Sunday, fun-day

I don't think I have a "style." I'm a heavy believer in the idea that fashion should be fun. I like wearing whatever, whenever, however... I don't think I could limit myself to a certain "style" - I just like wearing whatever I want! I think people take fashion too seriously sometimes. Just have fun!

But, I do think that this outfit is probably more subdued compared to my normal outfits. I woke up and felt like wearing these tights.. and then threw on everything else. Lazy Sundays, my friends, lazy Sundays...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Hat - Thrifted $3, Crochet Sweater - H&M $10, Plaid Dress - H&M $10, Pink Skirt [underneath] - Pacific Mall $7, Belt - Thrifted $1)

I love these tights. Despite the fact they always invoke weird looks by others. Or maybe that's why I love them...
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(Shoes - Value Village $7, Tights - H&M $14)

My backyard has a ridiculous population of frogs. I last counted 21!
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks for coming! And for all the comments; they were super sweet, and I will post more of my "art" soon! Until next time...
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NOTE: I was supposed to be waving, but now I realize that I look as though I think I'm the Queen or something... maybe I am...

Um, anyways. Thanks for coming! I will visit all your blogs this weekend; things are busy during the week! Au revoir, mes amis!
How would you describe your style?


emily said...

i looooove floral print tights!! and the pics of the frog pond and so cool. :) i'd say my style is kinda girly but always with something a little off...

Jocelynne said...

Omg I love the photos and this whole post! The flower tights are amaaazing.

Naka said...

very nice tights ^^

i love the shoes aswell and the photos :D

Anonymous said...

this is totally gorgeous
love the tights, you look flawless

check out my blog @

theTrendyDwarf said...

What a long time since I have commented! I haven't commented on anyone else's blog so don't worry. I don't have time for anything anymore! Did you edit your pictures? If so then awesome edits! I love them! I love your dress! The background is really cool as well! The tights are amazing! You look vintage right here. Awesome toad picture! It looks like he is going to jump right at me! I am so happy for you and your blog! You have grown so much since I first found you and you only had 2 posts and 1 follower! Now your up to 98 and a gazillion posts! Oh, time flies by way too quick!
check out my trendy blog!

Gabby said...

I really don't have a style. Like you, I just like to have fun with my clothes, even if it means stares for people.

I love your backyard!


Becca Joy said...

I love your crochet sweater, it looks so cozy! I didn't get to comment on the last post but you are an amazing artist, the hand you drew for the little boy is so detailed and good. I hope you post more artwork, you got skillz!

Emma said...

girl i think I'd call your style AMAZING but thats just me
hahha i know what you mean though its a question i often ponder..
I love the floral tights, I have a pair similar and they are one of my favourite things to wear. I'm jellin about the about the whole 21 frogs thing btw


E+J said...

Awh You Look So Cute :) I Love All The Pastels !xx

stylista said...

Cute outfit!!! I would say that my style is preppy but fun. Check out my blog at http://allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

CC said...

Great photos! Love the tights. :)


PS - Is it weird that I find the frog oddly cute?

Dylana said...

Fab tights!


Valencia Lia said...

WOW !!! Those tights are so beautiful with all those colors:) It looks really awesome on your with your dress and cardigan.

Always looking stunning girl ! Awww,the frog is cute.

Hmm,I would say my style is make something old and new together. Vintage classic with a pop of something modern

Valeriesoh said...

hahahha.. I have a frog ring that looks like this frog!! hahahahha...

I think you are tooo cute!!

Fashion Pix said...

Cute outfit! I had those tights too and I wore them once and then there came a little hole in it :(

Kate said...

Great pictures and lovely choices as usual. You are my style icon!

Kate xx

lisa + cathy said...

your style is effortless and it shows your a happy person because of all the colour combination you have in your style and yes why be serious about fashion? i adore how you be true yourself lexy! i must find a pair of floral or galaxy tights. HALLOWEEN IS COMING!

Sophie said...

