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Hi guys! I have a fun idea. It's called "Let's continue the theme of last post." Sounds fun, right? RIGHT? Right!!! So let's get to it! Let's have fun! Let's continue the theme of last post!*

*Let's pretend that last post had a "theme." And let's pretend that that "theme" was "Stuff I just didn't get around to posting last time around." 

So here we go! In this addition of "Stuff I Just Didn't Get Around To Posting Last Time Around" (SIJDGATPLTA, if you will), I will be featuring a Calendar! How fun! I made this little lad for my parents' Christmas gift last year. It's about 9" x 12" and a product of blood, sweat, and tears (or, perhaps more accurately, lameness, love, and no life). It's not the most brilliant thing in the universe, but it did snatch up quite a handful of hours of my short life span and, for that, I thought it might be, you know, FUN! to share it. (Yes, the exclamation succeeding "fun" was totally, completely, and utterly necessary.) You also get a taste of other specimens that share the same blood as a creature as fabulous as myself. Super FUN! Enjoy?

(Also, side note, I promise I have more shenanigans to post. It's just that one of my most recent shenanigans is eating up a faiiiir bit of time and, consequently, taking away from all other shenanigans I have been meaning to post. You follow me, yeah?)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic January - the Family in Iceland last July. National geographic, pen & ink
February - the Sibling and I doing an Etsy photoshoot. Pen & ink, construction paper, tulle, fabric, pearls

Image and video hosting by TinyPic March - the Family in Iceland, Markers, pen & ink, buttons, thread
April - the Sibling and I at a nearby park, Pen & ink, foam to make 3d cut-outs
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic May - the Sibling and I knitting, as we do, Construction paper, pen & ink, plastic bag
June - the family and I at my prom (awww!), Tissue paper, pen & ink, leather scraps from my prom dress
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic July - My cousins and sibling and I in Guatemala, Pen & ink, string, coloured pencils
August - My cousins on the other side of the family, Construction paper, lined paper, white ink
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic September - the Sibling and I frolicking with balloons in Iceland, Plastic bags, construction paper, pen & ink, thread
October  - the Sibling and I being posers around here, Thread (sewed on background, as well), pen & ink
  Image and video hosting by TinyPicNovember - the Family in Iceland with black and white photos so it looks fancy, Construction paper quilled up, Pen & ink
December - the Sister and I being posers on the first snow fall, Marker, Pen & Ink
As you may know, I'm really into homemade gifts. Not only are they a lot cheaper, but they are all made from creativity and love and individuality and hey now! My mommy says I'm special! Hehe. But fo realz. I'm really into homemade and old school things, in general. And, unfortunately, I feel like it is all going on a severe decline and it makes me scared and sorry for future generations that may not understand the beauty of simplicity, and rather be obsessed with the mumbo-jumbo of "super cool" technology. If I ever have children (highly unlikely, but if), they will grow up reading from actual books with actual pages, writing letters with pens and papers and stamps and envelopes, sending boxes of chocolates to the door of the dearest lover, and giving they're beloved mother (that would be me!) gifts made with their bare hands and right brain cells. That's all! Have a snazzy day!

What's the best gift you have ever received? Given?


Ali Hval said...

Oh my gooooodness, this is the sweetest gift you could ever give someone EVAR!! It definitely looks like your sweat, blood, and tears were put into it. Each of these pages is so creative, too~ like ohmygah. My favorites are December, September (plastic bags so neat!!), July, and March, but actually I really like them all and they're all so neat and special and aweE

Gazel M. said...

I wish I had as much of an ounce of creativity in my body like you do haha.


SunnyToast said...

Awesome creativity:) will best gift I received is my chanel bag:) given to me by mom:)

modern bedroom furniture said...

Cool post! Thank you for an excellent write-up specifically about this topic.


^^^ hahahahha that's the funniest copy and paste comment i've maybe ever seen.

Vivi N. said...

Lawd! The talent you possess is just not fair. HmmphhH!

(That was my way of saying that you did a superb job with that calendar!)

Clairedontcare said...

WOW this is so creative and touching and wonderful! how gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

this is so cuteee

Shalom Fad said...

I know it's a little late...seeing that this is 2015 and all, but I absolutely love your blog :) I would totally pay for that calendar too.