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Question: when do you know when you are overly conceited/ have to much time on your hands/ ARE SUPER AWESOME?! When you draw yourself in your outfit as a unicorn, of course! I'd like to think that the latter of these options (um, being super AWESOME) best represents my concoction...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actual outfit to come shortly! Please don't expect me to have sprouted magistic fur or a sparkling corn. If you're immediate response was, "But, Lexy, you are a unicorn", then that's pretty fantastic and I think we're officially BUFFz (Best Unicorn Friends Forever.) Also, shout out to April for the idea of drawing yourself (or, you know, a version of yourself) in an outfit. AWYEAHIMAUNICORN. I get high on life! Or drawing myself as a unicorn! (Same difference.)

What would be in your LaLaLand? Mine would be filled with unicorns (obvz), cotton candy clouds, and colourful outfits. It would also be inundated with big smiles, genuine conversations, excessive creativity, and the hippy values of peace and love. Hatred, judgements, and violence are strictly prohibited. Rated E for Everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all the super nice comments on the last post! I know I used to end every post with these words and it hasn't changed; I really DO appreciate all the mcluvin'. 350+ followers! I officially invite you all to my lalaland to bathe in chocolate tea and slide down rainbows... Infinite bear hugs and smooches!


TheMadTwins said...

wooowww O_O this is sooooo amazing!!
drawing yourself as unicorn, and than with a lovely outfit like that. genius! I already want to try it as well! Love it soo much!

xxx London

Hanna said...

OMG your drawing is soo pretty! I love it!


QueenDesi said...

are u drawing this??
this is suppa cool!!
i bet u're drawing the header baner too..


in Love&Light

Nadia Kamballa said...

You'd make a really cool unicorn.. Just like your drawing.. I hope you can present an actual unicorn head in the actual outfit later on. Ha! Just kidding :p

The November Girl

Spence. said...

Oh wow that illustration is beautiful! You're really talented, and obviously very cool because you like unicorns ;)
They're amazing - if I had one I'd call it Candycorn... 'Candycorn the Unicorn' - because life's all the more incredible when everything rhymes, tehe.

Sweet blog m'dear!

sweet said...

you are so adorable...lex...I love calling out your name because of Grey's anatomy...do you watch that show??

Anywayzz lalaland!!!! I think mine will be full of butterflies, being with POOH, flowers, cupcakes, chocolates, cute vintage outfits, candy colored shoes...and great hats!!!! hhahhaha!!!

think alice in wonderland but with POOH nyahahahha!!!

Kisses love

K said...

I'm pretty sure I need that picture framed and hanging in my home like yesterday. Seriously. It's amazing! My lalaland would have a lot of trampolines, slip n slides, pools with diving boards and crazy water slides, popcorn machines, endless supplies of chocolate, nerf guns, bubbles, lace, hundreds of shades of nail polish and dresses galore. Yep.

Sarah said...

Your art skizzzles are sick girl! Lexy Lalaland sounds fun, but my lalaland has dinosaurs, robots, and kitty cats. meow :3

Oh and stalking your previous barbie post it reminded me about the one time I decided to give my sister's barbie a mohawk, and call it mohawk barbie. Heheheh, my mom thought I was weird 8D

Stevia said...

Just read your last post
and I think it is so great of you to want to change the world!
But you are Lexy, I'd say you'd find a way to do both!
Perhaps overseas designer first, then when you are McQueen popular, you can start your philanthropic acts

Your sketch is amazing! You should definitely go to a design school or something!


FashionJazz said...

Wow your soo talented in so many ways hun!!Hope you have a awesome day! Mwah xx

FashionJazz said...

Wow your soo talented in so many ways hun!!Hope you have a awesome day! Mwah xx

Charmalade said...

Unicooooorn power. I'm suddenly reverted back to moments of my childhood. Maybe it has to do with all those horses, ponies and unicorns I drew and loved when I was a wee child. Maybe.

While I think it's great that you've obviously turned into an anthropomorphic unicorn, I'd be very concerned that you grew a sparkling corn. What if someone ate it??

OK I'm silly. and weird. And my LaLaLand would have dark chocolate fountains, real Quidditch and a big dance party (among other things).

Toast with Charmalade

April said...

GIRL you have such SKILL, you're too amazing for this planet.

Hollaback to the shoutout whoopwhoop! haha. And YES that dress is super fun to twirl in, and I'm sure the unicorn has a blast in her outfit too :D


missy pig said...

mine would a land filled of food. an endless supply.

And also skies that can turn from blue to purple then to orange and red. how lovely that would be.

Amber Rose said...

You are incredible!!

Email me dearie! I have a top-secret mission I'd like to share with you!

βe said...

whoa, your a great drawer (love the quote). I guess my lala land would be this island that my class made when I was in gr4. it was awesome, had a kill zone too:D

βe said...

oh, and if that made any sense I mean that my lala land would have to be lala land, which my gr4 class made when i was little.

βe said...


Anonymous said...

too cool!



Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...



Bianca said...

You draw beautifully and you make a killer unicorn!x


Deidra said...

I wish I could draw! :(

ShaylaF said...

O M G! Your artwork is so amazing and unique! I absolutely love it!