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Just so you know, my parents are pretty kewl. (Yes, cool with a k. And an e. And a w. DATZ RIGHT HOMESLICE.) I mean, my dad spends all his free time doing math puzzles, watching mandarin movies, and/ or attempting to play basketball with university kids approximately a quarter of his age. My mom, on the other hand, enjoys fascinating subjects like childhood obesity statistics, adult ballet classes, and being incredibly anal about tidiness. IF THAT DOESN'T SAY "KEWL," THAN I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES.

However, perhaps THE kewlest thing about my parentals lie in their birthdays. I.e. THEIR BIRTHDAYS ARE ONE DAY APART! BAM! I know what you're thinking: ZOMG Wayyy kewl. I know. Please, calm down. STOP JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND FREAKING OUT!!! Don't worry, kid. I understand. Not only does that make them the kewlest parental crew, but it's also, well, beneficiary for me. I mean, what's a better pick-up line/ ice-breaker than, "Heyyyy youuu, so, uh, my parents' birthdays are one day apart. (optional winking involved)"?! Yeah. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! WAY KEWL! Oh, and also the fact that I can give them a combined birthday present doesn't hurt much either. You know. Side note.

Speaking of their present... oh, what do you know? Here it is!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(watercolour & pencil; by me)

I'm not great at rocking portraits and, consequently, I enjoy blasting to the past instead. But you know. Facing fears and things. My parents are the best. Really, I love my family so much and I would be no where without them. Xoxooxox.

Also, on the note of facing fears and things, I have faced my fear... and things... as in BAM! Video! As you may be aware, I suck at making videos. It's okay. I'm not emotionally unstable or wildly insecure about said predicament. It is merely a fact of life. You know, classified with the likes of E=mc2, Lexy sucks at videos, etc. In conclusion, yeah. Hi. Here's a video of me being awkward and, as I note in the video (multiple times), I have just completed an 8.5 hour shift of work and returned home around midnight. While I could have cacooned myself into my sleeping bag and called it a night (as my heartstrings were telling me), I SUCKED it UP and made a video because I CARE about YOU. I'm basically a saint. You're welcome.

i'm wearing clothes and you get to see it! from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

Yeah. Sorry this post was a mish-mash of randomness. I promise that future outfit posts will involve two-dimensional images that do not talk and make awkward blabbing. Yay. We all breathe a sigh of relief.

Have a beautiful day, sugar plumz!
Describe your fam-jam (family) to me! Your current one. And the future one your brain cells envision.


Marie said...

You are so cute! And very inspirational. Good for you - facing your fears. That's what it's all about!

I'm set to face my fears of singing in front of an audience next week. ACK! Well, I'll just have to keep the fear facing quirky explosion in mind when I'm on stage.

Dirty Pink Cardigan


cryskay said...

wow that sketch blew me away! you are sooo talented, i love it! xx

20thCgirl said...

That sketch is such a lovely idea! I always draw my mum a card for her birthday - I would say the tradition started because I wanted it to be more personal yadda yadda but actually it was because I forgot to buy her a card when I was like 8 and the tradition has been going ever since :P

Love your jacket and your accent!

Cloe said...

Love the sketch! You're very talented.

My boyfriend and my birthday's are one day apart. It's very strange but nice to celebrate!



KyandiiCandy said...

you are so funny! =D and love your painting! xx

Dayzee said...

You are so funny and actually seem really down to earth and nice. Yeah, compliments.

fransmiles said...

You're so lucky...my sisters' birthdays are only a few days apart but they still demand separate bday gifts :( I love the art, really good mix of media!

Sarah said...

Dear Lexy,

Midnight is a great time for you. You should consider only speaking between midnight and six am.



JUST KIDDING. You do crack me up, though. I get like that too, so it's good to know I'm not alone. That outfit seemed a little tame for you, I must admit. Are you still enjoying Toronto? Is it weird to be away from family? I still live with mine at the moment, so I'm curious, haha.

Cloudy said...

My family is polish, loves to eat and drink wodka and they are the best parents in the world.
No more words needed :)

Love from over here to wherever you are right now.
Cloudy x

Ellinor Forje said...

Brilliant post, and I love the illustration too. Thanks for sharing the images and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

Anisa Young said...

AHHH I SOOO didn't expect your voice to sound like that! Nevertheless, I still want to marry you you cute little thing! HAAA, those orange loafers=win! xxAnisa

Hazelnut said...

Gosh, you're so talented! You can draw and you've got an amazing fashion sense. Plus, you write really well. You never fail to crack me up every time I read your blog!

Keep it up, girl! :)

Amelie said...

Okay, seriously, girl. Every time I read a post of yours, I think of A MILLION things to say, but then when I get down the page to click the "post a comment" link, I FORGET. UGH. I suck.

Anyway, this is a great idea. Please actually do this: 'I mean, what's a better pick-up line/ ice-breaker than, "Heyyyy youuu, so, uh, my parents' birthdays are one day apart. (optional winking involved)"?!' Your mind is pretty interesting. I know my brain probably wouldn't have thought to use my parents' similar bdays as a pick-up line.

Also, I am probably going to steal your groundbreaking idea of doing a video to picture an outfit rather than a photo. Good idea. Good video. Can I just be honest and say I find your "awkwardness" pretty endearing?

And that is all!

Isabel Spectre said...

you are so great. I loved your video.. ahh and I think we should definitely be friends in real life. make more videos! it made me so happy. :D
also, really good job on that drawing of your family! WOW. It is really good.

Angelica Ng said...

One day apart?? Kewl! ;) Wow, that's fate right there. Meant to be together!

Amazing drawing btw. Wish I could steal your art skills...


Angelica Ng said...

And oh I forgot! I was in Toronto on Aug 30 - Sept 3. It was a little trip before I went to university in London. Toronto is amazing! I love how busy it is...and I LOVE Bloor street. ;)

Louise said...

"Smile a lot, you're alive, beautiful". Seriously, I LOVED THE AWKWARD VIDEO! I lamely laugh at myself too, and than I really laugh at the fact that I laugh so lamely because it was quite funny. ...that was not a good description.. was it?

But your nails were nice. And the portrait's too! :D

My fam-jam.. well, I dunno. Your parents sound awesome though.

olivias-pizzaz said...

I looove your sketches sooo good! and cute! You are such a likeable person, I love your outfit in the video btw, cute bow blazer skirt just everything so cool! and good on you for doing a video despite being tired from a long shift! haha

Jessica said...

Your voice was not at ALL how I pictured it! Love the tweed skirt and the hairbow/scarf thingy, very nice :) I think you should do more videos, there fun!

Jessica said...

Your voice was not at ALL how I pictured it! Love the tweed skirt and the hairbow/scarf thingy, very nice :) I think you should do more videos, there fun!