a drawing a day keeps the doctor away*

Hi friends! How's it going? That was a semi-rhetorical question, but you are more than welcomed to enlighten me on your well-being in the comments below. It would be an honour, really. Um. I don't really know what I am saying, but I've been doing this weird thing where I've been staying up until 4:30 am, watching Project Runway and painting (three nights in a row!), and I think the lack of normal sleeping pattern is catching up to me.

So I will just ~swiftly~ move on to introduce you guys to my... dun dun dun... travel sketchbook! Whilst traveling, it was my goal to do a "Drawing a Day," which was fairly ambitious, but I'm quite content to say that I (semi) completed said goal! (Okay, I'll let you in on a secret... I pretty much completely gave up whilst in Europe, but hey ho! a drawing a day for four months in Morocco ain't too shabby!). Below is a taster of some of my drawings. I hope you like them. If you do like them, you can even check out my tumblr (woo, shameless self promotion!), which has been fairly poorly maintained and consequently remains only a taster of my drawings, but a better taster than the one presented below, so it's at least an improvement? Sure. And hey, if you really like them, then pop by to Canada and you can see them in real life! I will make you a nutella and orange sandwich in return for your efforts. I'm generous like that, you know. 

*by the way, can I just point out my super witty title? Which is also the title of my tumblr? Yeah, I'm clever. I play with my words. That's RIGHT. I think it's far more impressive than the actual sketchbook itself...

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I hope you guys like them! If you liked them and want to see more, then head on over here! (I was attempting to go for some commercial "jargon," but I think I just sound desperate. Apologies. I am just not cool enough.) They were fun to do - it's nice to keep creative juices flowing, especially since they all have their ideas and stories behind them! It's the kind of thing I foresee myself looking at when I'm old and gray and reminiscing on my carefree and adventurous youth. So hoorah!

Oh, and thank you oodles for your welcome back messages! They totally made me smile on the inside (and the outside, some of you guys...). I'm really pumped because I have lots of self-proposed projects and shenanigans that I will share soon. So... STAY TUNED. I hope I'm peaking your interest. Or something.

Have a glorious day! 

What are your hobbies?


ATH said...

I LOVE this! Your travel diary would be a treasure to have, I'm jealous of your talent. My very favourite is the mannequin, and the French one :) I also like drawing, but my creative juices are low most of the times ...

Grace said...

This has to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen (especially the adventure mouse...I think I love him!). Your talent is unbelievable!! I'm off to go and check out the other pictures :) xxx

Ali Hval said...

Following your tumblr nowww! :D :D

GOSH Lexy you are such a fantastic artist. I seriously am in love with so many of these drawings--my favorites are the one of the mannequins (such a great message eeep!), the one that says "everything beauty is right HERE" (which is so true, and I love the stars and the monster and that is just so well executed asdakd) and the make believe one and the french one and the ship one and asdhkas YOU are just amazing okay.

I am soglad you are back.


d'ohhhh! thanks so much yallzzz :D

Note: I never do smiley faces like that. Ever. So I must be really smiley now... Yayyy

j e s s i z e e said...

agh i love the little horned creatures, they're actually kinda cute c: and the professional dream maker one was awesome too :D

Anonymous said...

This is super inspiring! your are so talented...keep doing what you do!

AnnestGwynedd said...

Great drawings! and lovely blog glad I found it! :) I'm a new follower!!
Annest X

Sarah said...

You make me wish I could draw. Seriously. I love 'em.

Rimi said...

i luff your sketches!

one of my hobbies, since you asked (!) is my hair (in a totally non-conceited way)! my hair is mighty kinky-coily, so i love to research different products and hairstyles for making it super awesome and healthy! (if you squint really hard, you can see it here ==> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8MXkXA3BrDE/T86KAgLlKuI/AAAAAAAADwo/pdiDGxYXTVU/s220-h/DSC06398.JPG)

i also LOVE to sketch wedding gown designs.

Anonymous said...

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