like I'm 30 or something, and I'm obviously not haha) it kinda faded away.
BUT your outfit is once again amazing, I love how you just put all those colors together and make it work. Love it!


Louise said...

Okay, I love this-- your joy completely seeps through my monitor! I'm your newest follower!

I seem socially acceptable, but I say the most random, inappropriate things. I love making people feel uncomfortable. It's getting bad.

Louise said...

Best pick up line-- "If you're looking for douches, try Aisle Me." From 'Parks and Recreation.'

Bonnie said...

I love how awkward you are. It is part of your charm. And you have a ton of charm. It's awkward charm, which I respond favorably to. I like it.
I'm awkward, too, but I am more like bitchy awkward. Like, I need a filter on my mouth because I will say what I think because I figure that we will probably never see each other again, anyway, so it doesn't matter what I say.
I'm usually wrong, and that creates a totally uncomfortable situation later.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Flashes of Style said...

You are so adorable!! I love all the colors. <333



Stef / Diversions said...

I'd say I am a seven out of ten on the socially awkward scale. I am not "the bad baby sitter" but I am frequently complimented on how "quirky" or "eccentric" I am. :)

Because I am usually very quiet and restrained until I have spent quite some time with a new acquaintance first impressions of me are often quite far off the mark as to my character traits but when I come out of my shell everyone gets the measure of me pretty quick. A few friends have taken me aside and told me they found me quite intimidating/worrying at first. Maybe the bad babysitter after all? ;)

Anyway - after my little essay on oddities (you still awake?) thanks so much for your sweet comment. So pleased I found your blog too. Your colourful style is amazing. Love those wellies (such a cool pattern), gorgeous skirt and brilliant cardi.

You most certainly are a cheerful sight on a rainy day :)

maphi said...

love the outfit :)

and looooooooooool i cant deal with strangers , and for some reason im a magnet to freaky , drunk , wierd strangers :/ xoxo

Roma said...

First off, I love your sweater it makes me happy. Second, I am a really awkward. When I'm nervous around people I don't know I make these really bizarre faces. However after 5 minutes of strange glaring I usually manage to randomly think of the best thing to say and after 10 minutes I become really good friends with said stranger. Ironically, this is how I met half of my friends.

LyddieGal said...

Oh man, those zig zag rain boots are awesome!! I think your approach to rainy days is wonderful. I need to throw on a little color myself, i'm just all bundled up under my comfy grey lounge wear.

Chic on the Cheap

Ally said...

Naw thankyou for my Comment Lexy, totally made my morning :)
I am a social freaking butterfly believe it or not. I have complete ease talking to anyone and my secret is I litterally could not give any shits in the slightest. I just dont care, I am who i am and if people dont like me there's clearly something wrong with them. :)

And btw yes, totally had a more productive weekend this weekend. I made a skirt, my first creation! All by mah-self. Soooo proud. Will post it as soon as i take photos to show off. :)

and i love it when u spend loads of time at the computer, thats where the magic happens!!

SunnyToast said...

I love your outfit..its like sunshine in a boring day! Your rainboots is smashing:)

Missy Daisy said...

Yes the drawings are actually on the dress! Thanks for your comment <3 I love everything on your blog, and love your style :)


Lalli Carvalho said...

Colorful look that I found amazing. These boots are wonderful. The hairstyle is also very cute
XOXO, I'm following you.

Eli said...

some days I really feel like this too. but working at a public library changed all that for me. because my whole day was spent speaking to large groups AND strangers. its intimidating. But in this case it was my job that I needed to do. Eventually you learn most of the strangers' names, and it doesn't become so weird anymore

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

what a fabulous title, so funny! Who wouldn’t love a mango tree! Reminds me of James Bond. You are so right to wear bright colors on a rainy day, it is like the best alternative and it makes the world a lot happier. Love love love the cardigan so so much. the pastel colors look smashing.

Awkward? You are such you being you and expression your (fashion) identity. That it such a wonderful and bold thing to do, so I completely appreciate that..

Katheyn Volikos said...

you know i love your posts, always so cororfull!
keep rocking <3

i have a new post if you want to check!
Katheryn Volikos

Lyosha said...

can I please only talk about your outfit? I hope you just said yes! I love your photos and skirt is brilliant! I'll sit here and look a litlle more! +1

Shoe said...

