story time, children.

Once upon a time, a boy and his friend were biking. They were about 14 years old. I was walking down the street. "She looks weird," the boy snickered to his friend. Apparently, it was hysterical. The end.

I will not lie. I was a little rattled at first. Mostly because I wish he said that to my face. I would have punched him. And let me tell you, I could have. But then I laughed. You see, the poor boy is already going through so much. Not only is his non-existent girlfriend taller than him, but his voice is also going fluctuating more than... something that fluctuates a lot. I'm glad I made him laugh. Even if his laugh is an octave higher than my own.

In conclusion, I would not want to be a 14 year old boy. I would also not want to look "normal." So, thank you little boy. I wish great things in your future. Like legs. (Chicken legs aren't real legs, my friend.)

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Close ups of my pretty awesome accessories, such as, um, a BALLOON BIB. And HIPSTER GLASSES. Need I say more?! (I think that the "uniqueness" of the balloon bib serves as a pleasant contrast to the generic hipster glasses and, therefore, I CAN BE FORGIVEN.)
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Oh, and since I'm so hipsterish - y'know, hipster glasses wearer, indie music listener, er, political ranter (?!) - I thought it'd only be appropriate to pay a proper homage to my other dear hipsters via hipsters have to pee pose. America's Next Top Hipster? Duh.
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Sibling. OH HEY. Sibling's feeling a little self conscious about writing a guest post, so can some of y'all PLEASE give her comforting advice. Tell her she's funny. Or something. She's afraid she won't match my wits. But let's be frank, NO ONE IS AS WITTY AS ME. Except for, you know, every other person... but that'll be our little secret. SHUSH. In conclusion, can I get a "Let's go Sibling, let's go!"?! Boo yeah.
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We're so cute. Don't you just want to squish our cheeks? Please don't answer that.
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(ME: Blazer - Thrifted/ Value Village $7, Shirt - Thrifted $1, Skirt - Homemade, Belt - Thrifted, Hipster Glasses - Hong Kong, Socks - H&M, Shoes - Thrifted/ Value Village $7)
(SIBLING: Cardigan - Old Navy, Shirt - Hong Kong, Jeans - Unknown)

P.S. How do people react to YOUR outfits in public?

P.P.S. Hey, if you're REALLY cool, ENTER MY GIVEAWAY. Then you'll automatically be cool FOREVER. (oooh!)


Hannah D. Marks said...

Can you go to Hong Kong and buy me that shirt your sister is wearing?! Awesome! (:

Just posted something new.

Joanne Faith said...

You guys are so cute - LOVE the hipster glasses, and your sister's shirt is so cute.

Little boys are rude...so are little girls (and big girls) for that matter!


Amber Rose said...

"Let's go sibling!"


Charlotte. said...

you're so cute! i love your blazer.
i get weird looks too, mainly because of my john lennon spectacles!

Katie said...

WHAT a cool blazer. i cant get over it. oh my goodness. too cool!

Ali said...

14 is the year when everyone in the world ever is a jerk, unless you were like me when you were 14 and were the one who got picked on by them!~ :D

pshhh, you look amazing. I seriously love that bright blue color and how your socks are that color, too, and how you just look so awesome. :D <3

I get some stares when I do the whole sock/shoes thing, or the ridiculous looking shoes thing.

&& no, I don't go to an art school, I is a senior in high school! :D so I'm almost to school. But I don't know if I want to go to art school. Decisions, decisions.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love your skirt and your 'siblings' shirt is so cute, also loving the yellow cardigan.

Hannah D. Marks said...

I just looked at some of your first blog posts... I have to say that I didn't even recognize you. Your style even looked different! Now it's like more colorful and less revealing???

it's also amazing that you were getting so many comments only that far in!!! (I wish I could be like you.......)

Jen said...

i love how much confidence you have in your style so that even when a puny, awkward little boy going through puberty snickers you don't give a damn. you should've sucker punched him in the face anyway. :)

i still can't get over how amazing this balloon bib is. <3

Josh Healy said...

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Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

That blazer is probably the coolest thing EVER! Seriously. It's just a sea of colour and i feel that if I owned it I would wear it alll the time!!!

Awesome outfit. Your outfits always make me so happy and encourage me to wear colour. Actually, you look like a very happy person yourself, which I think is very awesome :D

That little boy is un stupido. I hate kids like that.

Love your sisters shirt. So pretty.

CDG said...

Every single blazer in my closet is giving your blazer death stares right now. And you dress way more original than any hipster on the planet. My clothes get comments such as, "The circus is in town?" (totally original, I know)
P.S. Hi sibling, I am proof that ANYONE can put together a blog post. You can do no worse than me :)

Audrey Allure said...

