sparkly boyfriends are so overrated.

It's the awkward month in magazine land when they (who is "they"? I ponder) decide to merge the two months together and, consequently, one (being the consumer) is left magazine-less for this poor awkward month that is unfortunately deemed as too suckish for it's own glossy magazine. (Do you follow?!) And, in result, I have the tendency to peruse old magazines. It was during this very perusal in which my stubby fingers landed on this very editorial (note: I actually DO have very stubby fingers. I don't know if "stubby fingers" is a commonly used phrase... but if it is then I FIT IT. YEAH.). There was an undeniable attraction between myself and this editorial. My heart pounded, love bubbles popped in the air, and a faded bridal march played in the background. I knew that THIS was the moment. The moment in the movies. Cue the cheesy music and the streaming tears! If editorials had feelings, the chemistry would have been UNDENIABLE. (Side note: not actually.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Teen Vogue March 2009)

Consequently, I decided to be all PROFESH (short for "professional." I'm so professional I say profesh. Rhetorical thinking makes "profesh" > "professional" in terms of being professional. I'm making no sense. I am aware of this matter. Yeaaaa!). In conclusion, SELF TIMER SHOTS + SCREEN SHOTS = PROFESH WITH SKILLZZZ. Bam!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Having a "me" overload? Yes, probably. To break up the series of me, I present you my sister! McDonalds ad? I don't know, but I'm lovin' it. (GET IT GET IT GET IT?! LOVIN' IT? MCDONALDS? I'M PUNNY? YOU LIKE HAPPY MEALS TOO? Aw yeah!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

CLOSE UP OF MY LOVER: (And by "lover," I am referring to the picture below. NOT my sister. Because that would be, well, OBVIOUSLY VERY VERY CREEPY.)
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I loved the neck-piece balloon majiger done up there, so I thought I'd be a follower - ahem, be INSPIRED - and replicate my own version. It's rather simplistic in concept. Execution, however, seemed to be challenging (how Project Runway am I?!) due to sewing rubber. But whatevaaa. Ta-da!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I actually loved wearing this outfit. Supa fun. You see, I was originally going to wear a pink lace shirt with this skirt, along with pearls and other cliche stuff and it was pretty and whatever. But then I thought to myself, "this isn't really ME." So I decided to wear leopard prints because it truly allowed me to RELEASE MY INNER FIERCENESS (lies. except for the first part. I DID wear leopard print. Changed from what I was originally going to wear.) The moral of the story: wear whatevaaa you like. (Random link? Yes, I know. I like the video. And Daniel Vosovic. (BUSTED. I'm a major Project Runway groupie.))
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ALSO... I, personally, think this furry blue creature (being my bag) is pretty awesomical. (New word. Awesome + radical = awesomical. Use it. Make it work. Like Frindle. Childhood soul mates anyone, anyone?) Actually, speaking of childhood, this creature WAS from my childhood and you wouldn't believe it but I FOUND IT IN THE GIVING IT AWAY PILE (mind you, we give it away to Value Village, so I would have been able to retrieved it, but that's beyond the PRINCIPLE of the story).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I conclusion, I saved this blue creature's life and it owes me. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I like this picture. I look like a clown. I was never fond of clowns.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Thrifted <$1, Belts - Both thrifted $1, Necklace - DIY, Jewlery - Assorted, Shoes - Thrifted, Bag - unknown)

Sometimes I think it'd be really AWESOMICAL (come on people! Although, come to think of it, it kind of sounds like "economical," but that's awesomical (har-har) too.) if people dressed more like me wear I live. (What upppp girl at the doctor's in skinny jeans and brown hollister tee? I SAW YOU STARING AT ME.) But I also think that if everyone dressed like me wear I live, I'd feel less unique and special. (My mummy says I'm special!) In conclusion, trends suck and WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to mix prints (oh no!) or wear (god forbid!) black and brown, then by golly, JUST DO IT. (I need to stop with this random links.)
I'm pretty sure I could have a huge rant on the overuse of trends (um, hey there model of duty look, you rock those leggings as pants) and conformity (does EVERYONE conform in some way?), but I'm off to Guatemala for two weeks. I'm sharing this really exciting piece of information in midst of this rambling beacuse 1) 2% of readers will actually read this (SHOUT OUT! LUVZYA4EVA) and 2) this is good because I have awesome pop jumps (what's that? you ask. WAIT FOR IT I say) to post. And I suppose I'll add a 3) and say 3) I'll have posts, albeit not too spectacular, scheduled to post! Yay!