Your necklace and wellies are amazing! I died! (well, not literally...) Oh, how awkward am I in social situations too... I like having a glass so that I can keep drinking from it and have an excuse not to say anything! Hahaha

karin said...

Great pictures!! Love your thights and your rain boots!! Like you I love color!! Thanks for following my blog dear.I´m following you ofc. Keep that smile and keep in touch!! www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

Style, She Wrote said...

I am all for talking to strangers -- that's the best way to meet new and interesting people. And if they don't want to talk to you when you try to be friendly then move on -- it's their loss! xo style, she wrote

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love that cardigan!!! So very much!!! And that necklace. And I am yet to get some yellow tights, but it's so warm now, that I don't think I'll need them till the fall. Yellow/mustard tights are on my to buy list.

I am so socially awkward too. Not even me being awkward, it's more like, I'm so "me" that other people feel awkward. Know what I mean? But it's totally cool. I like being me and making feel uncomfortable because I secretly enjoy it. When I was in highschool I always felt intimidated by other people because I wasn't part of the cool crowd, but now I'm happy I wasn't because it makes me "me".

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

that is a cute scarf!! they sell that in Nepal??wow!My social skills is pretty reserved....i want to make friends if possible =)

Duke of Deli Meats said...

Hey, guuuurhl.

I'm just a randomer who's been lurking on your page recently and might I say you totally remind me of myself. 8D

Obnoxiously bright clothing? Check!
Not caring what others think? Check!
Being super cooly cool. Oh we got this. ;D

Normally I never bother to comment, but I felt inclined to today, so HERE I AAAAM. BE EXCITED FOR I HAVE ARRIVED. To give you advice? To relate to you? To just praise you? I suppose all of the above since I have nothing better to do since I'm done with my freshman year of college at the moment. -picks nose-

By the looks of the post I daresay that you are almost comfortable with your introverted self. Which is totally and completely fine. I think that being a little more outgoing once in a while and getting to know more people can truly help you out in the long wrong- good or bad.

Cliche? Yes. True? From my experience, TOTALLY.

The fact that you're introverted makes you very opposite of me, but I totally love that about you. It makes you more of an enigma, if you want to view it that way. Your colourful outfit choices just scream "YES, I AM FABULOUS. I AM WEIRD AND I AM OUTGOING. Now what may I do for you today? BRING IT OOOON!" So of course I would assume that you're very loud, proud, and out there, but apparently you're not that and that just makes you all the more interesting. It's like you're contradicting yourself...But in the coolest of ways. 8D

Like you step out of the box to make your fabulous outfits, I know you can do it to step outside of your supposedly social awkward box and get to know a new person!

Who knows? You just might learn a thing or two from them ;D

Peace out, girl and don't be afraid to drop me a line. =]

Stevia said...

to be honest you do look like a rainbow and I wonder if you have a pot of gold under your yellow stockings ;)

your incredible way to be funny and witty in words definitely shows the opposite!
i'm sure the 'monkeys' find you charming and awkwardly cute

my sister is the outgoing one so i just tag her along, nod every now and then, and I'm social
my tips? find a chatty person and make her your bff! (not very creative, I know, but that's how I roll ;p)


Marisa Noelle said...

I'm totally shy so it's always a challenge for me to be thrown into large groups of people I don't know....kinda feel like I'm being fed to a pack of wolves when I'm in situations like that..hehe.

Your outfit is awesome as usual. You are absolutely the best with color. I love every element from head to toe..gorgeous darling!!
xx Marisa

Oh and in response to your comment...I just use photoshop to edit my photos by using layers of color and tinkering with the percentages.

Louise said...

I should agree with you there, I am rather awkward myself too. But yes, I believe that if you want to chat with strangers you should be polite. I mean, when you first talk to them. Because it sometimes seem very weird of someone start talking out of the blue to you about how awesome unicorns are... yes? Weird, okay that worked. But I don't know... pick-up lines are always too lame for me. I always compliment them on their AMAZING [fill in piece of clothing/shoes/bag] they have. People seem to like it... although lots of them don't seem to cope with compliments in general... oh well.

