in the mighty jungle. the mighty, mighty jungle...

Once upon a time, I met a boy. He was perfect. We fell in love. Just kidding. 1) I've never talked to a boy. 2) Let alone meet a perfect boy. 3) Let alone fall in love. Actually, to be completely honest, I've never even talked to a human. Yeah, that's right I'm from Mars and WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT?! HUH?! YEAH. I'm awesome. (And for those of you thinking, "Well, that explains a lot" - all I've got to say, rather eloquently, is "USUK." HAH!)


Yeah. I appear to have I gotten off track. In conclusion, the point of, er, whatever, was to say that PERFECT DOESN'T EXIST and that's kind of awesome. I think quirks are kind of the best thing in the world. Why do people want to conform? I DON'T KNOW.

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I guess one weird thing about me is that I LOVE meeting new people. No, I know that everyone likes to meet new people (I'm pretty sure that's the most used line in Facebook bios, "Hi. I'm ________. I'm _____ years old and I love meeting new people! Let's chat!" STALK ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS. You will see that, on average, 24% of them will have this as their bio line. For real. Not. I made that up. BUT YOU GET THE PRINCIPLE.)
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But I love meeting new people. Period. Like, just MEETING them. And then that's it. Just the art of MEETING them.
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You see, I get a weird adrenaline rush when I meet people. I start off being chatty and enthusiastic and not shy. And then I gradually get bored of them/ they get bored of me. And then I'm boring again. And I get progressively shy after meeting someone. As in, I become SHYER. I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of most people. It might be a problem, but I'll just call it a "quirk" to justify it as being cool? Okay.
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Since we're (we're meaning "I'm", but I want to keep this all inclusive, y'know) on the subject of meeting people and clothing (? (it's a matter of simply reading between the lines)), I thought I'd carry on the trend. Because, you know, I'm smooth like peanut butter. (If any peanut butter company wants me to endorse them, this is all you need to know: I like my peanut butter CRUNCHY.)

Meet Dress. Dress is made of pretty fabric. Dress had lots of pretty fabric. One day, Dress was purchased. And RECONSTRUCTED. (That's a euphemism for killed! Mwahah.)
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Dress became Shorts. Meet Shorts. Shorts took a long time to make. Shorts enjoys bow ties and long walks on the beach. Except not really, because the water would ruin Shorts appearance.
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Also, meet Sibling. Except not really. Sibling has been on this blog a lot. So much, in fact, that I want Sibling to do a GUEST POST. Do you want Sibling to do a guest post? Yes? Give Sibling ideas? OKAY.
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Meet Lexy. Lexy owns this blog. Lexy is typing this. Lexy is typing this in third person because it sounds like someone is typing about Lexy and Lexy would feel very cool if that were the case. So we will pretend that this is Lexy's, urm, SECRETARY typing this. Because it's cool that Lexy is SO cool that Lexy has a secretary. BAM.
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(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Scarf - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Shorts - Homemade, Shoes - Aldo, Jewelry - Assorted.)

And since we're meeting Lexy (except for not really, but we will dismiss that), let's play that good ole fashion icebreaker game that Lexy hates. It's called two truths and a lie.
1) Lexy finger nails currently have happy faces on them.
2) Lexy's favourite vegetable is peas.
3) Lexy obsesses over Sims 3. It's not healthy.
So, I know these aren't original. This is why I hate this game. I'm just UNORIGINAL. Sigh. But nonetheless, GUESS WHICH ONE IS THE LIE.

And, YOUR TURN. Give me Two Truths and a Lie. (Also, give me the answer below. Like *enter* *enter* *enter* ANSWER. That would be cool.) Involving your super awesome QUIRKZ.

Also, would you like a Guest Post from Sibling?!
And of what?

Ta ta!



Joanne Faith said...

I'd like to see your sister write a post, maybe get her to talk about her style vs yours o:

Can't believe the job you did on those shorts, wow!


Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower, but I have fallen in LOVE with your blog already! You're so cute and the way you type cheers me up!
As for the 'truth' game thing, I hope number 2 is the lie, because I think peas are disgusting!
So, here's mine (sorry, these are unorignal too):

1) Molly lives on a farm.
2) Molly's favourite food is a cheap cereal called Mrs Crumble
3) Molly is obsessed with Japan and aall things Japanese >.<


The lie is..:
Number 2.
My favourite food is actually a cheap cereal called Master Crumble!

Also, yes I would like a Guest Post from Sibling! About... .... *still thinking*.. um, I don't know, but she could....
bake a cake in the shape of a cactus??

-molly xo

Martwa Marta said...

i love the prints combo, and your pants are so adorable. great job!

Ali said...

OOOOOH I love your reconstructed dress. Dress looks better as awesome shorts. :) I am so the same way meeting a new person. I DO GET BORED OF THEM. I feel so bad, I feel like it's me, I think it's the both of us collision-ing together in our awesomeness (unawesomeness?) that makes the boringness occur.

I'mma guess number two for you, because veggies scare me? xD


1) Ali's dad was once a repo man.
2) Ali loves licorice.
3) Ali sings in the shower and sounds AWESOME


2! Ali's dad was indeed a repo man at one point, and also she can sing sort of?! in the shower?! But hey, can't anyone? xD

dennicapearl said...

beautiful reconstruction.

you're such an amazing talent.

& meeting new people is a hobby of mine too. once in a while, you pick up great friendships.

facebook: dennica worrell

<3 dennica pearl

Naka said...

cute game at the end and i think its the peas :3 and i love the shorts and bows :3

mashi said...

Thanks for the lovely comment x

Love the reconstruction of the shorts. Very cool! And the addition of the bows = *thumbs up*

2 is false?!

Yes re sibling post, maybe intro her a bit first?

Violet said...

you sis should so do a post on her personal style. and i love shorts! lol

i like hanging out with people the meeting im not a big fan of lol

1. i love fruit
2. i been to new york
3. i wrote and directed a movie

Vi from Cali

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Meet Ruta. Ruta likes Lexy's awesome shorts that took a long time to make. Ruta wants Lexy to give Ruta shorts. :) ahaha.

Anyways, awesome shorts, can't believe you made those, you have skills. Wish I had those skills. I can only hand sew. How sad is that. I need to learn how to work a sewing machine.

Ahhh, I love meeting new people too but I get bored. I think it's sucks that I get so bored. I have like 3 close friends. That's it. I'm good though. I can't help getting bored of people though. If people were more interesting, I wouldn't get bored, but they suck so yeah. :(

Chelsea G said...

Wow, I am glad I checked out your blog! Your style is so cute! I wish I could pull off your clothes!

Indie.Tea said...

I don't know which one is the lie :)
But I agree with you that conformity sucks. And I liked your pictures, and the blue dress with the red detailing.

Audrey Allure said...

Very cute shorts! And aw man, I usually don't like playing those icebreaker games especially like on the first day of classes haha.
Mine is usually really boring:
1. I like playing tennis.
2. I'm a blogger.
3. I'm a morning person.

The 3rd is the lie. haha.

Zabrinah said...

I love your blog! You're so funny and adorable. Your outfit is wonderful! These photos are beautiful. Stunning, really.

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


rebecca said...

haha, it's like you're sweeney todd. you kill the dress, and instead of making pies, you make shorts :P
Nice to meet you, martian (:


Abi said...

Sweet outfit! Love the mix of patterns going on. The scarf is definitely a nice touch.

1. I don't like Paris
2. I eat breakfast foods for supper, and supper foods for breakfast
3. I pretend to be the best performer while singing and dancing around my room

1 is a lie. I would give an arm and a leg to move to Paris right this instant

Elizabeth Faraday said...

so cute! those shorts are adorable and so is that dress! beautiful!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ummm...you and your sis are cuteness multiplied!

