that ain't no etch and sketch. this is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet

Hello friends. Remember me? Yeah? Hi? My name is Lexy and I run this little thing called a "blog" on this little nook of the world wide web. Now, now. I know it's been awhile, but I have a perfectly adequate excuse: I've been too busy PARTYING IT HARD OVER HERE. Like, you know, really hard. With, like, illegal substances. And nudity. And stuff. I am actually really hungover right now, so if I'm not making sense then, you know, ha! there.

Just kidding. That was a joke. Oh, well, gosh. It looks like I am using humor to mask the reality of my life (like a band-aid, if you will). The reality lies in the simple equation of Lexy + Toronto = No sibling = No pictures = No outfit posts = No posts = Lexy pretends she's off partaying in the clubs with dem cool kids because she's cool like that. Really, it's basic math.

I've become alarmingly aware of how my cuh-razy partaying antics (read: none) is seemingly strange and unique and perhaps even un-normal. Because Hi, I'm Lexy. I'm 17 years old. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. Apparently this is weird. I've never tried it. Well, just a bit of Crystal Meth and -- no, I'm totally kidding! But I've never been drunk or high or pregant or whatever. Sometimes I wonder whether I should subscribe to these things, or at least give them a try. Because, you know, everyone else is doing it! It's fun! It's normal! It's no big deal! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. But then it's like, d000d, I'm just a kid still!11!11 I can have fun other wayz !11!! I just want to make art and follow the law and not grow up too fast!11! But it feels like there's no one here to enjoy life in this simple manner with me!!! Aw, boooo!1!! :(!!! In short, I guess I'll just spend my teenage years s0b3r and al0n3 f0r3v3rz. AM I ALONE IN THIS PLEA? Please tell me I'm not. PLEASEEE.

Ahem, now that I've shared that desperate cry for... sobriety (?), here are some more things I'd like to share. (Ah, smooth transition. Good work, Lexinator.) (I just called myself "Lexinator." This is embarrassing.) I've literally had the idea of doing a "drawing a day" for about the past 365 days of my existence. Alas, both my senior year and summer have passed. HOWEVER, September 2011 is still calling my name! Woot woot! Thus, I am determined to doing a drawing each day for this dainty month. Here is a handful of them goodies.

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(Doodles by me, Pen&Ink)

Yeah. So there's a dose of my recent doodlin'. Yippee! I've been really into drawing conventionally "ugly" things in beautiful situations. I don't know. It's fun, I guess. And for the 0.03% of you (read: my one formspring question) that cares, I WILL be posting more. (so I say.) I went home yesterday and lugged home the clothing items and accessories that I've recently worn for the sole purpose of the presence of my sister and thus the ability to photograph them so I can post them on the blog and entertain/ blind you all DON'T SAY I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. xoxox. In other words, yeah. Outfit posts will occur soon. AW YAY.

Stay safe, stay in school, have a beautiful day!

Do you party hard-y or are you mellow... like a cello? (#becauseitrhymes #iamsolame #sorrybrah)


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

every one of your posts makes me laugh so hard. and your doodles are truly unique. im not just saying that, seriously. It like ya got your own style (what am I saying of course you have your own style!).i used to party hard-y but lately i've been mellow......like a cello. which is fun, i enjoy lazyness. I have gotton used to my schedule at school and stuff and i would really love to hang out. dis week maybe? party hard in da downtown clubs. Sip tea by harbour front? lol let me know :P


morgan. said...

i've never been drunk, high, or pregnant & i dont understand why people feel they need those things to make them feel like they've "lived life". i adore my life & have had plenty of fun being sober... i dont need alcohol or drugs to define me.

{this sounded more dramatic than intended}

Flow Disruption said...

I always smile when I read your posts! They make me laugh (in a good way, of course). ;) Your drawings are incredible. I'm in love with the bottom one. I can't wait to see more. :)

And cheers to sobriety! Or not, that was kind of an ironic statement, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Your doodles are fantastic =] MORE PLEASE!

