and sunday comes afterwards

Irrelevant story time. Ready folks? Of course you are! You're always ready for my irrelevant stories. (In my books, irrelevant is very synonymous with it's-okay-you-can-continue-skipping-ahead-and-I-won't-be-offended. Just saying.) My bed is situated high - like a bunk bed, but without the bottom bunk. Yup, it's trippy. So, being the brilliant genius that I am (duh), I place my alarm clock way in the other side of the room. What does this mean? Well, thank you for showing interest in my irrelevant story. It means that when I hear beep beep beep (i.e. my alarm clock), I am forced to jump of my bed - risking serious injuries or possible mutations to the body- and sprint at cheetah-esque speeds to stop this irritable noise, whilst waking up. Fool proof genius plan?

WRONG. Don't worry. I was like you. Thinking to myself, "Wow, Lexy. You're so brilliant. All these kids constantly pressing that darn "snooze" button. Sleeping in. But YOU don't conform to that. It's like BAM. Beep beep beep. You're up." But, you know. Life doesn't go as planned. And, consequently, I end up popping back up into my bed, constantly repeating the whole plausible injury thing. Or, you know, just sleeping on the floor curled into the freezing cement floor with my rat. (*I don't actually have a cement floor. Or a rat.)

Um. This is literally the worst story ever. So if you read all that, just say "rats rock" or something in your comment. Because, you know, if rats rock then YOU ROCK TOO. Anyways, the moral of the story is... I set my alarm for 9:00 AM-ish on Sunday. But I woke up BEFORE then. I.e. Not by alarm, but by SUNSHINE. This is a sign for a great day.

Therefore, if you don't risk plausible injuries or sleeping with rats whilst waking up (i.e. you wake up before the alarm), then it will be a GREAT day.

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I wore an easy outfit today. Aw, look at me all grown' up. Snipping scissors and hoisted dresses and pinned hems used to be my long skirts' best friend. But not any more. I love them for who they are! Long! Babezzz.
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I went on a rather lengthy bike ride whilst in the skirt. It kept grazing my ankle. Consequently, this lead to multiple - yes, multiple - "ZOMG MY SKIRT IS FALLING DOWN AH AH AH." Literally, would screech my bike. Spazz in the biggest way possible, like I was swatting imaginary swarms of bees attacking my ankles. And then realizing that, hey, that's what a long skirt does! Um, obviously I remained, you know, chill and nonchalant during the duration of these, ahem, momentary spazzims.
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Below is the most AMAZING BELT EVER. I bought in Nepal. You guys know how I'm really cheap? Yup. Of course you do. Well, for some reason, my cheapness amplified whilst in Nepal. The guy gave the price for this belt - it translated to be something like $15. I said no. The guy started following me. It's so annoying when they do it, but I'm secretly super grateful! Thank you, my new friend! Your persistence was both annoying and successful, leaving us both with smiles on our faces. Win.
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Sister: "Um, why do you have a ribbon on your foot?" I really couldn't answer that. Maybe because I'm a gift to the world? (lolz, I kidz.)
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Anyways, I certainly treated this Sunday - er, entire weekend - like the summer time. Waking up to sunshine. Going on long bike rides. Drawing and painting. Not doing any work. Epitome of a solid LAZY DAY. (The only unfortunate side effect to this lifestyle is, um, when you have work! Gah.)
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(Skirt - Vintage $5, Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $5, Belt - Nepal, Shoes - Aldo, Jewelry - Assorted, Hat F21)

So, I don't know about you guys... but SUMMER PLEASE COME SOONER. I have zero motivation. I can't seem to work in class. I can't seem to work outside of class. Whenever I'm in class, I say, "Oh, I'll do my work outside of class." Whenever I'm outside of class, I say, "Oh, I'll do my work in class." Booger. Everything I'm doing right now JUST SEEMS SO IRRELEVANT. I'm literally accidentally rolling my eyes to everything. It's a mad workout.

LEXY PULL THROUGH. STOP BLOGGING AND OPEN YOUR BOOKS. MAKE YOURSELF SEE THE IMPORTANCE IN LOGARITHMS BECAUSE IT IS IM.. IM... IMPORT- ah. I can't do this. I am taking a shower and eating some sympathy chocolate and then studying for my stupid APExamThatIShouldHaveNeverSignedUpForButICantGetADamnRefundPoo.

