where did ya come from? where did ya go? where did ya come from COTTON EYE JOE?

GREETINGS FRIENDS AND EXTRA-TERRESTIALS. THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE. NO, NO IT'S NOT. BUT IT'D BE COOL IF IT WAS. BUT, HEY, SINCE I'VE LURED YOU IN, I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S COOL... AS YOU READ THIS, I'M IN GUATEMALA! I'm writing this on the date of Saturday July 9, the day in which I'm leaving. Therefore, if I'm actually in Guatemala then I'm, like, psychic ZOMG. (Not ACTUALLY. It was planned! LOLZ, tricked yaaa! you so gullible!)

Airport outfit shots. This is completely vain, but my pet peeve is lazy airplane outfits. Comfort and laziness CAN coincide with decent dressing. PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one that thinks this! (Or am I the sole person bathing in utmost VANITY? "yes" is a definite possibility.)
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The humor in which me and my sister experienced whilst viewing these pictures is difficult to express, so I'll leave it at my favourite acronym LMAOWROFLWMSANOGWISFD (LaughingMyAssOfWhileRollingOntheFloorLaughingWithMySisterAndNooneGetsWhyItsSoFunny. Duh.)
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So funny that my sister SPECIFICALLY RAN UPSTAIRS, IRONED HER PLANE OUTFIT (dress on the plane sister? Really?) AND POPPED FOR THE PICTURES. (pfft, what a narcisstic dork!)
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We call them "Pop Jump" pictures. It's all about the jump - but making it appear as though you just so happened to "pop". This is rather hard to enunciate? It's a VERY specific regime. I'd say that the "Pop Jump" very much rivals the Bend-N-Snap in terms of necessary precision. (I mean, just look at those extremely intensive and serious faces!) GIVE 'ER A GO? (But don't break your boyfriend's nose! LEGALLY BLOND REFERENCE AWYEAHTEENAGEGIRLSCHTUFF. Let's share our gossip!)
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Close-ups of ma outfit.
Discrete pattern mixing. And colour mixing. I'm pretty sure this defies some of those stupid fashion "rules." (Fashion rules are, in my opinion, one of the SILLIEST things ever. So silly! Look at me, talking to you guys like you're five! This is cute.)
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I got this hat at one of the markets in Peru last year. It's absolutely GORGEOUS with all the hand-embroidery - you definitely don't see much of this in Canada. I don't wear it as much as I should, so thanks for reminding that I SHOULD.
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And my luggage tag. Just because it kind of looks like me. Minus the bangs. And if the glasses were heart shaped. Plus a bit more hair. AND THEN WE'RE BASICALLY TWINS. It could practically DOUBLE as my passport! Snaaaap.
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You have no idea how challenging it was to orchestrate the "Pop Jump" self timer with two people and suitcases. BUT IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. So what if we're more jumpy than poppy? There's ALWAYS room for interpretation, my friends! That's the utmost BEAUTY of the pop jump. (Yes this contradicts my previous "ohhh yes, there's a VERY specific regime." Boy, was a pretentious! (YES, I'm trying to justify our lame pop-jumpiness but SHH.))
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(Mimi's wearing: Dress - Zara, Shoes - Old Navy, Scarf - Thrifted)
(I'm wearing: Altered Thrifted Top $7, Altered Thrifted Shorts $3, Hat - Peru, Belt - Unknown, Socks - H&M, Shoes - Value Village $7)

(inaccurate. I'm Jamaican Chinese. My dad was born in Jamaica. He's Chinese though. But it sounds pretty rad mon.)

What is your ethnicity/background?! Also, I was watching 1 Girl and 5 Gays (DON'T JUDGE, IT'S PERFECT BACKGROUND NOISE TO DRAWING)(AND MTV'S THE ONLY CHANNEL WITH NEW SHOWS)(SO HAH) and one of the questions that came up was Are you racist if you refuse to date people of a certain race/ background/ ethnicity? Yes? No? Maybe so? I'm interested in what YOU think! On a semi-related note, I just ("just" being when I was home, so maybe not necessarily "just" when you read this) watched the documentary Prom Night in Mississipi, which was very interesting. Thought I'd throw that in there because you should consider watching it!

Okey dokey artichoke. Will visit your blogs soon! Ish.


7upkels said...

holy hannah i just love coming here and seeing your outfits. amazing. beyond amazing!

Clara said...

lovely blog! <3

RepublicOfChic said...

So in sync, your jumpimg is! ;)

Great post to keep me inspired and jumping through the weekend. Big shout out from India! :)

PS. If you haven't already snagged the street style awesomeness then enter our Sartorialist Book Giveaway right away! :)

Naka said...

hmm i guess some ppl would only date ppl of their own religion without being racist, but i guess ppl would be if they wouldnt date someone becuase of their race and i love the photos they are so cute!

Jing said...

whoa..very cute jump shots.you are wearing pretty colors.

DustInMyWind said...

I love your blog! Your style is so quirky and colorful and fun and amazing! wow could I have said and more? anywhoo, I love that you wear what you want and don't care about stupid "fashion rules." Plus I'm sorta in love with your shorts <3

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

when i first saw the 2 photos, i was like, "what??? the luggage is in the air???" i never thought that you were jumping at all...or pop jumping for that matter...hehehe. your ideas just amuse me lexy that's why i love coming back to your blog...:D

and no, i think the leopard print mixed with others is ingenius..love it!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Ali said...

GOD I JUST LOVE YOU. I mean, really really like you. NO I LOVE YOU, WHO AM I KIDDING. D:

You and your sister's outfit shots are absolutely AWESOME. Your shorts and socks are completely epic and your sister is indeed brave for wearing a dress on a plane (but hey, I totally would, too, or a toga or something cool like that).

