39 degrees celsius. that's really hot.

Hi everyone! I've got a surprise. It's kind of big news, actually. I was a little nervous about letting you guys all in on this but, hey, I figured why not. So, if you must know.... I've become a DUCT TAPE MUMMY! Mwahhaha. You know... just casually... in my spare time...

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If you thought to yourself, "Oh, well gosh! Look at that! Lexy! A duct tape mummy!" then I've got yet another surprise for you... TRICKED YA! I didn't really become a duct tape mummy on you! I was just playing a joke on you! I'm so funny! Ha! Hahah!

Ahem. Anyways. I should stop pretending I'm clever and just get to the point. And, the point is, well, I made a dress form out of duct tape! I've wanted a dress form forever to assist me with sewing, but I got bored of looking around and gasping at prices and additional shipping costs. So, at last, I had the brilliant idea... um, I'll make one! I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier - it just seems so obvious. So, a Google search later and BAM! We were ready to go!

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Fairly attractive process, I'd say. I would highly recommend it to all my single readers lookin' for luvvvv.

It was fairly simple and strait forward. All you need is a baggy t-shirt (hey, dad's bingo shirt!) (which I actually think is cool! shhh...), duct tape, saran wrap, duct tape, a willing helper, and, optional: coloured duct tape for the extra BAM! I was going to post step-by-step tutorial but, let's face it, that would be going above and beyond expectations and, as much as I love you, I have better things to do (i.e. crochet and watch re-runs of modern family). Instead, why don't you just use the link I used? Yeah! Do it!

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And voila! Some hard-labour (thanks, sibling!), a bit (lot) of sweat, and some awkward fumbling around, we've got our newest girlfrannnd... Here's a bit more about her...

Meet Paulette*. She is somewhat emotionally damaged. People suspect it derives from her unhealthy devotion to iguana themed videos, but this has not been proven. She might just be born a little wack. Like, she just can't help it (iguana videos or not). Still, she's a real riot. She started the "save the glitter" movement in '06 and regularly participates in protests and rallies related to the subject. Her favourite colour is hot pink. Suitably, she is hot pink (her favourite colour). And made of duct tape.
*Note: Paulette may also be Jean-Claude. I haven't decided yet. Jean-Claude is a drag queen. He is especially popular amongst the young, hispanic community. 

I've actually already used Paulette play around with old fabrics to make reversible collars. Wahoo!

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They're made from scraps of old projects and clothes (hey, if you stalk my blog hard enough, you may be able to find the original goods!). They're fun. I think. I've worn them. It was fun. I'll post pictures. Okay.

So I hope you're all being snappy and snazzy and stupendous and all those other s-adjectives to make this alliteration thing super! I will talk to you all soon! Let me know what you think! Or don't. Like, I don't care. Pfft. (Praise me! Praise me!)

What is on your summer "to-do" list?


cartoonfruit said...

hahah wow that looks fun

Amanda said...

The dress form is fantastic!! It looks like it was a lot of fun and maybe a little uncomfortable!


Flow Disruption said...

You're blogging again! Yay! I missed your crazy colours and humour. :) I made a duct tape dress form in school and it definitely served me well.

Nina Gonzalez said...

paulette looks pretty damn cool! and your reversible collar, lovely! on my summer to do list, make some watermelon popsicles, some choco bananos (chocolate covered bananas that are frozen) drink beer in a lake..go camping..hmm que mas

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Nice to meet you Paulette! :) save the glitter movement had some pretty heavy campaigns back in 06 ;)

what a nifty idea! dress forms can be pricey! that white sofa looks comfy!

Rebecca said...

I love that idea! My summer consists of making moolah as a 1st grade teacher and redecorating my room, woo-hoo!!!

Ali Hval said...

Hot pink is her favorite color and she is hot pink? Paulette must be one happy gal/guy/thing/whatever it may be now or in the future. ;) BuT ARHAMAGERD this is so neat. I would have never guessed to make this. Seriously wat. So clever and such pretty colors eeep! *praises over and over and OVER*

My to-do list is boring. I have to clean out my dorm stuff soon. And make some pumpkin bread, because that's what is fun to do in the middle of the summer.

ATH said...

Hi Pualette/Jean-Claude! I love that you're is hot pink. I would love to have a dress form myself, this is a much more economical alternative - I should make you a friend.

Clairedontcare said...

Hahah! that is fab! who knew duck tape could even transfer its self into fashion! My summer project is taking an old vintage button up and putting spikes everywhere!

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