Do you ever feel like you stand out in what you wear? Do you ever tone down what you wear for certain circumstances?
I didn't REALLY address these questions, but I'm curious. But I'll address them with this sole sentence that summarizes the story of my life: I'm ALWAYS overdressed. I once tried to dress "normally" (hellooo black tights!) and I felt MORE awkward than otherwise. Apparently I'm vying to be Oprah so once again: wear whatever you want.


Naka said...

tehe i agree wear wat u want :3 and i love ur photos ^^

six-twentytwo-onine said...

oh my lexy u should call the magazines you look so beautiful and professional and ya mc donald ad for sure
sorry my grandma was in the hospital just got discharged thursday night..ya i slept in chairs for seven days hehehe
thanks for the lovely comment
love alisha

Samantha said...

Okay I am really digging these photos. Especially the super profesh one in the middle of the top 3 where your hair is defying gravity.

And I desperately need to say that yes, I tone down what I wear for school. It's different when you're in high school because you can pass anything off as being a kid, but when you start taking classes where your instructors are only a few years older than you (or your own age) you (which is to say I) start to feel inappropriate in some things. (But that mostly has to do with sex appeal, not overdressing. At the same time, I'm terrified of failing the class I'm taking right now, and I don't want to be "that girl who cares more about clothes than school," so I have restricted myself to jeans and t-shirts most of the time.) Okay HAVE FUN IN GUATEMALA.

Ali said...

YOU MA'AM make my days happy with your happy post terms (and I follow you with the profesh thing, yes, us profesh-ers AHAHA get this).

I love your photos, they are ridiculously awesome. You are a beautiful model, my dear! :DD No lies <33

I wear.. I do tone down some stuff I think. Like I want to wear my ridiculous lace ups but then will switch them for black flats because for some people that's too much awesome to soak in. D8<

mila said...

This is ridonculously awesome!!!! The pictures to look very profesh!:) I saw that article too, loved it. The balloon collar you made is sooooo cooolllll..... Best.post.ever.!!!!!! Haha...overload of exclamation points much?....


Elizabeth Faraday said...

oh my goodness those look so so so professional! gorgeous! did you just do it behind a white background or what? love the post!


maverick diva said...



Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Love this post. Those photos are pretty amazing. I've always wanted to do that against a white wall but we don't really have plain walls in myhouse.

Awesome DIY necklace. Very cool.

I do tone down what I wear. BUt only because sometimes I have to be a bit practical. LIke heels to school are not really practical because I'll be sooo exhausted, but for the most part I just wear what I want. I don't care if I standout. I dress for myself not for others, so yes, that motto of wearing whatever you want applys to me.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

yes, in the office i definitely stand out with what i wear...they even tease me about my 'jingling' bangles...hahaha! don't get me started on boots --- people everywhere in our city gives me stares if i wear my studded boots. hello! it's rainy season...i have the right! haha! but, you are most awesomical when it comes to standing out...i always admire your courage for wearing super mixed prints like this one -- florals and animal-print!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Leah said...

You are indeed very profesh... love how you DIY that neckpiece. And I have stubby fingers too. Just saying! Hahaha!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! xoxo

Shelby said...

Hahah, you are just so much fun. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. I always feel overdressed. Everyone in my town wears plad shirts and dirty jeans and I wear puffy skirts and flowers. Plus I have red hair, and that gets more attention than you can imagine!

knk said...

nice outfits looks great really cool collection


Anonymous said...

too rad. too rad. The pictures are great the outfit is MA-VELOUS and I love the makeup and Mickey D's add. :)

Come again soon,


kyki said...


I totally remember loving that issue when it came out! I think I even had that picture up on my wall for a while... Your DIY rendition of the necklace is badass. Make me one? <3 Haha.