I drink, but... I've never been into getting shitfaced. That's just not my deal. Alcohol is kinda related to the Irish culture (unfortunately) and it's basically presumed that you started drinking sometime before you turn 16. (legal age is 18) That being said, I know several people who never drink and I met them all when I started college. You will meet kindred spirits, don't worry =]
The pregnant and high thing though? Those are two things I'm going to avoid like the plague THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Lee x

Lydia said...

I absolutely ADORE the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessies Hearts said...

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE your doodles!!!!!

I adore the stars one, and the last one, and the love bubbles one and the...I can't choose! You are talented, lady!

Nicola xx

Dayzee said...

The cutest doodles ever!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Hehe, your drawings are lovely!! Can't wait to see more!!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

your naturally buzzing off life very well without the need for drink or substances!

I think your able to create your own happy drug, :)

I enjoy an occasional drink, but it has to taste goood! I can't simply down it for the sake of becoming tipsy.

lively doodles with character.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous doodles indeed :)
This post made me laugh a lot xx

Anonymous said...

& I am definitely mellow. like a really mellow cello.
To be honest I find it kind of sad how people feel the need to escape by getting as high as then humanly can. don't do drugs kids! and you can totally have fun sob3r xx

roxanne said...

i suppose i party hard, as in i go out frequently and stay out late and work up a sweat on the dance floor and all.. but i usually do these things fueled solely by water, soda, and/or the occasional red bull. alcohol just tastes funny, i tried a cigarette when i was fourteen, which i thought was really gross, and i finally tried smoking weed really, really recently at age twenty-two. i got a bit giggly, but i'm always giggly, so...yeah. not too heavy on the substances. i'm really into your doodles, especially the last one. it's nice to take a break from the conventions of beauty every now and then.

olivias-pizzaz said...

Loooove your doodles! aaand omg i soo agree with you, as chessy as it sounds but there is so much more to life! I excited about so much I'm surrounded by and thats all I need!!

tarryn said...

I guess to each their own, y'know? in the same sense that a person who uses substances shouldn't judge somebody for not, neither should a sober or edge person judge a person who uses them. Because in the end, we're all people and we're all trying to find our enlightenment or our soul or whatever and everybody has different ways of doing so.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love your doodles. They are amazing and I love the quotes you have to accompany them.
I don't party at all. I do homework, go to work and watch k dramas and read books. If I need a little excitement I go to the park (to read) or sleep. I'm so hardxcore. LOL.
--Ciara :)

FashionJazz said...

Love ur doodles hun! U are soo good : ) xx

April said...

I like to think that I strike a good balance between party hardy and mellow cello. I love going out, but I also love staying in :)



Vivi said...

Your drawings really, really touched me. I knew right along what the subject of your art was about before reading your explanation in the last paragraph. It brought a smile to my face.


Anywho, stay true to yourself. You're unique. I'm sure, pretty darn soon, you will find like-minded individuals like yourself to hang out with. Even though I have heard that a sip of wine does relax you bit. ;o)

Hello Naka said...

i love the heart bubbles ^^ and i like the idea of a drawing day :3 i cant wait to be blinded :p

D♥R said...

Seriously your blog is perfection! Your style awesome! I ♥ ! I got so happy when I saw your comment on my blog! ♥

thesselle said...

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Dirt On The Rocks said...

I'm new to your blog and I've got to say I'm quite impressed with the doodles. I absolutely love them. I will be following and I definitely want to be back for more reads. Also I think you've got great style!

bridechic said...

I never know what to expect when I visit! You're a very talented lady . . .


Izumihiiiflower said...

cool drawings!!

Bonnie said...

That's a lie. My kind of party occurs at the gym with some house music playing and 250 pounds of weight on my shoulders.
Fun, right?
I used to be a partier - no alcohol involved, though (hello, liver disease!) - and go to all of the clubs, know all of the DJs and owners, have my party peeps ...
Then, I got engaged, and it all ended.

BTW, loooveeee your drawings. Please send some talent my way.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

I love the last illustration! So adorable! ♥


Princess Plyska said...



@Tarryn -- No, don't worry - I totally agree. Just because I don't participate in these types of things doesn't mean I don't condone them. A lot of my friends are very much into drinking/ partying/ etc and that's totally fine. They're fantastic people and I love them very much despite our differences in certain lifestyle aspects. EVERYBODY'S BEAUTIFUL. xx