i just want to watch modern family

Good news: Woke up really early (read: 9:30 am. it's relative, folks.) with the intention to walk around and look at people and attempt to be social and do things.

Bad news: It is now almost 1:00 pm and the only time I've left the room is to pee and eat raisin bran.

This is a problem. The good news that comes out of this bad news is that I'm finally posting! I'm informing you all of my life! You get a dose of my sparkling goodness! In short, yeah. Hiiii guys.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wore this outfit sometime in the past history of my life. I remember a customer came up to me and said something along the lines of, "I love your look! So colourful! You should have, like, a photo shoot and take pictures of, like, your outfits. It'd be so cool!" I was all *awkward giggles* "Hahah, yeah, like, maybe lolzlialdkadaldsajd" *iamsoawkward*. When, really, I was mentally thinking: D00D IF ONLY YOU KNEW HOW MANY PICTURES I HAVE OF MYSELF STORED ON MY COMPUTER'S MEMORY LIKE THE GOOD NARCISSIST I AM DOT DOT DOT... Yeah. 'Twas a perfect exemplar of a real life blog plug-in/ self promotion. Like, "Oh? You want to see this as a picture? You like my style? You like pictures? You like ME? (awww!) If so, then check out QUIRKY EXPLOSION." But I thought it would all just get too awkward, so this infomercial-esque plug-in will merely be a blimp of my imagination. An idea that will never be real-ified. A mere dream in Lexyland. How sad. The end.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But really. I always feel so happy when someone's complimentary and smiley in real life. Albeit my awkward acknowledgement ("Oh, ahhahaha, yeah. Um. I really like colours! Yeah. Rainbows are fun! Hahahah. Yeah! Yeah..."), it makes me happy when people are happy when they see me all obnoxiously bright and damaging to ones' eye sockets. If I can make someone smile, then it makes me happy too. In conclusion, HAPPINESS IS A CIRCLE OF LIFE AND CAN WE ALL JUST SMILE AND MAKE IT GO ROUND AND ROUND AND SPREAD THE JOY AND YEAH.

I also get a lot of, "I could never pull that off" comments. I really don't understand those. I mean... I just put on clothes. There's no magic or formula or rocket science behind it. I just wear things so I'm not, you know, naked. We all do. I don't believe that style has a shape or a size or a gender or a trend... It's not calculated. It's not hard. Just rock clothes that make you happy, regardless of whether you see it in fashion magazines or if you think you "can't pull it off." YOU CAN. My usual response to this comment is an "If you can dream it, you can do it!" We (the complimenter and myself) both share a (fake) laugh at my lameness. Little do they know that I'm actually being serious... In short, just smile and have fun and be confident and spread love and joy and wear whatever you want! Smiley face!

Anyways. That was my *preach.* I'm now going to proceed to leave my room to pee and maybe eat some cheesecake and then perhaps I'll shower/ read/ draw and continue to spend my day as a hermit in this house. Because we all need in-house hermit days that are filled with too much Internet and anti-social hobbies and the likes? Right? RIGHT? Right! (That series of inquisitions were all directed at myself to make me feel better. I'm encouraging and supportive like that.)

xoxoxo. Have a beautiful day, bluebirds.
What kind of styles are you drawn to?

P.S. Just as an irrelevant side note that I feel is completely unnecessary to this post, but I will include anyways... Have you guys ever observe old people answer the phone? Maybe it's just my azn (asian) grandma, but it's hilarious. I know it's a product-seller (what are their names?!) that is calling when I hear the usual "WHAT? HELLO? ... NO! DON'T NEED IT!!!! *phone slam*" Check out those rebellious genes I originate from! You're all so lucky that I'm as polite and charming and lovely and classy as I am...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Value Village $3, Pants - Consignment Shop, Socks - Dollarama $0.50, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Bangles - H&M, Ring - TheEx $5, Broaches and Hat that I wear way too freaking much - Nepal, Lipstick - Revlon 038)


Anonymous said...

DUDE you should have promoted yourself shamelessly. I love the yummy colours in your outfit, especially the crazy leggings. xx

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i love how someone actually saw your style and suggested that you take pictures of your looks. if they only knew! :)

love your pants and your grandma! :)

Sarah said...

While I admire the awesome pieces you find, they are generally not things I'd wear. HOWEVER! I. Want.Those. Pants. I'm really into the purple blazer, too, don't get me wrong. This is actually one of my favorite outfits of yours. BUT I WANT THOSE PANTS. The end.

Danielle said...

Hahaha awesome outfit and funny post! You make me chuckle! :)



Lydia said...