Ooh, Gwatahmahlah. ^^ (I HEART TYPING LIKE A RETARD AT 1AM AFTER MY BRAIN HAS SHUT DOWN LUZ) I legit know nothing of the place, therefore you need to take lots of picture for when you return. And make a fabby blogpost about it. :)

I feel that I used to dress more original than I do now. I used to be the weird emo kid with a million bracelets, bright skinnys and destroyed t-shirts. Now I'm kinda...average? I dunno. Some days I'm the bomb-diggity, others I look like I'm straight out of an Urban Outfitters ad.

- xo, kyki ♥


Melissa said...

beautiful photos! so AWESOMICALLY PROFESH... (can i get a CYBER 5?!)

i loove the balloon neckpiece!! awesome belts too + i wish i could flick my hair like you...SO RAD.


Gets said...

Haha how did you manage to get such shots! Every time I try doing stunts (the jumping around at least) the camera will just capture a blur. ): Loving your furry blue creature, and your DIY necklace!

I have no idea how you can get such awesome cheap finds ): Life's not fair alright, there aren't any thrift shops in Singapore. Ugh.

But still. Love your outfit! And unfortunately I don't think I stand out at all! I look normal in the streets, cause everyone in Singapore just buys from Cotton On or Zara ):

Oh woe.



♥ M i m i said...

1) I love this song!!!! I can't stop listening to it, thanks! It's so much better than TI's version.

2) TAYLOR MOMSEN = AWESOME. but i totes just realized that it's a nike commercial = = and after my youtube comment of "GOD SHE'S AWESOME" :S lol i feel like a dork.

kay i love her. she can wear whatever she likes. :D

3) I HAVE THAT MAG. I was thumbing thru it as well cuz i was bored. my friend borrowed all my other mags and i have like 4 now. FLORA GIMME MY MAGS BACK PLS.

4) I used to wear whatever i like. but now that i think about it, i only wore it to scare ppl away. i used to be emo/goth for a while at the start of high school, and then i started listening to bands like cobra starship or whatevs and wore only technicolour for a while. i think i followed things too easily and i was influenced really easily as well. now, i still think i'm influenced by others' fashions. usually after checking out what other ppl are wearing (fashiontoast, song of style, lookbook, YOU, others) i try to fit that into what i already have. it's not original and i hate that. i also check out mags and editorials. =___=

5) i love these photos! you look amazing. very profresh. what photo editing program do you use?! love the diy necklace.

6) your sis is too cute :D i want mickyd`s now.

7) Have fun in Guatemala you lucky thing! :D I`m that 2% of readers i guess. but judging from all the comments already, i`m gonna say a lot more than 2% will read this hahahaé

can`t wait for the scheduled posts. :D

FashionJazz said...

These pics are amazing!!! : ) XX

Aimee said...

I love reading through old magazines, and you are actually awesome, I love these photos!

michelle_ said...

lexy. you are ridiculously COOL !
i love the way you imitated this editorial !
i hate my non-magazine months as well.. but its good for me to stroll for old editions as well :) keeps me refreshed for my inspirations !

Tili said...

aaaaaaaaw you're sooooooo cute & funky!
love your photos
that balloon necklace is something special, love it

johanna said...

Ohh you had a loooot of fun
Follow me if you want

Do you have chictopia?

Leia said...

These shots are really PROFESH! :P I especially LOVE that necklace.

Do I feel like I stand out in what I wear? Yesss, all the time! Even when I'm wearing something I don't think is really over the top, people ask me "are you really going to leave the house like that?" and my friends keep going on about how they couldn't "pull that off." Really, you can't pull off a trench coat? Sure it's light pink and has a few ruffles, but it's not like I've worn a ball gown to university... anyway, I just ignore it and carry on the way I want!

christinefong said...

First time visiting your blog, and OMG, i looove your photos! Awesome photos and your outfits are just so different and unique! Think i'm definitely going to be a regularr reader of your blog ... if that makes sense haha


Jen said...

you. are. fabulous. has anyone ever told you that?

i feel like you should submit these photos to TEEN VOGUE and they'd bow down to you since they must've spent thousands of dollars on their shoots and you just snapped these yourself and sewed up that sick balloon necklace. :)

i tend to tone down my outfits when i go out. i used to be scared to dress up when i go out but now i've grown to have more confidence and not give a shit so i wear whatever i want out :)

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

1. I read that editorial and it also had me dumbfounded and mesmerized! YOUR VERSION is the bomb-diggity! I love the the mish-mash of the leopard and floral--GENIUS-ITY! So FABOUSH (yeah, I'm adopting your vocabulary ;)).

