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Sorry for the lack of updates. I know that this is a terribly unoriginal way to start a post, but I have a legitimate excuse: I’ve been too busy being social!* And then recovering from being social!**

*By “being social,” I mean to say that I’ve spent a Friday night NOT, you know, listening to Wiretap online (any other Canadian fans? I love Howard zomg) whilst doing collages and the likes. This is shocking. I am, like, Lindsay Lohan on the PARTAY scale. That’s right. Partayyyyy. ONE WHOLE FRIDAY OF THE ENTIRE 2011 SPENT WITH PEOPLE. The sad thing is, I'm totally not being sarcastic lolz #ihavenolife.
**Recovering isn't code for "hungover" or anything. It's simply stating that a whole week + 5 hours of social activities = phew! Lexy needs an entire weekend of hermit-esque living styles to balance out her extreme social life. lolz #ireallyhavenolife

Wore this outfit sometime last week for my school’s “Civvies” day, i.e. “Dress down day”. (Yes, we’re weirdos.) It was my last EVER “Civvies” day at school, which was kind of, well... whatever. I was going to muster something up about being a cold-hearted bitch, but then I realized that that would make me sound like 1) a cold-hearted bitch and 2) a total and utter freak. Thus, I will leave you with a “whatever.” Because, really, that’s what it was.
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It’s interesting to think about how my confidence regarding my style has increased. In grade 9, I was terribly awkward (nothing’s changed) and always wore eccentric colours (nothing's changed). However, I would go through the day with my head bent down and my feet tiptoeing about and becoming invisible and just kidding, I was never invisible. But still. You get it: scrawny child in bright colours mousing around, exuding awkward "I'mInBrightColoursAndLookDifferentFromYouAllButPleaseDontStareAtMeeeeIWantMyUniformBack."
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Now? Now, I’m pleased to say that I’m totally happy to be wearing my granny clothes at a brand-whoring school, stompin' down the hallways like I PWN it. That’s right. Pwn. It's a blast. I want a disco party.
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To me, that’s all that fashion/style is about. Having fun, wearing what you want, and wearing it like you’re a SUPERSTAR. It always strikes me as utterly ridiculous when people come up to me and they’re all like, “Woah! I could never pull that off.” Kids, YES YOU CAN. All you have to do is feel freaking awesome and BAMM! You will exude that freaking awesomeness. Am I calling myself awesome? Not going to lie, yeah, I’m reaching that level of awesomeness when I consider my own self awesome. Boo yeah for narcissism/ thinking I'm way cooler than I actually am.
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It’s actually fun to stand out in clothes at my school. Personally, I don’t understand why you WOULDN’T want to. Like, 1) you can be totally boring and blend in with the crew or 2) you can have fun and be different and WE ARE ALL SPECIAL SO WHY NOT SHOW IT WAHHH.
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It was fun wearing this outfit. I felt very 60s, like I should be protesting for girl power or something. KABAMPOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING. People have gotten used to be coloruful antics to the point where comments have just gotten really sarcastic/ completely subsided. Or not. But now, I just find them way hilarious, rather than awkward/what will this person think/ why hasn't anyone said anything/ i feel stupid/ that's rude. It's fantastic to reach a point of wearing clothes just for the sake of my own pleasure. Because, really, it's FUN. Anyways. I diverted. Here’s one of my favourite comments from the day: “You look like a cartoon version of yourself. Like Lexy, BUT LARGER THAN NICE.” It was neat. I really wanted to become a Power Puff girl at that very moment.
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(Blazer - Thrifted $1, Dress - Mum's (WTF, so random. She always wears black. She never wears this dress. Officially stealing it, boooom.), Tights - H&M, Shoes - Value Village $7, Bracelet - Gift, Ring - Thailand, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Earrings - Thrifted $1)

I will only wear my uniform approximately 11 more times in my entire life OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS. That sentence was intended to smoothy transition me from talking about clothing to me freaking out about how I'm almost graduated. Yup, that's right. It's so surreal that I could go on for six point two paragraphs about how surreal it is. But, you know, I won't. AHHHHH.

In conclusion,
1) Stay beautiful and unique and funky fresh
2) I'm almost done school and let's freak out together, boo yeahhhh.
(3) this is going in brackets because I talk too much about the weather. But weather, if you're reading this, PLEASEEEE, anything besides 16 days of grey clouds/rain with one extremely hot and humid day intertwined would be appreciated. Just saying. xoxo)

How has your style/ style confidence/ confidence evolved?
(aw yeah, check out that evolution of thought.)

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Have a beyond superb week, my pretties!


Sarah said...

Bright, eclectic, and wonderful as always. Your smooooth transitions astounded me, lemme tell you. Hah. I'm glad to hear you're rockin' the amazing clothes between the brand whores--it makes your clothes that much cooler.

My style has evolved because things never used to fit so I wore all black and men's clothes through part of high school. And then I lost some weight and decided I was gonna wear whatever the heck I want to. So far, so good.

Dominique B. said...

i love all the photos! and the colors in this outfit scream FUN FUN FUN! so cute!!


Eli said...

the only way to march is by the beat of your own drum, you do it well!

