breathe and just let go

Ah, see that beautiful sunshine? Yeah? It's not here anymore. In fact, if you want to imagine the weather, look at these pictures and then imagine the opposite. That's about a taste of the reality around here. Not that I'm bitter. Really, I'm not. The weather suits the "blah" of October and the "boo" of Halloween rather well. Which, come to think of it, I don't know what I'm going to dress up as yet. AH I'M STRESSIN'. (i.e. IDEAS?!)

I'm a senior in high school, so I think that that can be accounted for melo-dramatic muses with nostalgia as a running theme? Right? Okay, now that I've cleared the air, I can continue with my melo-dramatic muses with nostalgia as a running theme. (And I can always pull out the, "But I'm a senioooooorrrr"*!)
*Student, not citizen.

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Currently, life is insanity. Do you know that feeling when you are "here," but you don't really feel "here"? I feel like my mind and my body and my heart are no longer coherent and I've pinched myself way too many times that I might be abusing my own self.
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Yesterday we had our first HIGH SCHOOL DANCE OF THE YEAR. Oh my gawd, like, I know, like, yeah, like like like. Fun Fact: I was totally co-head of Social/ Dance Committee in grade 8. An obvious reasoning for my dancing attributes. Another Fun Fact: after helping to set up, I may or may not have spent a good portion of the hours leading up to the dance dancing on the dance floor. And I may or may not have been by myself. Hey! Something about strobe lights AND laser lights AND fog machines (triple whammy, baby!) that just peaks to my Thriller-esque dance skills. Envy? Duh.
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It's actually really beautiful. The power of music, that is. Something about a common beat that gets people jumping in unison. It's really bizarre. How something so simple puts everyone on the same page, if only for a few minutes, bopping up and down to the same beat, breathing the same atmosphere, and hearing the same things. It's fabulous... My ears are literally still ringing from the loud music, perhaps accountable for my abstract musings of life.
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And here is my last sewing project. "Last" may imply that it was recent, but rest assured that time still is not on my side and my last sewing project was, in fact, from WAY back in summer.
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Pieces of the original origins of the outfits. (Say that sucker three times fast! Probably not that hard. But then again, it might be one of those "it's harder than it looks!" type of things so *insert mysterious ooooooh*)
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I've been telling myself just to breathe and enjoy the moments. And I have been. Really. I know that my posts are becoming increasingly laced with a "dear diary" quality, but I guess that's just what's up in my life and you are all just precious enough creatures to share things with. Aw, shucks? I know!
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(Jacket - Value Village $8, Yellow Shirt - Value Village $4, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - Hong Kong, Shoes - Value Village, Headband - Value Village)

I hope the sun's shining wherever you are. And the birds are chirping. And the clouds are sprinkling doses of sparkles and Kit Kats. And the baby sun is smiling at you (WOW, I NEVER REALIZED HOW CREEPY THAT THING IS). And you're smiling too.

I have two more weeks of field hockey season and then I'm done with sports teams, forever. (Because, let's face it, high school badminton is not a team. Or a sport, for that matter.) Kind of crazy that, one day, I'll be telling my children about these moments; "You know, when I was in high school, I used to play field hockey really intensely! Can you believe that?! Probably not because I'm obese as I eat too much and never work out because I hated all that jazz..."

What's up with you guys? How would you describe your current feelings? What are you being for Halloween?
P.S. I'd love if you guys sent me an email (lexyht@hotmail.com). Just because times can get lonesome. (But never in cyberland! This a THREAT. For you to, um, email me.)


Hanna said...

OMG I love both outfits, so fab!
We don't celebrate halloween here


TheMadTwins said...

wow, these pictures are sooo beautiful! And The outfit is so great!
I love the expressions on your face, it's wonderful and fits the bright collors you wear ^___^
I adore your jacket so much! And the skirt is wonderful! It's homemade I just read! It's beautiful!

xxx London

βe said...

unfortunately I didn't get to see the pictures (STUPID COMPUTER *shakes fist* but I did see the last two. You made them, right, 'cos their pretty neat:D

I'm not really doing anything this Halloween. Some of my friend are getting dressed up and going around but we dont really celebrate it hear. But I still love giving th kids rotten candy (yes, I really am that mean, lol)

maphi said...

i just love ur mix of colours loool i always get so excited when you post something new :D

current feeling = a excited and a bit scared at the same time as im going out tonight with an old friend and all her other new friends and i dont know how to react loool :D


Charlotte. said...

you're always so colourful, i love it!
i'm being david bowie for halloween, although sadly i don't have the hair for it!

K. said...

Wow, that skirt you made is awseome! Heh, i envy your sewing skills :) And i'm sooooooo jealous of you guys in Canada, 'cause you have Halloween! Thats like my favourite holiday ever and they don't celebrate it in Estonia -.- Ok, me and my friends arrange some Halloween themed gettogethers, but it's sure not the same as the real deal, right? My biggst wish is to go trick-or-treating, haha :D Haven't yet decided, who i'm going to be this Halloween though...