Louise said...

I should agree with you there, I am rather awkward myself too. But yes, I believe that if you want to chat with strangers you should be polite. I mean, when you first talk to them. Because it sometimes seem very weird of someone start talking out of the blue to you about how awesome unicorns are... yes? Weird, okay that worked. But I don't know... pick-up lines are always too lame for me. I always compliment them on their AMAZING [fill in piece of clothing/shoes/bag] they have. People seem to like it... although lots of them don't seem to cope with compliments in general... oh well.

Hello Naka said...

ur so colourful ^^ u would brighten my day not make me feel uncomfortable :3

hmm i normally talk about the weather lmao XD

Ria said...

Love your outfit, it's so much fun! I have a hard time in big groups and meeting new people as well. Being a blogger and going to a lot of events is helping immensely though.

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I can't believe that you would be awkward. You are the cutest and I LOVE your blog. Your so fun and cheerful. I was painfully awkward, I still kind of am (especially at work which really sucks) but I took years of theater and improv which helped.

Claire said...

with all that color, there's no way you're that socially awkward! and looking at your pics and reading your writing, you're so eloquent and hilarious!

i'm an extrovert so small talk is fine as long as i'm in the mood. though i'm often NOT in the mood. i used to be better at it but as i've gotten older, sometimes i'm so over it and it just seems too draining.

Claire @

Sasha said...

Seriously, girl! Did I tell you that you are the only person I know that can successfully pull off so many colors, patterns, and accessories at once?! You are awesome!

blorange dice said...

oh my gosh!!! i am SO GLAD you came to my blog, cause now i'm at yours! and it's wonderful!!! you wear such crazy cool things. DEFINITELY following (: all these colors are amazing

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i would say i'm a 6...i do get really awkward with strangers and with people i just met but once i do get to know them, i am very, as in very talkative..haha. i really enjoy being alone too...i sometimes get easily irritated with a lot of people..haha.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
SALE at shopyapi.com

MellJBrown said...

I am the worst at small talk. You know someone will ask me all these questions and i'll respond quite well but I always forget to ask back. And by the time I realise it's too late!

like "what have you been up to?" "oh you know, the usual." "...." "...." "so uh change of topic!"

I like that you use lots of brackets because so do I. I mean technically it's poor English but I don't care! I like them!

I'd compliment your outfit but my net is being super slow so i can't actually see any of those photos. Yupp. I'm sure it's smashing.

-m xx

Anonymous said...

So, I think I'm in hella strong like with your blog. It's fun and quirky. And your outfit is dope. It inspires me to bring more colors into my wardrobe, lol. As far as your question goes, I would say I'm pretty social, but more so with people I know rather than with people I don't. It takes me a little time to start opening up to people. My tip (I'm sure you've heard this before, lol) is to introduce yourself and possibly point out something you like about them. Or if they have an iPod (or you see that they were listening to something) ask them what they were listening to. I have done this before and it really helps me to get to know more about a person. Hope this helps! :) Looking forward to more great posts from you!
--Ciara :)
(P.S.: Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3)

NikkiDee said...

hay there babybeans! as a fellow awkward person myself, my only advice it to just EMBRACE THE AWKWARD! call people babybeans! crash into people! draw unicorns! it's all fiiiine griilllll :p

also, i may have missed out somewhere but, you are going to universityy next year yes? if yes, where are you goin' ?! :]

okay, bye-bye cutie pie

Rand T said...

hahahha i love strangers!!and i want your cardiiiiiiii xx

*Glam Chameleon* said...

For a long long time I haven't seen happier and more vibrant look!:)) Your eclectic look made my day!:) And I adore each part of it,especially the sweater!:)
p.s. Follow u from today,and i hope u'll continue to make my day...;)

FashionJazz said...

I agree with you hun about the rainbow especially in winter :)

I meet strangers all the time doing what I do, it can be hard sometimes especially if you are having a bad day and dont want to talk to anyone but you have too... Happy Monday xxx

luC said...

Oh girl you ae definitely the best ! so nice !!!!! visit me too lucberry.blogspot.com !!!