i like to ride my biiiiiicycleeee, i liiike to ride it noww...

Edit: I just realized I got the lyrics of my title wrong. Haha, embarrassing. I mean... I totally meant that.. you know, I.. never mind. Just continue...

I don't know about you guys, but I will (grudgingly) admit that the weather where I live sucks. It's been raining daily. Even hailed. But, today, I woke up and saw "sun" (i.e. no clouds)! I was so excited. Obviously, this meant a day filled with bright colours and bike rides! Okay, even though I still had to wear tights and a blazer... The point is, sun, I'm sorry I used to wish for your disappearance. I long for the heat that you brought... (Why is my relationship with the sun so indecisive?) But I'm still loving fall!
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I get an uncountable amount of stares when I go biking. It's pretty humorous and enjoyable. I love to go downtown and just people watch. There's a lot of sketchy - ahem - interesting people downtown. I love it.

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(Blazer - "Pacific Mall" $15, Yellow Dress - Thrifted $7, Floral Skirt - Thrifted $1, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Keds, Belt - Steve Madden $gift)
^ Is it incredibly dorky to say that I'm proud of that picture? My jumping shot? It's Facebook display worthy, except I feel like that would make me look really narcissistic. But, you know, in theory...

Also, I think that it's totally amazing that you guys have made puffy skirts. I'm seriously shocked and stoked. My sib (ling) wore one that I made her today, so I thought I'd do some harmless marketing.
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Please imagine an informercial voice: Do you love puffs? Do you love skirts? If so, make your own puffy skirt! Only with Girl with the Bow Tie does this offer apply... (yadda, yadda. I'm such a nerd!)

Hope you guys have a fabulous - and possibly sun filled? - weekend! For all you Canadians, happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for lots of things this year - family, friends, education, food, travel, creativity, sunshine, and life. And that people actually read my blog! Har-har, I'm filled with thanks!

What things are you thankful for?
(I know this question is mainly directed to Canadian bloggers - Gooo Canada! - but I'd love to hear anyone's list!)


E+J said...

I Love the last outfit !
its so preppy :) xx

annie said...

nice blog :)
i love the skirt you made.
and thank you again HEAPS
for posting up a tutorial on how to make them.

i've made two skirts and is very happy with it :)

i've linked and followed you on my blog :D

i love the blazer that you wore!

love annie, xx

lisa + cathy said...

yes what would i be without lexy and her puffy skirts tutorial? i'll probably have a lot bandaids on my hands, a ball of fabric in the corner of my room and a broke sewing machine! lets just say i'm thankful for someone as talented as you, haha. And it was sunny on saturday in Australia too! i just love the sun and all the joy it brings out, i'm thankful for that. And people stare @ you when your on your bike because they're lazy people who cant be bother to be active on bright, sunny and incredible day. what sad people

randi bergman said...

omg that bike situation is the cutest thing EVER! and i actually mean that. i'm canadian! pick me pick me! i'm perosnally thankful it's not snowing yet...althoughi have a feeling it will very soon....


Friend in Fashion said...

Fabulously entertaining and well styled as usual - CUTE bike! ;)

Olivia said...

I am thankful to you! For the amazing skirt tutorial! :)
It's wierd because it seems the weather is exactly the same in England than in Canada and Australia. Hmm, Maybe the whole world was sunny on Saturday?
We need more of these days!

Suzanne said...

wow the colors make me so happy! i love those cute red shoes, and such a nice yellow floral dress!

Naka said...

i love ur bike!!!

and ur style :D

Chloe T said...

Aw wow your outfit is so colourful and great, I love it! You'd think that an outfit like that would be sure to bring out the Sun! :)
Aww I love your sister's outfit too, very Parisian (red, blue and white of the French flag) :D
Great great blog.
Chloe xo

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

COLOUR! we are thankful for colour!

Haven't seen a streetstyle post that has made me smile this much for so long

We'll be back!
Come take a sneaky peek chez nous...
Have a lovely weekend :) <3 TBAG

Sophie said...