Shelby said...

I'm Danish, but everyone thinks I'm Irish on an account of the ginger gene. I love your luggage. I would date anyone as long as they are HAWT and taller than me, which shouldn't be hard since I am only 5"3.

vecha ♥ said...

i love love love all outfits!!!! :D

Marloes said...

Oh how cool... you're in guatemala. The farthest i've been overseas (from my side to yours) is New York. And I love the jumps... I was gawking at how you could have such a lovely face and light jump with a SUITCASE IN YOUR HAND.. or yours was empty... because... when I just with a full suitcase only I will get up... :/

Well, have an amazing holiday!

Hannah :0] said...

Yet another awesome post from Lexy!! ^-^

Love the jump shots. I hate lazy airport outfits too-- You'll like the book Classy by Derek Blasberg then.

Have fun in Guatemala! (did i spell that right??)


Jen said...

i literally cracked up at these pictures. why are you so epic?? i love that you lifted up your luggage too while you jumped so it was jumping with you, hahaha. loving the pattern clashing and the bright colors as usual.

hope you're having a ridiculous amount of fun in Guatemalaaaa!!!!! :)

Melissa said...

serious love for your shirt. AWESOME 'POP JUMPS'!!
great plane outfits ;)))
I love how every one of your posts scream COLOUR :)


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I hate sloppily dressed people on a plane...can't we go back to the 1960's where everyone got dressed up for such occasions and the flight attendents wore mini shorts, thigh highs, and false eyelashes? I'm not sure about not dating a person of a different ethnicity, is it's racist or not? Yes, but sometimes you just catagorize immeditley...maybe.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your outfit. Actually, both you and your sister look incredibly chic. I like looking nice when I fly. Sweatpants and jeans are a nono. Haha.

That second or third photo of you (too lazy to scroll up now, haha) reminds me of teen vogue shoot from august or september 07 or 08...wow....i really should check but yeahhhh.

No, I don't think it makes you racist. I personally have lots of friends of different ethnicities and races, but I just never find myself attracted to a different race. Even backgrounds. Like I can't be attracted to polish people. I just don't like the language or culture and I dunno, affects my liking people from there, but I do have polish friends. I dunno. It's weird.

CHAMANDA said...

omgosh love the outfits and photos!

Stevia said...

reading your blog always make me smile
you are too funny, girl!

that 'pop jump' just plain hilarious!
my mom actually asked me 'what's so funny? you look crazy laughing alone in your room'

that DIY top is cool!
what did you do with the second dress? (the flowery one)

love the pink and purple combo :)

i'm chinese too! tho my dad said my great grandfather has a dutch blood in him somewhere cause I got 'you look like a foreigner' quite a bit
which is weird cause my face is downright chinese to me!

well.. I think it is a little bit racist if you refuse to date people of a certain race/background/ethnicity
I honestly will feel more comfortable with my own flock
I guess it has to do with your own view of people
It's not that I'm judging, but things can be complicated when you hang out with people from different culture and customs. You'll never know when you say all the wrong things!

geez, this is a long comment!

hope you have a blast on your Guatemala trip!
and I think Jamaican Chinese is just as cool as Guatemalan Girl ;)

can't wait to see your holiday pics


PS. so cool you gave me a shoutout on your previous post. yeah! now I can die in peace *totally kidding*

Milda said...

hope you have a great time!
your outfit looks comfy as well as gorgeous!
it's so cute how the socks match your suitcase :)

Stacey Kay said...

New to your blog! I really love it!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh this is totes something straight out of Teen Vogue. Honestly Lexy, this is high-fashion editorial worthy - I love it! And I love that luggage tag which is going on my Christmas wish list right now, thank you very much!! :)

FashionJazz said...

Love your tote and outfit hun! Have a good Monday xxx

johanna said...

Ahahah. What a fun post, lovely

Leia said...

Those are possibly the BEST airport outfits ever! I completely agree, comfort & looking decent are NOT mutually exclusive.

I'm South Asian (a mix of Pakistani and Indian). And is it racist to discriminate against people you date? I think yes... it means you are thinking of that person in terms of their culture/race rather than their personality traits!

Leia's Delights

Sarah said...

I love your airplane outfit, looks like you're ready for adventure! And I'd love to stea--I mean *borrow* the pop up pose xD

Leah said...

That was so fun Guatemalan girl... I love those shots. I also love your luggage. Have fun in Guatemala. xoxo

LyddieGal said...

that is some intense pop jumping! I am impressed!!! those suitcases must have been pretty light (at least, i hope they were!!)

and i hope you have an awesome trip!

Chic on the Cheap

vnikali said...

such cool pics~
love the suitcase prop~

Jennifer Romero said...

I love your attitude towards your readers! you´re funny :)
I really love this outfit btw.

Beckerman Girls said...

Those jumping pics are soooo HAPPY AND SWEET!!!
Your colors are delish sorbet and yummy yummy!!! You ROCK!! SICK BLOG :)
The Beckerman Girls


Daily dose of Joy ;) said...

Omg I'm so jealous your getting to go to Guatemala. I'm 100% Guatemalan but was born in New York, I haven't gotten the chance to visit since i was five. Anyways that answers my ethnicity, but i always tought it was so awesome to learn of other cultures and such. I always envied the people that were of multiple nationalities and wish I could speak different languages. My boyfriend is actually 1/2 Japanesse & Italian (and a whole bunch of other European stuff). But to answer your dating other people of differnent races thing, i love it, but I actually refuse the idea of me dating another hispanic. I know sounds bad. oh well.

btw Jamaican Chinese, sounds awesome lol

Anonymous said...