in the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Dress down day! What beautiful words. Wore this on dress down day, AKA I didn't have to wear my uniform. Whilst getting ready in the morning, I was solely looking at my jeans and shorts, because I decided that I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. For "fun" I decided to try on my purple skirt.. and then my cheetah tights! I was seriously not going to wear this because, literally, everyone wears a) leggings + long tee, b) jeans + tee, or c) uniform because they forgot. But then I thought, "screw them!" I marched down the halls, loud and proud. I'm the king of the jungle! (Haha, I feel like I should reference something, but I don't know what.) So if anyone actually reads this, the moral of the story is wear what you want and don't care about what other people think. (I'm so amazingly cheesy.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village $7, Cheetah print top - Value Village $3, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - Pacific Mall $5, Belt - Thrifted $1, Boots - Zara)

I don't usually have direct inspiration from my outfits, but I couldn't resist trying this whole double print thing after checking it out on Wendy's blog.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Question: why is it always cheetah print? Why not leopard? How discriminatory!

Speaking of leopards, Hallowe'en is soon (you know, because people dress up as leopards for Hallowe'en and.. um.. anyways..) I went to Value Village today to go Hallowe'en costume shopping and I was so uninspired! I hate the generic $30 costumes (what a rip off!) so I didn't get one. But, I don't know what to be. I'm actually really excited for Hallowe'en because I finally recruited someone - after two years! - who is willing to go Trick-or-Treating with me. Um, party or free candy? I say free candy!

Anyways, I'm pretty big on Hallowe'en because I love to dress up. Mean Girls says that Hallowe'en is a chance for girls to dress slutty, but I say it's a chance for us to dress up in crazy costumes! (Last year I was a fat chicken. I was pretty pleased with myself.)

So, What are you being for Hallowe'en? What should I be for Hallow'een?! I'm desperately seeking for ideas!
Thanks for stopping by! Will visit blogs soon!


Jacqueline said...

I personally love this outfit! Great job =)


L.T. said...

You could be a cheetah with those awesome tights! Or just make a cool costume yourself ;)

Wendy said...

You look great! And purple is surprisingly cheetah print's sole mate, go so well. Thanks for reading my blog.

Friend in Fashion said...

C U T E - love the tights :)

princesspolitico said...

your outfit is divine - i love your confidence!


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

you look fine :D and it's so cute how you always smile !

Anonymous said...

SO amazing
i love it, thanks for sharing
you look flawless from head to toe, gorgeous!!!!!
love the prints with the purple

check out my blog @

michelle_ said...

hey ! love ur attitude so much !
i agree that we should dress for our own pleasures not others . and yes im getting fed up with those slutty halloween costumes as well. we need more creative minds these days !

and ur comment made me smile too :)
thanks for it ..
love the pleats of ur skirt by the way . it's gorgeous agains the cheetah .

just wondering.. are you chinese born canadian ? or are u just studying in canada ? :D

Valencia Lia said...

Adore the leopard print top and those tights !! and its good that it doesn't look over done at all:)

Adore your skirt too together with that blazer <3 <3

Jenny said...

i love your style
xoxo from France

Zhcsyra hp said...

i always adore ur style :))
anything is looks so fantastic .
lovely that cheetah tights ,ut top ,awesome skirt and very nice boots and blazer .
much love <333

gros gros bisssous xoxox

Suzanne said...

very cute! love the jacket, tights and skirt very much :)

Penny said...

Cute tights! You always seem to find sweet patterned ones. & Yeah, I find Mean Girls to be right when it comes to my town. I haven't found a girl my age who dresses my age yet O_o ... anyway, I'm going as Minnie Mouse!

Little Sophie said...

crazy outfit, but it works.
I'm going as a cow-girl this year, because, well, I'm a lazy ass.
and it's probably going to be a lame party, since no-one is goming.
we're not big on Halloween here in Holland.
wich is a shame, because I love to dress up as well.
last year I was a dark angel.
I even made wings out of cardboard.
those are very unpractical.
freinds of mine came as the seven dwarfs.

Charlotte. said...

that's always my casual day philosophy too! i love your outfit, especially the skirt.

The Style Strutter said...

I LOVE this look!! Sooooo cute and stylish and fresh:)!!!


daisychain said...


Naka said...

love the tights and omg fat chicken!!!!


Kate said...

I love that outfit - so cute!

Kate xx

Carrie said...