Ooh, fun game!

1) Erika owns 22 pairs of boots.
2) Erika is the youngest of three siblings.
3) Erika carries lollipops in her handbag.

Yes, I would like a Guest Post from the Sibling. Fashion, what else is there?! :P

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great post:) I love your outfits:)

Hope you are having a great day:)

Ps: I am having a really great GIVEAWAY today…hint?(something you can wear) so please join in !!!!


Amber Rose said...

I absolutely love your posts! And I love meeting new people too- something about a fresh slate for me-- like whoever I am that day is how they will see me.
"Smooth like peanutbutter." :D

Amber Rose

Milda said...

Those shorts!!!! <3
I agree, perfect doesn't exist, and it would be boring as hell!

Clare said...

I love that bow dress! I think the peas one is a LIE

this free bird said...

you're hilarious!! you know what doesn't suck? that skirt!! so cute!!


Anonymous said...

Great job turning that dress into shorts! They look really fantastic!


♥ M i m i said...

woaaah i'm like that too!

i'm less shy around strangers
and more shy around ppl i know.
how crazy is that?
also i'm less shy around guys
and more shy around girls
because i feel like girls judge more than guys
and also because of this one Incident that Happened a loooong time ago. which i will not delve into right now and here.

okay yeah i'd love to read a post written by your lil sis! how old is she anyhow? she's very fashionableee

i will not add the 2 truths and a lie
bc i fear i will add 3 lies and no truth for tonight

FashionJazz said...

Love how you transformed your outfit hun!! You are soo fab! xxx

FashionJazz said...

Love how you transformed your outfit hun!! You are soo fab! xxx

Khadija said...

Gorgeous shorts! :p

ivy's closet said...

very impressive on the decontruction. Great shorts!

ori said...

So creative. Love what you've done.

Sarah said...

Hahahaha I love your 3rd person intros, and how you reconstructed that dress! I made the camp tags just by getting a sheet of copper (it's like aluminum or tin foil, except copper instead) and pressed into it with a pencil. It's just a shame because it's uber flimsy, but you can use them as bracelets while they last!

I think number 2 is the lie. I can't imagine you liking peas!

1. I've never eaten a cheeseburger in my entire life
2. My mom got my middle name from a Disney Princess
3. I have never been out of the country

#2 is the lie! There will probably never be a Disney princess with my middle name.

LyddieGal said...

Studies show that 45% of all statistics are made up.

I love that you turned the dress into shorts! -- Everyone else who reconstructs just takes the easy way out and makes a skirt, hahahah.

Just tell sibling to get her own blog.

i'm guessing 2, because of all the awesome vegetables; tomato, artichoke, baby corn, ect peas are just to boring to be anyone's favorite.

Chic on the Cheap

Deidra said...

Your favorite vegetable is not peas!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeyer said...

Those shorts are the offspring of that dress? Wow, you have some skillz! Also, I love your forest!

julia louise said...

Lovely photos.
Like the shorts a lot :-)


CHAMANDA said...

amazing pics! so fun haha

Marloes said...

Oh, that's just WAY TO COOL. You turned Dress into Shorts! :O And Shorts is really hot! Altough it's suits you MUCH BETTER than me. And that I can tell. You pull it off so well. I love your style.

And I definitely want a guest post of your sister. Does she have a blog herself? Don't get me wrong, your blog is one of my favorite so don't worry I will like her more than you. Although, I can't tell because I don't know her... and.. well... okay, never mind.

And about the two truths and a lie... erhrmm.... *think* *think*

1) I love aspergus
2) My favorite writer so far is Haruki Murakami, because of the strange things he writes about.
3) I'm a diehard indie/rock fan.

...1 is a lie. Although I do like the green ones in some dishes. My favourite food is actually Japanese. Sushi, Takoyaki, Sukiyaki, etc.