I'm glad you're different and unique, and that makes you so much cooler than people like that boy. And psh, what does he know about fashion? haha

Naka said...

i love your skirt and ur sister's top and the most embrassing moment was when I was sorting out my bloomers in lolita and a guy in a van beeped and whistled at me :(

the others are just like weirdo , freak etc etc

Nadia Kamballa said...

Both of you look really cute together.. Great outfit btw :)


sweet said...

I love the outfit...and how bold you are when it comes to colors...the jacket is the boldest statement ever....but without it...

you cannot surprise anyone with your wardrobe...but I understand where you are at right now...and I am loving the boldness in you...

especially the colors as well...
Sister act!!! OMG now I am actually missing my sister!!!

take care love

Cafe Fashionista said...

Let's put it this way...I wear rompers quite often, paired with 4-inch wedge heels, and I cause quite a ruckus. Why? I think that people who are not "into" fashion think that rompers are some sort of lingerie. Despite the fact that they aren't, many people seem to take offense to them. You can't please everyone, right? :/

femme said...

hahaha you're hilarious!
'Chicken legs aren't real legs, my friend'
that's just.. genius
& i like your style!

K said...

come on sister! do a post! pleeeeeeease!!!! :-D

April said...

I think I tell you how much I love you too much, so I won't do it this time (but just know that I do). But anyway, instead, I'll give some lovin' to your lil sis, who should totally write a post because if she's related to you I'm SURE she'll be awesomely spectacular :)

Also I'm glad you told that little boy off (in your head) because you're right and he's wrong and you look GREAT and I want your balloon necklace. I knew I should have bought those balloons at the dollar store today! Damn.

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

People do the same thing to me! Kids at my school stare me up and down and laugh. I got used to it. Because everyone here wears hollister and juicy, dyes their hair platinum blonde, and is addicted to tanning.
I LOVE your outfit! You always dress so fun and colorful.

Stevia is Your Cherry Bomb said...

I think you would definitely win America's Next Hipster. For sure!

Oh boys. What do boys know anyway? They're just boys. BOYS. *rollingmyeyesinacoolwiseway*

We for sure adore you and your weirdness. Again. BOYS *rollingmyeyesinacoolwiseway*

and that is some blazer you got there!

Dearest, sibling, your sister is a tough act to follow, but Elle Fanning did it. YOU can do better than her I'm sure!

oh, goodluck on your giveaway!
I'm a terrible rapper. I would probably say incomprehensible words you'd be wondering am I speaking Pygmy's or English


Clare said...

Good lord! Just when I think you and your blog couldn't be more fabulous and cute you bring in your sister. She is super adorable!

FashionJazz said...

You both look fabulous hun!! Love your blog and style : ) Hope you are having a good week xxx

shannonnatasha said...

I love this! the colours are wonderful! I especially love the blazer! :)

Poppy said...

Gorgeous blazer and skirt!

Everything looks great together.


kyki said...


That is all. <3

-xo, kyki ♥


Panda said...

Don't litsen to some dretard guys - You look awesome! That first outfit is genius. i wish i had a massive colourful blazer. :)
Panda xx

Keepitrockkinn said...

Your awesome multicolored blazer makes my heart smile. I've been looking for a blazer recently toooo danggg.

Also, people sometimes stare if my outfits if they're really outrageous. But I also get a lot of compliments some days on accessories or something too so it goes both ways.


!♥ m i m i said...

Boys are dumb. They have no fashion sense. They would not know Vogue when it bites them in the arse.

Wait, what?

Okay moving on.

I always love your outfit. It truly is an explosion! Colourful, creative, and totally magazine editorial ready :D

Your sis is too cute. When is she guest blogging?!!!!

Um, I've kinda changed my style now. Before, I liked to be edgy and rocker and have odd pieces of clothing. Now I'm more feminine. Guys are more intimidated by me when I'm wearing heels, as opposed to when I'm wearing flat shoes. Girls tend to dislike me more when I'm wearing heels! Weird huh! I think it's cuz of the age group I'm in. Right now, everyone's goin crazy for Abercrombie and Aeropostale or some shit while I'm prancing around in heels and faux leather tights. Well, not anymore. I'm more into lace and girl skirts now. But still.

Hehe, I wrote too much :3

Um kthxbai <3

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

This outfit is off the hook, but you already knew that.
The colours and OH MY. P.s. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR V.V. 50% OFF SALE!?!?!?!?

Yes, let your sister do a guest post--she could write about the trials and tribulations of elementary school; that'd be fun to read!


LyddieGal said...

you have such pop jump perfection!!! I am forever envious.
and your balloon bib necklace is too cool for words, and too cool for 14 year-old boys. they will never get it, so why worry about their opinions?

Chic on the Cheap

sojourned in style said...

love love love what your wearing. you are a true original, so inventive and unique!