April said...



Ali said...


My current feelings are lazy and tired and busy. D: I don't like. I want to blog but NO TIME AHH even to take pictures. So stinkayyy. I'm gonna be luna lovegood. :DDDDD

Marloes said...

Lexy. You have outdone yourself.

Okay, let's move on. In Holland Halloween is no big thing, so I made it my own party.. and after a few years some of my friends are actually giving halloween parties on their own... I am so proud. ... ... ... But I don't do costumes yet. So I cannot help you with that... is it like... you have to be scary.. or can you dress up like Audrey Hepburn for instance? Because if you could, you should.. Audrey Hepburn is the best. :)

Your skirt, your sewing project, is amazing. I am jealous of your skillz (obviously with a z!!)

And next to that. I really enjoy the photos in this post. So pretty! And I love the sun in there!

Good, since your sort of one of my ehr... real life guides for happiness I should thank you with you "you can make your dreams come true" - disney songlyrics-y lectures. And I just tell myself to enjoy the moments.

...I feel stalker-ish. Maybe someday I will spam your email full with creepy emails saying I will steal all your sewing projects.... but that wouldn't be very nice of me, would it? ;)

Marloes said...

okay, definitely going to email you next time I leave a comment. It's just too big! :/

Anonymous said...

Haha! I'm in high school too, although graduating this year. If only people dressed as cool as you did! Love your photos; you look like you had a lot of fun doing them.


CDG said...

Where am I in my pics?! Where are you?! Do you live in the woods or something because you seem to have unlimited access to woody looking places for some good ole fashioned narcissism.
This is perhaps the best sewing project I have ever seen and inspires me to stop being lazy and sew more. Hmm Halloween I might wear jeans and a tank for the first time in years. That'll freak people out! I would be Adam ant, Rainbow bright or a super mario bro though. Some ideas for ya!
p.s. I live in the mountains a lot which has great picture locations.

TheMadTwins said...

wow your style is fantastic!
I love it!
You give me inspiration ^__^
and I adore your shoes! they are so pretty?

thanks for your sweet comment:D
what is the old literature?

lots of love paris

Naka said...

yay for hockey ^^ i only palyed one violent match and then quit XD and i love ur skirt and ur outfits ^^ and tehe u always look so cool and i love ur hair :3

Ellen Farida said...

Your blog is so lovely and cool! follow yours ;)
Where are you come from? vietnam eh?


LVE+JOY said...

You look AWESOME. I literally love that skirt, it's wonderful. as are the shoes. I wish I injected more colour into my style but I find it difficult to find colours I fully want to commit to.
My current feelings are those of worry and anxiety. starting uni is pretty nerveracking. and I still feel like that despite having been here about a month and a half.
I miss my cats!

For halloween I have a pumpkin outfit that I bought for £1. novelty bargain :)

Deidra said...

But, but....I LIKE cloudy weather!

Maybe you should be a nurse for Halloween? I don't know why, but I can just see you rocking a nurse's bizarro outfit after you've put your own twists on it.

Deidra said...

Like drawing a face on a surgical mask!

Cafe Fashionista said...

My current feeling is pain. I just came back from the dentist; and though I have no cavities, all that poking and prodding in my mouth has left me with a migraine. :/

jewel said...

i love love love the colours in all your outfits! god it's nice to see people using colour but not in a hideous way - all of your outfits are really nice :)
x x x

Clare said...

I love the details in all of your posts! You have incredible style and only a senior in high school? WOW you are a rockstar

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love all of these fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!


pixelhazard said...

oh wow i soo love the ingenuity. make clothes for me?

i'm hosting a halloween party...at my place which will be transformed into a blood bath.. i mean blood bank. i'll be a nightmare nurse

Bright Green Laces

Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful outfit, that skirt is amazing! For Halloween, I'm considering being Katy Perry but I'm not sure yet lol

Marella said...

Nice blog! New follower! I hope youìll follow me back! Kiss

lollie said...

i fckn love this blog!
and i really really like you too.



Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

the big blazer is so you! and that flowy top is great...i'm in love with it!


Britty said...

oh dude your senior that so fucking awesome
you look great you and your awesome funky print clothes! love your skirt so sweet and your blouse

Melissa said...

amazing skirt! I love it!

Kayraheart.fashion said...

The skirt is gorgeous...And lovely outfits...so very cute and love how u played with all those bright colors in ur outfit..

oomph. said...

love the shirt!

Vanessa said...

I love the gauzy/sunshine yellow and white top. Very cute!
And, I love that you may or may not have danced under foggy disco lights til your heart's content by yourself. Sounds like fun!