How do you spend your "lazy days"?
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^ Daisy is looking dirty. Did you see her in the picture above this one? It's like a WHERE IS WALDO. Yup. Way cool.


Violet said...

haha i used to place my alarm clock across the room to. i thought of it as conditioning lol. but now its besides my bed and i wouldnt have it any other way

love all of the accessories and the colors of the skirt is so pretty. im also digging the shape of those sunnies

Vi from Cali

Marisa Noelle said...

I just saw your photo pop up on my blog feed and got totally excited...this is one of my favorite color combos!! The outfit is amazing and stunning from head to toe. Definitely inspiring:)

As for my lazy days...I spend them watching reruns of Mad Men, playing piano and taking walks in the park.

Have a good night darling! xx Marisa

Sarah said...

First of all, rats do actually rock. I used to have some as pets. (:

In other news, I LOVE the colors you have going on. The whole look is so fun and I'm glad your skirt could be itself. ALSO, that belt is amazing and I'm glad you ended up with it 'cause now I got to see it. The detailing is GORGEOUS. I like capital letter words, apparently. Haha.

And, in a final statement, I do not have free time, so... I don't do things during it.

theTrendyDwarf said...

I would die for a belt like yours. I would probably not even care if it were for women. I would still wear it because it's just that cool! I love how your bracelets complement your belt. I also love the bright red hat. Definitely BOLD and DARING.
Check out my trendy blog!

Ally said...

Not a fan of them but ..rats rock. haha
I love the skirt it compliments you so well!
and the irrelevant stories are funny and sweet. I enjoy them very much.

xo Ally


Ally said...

oooppspss PS in my free time I try to get my house my wardrobe, pretty much everything the way i want it to be. There are always so many jobs to do to make everything nice again. I try to make it all pretty. Im getting there. x

Savannah Burton said...

I do the exact same thing but like you, I end up back in bed anyhow! I'm feeling the exact same way! I've never been so ready for summer! I refuse to work any longer! STRIKE! It is far too close to the end of the school year to do work!!! Rats rock Lexy :)


by the way, where are you going to college?? Or are you?

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

boo...i can't see all your photos. the photos stopped loading on my end...buhu. anyway, i know they're fab with your amazing colors and prints!

hmmmm, how do i spend my lazy days? well, i wake up late...watch TV while surfing the next, have lunch then have a snack after 2 hrs..while watching TV..haha. then surf the net...then eat dinner. watch TV...surf the net...then have midnight snacks. LOL.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
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Lydia said...

I love the texture of your skirt! And that belt is amazing.

sojourned in style said...

as much as I hate waking up 10 min. before my alarm goes off if I continue right on snoozing i oversleep and the day is ruined! so wake up I will! pretty, bright, major use of colour. that teal skirt is amazing, the colour is so rich and pleats of course! incredible belt and piled on accessories.

LyddieGal said...

amazing color mix! and daisy is so cute! kisses!

Chic on the Cheap

color shows said...

Your skirt is awesome and that belt is AMAZING.

Missy Daisy said...

Love your skirt and the belt is just amazing!


suki pooki said...

Rats rock! lol I love the incredible energy that bursts from your outfits! Awesome! As for the alarm story, yeahh I've tried doing that true but in time I become immune to the sound of the alarm and I sleep right through it, meaning that my sis has to get up to shut off MY alarm, and thus I am late for whatever I was late for! Your dog is super cute and so are you! I love your leopard flats! Been hunting for a comfy pair myself!

Sasssquatch said...

what an incredibly adorable post!!

I'm so excited that you are graduating this month too!

I cant wait for that diploma's in my handssss!!!

I love this whole outfit big hats are essential for summer

Sasha said...

YOu are so bright! It's unbelievable how you successfuly pull off so many different colors! A person-feast! You are adorable!

Chelle Lynn said...

1. I almost always wake up with the sun. This can be a good and a bad thing.

2. Love the skirt. Actually kind of jealous. Really jealous.

3. On lazy days, I take the husband and go sit under a tree in a park. We are super interesting and lead very exciting lives.

sacramento said...

Loving the whole ensemble, but the belt is a love at first sight, and I want it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

maphi said...

the skirt , the belt , the shoes :O
ehhhhhhhh i want to steal everything from you looooool you look stunning xoxo

Roma said...

haha i can be really irrelevant! like a college history professor, my bizarre tangents of things i'm not even sure happened are legandary. Anywho, I like your prada vibes hat and your whole bollywood style skirt. and your tom ford-esque glasses. YUM

Ali said...

