i'm so sly, i'm typing this post as i'm in french class

can you say rebel? yeah, i know. i like to live on the edge.

speaking of school (kind-of), this outfit strangely reminded me of Blair Waldorf. I think it has to do with the blazer and bright tights kind of thing, no?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If my hair looks wet in this picture that's because.. it's wet. Yeah, i take showers at 4:00pm on the weekend. That's weird? You're weird.
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This is pretty much my fall wardrobe: bright tights, bright blazer, loose shirt, and full skirt! Thankfully, I've got more surprises for you all, muchos gracias to Value Village. New articles of clothing will be shown (after they are worn (after they are washed)) soon!
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Denim shirt - Dress-up Box, Skirt - DIY, Belt - Thrifted $1, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Old Navy $7, Bag - Value Village $10)

Anyone have any great weekend plans? Hopefully, I'll be off the one of the kind show and... I'm soooo excited for this one, studying for upcoming examinations!!! (insert: sarcasm).

What are you all up to?
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Suzanne said...

very cute skirt :)

Penny said...

Seriously one of my favorite outfits of yours ever! The blazer and the tights and the skirt and it's just perfect.

ღ♥ MY FASH' said...

Cute skirt girl!!!Love how kool you match colors n fabrics! Sometimes it's not completely my thing but u are doing a great job on the last 2 ones (A)

mikaela said...


i can't believe how deprived i've been of your blog!

i totally went MIA on blogspot because of school :(

anyways, i love love love love this outfit!!! so colourful :D

and i think you would be glad to know that i got all my friends hooked on value village ;)
everyone i know shops there now!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

OOo! Examinations I wanna study for them too! (insert loads of sarcasm, lol) I have some coming up this next week. Hope they all go great for you!


theTrendyDwarf said...

I love this ensemble so much! Your yellow blazer is just too cool! Women can get away with such crazy colored clothing items such as yellow blazers. If a guy wears a yellow blazer, they are probably considered a pimp, because pimps wear crazy colors. I am talking about the ones you usually see in pictures. LOL! No offence to you pimps out there. I love the tights and the floral printed skirt! Even the purple flats are amazing! Thank you for the comments! You honestly have no idea how much I appreciate them. You are such a cool blogger friend to have! When you said that I was one of the first bloggers to comment your blog...I was like wow! That's true! Although, that was such a long time ago!
check out my trendy blog!

Gabby said...

I can't express how much I LOVE this outfit. I would usually say that the skirt is cute but right now its GORGEOUS! I'm so happy that you like Miss GaGa too. My friends seem to not enjoy her.

Thanks for commenting!


betz said...

I love your outfit! It's so fresh, fun, and whimsical. Your skirt is totally adorable. And the bag. And the shoes. And the tights. And the blazer. Everything. Yeah, tights and blazer is B.


Anonymous said...

i love how unafraid of color you are
you throw it on and rock it
gorgeous as always darling
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

B a la Moda said...

I just shoot a video on color blocking. I will post it in 2 weeks. I think you have a great sense to mix colors. You take risks that I like putting things together. great Job!
B* a la Moda

Violet said...

very wardolf.... love the skirt

realy in the middle of the day?

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

you're always so colorful and bubbly. i need to be more like you :DD

Phyllis said...

you always rock it!! i love how you play with color

olivias-pizzaz said...

love the skirt! and blazer awesome outfit!! I like how instead of dressing like the weather you dress summery with bright colours, its very cool.

Valencia Lia said...

Always so excited to see your outfit posts all the time!

Adore how you always match colors together:) I do have a similar mustard blazer to yours and I love how you matched that shirt with your floral skirt<3

Gorgeous jump shot and that stunnning purple bag too<3

Britty said...

so much color ahh i love it! I mean I cant pick anything because everything is great!

Mandy said...

Might be my favorite outfit yet. LOVE the blazer.

Smileyfreak said...

I like your handbag :)

Tori said...

This is so cute! Love it all.

Becca Joy said...

I love how bright your outfits are, also I did your skirt DIY it turned out good. I did a blogpost,check it out if you have the time

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for finding my blog, and leaving such a nice comment! :)
so i got curious and had a look at yours- love the header and more...like your affinity for unabashed color combos. i am completely WOWed! really, i would never be able to pull of these mixes quite the way you do. i am totally smiling, just from looking at these outfits.

the style crusader said...

very blaire but way funkier! you look adorable and so cool.

also, pretty incredible to look so amazing on such a small budget. all your pieces are totally great finds! blairs are always the most expensive things around... so i think your outfit is way more impressive!

love your blog. your outfits are so uplifting and well styled. xx

Mel said...

I really like all the colors of your outfit (I say that like every time but it's so true)! Reminds me of spring and Easter and candy in general :) I love the color of your tights too!

michelle_ said...

oh yes this does remind me of blair waldorf ! all the preppy stuff and bright tights .

totally love ur winter wardrboe . i always stick to back :( and love ur dyed skirt . i need to learn to sew on a machine so i can do those DIY project i've been dying to do !

love the dash of purple on the shoes and bag.

Carrie said...

Wow, your yellow blazer is absolutely stunning and I really like how you paired it with denim and floral. You really know how to mix and match, sweetie. I adore this look.

Kate said...

Wow I love this outfit - It doesn't look like it should work and yet it really does

Kate xx

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh, how adorable!! Another amazing outfit. You have some of my most favorite outfits in the blogosphere. :)
Those bright blue tights are gorgeous and go so well with that colorful skirt and those purple shoes. I adore this outfit. I want to copy it!!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Love the outfit so much!

Sophie said...

Oh I love this outfit! I love all the bright colours, I can see a bit of blair waldorf there as well. I really like the skirt and blazer. As always darling, I love your photos! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.xo

Gabby said...

Thanks for the comment and just to say your such a rebel :D.


Friend in Fashion said...

Your gorgeous smile, keen sense of humour and bright colours always keep me looking forward to your next posts - fabulous as usual!Your designs are great and that blazer is devine! :)


Joanne Faith said...

The blazer fits so well with the skirt & it's super cute.

I am often guilty of late afternoon showers on the weekend too. ;)


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Very blair, but cuter and more eccentric!

Lexi Colby said...

so adorable ! love the outfit

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love this outfit !(I know I say that to all your outfits, but it is SO SO true) You really do have a mind blowing, amazing style. You also have talent of knowing how to put completely different pieces together and create the perfect outfit. I can't even try to do what you do without getting it totally wrong and looking like an idiot :D

Andie said...

cute outfit! and ooooo youre so rebellious....im gonna tell someone and youre gonna get in trouble. OH SNAP! okay wth

and isnt nutella just GRAND!
thanks for the greeting, my birthday was last nov 28, so..yeah


Danielle said...

This outfit is absolutely adorable! I created a blog a few weeks ago, I would love if you could check it out!


Anonymous said...

hi, lovelie - you are sooo adorable! love the DIY belt and indeed, the colors are fantastic!

btw; thanks for dropping by, xx

Ditte said...

The colour on that blazer is so bautiful!

Poppy said...

I love that skirt!
Really like your style

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