2. That balloon necklace--OMG OMG OMG: WILL DIY ASAP!


4. And oh heck yeah I stand out. I don't tone it down, either! I hate dressing normally, belch.

(I don't know why I am posting comments in list forMs. THIS IS LOCO).

Becca said...

LOVE the outfit!! It's an awesome print explosion. And your balloon necklace is so incredibly original - what a great idea!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You do realize that these photographs should so be in Teen Vogue as an editorial, right? Lexy they are AMAZING!

And I totes feel like I stand out in what I wear all the time; however, I never tone it down. I say it's better to be overdressed in every single situation - you never know when you'll meet Prince Charming, right? :)

Impossibly Perfect said...

love your photos. thanks for checking out my blog.

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures (love the hair flip!), and I love how you replicated that balloon necklace piece. And OMG I loved Frindle! And all of the author's other books like the Report Card....And I wish people at my school dressed more like you too!

PS I gave you an award on my blog! Be sure to check it out!

CDG said...

I remember this editorial! Amazing. Those balloons are insane! (In a good way. Actually come to think of it, insane is always good) Love the profesh, awesomical pics as well.
I pity the skinny jean/hollister chicks. People should shutup and just have fun with fashion.

NBeteck said...

you are the ESSENCE of a quirky explosion and this is great!

Abi-Anne said...

Oh wow, what a fun post! Love your photos and outfit. So colourful, so adorable, so darling! The leopard print top and all the bright accessories complement so well.

And the balloon necklace? Pure genius!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're such a doll!


olivias-pizzaz said...

i have been away from the bloggin world and i have missed yor blog so much! Your posts have gotten even better! loove the photos! and yes i have found i have dressed down in a certain circumstance but i dnt thnk i shld! haha i will learn to not too olivias-pizzazz.blogspot.com xx

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


roxanne said...

arghhh i HATE that sucky no-magazine month. everytime i see a newsstand, i wander in by magnetic force and am so disappointed when i realize i already have all the issues on sale.. sigh. love these pictures, it totally screams teen vogue - well-done!

Krislyn said...

love the colors here... yep, it's e incarnation of quirky explosion all right.

Marloes said...

You are so cool. Damn. And that editorial is lovely.. I wish teen vogue wasn't so expensive over here, I'd bought it every month if it didn't cost 10 euros.

Romance Is Boring said...

just stumbled across your blog, I'm so glad I did haha! I love this post :) and completely agree with you when it comes to conformity etc - I love to dress a little differently than others (although I do get a few random stares from people in college..) they wear UGGS. and leggings. and a vest. everyday.



Audrey Allure said...

Your pictures look editorial worthy! Love how you recreated that balloon collar - I wouldn't have even noticed they were balloons!

costra y ampolla said...

Wooow! Loving the prints on prints thing!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

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Have a nice day! Ð

LyddieGal said...

Your profesh shots are awesome, and the balloon necklace is so fun, I love yours!

Yes, I am almost always over dressed as well, people have finally learned to stop asking me where I am going (that would require such a fabulous outfit)

Tori said...

omg! I love recreating stuff out of magazines, this gets me sooo inspired. The thing you did with the balloons is genius! ;D

Friend in Fashion said...

These snaps look like they jumped straight off the pages my dear!

Agree - wear what you want - especially with such fabulous style as yours!!!

Luv, Friend in Fashion

English Rose ♥ said...

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove these photos - LOVE.

Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments and support darling, it really means a lot ♥

Je suis très très TRÈS désolée for the late reply!

Have a lovely week dearest =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Ros said...

you are hilarious, and unbelievably awesome.

Rach said...

That is an amazing idea for a necklace, and you really made it really well. It looks perfect!

When I saw the first few pictures of you in this post, I definitely thought of a teen vogue editorial, before I even scrolled down :]

jordanaa said...

awesome photography i loved every picture as well as the fab animal print!!
great blog girl!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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