Why do I need an ID to rent a movie from Blockbusters? The only ID I have is my passport...

I love summer for so many reasons. The sun (duh!), the freedom, the lack of school, chilling with friends, family... I think my very favourite part about summer (even better than the good weather. Which, by the way, is really starting to suck around here...) is time. I love having time. During the school year, I often find myself wrapped into some activity or another - homework, extra-curricular, sports, homework, procrastination, science homework (dropping science next year - amen to that!)... I love the feeling of "having nothing to do." And during this time, I love to fill it with little projects that I just don't have time to work on during the school year.

Here are two projects that I'm currently working on...
1) Sewing this pink, ruffled skirt. It reminds me of a cupcake. (Ignore my drawing - I'm trying to be "professional" by doing "sketches/flats." I fail.)

2) Painting these $6 Old Navy (hooray for 50% off clearance sales!) skinny jeans. Each leg side has a different theme - city, space, underwater, sky. So much fun to make!

Stay tuned, as these little projects will be making bigger appearances very soon!


(Dress - Vintage $5, Black Bandage Skirt [underneath] - Winners $5, Belt - Dad's, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - "Pacific Mall" $15, Jewellery - Assortment)

While my parents eagerly thought that I looked "very Asian" in my outfit (um, hello? I am Asian), I decided that the silhouette reminded me of the 60s. Therefore, I was singing "Welcome to the 60s" all day. Therefore, I had to pretend I was in a Broadway musical. Obviously, this is normal behaviour... Really, I swear I'm normal!

^ If I had photoshop, I would photoshop me into a stage with huge hair and big speech bubble that said, "Welcome to the 60sssss. Dooodoooodoodododoodooo." Please use your imagination.

Matching tights with shoes. I'm kind of pretending this is a trend right now, so I don't feel like a loser going out in matching tights and shoes. I think it looks kind of cool, but I'm also getting this feeling of "Hey! It's a flamingo."

Well, I think that's it, folks! (I've never said that word before in my life. This is the first and last time I will utter the word "folks".) Hope you are have a sunny day! Because it has been raining here, and at least someone deserves good weather. So let's all hope for a sunny tomorrow! Unless, of course you like rain, in which I hope you have a rainy day... But if not... Okay, this is getting too confusing. Toodles!


charlene said...

hahaha. i suddenly feel like doing that photoshop job for you, i'll tell you if i ever do it! [: and by the way your jeans look terribly cool. is that a polka dotted octopus i see there?!
ps: i like, your tights.


Gabby said...

I totally agree! I love the time but it goes by so fast for me.Such a cute dress! And I love what your doing with those jeans. I would totally do that but I'm really scared that I would mess up. Plus, I'm not a good drawer.

linaa, said...

im such a noobish loser on here lol only joined a few days ago but i LOVE YOUR BLOG!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

so the ID dilemma is in Canada too! We face the same thing with Blockbuster here in Aus as well , wat the heck?! and OMG your DIYs are amazing , and your outfit with the pink tights is simply stunning <3

Anonymous said...

those pants = EPIC. reminds me of a dress I saw a while back, where it came with multicoloured fabric markers so friends of the wearer and the wearer herself could just colour it in when they/she got bored. how cool is that?

Malena said...

Those pants are AMAZING. My friends and I were going to do something like that too, but with pantyhose because pantyhose amuse us. And also I love your outfit, it is very 60's.

Eliza said...

thank you for the comment! sketching is great as well :) oh and i think that ruffly skirt will look awesome! :) <3

Naka said...

cant wait to see the end products :D

even thought they very cool atm :D

Erika said...

I've always wanted a skirt that is reminiscent of a cupcake with luscious whipped frosting. Yours is destined to be delicious!

You are the cutest thing ever...I can't believe how amazing that floral dress looks paired with bright pink tights - love it!

By the way, it's too sunny here as of late...I want rain! :)

Suzanne said...

thanks for your comments! your dress is so lovely.

Roz said...

The DIY jeans project looks completely amazing! You're really good at drawing.. (:
And your post made me smile.. I agree, your outfit is giving off a bit of a sixties vibe.


Fashionablegirl said...

Love your projects! I also make things self, now I knit a scarf xD! And I make jewelry. And my parents give me for my birthday (december) a sewing :D! And it will be awesome if we were neighbors. Unfortunately you live in Canada and I in the Netherlands :(.
Bye! (K)

(sorry for my bad English! xD)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Omg your title is so true, I went to Blockbuster with a friend and they got angry at us because we didn't have any ID on us. So screwed, what is this world coming too? Anyway, can't wait to see your creations worn and love that 60's inspired outfit!

Beki said...

Those jeans are AWESOME!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are an inspiration, girlie! You are so creative with your clothing! it is soooo awesome!
I just love, love, love visiting this blog!

Anna said...

Aw, you look so good in your outfit! And I like the matching tights and shoes combination too, don't worry. And good luck on that skirt- I'm about to attempt making a tulle skirt, since you're right- summer allows for so many fun projects and things to do!

Rach said...

That dress has an amazing print! Your blog is fantastic. Good luck with the ruffled dress :]

CC said...

Love the outfit. :)


Little Bo Peeep said...

I agree with your opinion about the whole summer-thing! It's just fabulous <3

Oh wow i cna't wait to see the outcome of your project! That skirt has got itself a purdy colour. I like!

Marian said...

ok honey i need you to paint me a t-shirt or something, i love the drawings on the pants! fabulous.do me a t-shirt pretty please? :)
love those adorable pink shoes

Penny said...

Just found your blog... I love it (: Your style = excellent. And your jazz hands are even more excellent.

Adela said...

i LOVE this look! great tights!


Nubia said...

lol I love your outfit you look so cute!


Adri said...

I love your creativeness : )

emily said...

those pants are awesome. i can't wait to see them in an outfit!

Patty Ann said...

best color in the world
love those shoes