You're just the cutest thing. I love your use of color. This look works so well on you.

Stef / Diversions said...

You look great, so great I misread that sentence at the start of your post as "You are all dogs infront of my sparkling goodness!" Yeah. I know. My imagination runs away with me. (Either that or I don't read so good..)

I get the old "I could never pull that off" as well and I never know whether it's a roundabout way of telling me I am a rebel, please stop abusing color or whether they really think the "rules" are different for me. I guess "pulling it off" just means keeping your head held high and being comfortable while you're the loudest colours in a 10 mile radius :D *colorful high five*

btw - the fun you can have with tele marketers is endless. The ones I hang up on are the lucky ones :D <-- honing cruel streak

Eli said...

I sometimes think that everything looks the same on everyone, but then I let my friends borrow my clothes and it never looks the same on them. Your clothes always look better on you, which leads me to believe that it is part confidence and part wardrobe that makes your closet you.

Ms LadyCakes said...

You are so freaking cute!!!!

Love your style motto: Everyday is an excuse to dress up. I need to start chanting that to myself more ;)



Anonymous said...


Also, I get the 'I could never pull that off' thing as well an awful lot. Depending on the person it can be a little bit of a veiled insult (or, a 'sly dig' if you're Irish) because it's basically them saying 'people would laugh at me if I wore it, so no thanks. But good job you for being able to do it!'

Lee x

Amelie said...

I was going to quote The Office because it somehow pertained to your post, BUT as I clicked on the "post comment" link I COMPLETELY forgot what I was thinking about...*headdesk*

But you look gorgeous and happy as usual! :)

Jessica said...

I'm always drawn to cute patterns, like polka dots or bird print or stars! And I like colourful cardigans, flowery dresses, dark skinny jeans, large necklace pendants, Doc Martens and teeshirts with animals on them. Lol.

Victoria said...

eep i love this outfit! you look adorable as always :)

chop and crop said...

Haha I love this post! Getting out and doing stuff is sometimes so much easier said than done... Your hat, blazer and lips look amazing, my favourite parts of your awesome outfit, especially that hat!!


jess said...

I love the leggings. I'm drawn to vintage style but I'm also drawn to anything covered in sequins or feathers.

char said...

Loving your purple blazer! Annnd noo, you are the cutest! ^-^

xx char

missy pig said...

I wish sometimes I could be daring in my outfits, and scream loud colors and pose with such absolute confidence.
But instead, my style is simply the usual jeans&shirt... and occasional blouses and dresses.

Chanel Tonè said...

I love visiting your site, it's just too fun!!!! And I am in love with your grandma! LOL!

Your outfit is incredibly original. I am drawn to many styles but they fall in comparison to your eclectic and unique looks.

Keep being an original and stay FABulous!!!

Come follow me girl! I gotta have you on the Style~ Spotlighted!!!


Louise said...

Damn Lexy, you did it again. I love the pictures, I love the outfit. SO HAPPY AND QUIRKY AND FUN AND LEXY-ESQUE!

And I get what you mean, it's so hard to be not awkward when someone in real life compliments you rather enthusiastically and nice. Although, I always directly say "OH WHAT A NICE [fill in something]" because I like it when people dare to dress up irl. Yeah... whatever.

Styles I'm drawn to? Well, I kind of love the 50's but I do not have any thing 50's-like in my closet. I'm more drawn to... sleek and nice. Dunno, simple items combined with something outrageously cool... something like that...or that is how I like to think of it.

FashionJazz said...

Loving your leggings babe!! Happy Sunday xx

Rimi said...

so glad you're back!! and loving the blazer n' leggings!

hmmm...i don't know if it's a particular *style* i'm draw do, but I do really consider cut and fit. if it looks like it fits well and lays nice on the body, i love it!

Mrs. April said...

I think the word you're looking for is telemarketer.

This exceptionally annoying girl who's mother married in to the family once told me she liked to be to "pretend to be lesbian" when telemarketers called. I'm just sitting there thinking... "How does one 'pretend' to be a lesbian over the phone, and why on Earth is she doing that in the first place?". Point of the story? I don't like her.

I have a really hard time telling anyone I have a blog. I prefer to just let anyone and everyone stumble across it. I feel like a loser egomaniac since I rarely post anything of substance. But occasionally I do, and not just to say that I do either. Thought I'd make that point.

I'm drawn to a thousand different styles. I work at a clothing store where we HAVE to wear their clothes (it's actually a hassle and it's expensive even with our discount, but I secretly like having an excuse to buy clothes), and so what I'm drawn to changes daily. I'm pretty boho-nerd casual from day-to-day when I'm not working, I guess.


