life as of late

How dramatic does this title sound? If I weren't me, I would think that I was going through a mid-life crisis, so rest assured that that is NOT the case. (Also, on a side note, does anyone ever feel awkward typing "that that" together? I feel like it's wrong. *re-reads last sentence* Nope, that make sense. WEIRD.) I guess it could have also been titled "The Accumulation of Things You May or May Not Care About," but that's a little, er, not as allusive as "Life as of Late." Consequently, "The Accumulation of Things You May or May Not Care About" will have to serve as the sub-title. The by-line, if you will. Okay, PHEW.

Moving on. Here's just some random things that I've been meaning to share. Oh, and just for fact, this is a SCHEDULED POST. Is this eerie OR WHAT?! I hope you say "yes." Because if you say "no," then this potentially means that this schedule post did not, in fact, post. SO IT'S SCARY. I'm like Casper the friendly ghost! Oooh... (That was supposed to mimic eerie apprehension. Just by the way.)

I've been playing this 5.1 hour playlist all day, every day (almost literally) and I really like it. More summery and pumpy than the last and I guess that's appropriate as it's summer and it should, in fact, be summery and pumpy. So yay! Itunes also classified a good bulk of these artists/ songs as "singer/ songwriter." Which is fine and all. But it makes me feel like I'm 90 years old, so I think I'll invent a new genre entitled "unsaturated songs that should actually be popular." I'll post SOME of the songs. Check 'er out?

Crystalised - The xx
Small Things - The Audreys
You're Not Coming Home Tonight - First Aid Kit
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
Mango Tree - Angus & Julia Stone
How Low - Jose Gonzalez
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The Smiths
All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers
Bedouin Song - Lior
Zorbing - Stornoway
I Was a Teenage Anarchist - Against Me!
Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club
If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
No Surprise - Lightspeed Champion
Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
To Be Surprised - Sondre Lerche
Foundations - Kate Nash
Do You Realize - the Flaming Lips
Here Comes Your man - The Pixies
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

These are some of my besties. Check out their blogs! For real!
The Trendy Dwarf - "I like unicorns and so do little girls!"
six-twentytwo-onine - "YEAH UNICORN"
Studded Dreams - "you should really do some more unicorns, ahem, i mean, vlogs! ;)"
Sui Generis - "Unicornz ftw!"
Lunacy Fringe - "Your vlog definitely was both explosive and quirky (not unlike a unicorn) and I enjoyed every second of it!"
Unicorn + Tee -"ahem, unicorn. ;)"
Soy Confessions - "omfg i dreamt of a unicorn last night."
Dawley Style - "It's rare to find someone so awesome. almost as rare as seeing a unicorn. (eh eh? nice right?" Ed note: So sneaky! Like... SPU KIDS!
A Grunge Fairytale - "Remember that episode where lizzie [mcguire] had a unicorn on her sweater for picture day??" Ed note: YES I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT EPISODE. (you actually fooled me, I didn't even see unicorn at first haha.) But it was a hideous bright red sweater! And she was so grumpy in the episode! Haha. Aww. Memories.
Pandora's Closet - "you're hilarious, such a cute video (*cough*unicorn*cough)"
The Sweetest Escape - "oh oh oh unicorn! /i actually prefer Pegasus... oh well unicorn is cool too ;p"
Six Letter Daze - "No, that was not totally UNICORNS lame, I thought you were funny!"

ARE YOU CONFUSED?! Consider the following remedies 1) What's the common word between ALL these comments? or 2) Just check out the video. Towards the end. Phew.

First moleskin page of the summer! Done a few weeks ago. Don't know if you guys enjoy viewing these pages, but as I certainly hope so. Because they make up a handful of scheduled posts to come(by handful, I mean peace-fingers-full. By that, I mean two. GET IT?! Peace fingers = two. Ha-ha-ha. Okay Lexy, stop being so witty/clever/awesome. Kidding.)

Some sketches based off this random collage. Architectural city (cat) party as inspiration?

Some "BEFORE'S." You know? Like in magazines and (disturbing) makeover shows when they show that oh-so "ugly" BEFORE picture? Yeah? Yeah. Well, you'll see the "after" of these in posts to come! I've been hemming and altering like crazy.


In conlusion, this was a kind of an irrelevant post. But, hey! I'm irrelevant! Oh wait, that's a bad thing. I'm relevant! I'm really relevant! I'm not making sense! Er...
1. What music are YOU listening to?
2. For those who wanted more vlogs, OF WHAT? What should I vlog about?

3. What would you like to see more or less of on da blog? Suggestions? Changes? Parties animals?

Won't be able to respond to blogs in awhile (but I can't predict the future MAYBE I WILL RESPOND. But probably not.) But I WILL when I can! Kisses from (hopefully) Guatemala! :)
P.S. The whole "Scheduled Posts" thing is rather daunting. And eerie.


Ali said...

I'm listening to michael jackson-- stranger in moscow.
PS! I love your taste in music, it's very good, you're very classy. I totally didn't know you had a vlog, I don't even know what a vlog is. 8D

HAVE FUN in Guacamole. I mean Guatemala. Always get those two mixed up. :D can't wait to see what you did to those HIDEOUS DRESSES AUGH

kyki said...

Thanks for the shout-out, girly! :
Sweet playlist. Love itttt. You can check mine out under the "cacophony" tab on my blog. I'm also planning on posting another one in an actual blog post soon.

Love the collage! Collages are so fun. This is why I keep all my magazines. I have like so many. I'm actually gonna be posting about them real soon! STAY TUNED LULZ (or something). It'll be intennnssseee.

Vlog about something crazy! Like, actually crazy. INSANITY FTW. That's always interesting...

- xo, kyki ♥


Naka said...

tehe cant wait to see how they turned out ^^

Violet said...

i read the whole blog and i loved it from beginning to end. im checking out your playlist as i type and cant wait for the next post... great sketches btw

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

the art...too cool.

the designs...AWESOME! I love them a lot and look forward to my sewing classes and designing and such(ha ha ha). :)

keep it up,



mila said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all those songs!!!!!! and the blogs too. you should do a vlog about UNICORNS. That would be amazing.


April said...

guatemala! have a b-l-a-s-t!

also, I like everything on your blog :) it's probz my fave one at the mo'. yeah i talk like that in real life.
.....wish i was kidding HAHA

anyway, you are an amazing drawer/collage-ist. i'm jealz.

Kat said...

wow, your really good at drawing! lol and i'm interested to see what you make of those vintagey dress :)

Georgie said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the dress! Well I'm listening to Gaga at the moment, oh and I love two door cinema club too!

Melissa said...

awesome sketches + playlist :D
this summer, I'll be listening to a lot of Eliza Dootlittle, The Libertines, Bombay Bicycle Club (I see we're on the same page there!, MGMT (their old album), and Calvin Harris! gotta have some calvin harris for the summer! :)
p.s. have fun on holiday!

roxanne said...

definitely wasn't expecting to see a shoutout here, thanks a bunch!

as for your questions: 1: talking heads. lots and lots of talking heads; 2: lasercats and rainbows; 3: definitely more animals. kittens, preferably.

have fun in guatemala!

Shelby said...

you are so talented!

fhen said...

first of all i like your croquis fashion illustration!
and i wanna try to listen to your playlist <3

umm i listen mostly to rnb. hiphop. electronica. poprock. jazz
i love to see anykind of vlog. DIY perhaps?
and just blog like usual
me likey all of your thoughts and pics okay

and yay to unicorn :D

sorry for a long comment lexyy

.....InStyle.... said...

hei how are you...sorry but i'm in holiday!!