I love your outfit. I think the leopard tights look really great with your blue skirt. The belt also adds a nice touch. Awww, I think your outfit is so cute. You look adorable, sweetheart.

suzie said...

oh i like your outfit! it's funny that you had your dress down day today, since my school doesn't have uniforms and i wore something uniform like today and people were staring at me like wtf.. so i totally agree with today's cheesy lesson :)

Fashion By He said...

awesome outfit, those leggings are hot!!! cant wait to see more

come visit the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let he know what you think


Gabby said...

1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OUTFIT! The skirt, the tights, and that blazer!
2.A fat chicken? How did you do that?
3. Because you like to be different and have crazy costumes, why not be a crayon? How about a fashion crayon since you love color and your outfits are awesome.

Mine's a secret, you'll find out on Hallowe'en.

Thanks for all the comments!


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love the tights!

emily said...

you look fab!! and hmm, i've always called it leopard print, not cheetah print... but anyways, i'm planning on being a flapper for halloween. v. excited!! :)

Anna said...

Ahaha, I'm using halloween as a skank occasion since i'll be out on the town with my boyfriend; but nothing too raunchy, you know? Probably a jailmate, because my friend wants to be a cop lol (: Hope you have an awesome halloween since I probably wont; we have such an early curfew in my town!

Tori said...

Great post! Love the colors.
Haha I agree with you, I just wear whatever I want, whenever I want. =)

ariela♥ said...

So cute! Ahhh i am in love with your blazer!
I love the colorfulness in your ourfits!
You always rock them perfectly..



beckyxoxo said...

you are such a cutie ! and funny . haha . i agree with you . we all have to wear what we want . :) those leggings are superb btw ! have a nice day !

christina-b said...

This outfit is too sexy! I absolutely LOVE.


Laura @ effluvia said...

Hahah at the mean girls thing. Cute outfit :)

Little Bo Peeep said...

Woah gorgeous combination of leopard prints! You look great <3

Vicki said...

Love the tights, ive always called this leapord print, ive never heard it called cheetah print! mad, maybe it depends on where your from? lets swap ill call it cheetah print and you call it leapord. im dressing up as Thudercats cartoon character called Cheetara (part cheetah not even joking!) picture of this up on my blog. :)
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You look adorable! I love that skirt with those tights. Very creative and fun!

Anonymous said...

this outfit is adorable and you are too cute!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I'm being Rose from Titanic, and i agree free candy is much bettter!

liana said...

cool skirt!
btw, frothing over your daisy shirt and outfit below!
i love someone who wears as much colour as me!

Britty said...

hahah your so silly
uhm i love your skirt alot... you can make it look like anything like chic glam or grunge chic but made look like both actually =]

i'm passing out candy! fun right!

Carmen said...

I love your skirt, its too cute. The blazer goes so well with this outfit.


Posh said...

Adore this look, the skirt is so cool with the leopard print tights!!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit so much ! Beautiful pictures, your blog is so great !

Erika said...

There is nothing more fabulous at this very moment than your outfit. I'm in love. J'adore the way you are confident enough to mix prints - pinstripes, cheetah, etc. The result is always magical.

I think I'm going to be an Angel - though I've really no idea yet. Smart, right? One day before Halloween and my costume choice is still up in the air! :)

Kass said...

aww well i am glad you wore this outfit to school!
it is so cute and stlyish, i just love it!

as for halloween costumes.... i'm no help! ha

just4fun said...

You've got a great "combining-this-and-taht" talent!


Myriam said...

i really like your skirt and the way you smile in the photos! you're really nice

J & L said...

So glad you rocked cheetah. (Coming from a girl who owns cheetah shoes, pants, cardigans, and blazers). Best print EVER. And it looks great on you!!

Dress down days were always our favorite in high school, too, though we had REALLY strict dress codes so we couldn't do anything really fun/creative with our outfits.

P.S. We posted our potential Halloween costumes on the site if you want to check them out...


J & L said...

So glad you rocked cheetah. (Coming from a girl who owns cheetah shoes, pants, cardigans, and blazers). Best print EVER. And it looks great on you!!

Dress down days were always our favorite in high school, too, though we had REALLY strict dress codes so we couldn't do anything really fun/creative with our outfits.

P.S. We posted our potential Halloween costumes on the site if you want to check them out...


Poppy said...

Love the skirt!
again great photos!

Noemie said...

Nice dress !!

Violet said...

love this outfit !!!

Vi from Cali

Annie said...

I am... completely in love with this outfit. Seriously. The color of the skirt, the jacket, the tights... love love love love love.

I'm following your blog!

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