Your outfit is so fun and bright. I love your blazer and your skirt and well everything actually. Oh and your bike is amazing!! Oh thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I study Chemistry, and as geeky as it sounds I do really like it :) haha. xo

The style strutter said...

Simply adorable:)!!!
Love your bike its so cute and your layering!!


Anna said...

For some reason your other post didn't come up in my newsfeed earlier this week when you posted your other outfit, but let me just say i love the floral tights from there. And this outfit from THIS post is absolutely adorable, and extremely colorful. I love it in all possible ways (: Your helmet is to die for as well.

daisychain said...

you are just too cute for words. seriously.
I miss my bike!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! so much colour and good-feel! love it!

Michael said...

I know what you mean, it was raining so much here on Friday when me and my friends got to get together and go out and we didn't have such a great time... Now the weekend is bright and sunny but we can't get together!
I'm thankful for... life. :) And that's an understatement!

Brad Paige said...

wow okay this outfit is amazing!! it just put me in a great mood, i love the colors they are so fresh and exciting and really stand out and mesh well( primary) haha. cant wait for the next look!

and thanks for that compliment

michelle_ said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :)
and thx for the link exchange .
i love the outfit you wore for biking ! its soo very colorful and makes me happy when I look at it . haha
i love the helmet . i think that makes everything look cuter :)


Charlotte. said...

i love your outfit, it's just so colourful & cute!
& i also ADORE your bike.

Tori said...

Love the first outfit! Very fun! =D

Penny said...

I love the blazer and the yellow dress... Thanks for all the comments (: And Happy Thanksgiving up there! :D

Erika said...

Oh, you've made me want to go out an get a bike. I really want one with a little basket - it would be perfect for carrying fresh-baked baguettes around. All these colors thrill me - I so adore this post! And your little sis is so cute - she reminds me of Blair Waldorf in that picture! :)

emily said...

you look so colorful and cheerful! the helmet especially is a nice touch... ;)

Jacqueline said...

I love the skirt in the last photo. I also think the shots riding the bicycle are awesome. it is fun to people watch. One of my favorite things to do. People can be so weird it is frightening!


Martynique said...

amazing skirt

L.T. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And cool bike! I've seen one around my school and thinks its awesome haha

Emma said...

you are just to cute, and I love reading your blog. Who takes your pictures?

Gabby said...

Is it weird that I like your bike more than your outfit. But that doesn't mean I don't like your outfit. That blazer is amazing! But seriously, I'm so envious of your bike. It's so nice.

Forever XXI was amazing but, like I said, it was PACKED!!!!

Thanks for Commenting


Jocelynne said...

I wish I had a bike so I could take a ride downtown haha. Your outfit is so cool and bright, and I love your sister's outfit, too! I'm going to have to try making my own puffy skirt, cause I can never find the perfect one. Happy Thanksgiving :) Oh, and to answer your question: I'm mostly Filipino and a tiiinnnyy bit Spaniard.

thanks so much for your sweet comments xx

Zhcsyra hp said...

whooaa.,. be franqly i really adore u dear :))
je aime whole the outfits and i'd play with many colors on my outfits lyk u,.
really cute ur yellow top,amazing red blazer,nice skirt is right combined with that tights <333

Valencia Lia said...

I really love love this colorful outfit !! Its not overdone with the colors but just perfect !!

Your helmet is just too adorable and your bike tooooo ?! Where did you get yours ??

Gorgeous tights and your blazer !Beautiful jump shot toooo !
All in all,perfect ! And your sister is so adorable !

Londyn said...

OMG - LOVE these looks. So colorful and fun!

Dane said...

Your helmet and bike! So cute.

I love that song by Queen by the way, its a winner.


olivias-pizzaz said...

YOUR AMAZING!!! I love your bike and ur outfit makes me happy! haha. but seriously.

Carrie said...