Stacey Kay said...

I love this! You are so original, I adore your style.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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Krystel Beltran said...

I enjoy being able to be picked out from a crowd. To me, it brings sort of an adrenaline rush and it puts me on this giddy, laugh-at-everything-like-crazy mood. I used to dress like a rainbow took a tumble on me, and I seriously miss the days where I couldn't exit the house with at least 5 different shades of color on. Perhaps, I will bring back the color into my life because, as I've learned, one can NEVER have to much color.

Now that I've gotten that out, I would like to say a few humbling words from one awkward socializer to another: You are amazing. Your thoughts (not like I read your mind)and style make me smile every day. Even when you don't post, I am still smiling and thinking bout an outfit of yours. :)

Lyosha said...

I love your post! You look so shiny and sweet! You remind me of pie, the emotions when I see pie are pretty much the same with what I feel when see you here in this post. (is it quirky comment? ohhh, my be.)
Uniform is disgusting! I'm very happy you are graduating! Wait a little while and you'll feel the truly awesome air - the air of freedom! (I graduated from the University last Friday so I'm telling the truth).
Inside and Outside Blog

the fashion turd said...

Congratulations on nearly being a non-school-frequenter! through my 'yoof' i went from being a chav to a grungey type to skater girl to a crusty and finally (thank the lord) into what you see before you today!! ta-daaaaaaa....keep on being brilliant x

Ali said...

that dress is so cute!! I love the tights and shoes too. I guess my style has evolved in that I used to live in a country town and ANYTHING other than jeans and a hoodie was considered 'out there'. so I was a lot more careful there with what I wore and who was going to see me and what they might say. now I try to dress like 'me' every day. like if someone were to meet me for the first time or if someone wanted to take my photo, I don't want to be thinking 'I wish I wasn't wearing this!'.

English Rose ♥ said...

Lexy!!!! You little ray of fashionable sunshine!

I've missed you and your lovely blog darling, how have you been?

If you haven't already, check out my new bi-annual online fashion magazine and spread the word:


Hope you're staying safe and chic dearest!

English Rose x


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I love you. x hivenn

Nieke said...

You look so HAPPY! I love your dress, the colors are beautiful and the combination is once again amazing!

Hanna said...

you always make me feel so happy! that dress is oh so awesome!! and I loveeee your hair this way!:)

Bonnie said...

If we were to get together in person, I think the world would explode from our awesomeness. Seriously. We are like the same person. My big Friday nights out includes Zumba at a dance studio. ROCK ON.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lalli Carvalho said...

You always take great shots and his looks are the most stylish.
XOXO, baby

sacramento said...

You are, and look so lovely.
Enjoy your freedom.

Anna said...

I honestly really wish I could dress like you, but I come from a small town, so unless I want to be shunned and ignored, I have to dress moderately average.
Once I get a job and go to college, I really can't wait to change up my style-make it more unique and personal. Eventually.

Angelica Ng said...

Wow, it's hard to imagine you being anything else but confident and quirky. I'm so glad that you love yourself now and that you rock your look at school. Go and show them! I do feel as if I've gotten more confident as I age and grow out of awkward phases.


Style Porn said...

The best thing about getting older is caring less and less about what lame people think. Looks like you've already figured that out at your young age, so props!

suki pooki said...

Right now I'd give you my left arm for that gorgeous peacock patterned blazer, you want more? I'll even give you half my hair for it and shave off my eyebrows....well okay I take the offer back hahahaha but that is one GORGEOUS blazer you have, now I need to go thrift shopping because I believe that somewhere somehow something like that will be there for me too! * it better be!!!* Oh that sucks you don't get to eat seafood easily, though we must admit, its goooood when you do right?! =D Im grateful that Im not allergic to anything but my daddi doesn't eat beef so we barely ate any of that when I was younger! (not that I love it or anything but you know the feeling that you wanna eat it because you never get to? yeahhhh hahaha)

Chelsea Lane said...

PLEEEASE come up to seattle and model for me in a shoooot! you are waaaaaaay too cute! loving the double belts.


LyddieGal said...

I hate it when people say "I could never pull that off" it's such a bs comment. You could wear it, but you are too afraid of what people might think of you and in fact, your probably a little frightened of me right now.

Ah well, enjoy your lasts days of high school!

!♥ m i m i said...

You're fabulous Lexy!

Dude, I know what you mean. Last year in grade 11, I felt a little out of it. I had this revelation that even though I enjoyed wearing strange, "quirky", eccentric outfits, I didn't enjoy the stares and the "Woah" comments. But you know what? I don't care anymore. I think I've actually toned it down a bit. I don't wear as many colours as you, but I used to. And also I don't think my outfits are that out of place anymore. I see a lot of fashion blogs that have pics of almost the exact same things: combat boots, maxi skirts, denims, fringe, messy hair, red lippy, cateye sunnies, just the whole "alternative" "indie" look. The thing is, I like that look. I stick to wearing what I like. Sometimes my likes change. But for now, I'll wear my combat boots with pride!

OHHHH and in Grade 10, I started thrifting for the first time. THAT'S how I started to view clothing differently. I began to realize that I could wear anything I wanted.

