i'm not shy. i just dont want to talk to you. so HAH.

How would you describe your personality? I was thinking about this, and I'm having a hard time coming up with an answer. Sometimes I'm loud, sometimes I'm quiet. Sometimes I'm chatty, sometimes I'm not. I've decided that it depends on the person I'm with. I've decided that I'm not a people person, but I'm not not a people person. It just depends on what people you are. You follow? (It made more sense in my head...)

Speaking of people, this outfit reminded me of Ugly Betty (yes, that related. Or, at least pretend it is.) Something about tweed skirts and tacky patterns. I love Ugly Betty. Is it still airing? I guess I can't say that I "love" it, if I don't follow it like a die-hard fan. But I do. Love it, that is.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shirt and skirt from the Value Village 50% off sale, which I've been raving about like the dorky bargain hunter I am. It was awesome, okay?
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt - Value Village $2.50, Skirt - Value Village $3, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Mum's, Jewelery - assortment, Belt - thrifted $1)

I've had some people comment about my personality, based on my clothes / pictures, which I think is totally rad of you (not to sound like a wannabe-hipster by saying both "totally" and "rad" in the same sentence). And not to sound like a narcissistic idiot that I'm hopefully not, but how would you guess my personality? (Based on my blog, I suppose). And not to ask this only to turn the tables and convince you that I'm not a narcissistic idiot, but out of genuine curiosity of how you would describe yourself, how would you describe yourself?

And for the majority of you who scroll through pictures and then potentially skim the last line, thanks so much for stopping by and possibly commenting! Comments make me ridiculously joyous in a non-normal way :) And if you could answer those questions, bonus marks (oooh!) for you!


Jocelynne said...

Dude, you always have amazing value village finds. It's sooo hard for me to find anything good when I thrift, haha. Anyways, I totally understand what you mean about not being a people person yet not NOT being a people person, cause I'm the same way! Although, from your blog you really do seem outgoing. Your outfits are always so bright and you always have a smile on your face that could light up any room. Also based on your (sometimes ridiculous, but in the best possibly way!) humor in your post, you just do seem like a people person.

Wow I totally just rambled there, but I hope you get the jist of what I'm trying to say :P

betz said...

nice play with the colors. it's fun! oh by the way, ugly betty is still airing. i love it too!

love your blog. following you!


Parties and Pretty Things said...

i am a mega fan of your shirt, vintage treasures are my life
check out my blog if you have the time http://partiesandprettythings.blogspot.com/

Olivia said...

I love how you're so confident about what you wear. Your clothes are so bright and it's not like you could blend in. I think that it part of your personality, maybe you like to stand out?

Ha, I'd describe myself as an optimist, I like to make light out of situations. I also don't like to show my feelings much, I literally won't cry in front of my friends. I don't know what this shows about my personality but yeaah, you asked!

love the blog btw.

Emma said...

You seem like a very outgoing person to me, judging on your enthusiasm in your photos :) You also must not care to much what other people think since you are able to post photos of yourself on a public blog. I'd say that you are an easygoing person, who enjoys company but needs to be on their own from time to time. Anyways, love the outfit, and ugly betty is an epic show :)


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

i'm so surprised by all your thorough responses! thanks guys! I'll be catching up on blogs ASAP! :)

Penny said...

Love the accessories; the bangles are perfect.

You seem really bubbly and happy. Also, you seem like you would be the type of person to randomly burst into choreographed song and dance throughout the day. (:

Also, I get what you mean- some people are easier to talk to than others!

Thanks for continuing to comment my blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your shirt and the color of your ring is beautiful :)

By looking at how you dress you seem like a very very fun and outgoing person. How would I describe myself ??
Thats hard.. I'm usually always happy and like to mess around and do all kinds of fun things. I very rarely get mad at anyone. You will hardly ever be bored with me, but then I know when to stop. It's like when it's time to have fun and play around I will, but when it's time to be serious I am serious... haha, I don't even know what I am writing:D I just wrote what I was thinking, I hope you can understand anything out of my description :D

Joanne Faith said...

You seem confident! & like you are confident enough to know what you like and go with it. :)

Your outfit is cute, I like the accessories & blue tights are my fave!


Phyllis said...

hmm your personality -- from your blog i'd say - bold, fun, confident, happy =)
but i feel yea.. its a weird/tough question, esp since everyone you ask sort of knows you in a different context.

love the outfit as always =)
btw - i tagged you on my blog hun!

mikaela said...

you definitely have a quirky and fun loving personality!

i seriously love love love! your clothes. they're so colourful :D
and yes, Ugly Betty is still airing on friday.

i've put you on my blog roll!
so check out my blog when you get the chance ;)

Posh said...

Picture perfect, amazing look and great shots! <3

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Georgie said...

Love your outfit!

Gabby said...

Another awesome outfit! And just like your title, your a QUIRKY EXPLOSION!


beckyxoxo said...

Ohhhh me too ! I'm shy when I meet new friends . But when I meet my best friends , I will be like crazy ! Just shout and scream . I mean it . Lol .

By the way I adore you , and I think you're so confident by wearing those outfits ! I always want to wear like pattern tights , knee high boots , but I just don't have the confident to wear them . So yeah you rock ! Haha . This outfit is totally catchy and lovely . Love it !

Have a nice day ! :)

p.s. I've linked you !

B a la Moda said...

It is hard to talk about someone´s personality without meeting her. I think you look like fun, impulsive and with no fears. I like the look today!

B* a la Moda

Friend in Fashion said...

You are incredible - that jacket is fab and you've styled it perfectly! :) From your blog i'd guess you are kind, caring with a fabulous sense of humour :)


Mel said...

Well I've always thought you were kind of optimistic and cheerful to be around. For me, I know I'm super shy and stuff, but sometimes I can be a little more talkative with my friends, but usually I don't talk a lot.