These tights are fabulous, so romantic and cute. Perfectly suited to the background as well. Love all the frogs as well, at home we always have frogs in the garden too.xo

Andie said...

ooo i want floral tights!
i like how you just throw things on and poof! youve got yourself a zany oufit!
and how come you have nice frogs! the ones here are either really hideous,gross looking and not cute at all or squashed by a car, not a very pleasant sight to see when youre biking around, mind you.


Anonymous said...

oh my, those floral tights are divine! :) they add a very interesting detail to your outfit. i like your picture, you look very happy!

princesspolitico said...

those ballet flats are simply fabulous!


Isabel said...

Your tights are so cute! The pics are so lovely too, so fairytale like.

daisychain said...

omg I NEED those tights.

Jacqueline said...

LOVE your crochet sweater! What a great find. The frog is too cute. I love frogs.


Penny said...

I adore your floral tights... I'm always searching for the perfect pair... & I never fail to be astounded by how little your outfits cost!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos! You are so adorable. I love that outfit. It is so pretty and dreamy. That cardigan is so lovely and goes perfect with the dress. And I'm totally in love with your tights!

Anonymous said...

i describe mine as experimental and influenced. you're absolutely right, fashion should be fun.

i love your pictures! canada looks sooo inviting. you must have like a huge house or something.

gtg, gonna convince my mom to move to toronto or something :DD

p.s. i've been meaning to ask you this, but are you asian?

Vicki said...

Love the tights! :) man those frogs are really big!! we have loads in our garden too but they are very tiny!
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

annie said...

i really like your outfit.
especially the stockings!

you have a great blog, I've linked you on my blog!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Those tights are the best part of the outfit, other people are weird!
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CharmaineLi said...

i agree exactly with your philosophy on fashion! it's all about having fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are WONDERFUL! Did you take these photos yourself?? I love those tights! THey are perfect on you!

olivias-pizzaz said...

Love the photos! Yes it is all abut having fun! and I really want your tights!!

Anonymous said...

i love your white coat!

Carrie said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, sweetie. You're so cute! I love your tights. It's very playful and fun, a reflection of your style and how you like to have fun with fashion. Great pictures as well. The frog one is my favourite! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

beckyxoxo said...

super cute ! i love your outfit :) and yeah i don't have any style neither . i just wear what looks good on me and what i like on that time . haha . have a nice day dear !

Brad Paige said...

Your awesome!, the floral print tights are great. i love how you mixed them with that dress it creates an innovative interesting look!

and thanks for stopping by!


Erika said...

Your hat makes me happy. I just had to say that. And those tights are beyond fabulous. Anyone who gives you a weird look while wearing them is out of their mind - they're amazing! I so love the fact that you are dressed to the nines to hop around in the yard with frogs. I've always adored frogs myself - I've had countless ones as pets in the past! :)

My style is...up in the air. Evolving. Ever-changing. Honestly, it depends on my mood. :)

fashion doll said...

funny blog my style i really dont know i havent one concrete..


Ruta said...

i love this outfit SO SO SO much. it's just perfect. everything about it. and you are so lucky to have a pond in your backyard

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit! Great tights ;))

michelle_ said...

such a unique floral print tights . i wished I had the courage to wear those .

first time at ur blog and already in love with it :) so added u to my blog roll :)

hope u dont mind exchanging links with me :)

the christy said...

i LOVE this:)

your outfits are really cool and quirky and i just keep loving your blog! and those tights are genius.


Kelsey Kaysen said...

we have a very similar out look on style, love your blog check out mine if you have the chance http://girlonfire28.blogspot.com/

randi bergman said...

isnt it retards that i havent been to pacific mall yet? like what is wrong with me...(dontanswerthat!)


Patty Ann said...

so totally in love
with that sweater
its soooo cute
and you ARE SO CUTE!!!
your blog makes me so happy
looking at all these cute pics!


just4fun said...

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seek said...

Love your sense of style so cute the way you put it together. I'm loving this new label I found called Lucette, kind of reminds me of you. Have you found them yet? I think they are Australia, lucette.com.au

Anonymous said...

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