PUPPY!!! I love dogs.
rats don't rock, what are you thinking?!
that belt is awesome.

Jen said...

haha rats rock.
Love this outfit!! Lazy days are the best!! Except when you have to do homework... than they are not the best... man I just wish it was summer already.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

wow, i totally love your top--would seriously wear that. and all the accessories are really great here too. you are like the color goddess!

rats rock! :)

The Cat Hag said...

Oh Lexy, you are definitely a gift to my world!!

Haha Daisy is such a cutie, the lasy photo reminds me of my cat who is forever trying to eat my hair! 0.0

You are looking fanta-bulous!!!! Fantastic and Fabulous at the same time!

I really love the skirt, and your bright colors and that cute top, and your smile and your ribbon around your ankle...


The Cat Hag

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I think this is my favourite outfit of yours so far. Or one of my favourites. You look so summery, and OMG, YES!! Warm weather, THANK YOU CANADA!!! FINALLY!!!!
You look amazing.

I especially love that skirt, it's so pretty, and such an amazing length and colour!

Shelby said...

i wish we could go thrift store shopping together so you could impart some of your expert knowledge on me. like seriously - thrifting queen.

Alex said...

wow. I honestly think I love every outfit of yours more and more! this one has the most perfect color combinations. mustard! red! turquoise! that skirt and belt were literally made to be worn together. and those sunglasses are precious as hell! and just a word of warning. I am soooooo stealing that bow around the ankle thing. I was like, "what?! is that... did she... (then I read a little more) oh, she did put a bow on her ankle!" and I fell in love with the idea :) I read the story about the alarm clock and I am completely picking up what you were putting down. I have seven of them (5 are on my phone and 2 actual alarm clocks) and I put them as far away as possible yet I still wake up hours later and don't remember getting up to turn them all off. heeeeeeeeeee. I like sleepin!

the nyanzi report said...

absolutely beautiful and gorgeous!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

i love tht belt a lot, can you haggle in Nepal? thts very interesting to go and shop there!so do you actually wake up on your alarm?i agree tht was a genius idea....lets exchange mother's day post, i did her wedding 29 yrs ago=) u hv a lovely drawing for your mom....i love to post your spring outfit soon, mid of next week=) for your age, i recommend you reading Violet series by Melissa walker, 3 books, you hv to start how she was discovered (Violet on the Runway) to be a model...its very motivating, i learned a lot in fashion world!

Lyosha said...

OMG! you look stunning! I'm a big fan of bracelets and skirt! and it looks like you are real-deal hat queen!

Inside and Ouside blog

Panda said...

The only solution is the Hugh Grant one in Four Weddings and a Funeral. It make a nice decoration in your bedroom wich can maybe make you forget how much this solution is painfull

junwei said...

Love the pictures! Nice outfit


Bonnie said...

I think you are the most adorable person ever. These pictures confirm that. You're super cute, and I am uber jealous of your fashion. I would love to be able to pull off these looks as well as you, but I think it would appear so unnatural on me.
I constantly put off school work because I am blogging. Blogging is actually my first priority. I want to make a career out of blogging, so I feel okay in making it number one.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hello Naka said...

the lipstick looks great on u! and i love the hat and how it goes with it :3 awh daisy is a cutie too :3

Style, She Wrote said...

Again, another awesome outfit. Love the floral/bead/brights combo. It's amazing and artful. And, man, that morning dive off your bed sounds dangerous! I'm accident prone -- most recent injury, being burnt by the toaster -- so I see the peril in your bed situation! (And possibly my new shoes? This may be something to consider further.) Anyway, have a great weekend. xo style, she wrote

Claire said...

seriously you mix colors like no one i've seen. this is so fabulous! first of all that skirt is lovely, with the pleats and that belt is the perfect addition. your top is sunny and i love love the red hat (and lipstick too - what color is it?) the bow looks cute. funny that your sister said that!

you are a little crazy though for sleeping on such a high bed. i woulda thought that was a great idea though too (alarm clock on the other side). anyway, rats rock!


oomph. said...

i tried the whole place-the-alarm-on-the-other-side-of-the-room thing. also bought one of those round, old-fashioned clocks with the actual ringy-dingy bells. yeah...both rang so loud and so long, that eventually someone else would turn them off for fear of waking up the neighbors. and where does that leave me?? late. again.

love, love this outfit. i need a pleated midi like this!