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Here's what a wore to "We Day." For you non-Canadian/non-Ontarian/non-teenagerian/non-tree-huggerian students (basically the majority of you all), it's basically a giant inspirational concert run by Free the Children. I went last year as well and Justin Bieber AND the Jonas Brothers were there! Like, OMG, I knowzzz! So I think that says a lot about how it's, like, so, like KEWL. No, I'm totally kidding (about the sarcasm part). It's a really fantastic event that's actually very fun and inspiring, albeit the crowds of screaming children.

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The muted tones are reminiscent of my "go neutral or go home!" days via the eighth grade. (True story: I used to only by shades of brown as they "always went together" and I swore that, because of this, I would be able to wear them FOREVER.)
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Denim Shirt - Mum, Pants - Value Village $4, Hat - Value Village $3, Shoes - Vintage $34, Socks - AEO)

This, coupled with basically everything that's going through my mental life right now, is sort of tearing my heart apart a little. I'll have you all know that there are two things in the world that I genuinely LOVE; the things that make that spot beyond my heart hurt; the things that make me want to cry a little thinking about it; the things that make me happy, just plain and simple, happy. Those two things are: fashion and saving the world.

Yeah. I know. How do I manage to love two things that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum?! Fashion (stereotypically) reads glamorous, frivolity, arrogance. Saving the world reads, well, the opposite.


All my life, I've been dreaming fashion. The world of creation is the world that I know; that I love; that I need. I can't imagine NOT creating. NOT pursuing my life long dream. But I know that - despite how much I absolutely believe in and adore and love the world of fashion - the back of my mind will question, Fashion?! Sometimes I'm embarrassed about my dream. I believe in it. Not everyone does. And sometimes I think, "Well, hey, I have a hell of a lot of other interests. What am I doing in fashion?!"

But I know that if I DON'T at least give it a try, I WILL regret it forever. I know that.

The other side of the spectrum is Saving the World. I love to travel. I love cultures. I love helping. I love it. I think about this whole other world beyond the Western Hemisphere - one that I barely know; one that I've read about it magazines. I've been in these worlds - but not enough. A few weeks is NOTHING compared to a full lifetime. I want to change it. I want to save it. I want to help people. It's a rewarding feeling. It makes me happy. I think about the children's faces; they need so little to be so happy. I want to help them be happy. If my dreams can come true, why can't theirs? They deserve to have their dreams come true.

"Follow your heart" is probably the most cliched and valid response to this. But what if my heart is in two places?

My heart tears a little bit when I think about the future. Yet, I know that I'm extremely LUCKY to be in this conflicted position. Some people don't know what they're passionate about and I'm lucky to have two things that I absolutely, positively love. And, even more so, I'm lucky to have the opportunity to channel my love and follow my dreams.

"They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
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Sorry, I sense that my posts are getting more "let's all share our feelings and bake a cake with rainbow and smiles and every one would it eat and just be happy." Sorry. I just have a lot of feelings...

Go home, Lexy. Go home.

Share with me anything that relates to anything. Anything. Personal conflicts, hyenas, Disney, dreams... ARE YOU A DREAMER? Elaborate. Essay question. 20 awesome points. Go.


Ali said...

You can save the world and love fashion!.. do everything organic? :)

I love your yellow blazer, it's exciting, as is your awesome gold necklace. <3

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I love it!


Ali said...

AWEEEE I'm so glad someone else shares the aasdkjakdhasd on shoes with me. YOU UNDERSTAND, my fair furried friend. You understand indeed. <3

Charmalade said...

I dig your style, too! It's pretty snazzy in itself, and I think it's snazzy that you used that word snazzy. This post is also a win because you made a John Lennon reference on his birthday (I've been on a major Beatles kick lately) and the Mean Girls reference. :)

I sometimes make fun of myself and struggle with loving fashion without seeming too superficial, which it inherently is perceived as. It's only been a relatively recent passion of mine, too, but it's something I love being a part of personally.

I also love Disney. Especially Beauty and the Beast, which is being reissued now for its anniversary. LOVE.

Oh, and I was both terrified and flattered at your comment. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY LIPSTICK. And thank you.

Toast with Charmalade

Joanne Faith said...

I don't think you have to choose at all!

And on that note... I can't imagine a 'neutral colors only' Lexy!


Charlotte. said...

eeep love the john lennon quote!

TheMadTwins said...

wow, I love what you wearing, and the blazer is certainly one of my favorites! Amazing shooes as wel ^__^ they look wonderful and special :)

xxx Loves London

βe said...

why dont you just wear really great clothes and fashionise (is that even a word?) yourself while going to pertitions! An it's so good that your pastionate about saving the world, just dont chain yourself to trees, spiders live in them and it'll most likely ruin your good clothes:D

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

You look incredible!!!! OK, so like amazing pants, seriously. I want them. Send them over.
Sharing time? Ummm, non-existant love life. Sucks.

Jessica said...

awww what an inspirational writing. i know you can do both of them xD
anw, loving the shoes!!

!♥ m i m i said...

Follow both your dreams
you gorgeous girl you


ps. i WISH i went >.< i dunno when it's gonna be here in vancouver tho... i dunno anything anymore... always focused on studying bio + chem now... stupid homework


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sweet said...