Sweetie, you look adorable in these pictures. It's great that you had a chance to get out and ride your bike and enjoy some sun even in this fall weather. The skirt you made for your sister is amazing. You're really talented. I hope you had a good weekend as well. I'm thankful for my blog and all the great people I've been able to met through blogging :)

Andie said...

omg, i just bought a skirt exactly like the one you made/your sib is wearing! well this sucks, but then again, i dont have a sewing maching, and i feel like hand sewing isnt strong enough... so ermm yeah..
OH I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! SUCH PRETTY COLOURS and jumping pics ARE DA BOMB!! awesome blazer! and i get weird stares when i ride my bike too, do you get weird people calling "hola chica!"or "be careful babyyyyyy" at you too?? i hate those, haha


Anika said...

Gahh, you're gorgeous.
Loooove the bright colours in abundance...I feel happy just looking at you :)

And those bike shots are incredibly fab....frame em!

inabeena said...

your bike is love. you blog is love. :D

princesspolitico said...

lovely outfit! the colors are so gorgeous and whimsical :)


Vicki said...

Love these photos!! I love riding bikes!! When I went to Amsterdam everyone rode old fashioned bikes everywhere as daily transport was awesome, the cycled carrying flowers, with their newpapers under one arm, with someone sitting sideways on the back.. was so cool.. if only people did that here in Ireland, althou its pretty hilly!!:)
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

Anonymous said...

You are probably the cutest person ever in this world! I love you and your adorable bike and I love how people stare... they are only envious of your fabulousness tho!

And um, your sister is sooo cute!! She is following your fashionable footsteps and I cannot believe you made that skirt! It's gorgeous!

TheMinx said...

I love how these pictures are so colorful, and that red jacket is amaaazing! you have a fab blog :)

Patty Ann said...

i love these pictures
i bike around too, and i dont understand why people stare!!! biking is so cool, but people act so awkward when they see me biking!!! hahaha i love these pics!
who took the pics for yoU?????
the outfit is amazing, and i love all the primary colors including the yellow from your bike!!!


Anonymous said...

i honestly have to learn how to ride a bike. it's a wonder how i got fifteen years in a group of friends who can all skateboard and/or bike without being able to pedal even three metres!

hm. i'm thankful that i live in such a gorgeous country, both the land and the people.

-well, gee that was corny! haha

Mel said...

I love your outfits! The colors in the first one are absolutely stunning, and I love the red, white, and blue in the second!

beckyxoxo said...

your photos are so beautiful dear ! i love to see them . :) and the outfit is gorgeous ! so colorful ! your sister is so lucky to have you as a sibling . haha . that skirt is lovely , want it ! haha . aww happy thanksgiving to you . hope you have a nice day !

just4fun said...

Viva el color!!!


FabBlab said...

The last look is pure perfection! I love love love!

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR BIKE!!! and the colors on your outfit just makes me happy :)

happy thanksgiving!!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I would adore to own your bike, Like seriously die to own it!

A Decadent Thing said...

your bike is freaking cool. and honestly i mean, freaaaking cool. hahaha.

srsly, these ppl stare cos they love ur bike too. who wouldnt?! and baby girl, i always love all your outfits. they're always so sunshiney, and bright, and totally stylish. you have such an impeccable taste when it comes to styling your outfits to make it your own. kudos for tt!


Valeriesoh said...

I love your bike!!!!! did you paint it???

your sibling is tooo cute. love how you didn't say sister but sibling!!! ahahah

Marian said...

You are so cute! love these images, you make me wish I had a bike!

Coco + Audrey said...

Blue tights are awesome!

Samantha Simple said...

You just brightened my day with all your vibrant colors.


fashion nugget said...

love the red loafers.
i'm a candian blogger, visit.:D

Emily said...

I love the skirt tutorial.
I've made one, and I plan on making another one tomorrow. :)

Daisy said...

Oh wow, you are so colourful ! It makes me smile so much. Your bike is fab , so perfectly full of colour and a sute little helmet it !