cha cha real smooth... and REMIXXXXXXX.

Guys. I feel bad. I'm doing something extremely illegal. I've been told to never do it. Yet I am. Sigh. Here it goes... I'm plagiarizing.


Oh snap snap snap. (Can I please get a bro-slap? Someone? PLEASE?! I'm da MAN. (Bro-slap? Man? Get it? Yeah...)) Anyways... HAH, fooled ya! You thought I REALLY plagiarized. Oh, you. So much to learn! Er. And again, anyways... Awhile back I received this email regarding an awesome Chictopia Contest and two things ran through my mind: 1) WOW THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME and 2) uh oh, my Chictopia is dead. Being proactive and all, I IMMEDIATELY got onto to both and I am now happy to announce that 1) I decided to enter the contest even though it's one of those oh-I'll-never-win things but whatevz cuz it's actually "freaking awesome" (ew, who says that? SO unintellectual, pffft) (i'm quoting myself. see the irony? Hah. I'm ironic and witty like that.) and 2) I semi-revised my chictopia. Holllaa!

Basically, you had to remix one item into three looks. Thought I'd share it on the blog because here's a fun fact: whenever I see those pages in magazines I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS style the item in my head in my own ways. (NYLON got this feature in their magazine a few issues ago and I literally whooped. (not literally) It's so much fun. I'm a complete dork. Yay!)

^ To break all the text, I decided to post some of my hottest piczzz. just for funz. cuz y'all should know, i'mma single and ready to mingle! any takers? ;) ;)



Warning: I decided it would be fun to write a, you know, novel in this spot… Pfft, yeah I’m cool.

REMIX. That is DEFINITELY one of the BEST WORDS EVER. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s so much about that word that makes me ecstatic! I mean, upon hearing the word, I have all of these fantastic visions: 1) an incredibly rad 90s mix tape (strictly tape, not CDs. And strictly 90s, not today.) 2) A day of mixing and matching wardrobe pieces to create fabulous looks. And, while both are pretty amazing visions to be associated with the word remix, today I’m going to share the latter – the amazing outfits that come about when “remixing” a wardrobe!

The item that I’ve chosen to remix is my fantastic long, vintage floral skirt that I got for the mere price of $5. With an elastic waistband, this is perhaps THE most versatile piece in my closet. (I actually completely dorked out and found a matching blue one. So I bought it. Come on, you’ll see why it’s cool!) This is as, with proper styling, accessories and creativity, it not only changes to fit a style, event, or mood, but it changes its SHAPE all together, allowing it to easily transcend throughout just one week!

I know that there’s some fashion rule or another about how YOU MUST NOT WEAR THE SAME THING IN A WEEK. But, hey, as I always say: these silly rules are MEANT to be broken (ready to be a rebel?). And, with the versatility of the skirt, it could easily be worn throughout the week without a hitch. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through your schedule…

(Disclaimer: cheesy alliterations CAN be altered.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Skirt – Vintage, Vest – Peru, Tights – H&M, Shoes – John Fleuvog, Blouse – Winners, Accessories – Assorted)
Sure, you survived Monday and Tuesday. But those were LONG days and, somehow, you’re still only half way through the week! In the mood to mope around? NO. Induce some much-needed fun into the week by sprucing up that work wardrobe. Keep your work attire appropriate with black accessories and wearing your favourite long skirt as it is: a long skirt. But, inject that energy and excitement that you oh so long for with a fun vest, bright tights, layers of jewelry and belts, and a bright shirt. And, hey, since you look SO fantastic, maybe you’ll break out of your midweek moodiness and treat yourself for a dinner or a show. It may be the middle of the week and it may be a long skirt, but it’s anything but dowdy!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Skirt worn as a top – Vintage, Black Skirt – Homemade, Tights – H&M, Shoes – Nine West, Purse – Thrifted, Accessories – Assorted)
And it worked (ha-ha, pun? aw yeah.)! The week has passed by – hopefully in style – and it’s time to toast to the weekend. Whether you’re out partying with friends or hanging out at home (hey, either works!), it’s a guarantee that you’ll have lots of fun in this ensemble. (Maybe I’m a total dork, but putting it together is plenty of fun in itself! …Okay, yes, I’m a total dork. But still…) Roll the waistband of the skirt a few times and hoist it up – put one side over your shoulder and one under your armpit. You can safety pin it into place or, even better, secure it with a big, bold, and bright belt! Now, with this new, chic, one-shoulder dress, all you have to do is accessorize! Maybe bright tights, a full skirt, clonkin’ heels, and a hairpiece will do the trick. Whatever the case, remember: it’s fashion and it’s Friday – the two put together only means one thing… HAVE FUN.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Skirt worn as a dress – Vintage, Denim Jacket – Thrifted, Shoes – Thrifted Keds, Bag – Thrifted, Hat – F21, Accessories – Assorted)
Somehow this once so long and boring week has WHIZZED by! (Should we thank that long skirt?) While Sundays are reserved as the “lazy day” (amen!), you don’t need to spend the day in lazy sweats. Wear that long skirt as a simple strapless dress: hoist the waistline under your armpits and secure it in place with a belt under your bust. Throw on some of your favourite worn-in accessories (hello oversized denim jacket and old Keds!) to keep comfortable. And, while you’re throwing on accessories, you might as well rock some fun pieces to continue looking chic… perhaps a bright red sun hat and purple socks! Looking good can compensate for a lazy day of lounging in the house. :)

Final Tips
- Wear clothes how you WANT to wear them, not how you THINK you should wear them
- Channel your inner child and play dress up. The possibilities are ENDLESS when you keep an open mind and have fun!
- Accessories can make an outfit, so use them to your advantage! If you’re feeling for something fun, wear wedges. But if you’re in the mood for a relaxed look, break out those mom sneakers.
- Use your accessories to not only change the mood and style of the garment, but also the actual SHAPE of the garment. Manipulating the shape – maybe a skirt to a dress – is a guarantee that you won’t be looking like a fashion victim!
- Finally, like anything in fashion, make sure you have FUN! With confidence and energy, you can pull of any look.