Oh Lexy...no need in choosing...you can do everything....just believe in yourself my dear!!!

love your shoes...and your jacket too...

stay lovely and awesome as you are...


Xu Box said...

Hey, this was like my last post. I've been an activist for a long time now and I find that with every big wish to make the world a happy place, it starts with a simple and small good deed. And just because you love fashion, doesn't mean you can't incorporate it into humanitarianism. Start researching fashion companies with corporate responsibility initiatives. The most obvious ones are American Apparel and Tom Shoes and they are definitely both hip and socially conscious. Anyway, you just need to look into industries like that. I wish you the best of luck on being stylish and saving the world.

LyddieGal said...

I hope you can find away to combine your two passions and do something really great.

This world needs saving, and the people in it need saving from ugly clothes.

Hope you had a great time this weekend!

Chic on the Cheap

dreamy princess said...

That are the coolest dream of a teenager: FASHION and SAVE THE WORLD. It's just like The Powerpuff Girls wearing runway outfits!((:
Hope your dream will come true. I believe that you could reach them!;D

Pooh and Piglet in my photos are from my folder. I used it as background. xp They're indeed CUTE!

P.S: I love your pink hat!(:
And about my dream, maybe you've already know: PARIS!!

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Savannah Burton said...

All I know is that someday you will be the most stylish planet saver in the universe! I am going to follow you! your blog is a breath of fresh air and iI adore your prints! We have a lot in common. Thanks for the comment! Xxx -savy

April said...

I totally know what you mean - but it's only because people don't give enough credit to the fashion industry. Yeah, there's all this glamour and if you're in the fashion world, you're really IN the fashion world (at least I think so), but it's still awesome and most of the people in it are really amazing, intelligent people and you are totally going to be one of them!


Amalia Mas'ad said...

Loveee the blazer

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Lexy YES!! I am SUCH a dreamer!! :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i would love to go to an event that incorporated fashion and saving the world!

you look great luv!


Anisa said...

You have such great aspirations, I envy it! You're so full of passion and determination; you're destined for greatness! I hope you get to fulfill everything you want to fulfill in your life, I can't wait to see what you're going to do in the future :)

I'm definitely a dreamer as well and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life AHHH! I'm only a first year in college yet it seems like EVERYONE around me knows pretty much what they want to do...for the rest of their lives. Hmmm...I'm just a late bloomer I suppose because I simply want to do everything, but nothing in particular. A girl can dream can't she?

And no, I wish it was his actual tumblr, I think I would just DIE! Ahhh, the man is just soooo ideal, mmm ;)

I just typed you a novel, no need to thanks, this ones on me AHAHA sorry I'm majorly sleep deprived, midterms are this week BLEH!

You look fantastic as alwaysss!

Nav said...

love your shoes!



Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Love that outfit!!!
I think it's so cool that you're into BOTH fashion and saving the world. There are tons of people who don't give a hoot about what they wear and just want to help others, and there are tons of people who don't care that 5 baby chinchillas had to die for their jacket. It's nice to have a happy medium!!!!
Love your blog!!! Following you now!!
---- Jen

Violet said...

aww im sorry to hear you are so torn between the two. you can always do something like "Toms Shoes" A lot of women in fashion are heavily invovled in saving the world themselves

Vi from Cali

Clare said...

I love how you have so much color in your outfit!! So pretty!

Britty said...

you know what like the most about your style is that isnt trendy! and thats what i like about it!! it's yourself and unique! i really like your those pants their soo cute and blazer awesome! i'm in school for fashion and i hope i do well! haha lucky to you girly

Audrey Allure said...

Love your outfit, your pants are just so cool!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i admire you for being so young and knowing what you're passionate about...i grew up loving fashion too....and always did my DIYs and spent lots of time reading fashion magazine..and absorbing everything..but i let 'so-called' reality get to me and pursued another college course that i wasn't passionate about (computer engg)...and now i'm back to square one..and i wish i could have stuck to my dreams...and got the proper education for it...

good luck! i'm sure you'll do better than me!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

minnja said...

Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



sweet said...

hey lexie love...

dropping by to say that I am doing a Forever21 giveaway, you might want to check it out and join...


Victoria said...

Soo cool ! Love it :P

sojourned in style said...

beautiufl post!!!
I know its hard sometimes to accept the things you love in face of inevitable oppostion. Ive seen a whole new wonderfully generous and compassionate side to you :)


CDG said...

I love you. (Oh sorry, creepy?)I really, really like you :) Yeah, people think it's a joke when I say my main passion in life is fashion but I just feel sorry for them since they haven't discovered how great it truly is. I think there is definitely a way you can go into fashion and save the world at the same time. Now go take risks! Start a revolution! And if you fail (unlikely because you actually have passion and talent and passion+talent=Success!) at least you can say you had the guts to try and won't forever regret it. Thats more than most people can say.
P.s. I better have gotten 20 awesome points!

Amber Rose said...

I want to be penpals!

olivias-pizzaz said...

your pants!!!! I have been dying for some patterened pants! Omg they are one of a kind