Yay I love your Ugly Betty-like ensembles! UB's one of my favorite shows!

Valencia Lia said...

I need to go on a thirfting trip with youuuu !! Loved loved your gorgeous blouse,the most beautiful colors:)
And your skirt,I love it:)

Yeaa,I would understand what you mean by having your blog and also the person you really are. heeee For me,I guess I'm pretty much the same online and offline. And I'm a really enthu person. heeeee

Psssst,I got my heart sunnies at a recent Topshop event I went to<3

Dylana said...

SO cute!

Lovely blog!


sharonlei said...

Gosh I want that shirt! How totally amazing.. Great find. :) I love thirfting... hope you have a happy weekend.

Love & Aloha.


Marie Tchibi said...

It's hard to be and act the same will all people, I'm a little bit shy too:)
And the look was really cute!!



michelle_ said...

you always find great stuff at value village !!
i love all these cool color tones being combined together ! i might actually try this sometime (bt mabye i'll wear black tights instead cus i dont have the courage like you do . hehehe)

anyway for ur question . i honestly dont know how to describe myself . when pple ask me howd u describe ur style.. id be like 'hmmm i dont kno/.. all i can say it's "mood-based" . lol .

i think pple judge you through photos by the way you pose and the expression you put and ur style.. :D

great postt dear !
visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo .
Michelle from Glisters & Blisters

Smileyfreak said...

I'd describe you as quirky and fun :)

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

love your idea for tavi's song!! love your blog. defo going to follow you. Check mine out.

Victoria said...

I am the same way! People always ask why im so quiet. But im really not. I just dont want to talk to them :D

Anywhoo your outfit is amazing as usual! I have those color tights! i really should wear them....

Kristin said...

I would describe myself as fun and flirty. I hope that describes me anyway. Ah ha. LOVE all the color in that ensemble!

lisa + cathy said...

you what i was thinking? i was like did lexy leave the blogspot world? but i completely forgotten that you changed sites! i'm such a tool ;D I really missed your colourful outfits LOL some people take fashion too seriously true? true. I think i have the same personality as you I act differently towards all types of people HAHAHAHA HI-5!

yours truly, cathydeawesome

Mimi said...

Such a cute outfit! It does remind me of Ugly Betty, which I love, and I think part of the reason I love her so much is because she likes experimenting with fashion and looks different. More power to you! Great blog! Oh yeah, I have a hard time describing myself too. I also agree that part of how I act depends somewhat on the people I'm with. For the most part, I'm pretty shy. :)

Violet said...

i love that shirt... my eye want t make love to the color... ok is that wierd

well i woul describe myself as someone who is always changing... so im kind of on the electic side of style you know

i would say through you clothes... if you dont mind... that you enjoy your life and try not to be too serious but you stand up for yourself when you need to

Vi from Cali

Violet said...

i love that shirt... my eye want t make love to the color... ok is that wierd

well i woul describe myself as someone who is always changing... so im kind of on the electic side of style you know

i would say through you clothes... if you dont mind... that you enjoy your life and try not to be too serious but you stand up for yourself when you need to

Vi from Cali

ღ♥ MY FASH' said...

Girl i love how you work those outfits! With these amaaaaaaazing colors! U are one fashionable girly!!

How i would describe myself... You are so mean, i don't really know! But what u describe about urself simulars my personality somehow as well. I can be shy.. but also very outgoing, I can be chatty, sometimes too silent. All depends on who's with me. I do know I am caring and I want to follow the following line: don't ever do things to people that you don't want people to do to you... Or how do you say in english?! Gosh.... i know how to make a fool out of myself :p that's for sure.

Anyways, go be whoEVER you want to be, as long as it's YOU and you only :)

hugs girl, enjoy ur sunday!


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, you have an incredible sense of humor and that totally reflects in your writing and of course in what you wear. You seem to be an outgoing, fun person that is terribly funny also.


Anonymous said...

Oh How I have missed your blog, little Lexy! You look so cute! And i love the title of this post lol!

I would describe myself as outgoing at first, but then I actually mellow out once I get to know people and I am way more quiet... which is the reverse of most people :) Weird, I know

Anonymous said...

Oh and I would love to exchange links... I will add you now!

Annie said...

I adore this outfit! The colors of your skirt and shirt are fantastic, and all the jewelry is magnificent.

ANN said...

I love how bright your outfits are! I can see how people comment on your personality haha, just looking at your pictures you seem like a really nice, happy, optimistic person :D

hannah elizabeth said...

ha i always say i love tv shows but in reality i hardly ever watch tv...

i love the colours here, so fun but they work.

i would describe myself as reserved, obsessive compulsive and a contradiction.

Britty said...

that shirt is ridiculous i love it

Valeriesoh said...

Value village... I totally need to drop by.. although I must say I don't have the patience you have.... how long ot you typically spend there?

Marla Singer said...

wow! i love everything on you! gorgeous colors <3

Sophie said...

I love this outfit! The patterns and colours are amazing. I just love that top. I think your posts and photos are always filled with personality, which is (for me anyway) what makes them so nice to read! For me I think in real life I talk A LOT more haha. Seriously though! xo

Anonymous said...

very bubbly and perky and nice. VERRY VERRY OPPOSITE OF ME. that's why i think i have said before that i should be more like you.

value village? um, i don't think we have that here in the US. so yeah i think Goodwill is the US version.

love the outfit.

p.s. i'm not the chick in my banner :D

Mandy said...

You are so cute.
And your personality I can tell is, too. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - my life isn't THAT good haha. Love your blue tights too.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

You look like an amazing 80's hipster! My attitude can be really upbeat and crazy but sometimes I can be very cynical and meleancholy-ical. I guess I'm just weird that way.