I don't have, nor want, a cell phone. I bring shame to my technology-driven generation.

Hello people! I don't really have an exciting introduction or rambling of whatever is on my mind. So, I will just jump to the bait. (How does that catchphrase go? You know? The one about jumping to... the end. But not. Seriously, if anyone know what I'm implying, could you please share to me the proper words?) Anyways...

Yesterday: The fam-jam and I headed off to Toronto (about an hour away from where we live) to hit the exhibition with some of our extended family. While the older sector of the group went to hear Bill Clinton, us youngsters looked around. There was a lot of cool stuff, but the highlight for us was spending hours at the giant warehouse sale! Lots of signs with "3 for $10" and "50%" calling our names... It was a lot of fun!

Some night shots I took at night...

We wasted a ridiculously large amount of money ($12!) playing these carnival games, winning nothing, but a tiny stuffed elephant. Discovery - don't buy into the carnival games - they all have catches! Discover 2 - I have really bad aim. Just saying..


(Hairband - DIY, Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - California $15, Shorts - Aritzia - $15)
All in all, it was an awesome Saturday!

- I always feel like Sundays were invented to be leisurely days. To spend some time with the family, and perhaps go on a stroll, visiting quaint little shops and frolicking through the parks. Unfortunately, the day was rather dowdy so "parks" were out of question. I went downtown, but discovered that "visiting quaint little shops" were out of question as they were all closed. So, I spent the majority of my Sunday sewing - I finished this denim skirt (which I will post very soon) and a puffy skirt (which will be coupled with the tutorial) for my sister. (By the way - I started typing the tutorial as part of this post, but my eyelids slowly started to shut close and as I read what I wrote, I didn't even know what I was saying. Moral of the story, the tutorial will be out soon!)

(Military Blazer - Value Village $7, Pink skirt - "Pacific Mall" $7, Tights - H&M $5, Socks - AEO, Shoes - Mum's)

Stole this bag from my mum's closet. Well, no. I borrowed it without asking and plan on letting it rest in my room :). My new-found love are bags with extra-long straps, so you simply let it hang over your shoulder. Much easier than handbags!

(Bag - NYC $10)

Purchased this funky ring at the warehouse sale yesterday!

(Ring - $5)

It was a pretty uneventful Sunday, but still enjoyable!

Today's shout out goes to my 13 twitter-followers! You guys rock. I'm so happy you guys care about what I'm doing each moment of the day :)

Dear Twitter,
I still don't get your point. I feel as though I'm typing stuff to make myself more stalk-able for the general public.
And I'm peeved about the fact that my name is too long and I have to combine "with" and "the," which just looks stupid.

Nonetheless, you guys are seriously awesome. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not just typing random ramblings to myself. Haha. Anyways, I grant you guys permission to stalk - ahem, "follow" - me via twitter! Also, shoutout to All My Love for doing me a feature on her blog. Check out her blog - it's brand new, adorable, and I'm sure she'd love your support! Okay, I promise for the skirt tutorial soon, as well as an outfit post with some of my new finds/ new skirt sewed!

What did you do this weekend?


Nubia said...

I love your yellow blazer how pretty, Those first pictures are very cool nice effect


Anna said...

Bahaha, I just noticed, you're always smiling in one of your outfit pictures. (:
&that ring is so cute, I always pick up dirt-cheap jewelry from Charlotte Russe in that exact type of stone. It's a hereditary addiction; my mother has craploads of that type of stone (the real type, not my cheapo alternative) stashed away where i cant find them :(

linaa, said...

You are such a beautiful person and im so happy i know you!
I love that skirtt thinggggggg and the amazing bag!
the blue tights look fab on you and that ring
can i take it? :D

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

yay!! looking forward to seeing your new necklaces then! :D

lisa + cathy said...

lucky duck your good at looking for bargains. i'm hopefully going to canada next year! apparently you guys speak french is that true? can you describe the places and fashion for me? btw i really really love the first outfit, its so colorful and happy!

Eva Internazionale said...

Lovely outfits!

Suzanne said...

your outfits are always so colorful! really to become happy off. I love the combination of first top and cardigan!
no, i would go yesterday to that fashion event girl :(, but i'd go with a friend, and we didn't really come to an arrangement, so i couldn't go.

charlene said...

haha. you're so cute. i went to a concert this weekend, and i almost died in the mosh pit.

Naka said...

i love ur military jacket and i love r outfits

you need to do a tutotrial on how to be stylish aswell!!:D

Penny said...

Love the ring and the blue shorts- they're adorable! (: Thanks for all your comments!

Erika said...

I feel bad. I so know that carnival games are something you should avoid like the plague...but when you're with a boy, you kind of want him to win something for you. Even if he goes broke trying (just kidding!). :)

That ring is fabulous. It has a very Mediterranean vibe, which I adore. And, you know, just for the record...I seriously wouldn't mind adding that military blazer to my wardrobe! :)

Sophie said...

These outfits are stunning! The first ones just so bright and cheerful and i love your "borrowed" bag. Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo


Fashionablegirl said...


Adela said...

both of these outfits are fantastic!! i could completely see myself wearing them out!! =)


Eva Internazionale said...

p.s. I love your letter to Twitter. That site definitely doesn't have a point. :P

suzie said...

very cool blazer!
xo suzie

vitaMinn style said...

Hi there!

You're one very creative young lady! I love the way you experiment on different outfits! And you sew your own clothes too? I'm impressed with your craftiness! =)

Patty Ann said...

the second one is so preppy and sophisticated
omggg love


Anonymous said...


twitter is actually fun once you get the hang of it. don't worry, i'll try to get you some followers :D

can't wait for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous posts, outfits and everything! Don't worry about Twitter when I first started I didn't know whether I was coming or going on that thing. Moreover, I thought it was boring (I still kinda do). Nevertheless, give it shot. You just fall in love with it.

Ruta said...

ooo i love these outfits. i especially love the first outfit. the colours are amazing. i can't wait for your tutorials.

i've been meaning ot go to the ex, but i don't think i'll get around to it this year.

twitter kind of annoys me, but i still have it :)

Kristin said...

Wicked cool blazer. Love the color!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

A. Do you really not have a cell?
B. Great night pics!
C. Adore the second outfit ay way way tooo much!
D. I don't want a twiter it seems so pointless!


Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

You don't have a mobile??! I don't either.. not by choice though, but it is kinda great not to check on one all the time, people also don't cancel on me because the feel bad that I will just be there waiting..!! ahah
Great pictures, your outfits are awesome as per usual!


Lucie said...

Oh my godddd.
I was just about to say that I loved the blue shorts/yellow jacket combo, til i scrolled down and saw your second outfit! haha, you are wonderful!

Much love x

emily said...

love that military blazer!! can't wait for fall...

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow, those blue shorts are gorgeous and they look so good with the blazer.

<3 xxxxx

Amanda K said...

Cute outfits!

Beki said...

Love the pink skirt with the blue leggings!!!


Rach said...

Lovely use of complimentary colors in the first outfit. The yellow blazer and purple short go together great! And love the ring, turquoise is me favorite :]

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Love the mustard blazer! Stands out nicely! xx

Anonymous said...

Variety is the spice of life.

Anonymous said...

Conceit is the quicksand of success.

Anonymous said...

There is no royal road to learning.