'11 leftovers

Ridiculously humid weather is inspiring less-than-creative outfits, except for maybe the desire to invent some sort of cute-wearable-popsicle-thing, or something, but I don't think that's possible, so I'm just walking around town naked. (Except for not really, because that's illegal, but that's far more cooler than the truth, which is that I'm just wearing dresses you've all seen before). Consequently, I'm doing this thing (because I'm so cool) where I try on clothes and plan out fall outfits because, as I said, I'm just so cool (hey now, I live in a small town! It's hot outside! Don't judge my lack of life!). Which reminded me of the fall, last year. And then I remembered that, hey ho, I have lots of outfits from fall, last year, that I never showed on my blog because I never took good pictures of 'em (holllla, photobooth!!!)

SO. Basically, that was a very boring and roundabout introduction to this post... Narcisstic-Photos-I-Have-Of-Myself-Wearing-Clothes-I-Wore-Last-Fall-But-Never-Showed-You-Guys-Because-of-Its-Crappy-Quality. I was thinking about hoarding these looks and wearing them next year but then I remembered that that would make me lame(r than I already am)... So, voila! Have... fun?

By the way, I know that the photo quality sucks (photobooth), the room is boring (at my grandma's house), and I look ridiculous (I always do). 

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Some stylist from Milan or something complimented this outfit below, which is hilarious, but I also was wondering why she was shopping at Forever 21? I guess it's for everyone? (Do you guys see my semi-play-on-words? Can you pretend I'm clever now? Do you like me now? Do you?)
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Someone asked me if I was going to a party when I was wearing this outfit... I never am. Never. #CanIBeCoolYet  Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wore this around Halloweentime. Someone asked me if I was in costume. I wasn't. Hahah. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
It was cold and I thought a double blazer was a clever way around wearing a jacket. I don't get it either...  Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
If you want to know specifics about what I'm specifically wearing... don't be shy! ask away! Though, I must warn you... there's a 90% chance that the answer will be "Value Village" or "Salvation Army" or "Second-Hand-in-General." Scratch that. 95% chance. 

And, yes, I wore all these in real life. I really don't know what I'm thinking sometimes... Also, I think we should also applaud my narcissim, for this post would not happen without it. Clap clapppp!

I like to end my posts with relative inquiries, but since this post lacks much substance aside from my cam-whoring (example of potential questions relating to this post... which outfit is your favourite? how cool is lexy on a scale of 1 to 10? how much does lexy need to get a life?), I will ask you semi-generic questions that I'd genuinely like to know your answers to... What is your favourite book, movie, and/or musician RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND? Yep, I'm on a hunt for new books to read and movies to watch and music to listen to! Let me in on all the cool jamz yo! Thanks! You rock!  Have a beautiful day! Yay!


The GUILTY HYENA said...

These photos exude Lexy stylizimo!! the mix and match of prints is super! Your grandma's room looks quaint adds to the spontaneity of the outfits glad you decided to share these.

umm been listening to a girl group called 2NE1, they're never afraid to experiment with clothes or music either! My music movied books taste are so varied hard to narrow down a fave. :)

ATH said...

#youareverycoollexy I love the bright, bold colours - it's refreshing! My favourite song right NOW is 2ne1 - I LOVE YOU, and my favourite book and movie right NOW is Fight Club :D

Vivi N. said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I take tons of photos of my outfits but I never put them up on my blog due to crappy photo quality. Considering that my blog is filled with point and shoot pictures and on some occasions cell phone pictures, I think the crappy quality photos would be right at home.

Meanwhile, I would have LOVE to see a separate outfit post on your orange blazer + leopard sweater + denim shirt + printed pants look. (I guess that answers your, "What's your favorite Lexy outfit?" question).

My favorite musician RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND is a group called Pentatonix. They are a 5 person acapella group that is fucking amazing. I am addicted to them. Yes, addicted. They won the third season of "The Sing Off" and just release their EP. You can find their videos on YouTube.

Audrey Allure said...

Great round up of your amazing outfits! :) Loving that pink dotted blazer!

Rebecca said...

I don't really have a fav movie, but my favorite tv show is LOST. Oh my gosh it is so brilliant. So is Regina Spektor's music.

Hannah said...

My favourite band at the mo are The Eagles, favourite book is Catch-22 by Joseph Heller and movie is 10 Things I hate About You, cos who doesn't love that movie right?!

GemEmerald said...

Love every outfit, you have such a cool style i love it! Im glad your back to blogging :)

megan said...

Really cute outfits, love them!

Clairedontcare said...

I wish i had the courage to wear all those colors and paterns at once! Give me your courage! My favorite band right now is Dirty Projectors! they are amazingg

Tiffany said...

i love these looks hun!!!

Sarah said...

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