Melissa said...

Lexy is looking fab in shorts. Lexy recieved blog award from melissa. Lexy should check it owt. ;)

my guess is the lie is numero dos.

ok my go.
1. Melissa's favourite Disney film is Lilo & Stich
2. Melissa is currently wearing purple tights
3. Melissa carries expired HMV vouchers in her bag.


Number 1 is the lie!! Finding Nemo is my favourite disney movie!!

A guest post from your sister sounds great!


Hannah D. Marks said...

WHOAH,, that's awesome that you have such talent! I have a sewing machine, but i'm lacking the creativity.
I would love for Mimi (that's your sisters name, right?) to do a post! You have such a strong "voice" in your posts;it'd be interesting to see what hers is! Thanks for visiting! I just did a giant photo shoot (although it's not nearly as long and pretty as some of yours are) at sixletter-daze.blogspot.com
btw, every time I come here, I see my picture under one of your gadgets! And it's not your follower one, it's something else. What is it for? My awesomeness? :3

Mary Jane Girl said...

you made those shorts!!! girl you are freacken talented! love em! im defenately following ya!!! :D

Margaret said...

very cute :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Becca said...

I know this is totally weird, but these photos are really reminding me of the Jungle Book for some reason. What a great movie, haven't seen it in years!

vecha ♥ said...

i love your pink shorts!!!
anyway, you looks so pretty in thereee :)

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

(I can sympathize with your not falling in love story--I didn't start talking to boys till practically the tenth grade!)

No Lexy, you are weird. You get progressively shyer!? What a weirdo. :D
However, I think I get progressively shyer around guys. I DON'T KNOW; I THINK YOU MUST TEACH ME HOW TO SPEAK TO GUYS!
It's true though, there are sooo many boring people in this world we live in. Sigh (i.e. the people in my high school grad class minus a select few!)

Okay! game time:
1. Urooba didn't go to school for a year.
2. Urooba loves mangoes.
3. Urooba would like to become a doctor.

AnD the lie is...ZING ZING ZING...#3!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you are just so funny lexy!!!!
and how you changed that dresses' life and made them into shorts is just amazing! the bows really topped the short off!

ps. yes, make sibling do a guest post. :D

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Stevia said...

Hi, shorts, nice to meet you!

Hello, sibbling, is nice to meet you too.

Hey, Lexy, nice to meet you! (much nicer than meeting shorts, but don't tell shorts!)

Let's see..

1. Stevia likes her veggies.
2. Stevia dances, ballroom dance and ballet
3. Stevia hates horror movies


Number 2 is a lie. I don't dance. I fall.

Number 1 is NOT a lie. I like my veggies! Scout's honor!

And of course sibling should do a guest post. How about a movie-inspired post? Like, say, Avatar. Cue for blue body paints!

Stevia said...

almost forgot
i gave you an award!

mind to pick it up? ;)


Andie said...

ewwww youre from mars? mars was cool like a second ago, now its the new pluto. venus is the new mars, so you could stay on your little sad planet or hop on a magic school bus and get your hot pink butt here.
(wow that all just shot right through the fingers of my veins and onto the keyboard....weird...)
ANYWAYS LOVING THOSE SHORTS! and that lion king song thing was playing in my head just a second ago, COOL!


Colleen said...

I enjoy your funny writing and your awesome and unique sense of style Lexy! I laugh whenever I read your posts! You are refreshing!!:)

DarlingDearest said...

1. Thanks for reading my first ever post on my blog and leaving a comment!
2. I came to yours, just like you asked because I'm just that nice of a person. Not really, I was just superrrrr curious and I know I'd like for someone else to do the same to me if I asked.
3. I very much enjoy your blog!
4. I also very much enjoy your personality!
5. I don't have anything else to say, I just like odd numbers.

sojourned in style said...

i adore your style!!! love how you made the dress into shorts, so inventive!!


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