^TELEMARKETER!!!! THANK YOU. Product-seller? Ohhh, Lexy. That's embarrassing... Awkward.

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Sweetie I loveeeeeeeeeee how this lipstick color looks on u!!!!!!!!! I love your look, as always, and so pretty bangles this time!!:)

Anonymous said...

You're really colorful and cheerful!
the outfit you're wearing really describe you
I love this ;)

Warm Love,
Pinkie Anggia

fashioneggpplant said...

love your bright pants! :)
join my giveaway!

Ellen Farida said...

You are so adorable! I like the way you mix-match this outfit. it looks suit on you. I like your blazer! Love you sweety :3


Flow Disruption said...

Style compliments are the absolute best. They make my day like nothing else. ;) Your pants are, um, freakin' amazing! And the pins, too! I would love to look through your wardrobe (not tryin' to be creepy, I swear) ...

The GUILTY HYENA said...

SMASHING details on the leggings!

Your blazer is a steal! I lament, we don't have any thrift shops nearby whatsoever or Value Village!

Don't take the 'I could never pull that off' comment all bad! because I feel YOU wear your Clothes, instead of the clothes wear YOU!..bear with me on this... :-S

The clothes never overpower you, your personality and aura balance your style well, as for others your style of clothes could overpower there demeanor.

OK so don't know if that made any sense!! :-] But enjoy your WEEK!

fransmiles said...

I love it!! I want to steal your blazer and leggings.

PS. Hermit days rock. I spent the whole weekend being inside and eating and knitting and reading and watching lame films. Procrastination is the ultimate treat to yourself ;P

Bonnie said...

First, I want to steal your pants. Seriously. I think I could fit into them since we look to be the same size. I would steal them from you in a heartbeat.
Second, I LOVE "MODERN FAMILY." That show has the ability to make me pee my pants like nothing else. I was so excited when they cleaned up at the Emmys last night! They deserve it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

Your leggings rock!


Isabel Spectre said...

GAWD! YOU LOOK AMAZING. This outfit is seriously perfection. And you are so funny. gahh you are like the ideal blogger... thank you for that. I feel super lame in comparison.. I feel like you have such unique fashion & posting style it really makes you stand out. and your explanation about awkward self promotion is the best.. I feel like that always and I never mention my blog haha. I just agree with everything you wrote.. so basically wow and thank you.

suki pooki said...

Im loving that vibrant purple of your blazer! Sigh when am I going to go thrift shopping!!!! must go! I love thinking- one womans garbage is another womans treasure, yeah WOMAN not MAN....obviously hormones are kicking in right now though Im well over my teens and well...yeah hahahahahaha

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I would definitely smile if I saw you in real life. Your style is so playful, fun, and colorful! Great outfit btw, those leggings are awesome!


Audrey Allure said...

Haha! I love the way your grandma picks up the phone. Great pictures; I love your lip color.

Anonymous said...

loooooove your outfit. your style just seems to encapsulate your personality!
i think i might love you.

Bex X


thesselle said...

Girl you're always supercool.

now, check this out:



weasel said...

You have a great blog. I follow you, and I'll be your frequent visitor!

ps said...

wow,beautiful colors :)) love


SunnyToast said...

I love your red lipstick and your orange shoes!

Your drawing are amazing and humor itself:)

Steffen said...

another gorgeous outfit! :)


isabela♡ said...

Oh my, love this bright colours :)
Have a nice day, sweetie!


aki! said...

With the "I could never pull that off"... do you ever find yourself attracting negative attention? Not anyone going up to you to tell you something, but people pointing out to their friends as "What is that girl wearing?"

I'm drawn to your style because I LOVE THE RAINBOW, but in real life, I'm full of black and white and beige. Opposites attract?

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, this post is so great, hah, i love your QuirkyExplosion advert, you should create a little jingle for it too! Great outfit once again too ;D

duckalicious said...

that's an awesome blazer and I just ADORE the brown + pink combo on your feet!

Megan Hattie said...

Dang this is a sweet outfit, great combos of purple and green and I love all of the prints and your flowers! I find myself wearing a lot of dark colors lately and dressin' all grunge-y, I guess being back in Portland is taking its toll, haha. hope you're well!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Marisa Noelle said...

This is quite possibly my favorite looks of yours to date!! I don't even know where to start...the printed pants, the purple blazers, the floral broaches, the ring...eek! I love every last piece. You really have the knack of putting together the most perfect accessories. I would say I'm drawn to whimsical vintage feminine styles.

D♥R said...

your smile ♥ ♥

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