I had so much fun (fo realzzz!) creating these looks and I hope you enjoyed viewing them! In the words of ART ATTACK, “Try it yourself!”



IF YOU HAVE CHICTOPIA FIND ME AND FRIEND ME! And maybe give me some chic points?! :) Because these will increase myself esteem. Not that I need to. I'm SO good lookin'. (Refer to picture to come.)

Phew! (Bravo if you read all/any of it!) Apparently I REALLY had nothing to do whilst writing all this! Which is surprising. I mean, how could I NOT have a ton of friends and be busy all the time? That's what I wanna know! For more info, search me up on match.com or lavalife. ;)

vertual frendz i luvz u so muchzz. xoxooxox.

P.S. By popular request (seriously makes me feel super cool to say that. regardless of whether or not it's true so DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE!) ROSETTE TUTORIAL is up!

P.P.S. I've gotten a few comments regarding starting up an etsy store/ selling the things I make and BE HONEST (but not TOO honest. I may be one of ur supa attractivz vertual frend but I HAVE FEELINGS TOO), WOULD YOU BUY SOMETHING?! And, if so, what would you want me to sell? Have a peruse here and here (not sure if there's any difference between my tags for "diy" and "sewing" but, um... it'll be a SURPRISE! Yay! Now you MUST peruse!). So LET ME KNOW. fo realz.



Ali said...

you win the internets. I wish I could still wear tights. Such happy tights you have,a hhfsjdfhjsdf3

Friend in Fashion said...

LOVE it - definitely have my vote - super creative and always fun and colourful - <3 you style :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Shelby said...

i think you could have a chance at winning those are great. Friday is my fav!

hanifa qurratuaini said...

i like the "working wednesday" outfit, esp the vest :)

check my newest post here!
oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

♥ M i m i said...

fun friday looks like so much fun.

you are so cute!

love the way you styled the skirt.

Dani Banani said...

wow, i love the first outfit!!!you look amazing!!!really cool blog you've got here!!!congrats!!!kisses

FashionJazz said...

Wow I love your outfits and mixtures of colours hun! xxx

Beth Ruby said...

Loving all of your outfits.
And you have an amazing smile- which to me has to be the ultimate accessory to any look :D
Fab post and blog darling xx

Keepitrockkinn said...

I love love love the way you styled all of the outfits, the second outfit especially. Good job and good luck !


Charlotte. said...

wow! i really love friday's outfit, these are so inventive.

i gave you an award on my blog lovely, *blushes*

Faye Tiffany said...

Great Outfits!!! I love all the colours :)


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice post...

Melissa said...

i looove the first look the best, that vest is sooooo amazing! (note the unecessary overuse of letters to emphasise HOW AWESOME I THINK YOUR VEST IS!!)

good luck in the contest, i reeaaally hope you win! (again with the letters) ;)


Leah said...

I love how you styled the dress in different ways... none of the sets is boring, everything looks great. Tou will win this contest, I have this strong feeling. Have a great day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good luck ! I love all of your outfits so much !

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I really like your Simple Sunday outfit, where in the world did you buy that fine fine denim semi shirt?

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Stop being so cute, hahaha. KIDDING! I love your posts, you're so adorable all the time.

I hope you win. Seriously. I'm so sick of only those already famous bloggers winning everything. You really wore them 3 different ways. Love love loveeeeeee it all. ps. gonna go friend you on chictopia soon.


Chevy Mae said...

i love ur style! and i love that rosette tutorial!! thanks so much!

Ali said...

Wahhh, I know I need to post more arties. ; w; but I haven't done anything this summer because I'm lazzezee. D<

Jen said...

you are so ridiculously attractive in those .gif images. you have no idea, haha <3

and your remixing is genius! i especially love it as a one-shoulder top. i'm crossing my fingers that you win! :)

Anna Katrina said...

ooh i dont know which outfit i love more i think number 3 is my favorite

Ashley said...

You did such a good job with this! I love how you managed to turn the skirt into a one-shouldered top, it doesn't even look like the same piece. It is kind of an awesome skirt - I don't blame you at all for buying it's twin, haha.

xoxo, Ashley

knk said...

lovely smile i lieke your smile looks soo beautiful nice pics

great outfits


Audrey Allure said...

Love your remix outfits - I especially like the 2nd one!

jordanaa said...

wow i love what you did with the dress great looks girl!
plus i m loving your header! cute


Gets said...

Man that's like so colourful! :D And really original and versatile, loving the skirt! You seem like you have a knack for finding great deals, and the mustard yellow leggings are too cute. Love your outfits! :D

And I can't buy your stuff cause I'm across the continent, but I would if I wasn't. (:

Love ya!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ummm...so basically you are the remix master - LOVE these looks on you!! :)

Leia said...

you have the most infectious smile! and I agree, you ARE the remix master!!!

Leia's Delights

sarah klevan said...

i LOVE the tights. and i would totally buy something in your etsystore :)


Stacey Kay said...

This is absolutely amazing! I've done the skirt as a dress thing, but never as a top! I will definitely have to try that!

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

Anonymous said...

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