this is the start of something new

(*cringe* sorry, I couldn't think of a better title. But, you know, some good ole' fashion High School Musical doesn't hurt.. ahem..)

Anyways, if you are here, that means you are at quirkyexplosion.blogspot.com. Oh la la! Yes, I changed my site name. I've wanted to for a while, so I was like "stop dreaming and do it, girl" (except, you know, not.) I think it suits my blog better. Anyways, you can read more about that mumbo-jumbo-fun-stuff right about here!

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(Dress - Thrifted $7, Denim Shirt - Dress up Box, Shoes - Keds, Socks - H&M)
My mum told me not to "dress up for summer" (apparently sun does not = warmth). Guess what? I'm such a rebel and did anyways. I know, I know. Please hold your gasps. I didn't listen to Mummmyyy! Nananabooboo. Oh, wait. Let's be mature here..

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Purchased this awesomely childish bag at Value Village, which I centered my outfit around. I feel as though a child designed this. Which I love.
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(Bag - Value Village $10)

I'm particularly excited for Monday because it is the Value Village 50% off sale. And I have no school that day! I'm pretty much prepared to fight the old ladies for the dressing rooms. Warning: If you are elderly and plan on going to such a historical event, be prepared to face the wrath of my ex-wrestling skills. Just saying.

I try to pretend I can take photos. Now I'm pretending I can edit videos. Enjoyish? :)

new name from lexy ht on Vimeo.

(Song: 32 Ways to Make You Smile - Backseat Goodbye)

If you guys could update your links to my new name (but same blog!), I would appreciate it so much that I would jump through the computer screen, have your pictures come to life and hug you. Obviously this is not possible, but just to put it in perspective. But honestly, comment if you do and I will virtually hug you or something equally gratifying.

Thanks a bunch! Also, I can't believe the number of comments I've gotten. Thank you so much, I will visit your blogs very soon!


Jocelynne said...



your bright outfits and sense of humor just makes my day

Gabby said...

Good for you. Change is good. And the new title suits you better.


Andie said...

hurray for the new blog name! it actually does suit your blog better, i must say. QUIRKY EXPLOSION! has a nice ring to it, yes...
and i love your purse! i wish there was a value village here, it sounds so cool, and cheap :D
GO WRESTLE SOME OLD LADIES KIDDO! thats the way to go!
and i do quite like virtual hugs, theyre like hugs, but virtually.
>:D< (if you have yahoo messanger, thats a hugging smiley right there)
haha, nice video! i like the song :D


Naka said...

very cute video ^^

Olivia said...

You're not pretending you can edit videos, you really can! It made me smile. Love it and your outfit! ♥

Olivia said...

PS I will update the link now! :)x

daisychain said...

all updated :)

Jacqueline said...

Great purse you found! I love the denim shirt with the yellow dress. I love your blog! xoxo Great new header too!


Tayler said...

love it!


Joanne Faith said...

Congratulatons on making the move! I love the new name. :) I think it does suit you!!!


Victoria said...

That video was amazingly cute and i love ur outfit! i love all ur outfits!!!!!!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love your new blog name! And you are right, every day is a great excuse to play dress-up!

I'll be updating your new name soon!


princesspolitico said...

ah! seriously love your purse! its so bright and whimsical :)


Gabby said...

And I'm totally going to the Value Village tomorrow!


Urooba said...


And is this Value Village 50% sale going all over Canada!?!
OMG, please lord please, yes!

OOOO, and check out my new blog!
I'mma total blogging virgin! :D

Victoria-H said...

Hihi yea I'm blessed to be here, its awesome :D
And oooo god ! Love the bag ! and the dress and the whole outfit ! man it's sooo cool !! :D

Mel said...

I like your new blog name! It's very you! Your layered shirts are awesome, and I like the way your blue socks pop out!

Anonymous said...

love the look darling
thanks for sharing
adorable as always
i like the new name better, i will change the link, and i adore the video!
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Eva Silviana said...

Okay, i'll change your link on mine :) by the way your denim shirt. it's cool!

Sarah said...

I love that you're always so colourful! Great look! xx

Mandy said...

You have inspired me to buy keds.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love the new blog. Cute name. :)
This outfit is amazingly cool. Yellow looks gorgeous on you. And that little kiddie bag is the perfect touch. Sooo cute!

Smileyfreak said...

That bag is so cute!! :) I really like your new blog title thingy,it suits your blog perfectly :)

The Daydreamer said...

I adore the new blog name. Quirky Explosion? How adorable! Would you like to exchange links?

dotie said...

I love your colorful dress..:)
very cute!!


Samantha said...

I love how you wear color :)

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit and the new name really does suit your blog better than the old one ! I really like this new one :)

Britty said...

hahah you always make me fun whenever I cam your blog!
I love your outfit! so colorful it's like I'm looking in Nylon magazine but you know what that your personality cute song

Valencia Lia said...

Yayyy yayyy for a new blog name ! I really love it so much:)

And to more good things to come!! Woohoooo ~

Love love your off blue denim shirt with that dress! And your blue socks with the white keds,perfection!

I love the colorblocking of your new bag too <3

ohhh yes,I've updated your new blog address too . big hugsssss

Jenna said...

Oh my word I love your dress so much!

Carrie said...

I really like your new blog title and I'm glad you finally came up with the courage to change it after all this time, since it's been on your mind for awhile. Just wanted to let you know I updated my blogroll with your new link and I hope you will add me as well.

Cute outfit, sweetie. Always very colourful and stylish. Hope your week is off to a good start, and thank you for your lovely comment recently. It means a lot to me :)

beckyxoxo said...

hi dear ! i will update your link :D what a cool outfit , so playful and fun . love the yellow dress . hope you have a nice day ! xooxoxox .

مى said...

This is amazing, keep it up (:

مى said...
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Posh said...

Great color combination and the layering part is lovely!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

J & L said...

Congrats on the new name and blog identity. Have fun with it!!

your friends at...

Anonymous said...

love love the name .... and great look, xx

Phyllis said...

love your blog sooo much! and the new name definitely fits =)

B a la Moda said...

The video is so cute! You do it really good! Love your bright outfit.

B* a la Moda

Lilee said...

coolies, i love your new blog name haha

Sophie said...

Oh I love your new blog name! I will be sure to update my link now.
Wow, I love this outfit, its really cute and that bag is awesome. Its so bright, cheerful and fun. xo

michelle_ said...

updated the links already !

Natacha said...

This video is so great !!

Karl said...

love the look darling thanks for sharing adorable as always i like the new name better, i will change the link, and i adore the video! and thanks for the sweet comments -cma check out my blog @ cosmicaroline.blogspot.com