i parallel parked perfectly five times in a row!

asdjlaskjdlakldj WHY HAVEN'T I POSTED THIS DRESS BEFORE? (Yeah - no lame introduction apologizing for my lack of outfit posts due to lack of photographer; we're getting right to the point! Jump aboard!) I'm baffled. Why? This is my favourite dress. Ever. Why? Just look at it. Just look at how OBNOXIOUS it is. I love it! It has everything I could ask for in a dress - a whole plethora of colours, a heinous print, puffy sleeves reminiscent of five year old, the ability to be worn with crinoline... I've come up with a theory (it's deep - watch out): I just don't think I can ever have a bad day in this dress. It's just so joyous and fun. It makes me want to skip around and smile at strangers. I think that that's what fashion should do to you - bring joy, so you can spread it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recently, I've been completely, totally, and utterly bored with fashion.  I'm not mystified by what I'm seeing on runways or the internet or the streets any more. Everything strikes me as boooooring. Everything seems too serious. Too calculated. Too been there, seen that. What happened to the joy? What happened to the play? The fun? Fashion is such a privilege. To have the ability to express yourself, to even think "what will I wear today?"... that's a privilege. We're lucky to be in a society that's so developed that we don't have to worry about problems that were predominant a few centuries ago (and still in many parts of the world) like, say, growing crops to freaking eat or dying from now cure-able diseases or simply basic survival. To even to be able to have access to fashion is a privilege. And we should have fun with it! FUN! I guess I'm just kind of over the fashion industry's severe and serious take on the subject. I think we could amp up the "play" level a few notches! I mean, I just want to see girls cartwheeling down the runway and pop-up pages in magazines and more smiles on people in beautiful clothes because smiles and feelings is what it's all about. But maybe that's just me, stuck in the clouds...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic(Dress - Vintage $25, Crinoline - Vintage, Head scarf - Vintage $2, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Vintage $15, Bangles - Assorted, Broaches - Nepal)

Anyways. I hope you have a joyous day! I really do. Smile at strangers!
What is your stance on "fashion"? What would you like to see more of?


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your stance on fashion. What's the point if you aren't going to be original right? Love this outfit, you're adorable! This dress is incredible!
xo, Tori

Rimi said...

for the most part, today's fashion is basically an accumulation of styles and trends from the past 60-70 years...which is great to an extent! some fashion is just timeless (ie. Chanel) and will, hopefully, always be around, but i think most designers are simply uninspired.

Lalli Carvalho said...

So cute, baby!
This dress is a dreeeammm!

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Thousand kisses s2

Ali Hval said...

you are so adorable WHY

This dress is seriously the most perfect thing ever. It screams "Lexy," and I think you were made for it, or it was made for you, or some beautiful combination of the two (unintentional rhyming!!). It's so poofy and twirly and I bet you feel like a superhero princess or something in it. I know I would!

I understand what you mean about fashion being boring... I think that cartwheeling models would definitely up my interest in the fashion world. That needs to happen! That or runway shows that tell stories or something idk that'd be fun! asdhksjd

Amanda said...

Ahh! Thank you for your comment!
I REALLY adore your crinoline! I have a dress I have wanted a crinoline to wear it with for so long and can't find vintage place that sells them. Where on hearth did you get yours?! I love your style, and your drawings are AMAZING!

Sarah said...

That's why you need to be involved in fashion--you have a different point of view (and a solid one at that) to share. (: I am so perplexed at this point by what I think "fashion" really even means--it's definitely become an institution that perpetuates itself with a particular image and a stance on beauty & the body.

diane said...

Fashion is a serious business run by a bunch of old designers who steal ideas from young bloggers like you. Then they take their ideas and split them up into age groups:
Young & fun
Middle aged with money
Old & serious with tons of money
The first age group isn't possible without the second two, they're what finance it. It would be like icing with no cake to support it. But I think we all agree that the icing is the best part.

pixelhazard said...

yes, hi, I'd like to steal that dress!

Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

mimi said...

I think if everybody dressed crazily and fun all the time, we'd appreciate you a lot less Lexy! There has to be a fashion gradiant from those who dress in serious bizness to, well, people like YOU. I appreciate the entire spectrum, because girl, people WERK their clothing no matter what! I just met this guy with blue and red hair, a star tattoo on his forehead, a random metal band tee, skinny jeans, chains, and Vans the other day and he looked AMAZING to me. Of course I wouldn't wear something like that, nor would you, but I still appreciate how GOOD he looks. Everyone's personality is different. Therefore, everyone's style is different.


mimi said...

P.S. Are you legal in your province yet??? I'm sick of waiting til 19 to go to shows and bars legally! Also, if you're ever in Vancouver, pleeeease message me up girl. We should hang! (;

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Sometimes I feel the word 'FASHION' is made-up of a flammable orb, that ignites our world's diva complex. I will never understand conformism, I please myself to wear whatever I want, but I'm not one for dismissing something for being popular either. Fashion should just be FUN :) and self expressive.

Wear whatever your heart desires.



Nina Gonzalez said...

asdudhjash i love your dress!!!!!! seriously, lex, can i call you lex? hehehe i adore you and your sense of humour, fashion..but most importantly your individuality. you my dear, are freakin awesome! what part of Canada do you live in?? Come visit me on Vancouver!! :P

ellie said...

So love the colors of your outfit. I'm thinking more along the lines of upcycling than anything lately..with stuff in my closet I don't like anymore.

Izumihiiiflower said...

your dress is really pretty and really fun! a perfect dress *_*
Love everything about this post!
the fashion magazines are sad, fortunately there are blogs like yours. fun and colorful!

Flow Disruption said...

Oh my God, this dress! Where do you find stuff like this?! I mean, I can look and see, but still - I never find stuff like this! ;) I totally agree - fashion and style should be about fun and inspiration. And tryin' new things. ;)

Anonymous said...

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