Anyway, lol @ brandwhores. LOL. LOL. LOL @ them and then dance away in our combat boots. (Or loafers, in your case :D)

ronan said...

wow haha i love your quirky style! :D especially loving your tights and dress! you've got a new follower!
check my blog out too? :) ronan x


Shoe said...

a) You look gorgeous.

b) I totally agree about confidence... I go shopping with friends sometimes and they point to stuff and say, that's too loud, I could never wear that, when really, anybody could! On the opposite end of the scale, I also hate it when people say things like: "she really shouldn't wear those jeans for her shape" and so on... fashion is how you express yourself and who are we to judge that?!

Rock on!

April said...

I TOTALLY AGREE. I like wearing crazy shit because it's fun! And at this point, I think it's weird when people aren't staring at me when I walk around campus or down the street. I love wearing ridiculous colors and patterns and accessories. Life is too short to wear boring clothes!


A said...

your confidence and happiness is what makes you such a great blogger! my confidence has increased a lot, I've definitely been able to come into my own and just be happy with whatever i wear because i like it!

sartorial diary said...

i officially LOVE you(don't get creeped out just yet!).
i love how confident you are(and how extremely funny you are in your writing!)
i'm all for bursts of colours myself, so naturally i love your outfit!
best of luck for your graduation!


jess said...

You are so postive. I love the dress.

Sasha said...

You are an explosion! Of happiness, color, and personality! Wow!

pixelhazard said...

ooo purty in pink! Personal style is so fab isn't it?

Bright Green Laces

Rand T said...

OMG YOU AMAZING THINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! love the blazer xxxxxxx

Cher A. said...

you're totally adorable!! you're the epitome of colors, quirkiness and fun! haha. thanks for droppin' by my blog dear. stay cute! :))


fashioneggpplant said...

just came across your blog, it's such a happy blog :) love your dress too, it has a mod feel to it

*Glam Chameleon* said...

As I already told u- u brighten up my day with your outfits!!! And u did it again!:)) Bravo my girl!!!!;)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh the colors of that dress are amazing, so so bright and i love the neon effect. so amazing with the background, the trees look insane. oh and i want that blazer, please send it over to me, i am sure it will fit into my mailbox. i know how it is like to search for your fashion identity! but girl, you have a very distinctive one so please don't change that!!! be yourself, that is so important in fashion

Ashley said...

I love, love, love your dress, and you look so cute in all of those pics!

I'm finally able to post again and I remebered your sweet comment on my blog from a while back, and I just had to come back and check out your blog in more depth. Man, it does not disappoint; I love it! xx

Katheyn Volikos said...

loved it

love, katheryn

Marisa Noelle said...

Ah, the pale blue of the blazer and sherbety pink of your dress are well, awesome together. You do have the best color sense ever...I know, I say that a lot, but it's oh so true:) Congrats on graduating!!

Style, She Wrote said...

Another fabulous outfit, love. I'd like to think my style has matured as I have and that I've become less focused on what others are wearing and just try to dress for my shape. xo style, she wrote

Dane said...

Oh my god you are adorable. Nice blog!


t said...

Cute look!


The Queen of Hearts said...

Your blog is incredible. It's not some boring shrine to your ego and lack of personal style but rather a fun explosion of ideas, thoughts and images.


Claire said...

seriously, Lexy, you are awesome! your confidence is contagious and i'm so glad you're able to be yourself at your high school. HS can be tough so the fact that you have found yourself at such a young age is just a testament to how awesome you are!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! it's so cool. and great with that floral blazer. your outfits always make me happy.

BTW, since blogging i think i've gained a new confidence. i've started dressing more creatively and i love it!


Be said...

Well to answer your question I'd say my style is grungy, so I'm not reall self concious there. About my confidence it's boosted pretty well. I'm so happy.

It's good to know that you've stepped out of your confort zone and started being social. As long as you don't pass over, dead, then I'd say it's gone pretty good.

Another thing, I'd never think of you as a hermit. You seem so confident over Blogger, I would have imagined you as the Clown of the school or whatever. But then again things are easier online...

AND.... I love your outfit. We have "Civvies" days at my school too, except we call them "Mufti" days. Anywho, back to your outfit, it's so carefree and bright and cheery. It's lovely :D

Audrey Allure said...

Lexy, you are definitely awesome! I love your outfit, and that ring :)

My confidence has also increased over the years :)

Stef / Diversions said...

Love those seemed tights and cute shoes :)

At school I was never plugged into "what's in" but I think the reason I was ridiculed for my looks was not the clothes but my attitude. I was self concsious but also quite aggressive - in anticipation of the daily barrage of insults I got in a habit of getting in there first. Pretty poisonous by the time I left and a litte shell shocked too.

I got a fresh start and once I felt more at home in my skin I also felt more at home in my clothes.

I think I am a lot better at mixing colours these days :)

Flow Disruption said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment a little while back! I'm just getting back into blogging.

Your style is freakin' awesome! The colours are awesome and the combinations are brilliant. I'm definitely a fan and now following. :)

luC said...

oh girlI love you aou are so nice !!!! perfect blog too ! I follow you !

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