crazee dayzeez

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Things that are currently crazy:
1) I am in KATHMANDU, NEPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and have been(unless I am, uh, not. This is a scheduled post. I am incredibly frightened of flying. I hope my fears do not prove to be rational. This could get awkward, folks)
2) Since starting my blog (June '09, babay), I have traveled to: Peru, Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Thailand, Guatemala, New York City, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Uh.... (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, I know that I don't usually blog about my travels. This is simply because I, uh, want to you know, maintain that reputation of mine. Yeah, you know. THAT reputation. When you all come on here and you just can't help but think, "AW MAN. Lexy! She's a cool cat! And she seems so mysterious! Ooooh." (Sirens will play, paralleling to my air of mystery.) So yeah. Sorry, kids. (Also, I'm extremely lazy and traveling and internet just don't coincide. So, hey! It's justified.) (Those seven words formed a beautiful rhyme scheme. Dream. Beam. I want ice cream.)

But, honestly. I am really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really lucky to have been able to travel as much as I do. It's such an incredible gift. Traveling is absolutely a passion of mine: I relish is discovery and exploring and the WORLD is the perfect backdrop for fueling this. I can't even describe my gratitude. (HIMUM&DAD.)(YOU DON'T READ MY BLOG) (*YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A 'BLOG IS') (SORRY I'M SHOUTING AT YOU.ISH.) (YEAH. I WILL STOP.)

Through all my travels, I've undoubtedly picked up little things here and there. But, to my surprise, I have never had an "OH MY WERD MY LIFE HAS CHANGED" immediately after returning into my home moment. This isn't a bad thing. Because traveling has changed me, just over an extended period of time. It's a part of me. As I think about it, traveling and seeing the world has formed a really big part of the core of my essence and view on life. I love life. I LOVE LIFE. For me, every day is just a marvelous gift. I'm so, so, so, so, so, so lucky. Just to be alive. To be free. To have opportunities.

Traveling has given me perspective. It's made me realize the insignificance of my problems. And about our global roles. And how lucky we are. It's also made me a dreamer. The world is so full of possibilities. When I'm trapped in my little bubble of life, sometimes I forget that this isn't all. I forget what's out there. THERE'S SO MUCH. I want to see it all, absorb it all. Life is about exploration and evolution and, for me, traveling is perfect for this.

In my life, I know that I definitely want to see the world. Not only see it, but LIVE IN IT. The travels that have resonated with me the most are Peru and Guatemala because they were not tour-based (hi, my mom is anal and we happen to rawkkkk the jam-packed tour-ing skillz) but volunteered based. At a school and at an orphanage. It's shocking how significant these trips were, even today. I have these kids faces and smiles permanently implemented in the back of my mind and it really makes me want to cry. It's heartbreaking. There's this sense of accomplishment, of helping others. But really? Did we help others? I come back to Canada and become swept into the complaints of high school and the addiction to the internet and the whines and cries and gahhhhh. The nature of traveling also gives me shivers: as much as I relish in them, it's like BAMGONE (the integration of two words in one emphasize the bamgone-ness. yup.) We return to society and we return to old traits. I guess that's also the nature of life: swept into society.

I don't know.

Nepal is of this similar v0lunteer-based nature. In addition to trekking lots and lots (so if mishaps regarding the plane doesn't occur, you can assure that I will fall off the mountain) (AH I AM KIDDING NO NO NO I AM NOT RAVEN THIS WILL NOT OCCUR), we will be volunteering at schools in rural villages. I've been looking forward to this trip since I was a young 'un and barely into the double digits in terms of age. So I will channel my inner 9-year-old and let out an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! (who am I kidding? This "eeeek-ing" is a normal occurrence of mine...)

Seriously. I am so sleep-deprived right now, but I could talk about traveling for eons and eons. Could. But won't. Because, yeah, I should probably sleep. But I should summarize this massive post that no one really read (except for -- oh hai stalker luvvvv ya xxxx) (this was the point where I was hoping the stalker would magically pop into my life and seductively say, "luvvvvvvvvv ya 2 babezzzz. here's chocolate."). But yesss. Traveling is incredible. I am so fucking lucky. We all are, actually. Being alive. Being able to type words an the screen and not being compensated. Being able to have a screen. Being able to have a home or a bed. A life.

For the day my parents' discover my blog (or what the word "blog" means, for the matter), I will be all cutsey and dedicate this blog post to them. Oh, so sentimental. (This counts for all your forgotten past birthday gifts. And all future ones. I'm such an angel daughter. Planning ahead, you know.)

So let's raise a virtual cheer? I hope you're all lifting your virtual glasses of bubbly. And by "bubbly" I mean sparkling apple juice, mmm.
To my mom and dad for not sending me to summer camps or buying expensive cottages by the muskoka! long plane rides prevail in incredible-ness. I am truly lucky and grateful.

FINALLY IN CONCLUSION, I will see all you munchkins in April! (WOOOOAH APRIL.) I hope you're all marvelous.

What are some of your traveling dreams or experiences or tell me a story or maybe we can just, like, chat?


pixelhazard said...

oh man, sooo jealous!

Bright Green Laces

Eli said...

You are a noble person with a big heart! I wish I was able to do more volunteering. I some times barely have time to do my homework! Some days I tell myself that working in libraries is my way of reaching out to others that need the help :)

I really want to get my act together and travel to mexico to visit our family there for the whole month of august! Nothing compares to traveling, it really is the best thing ever.

theTrendyDwarf said...

OMG! I hope you have tons of FUN in Nepal! You are so so so lucky! Take TONS of pictures and post them when you get back. I want to see every ensemble you wore and everywhere you went to sight-see.
Check out my trendy blog!

kathifoldsfive said...

oh wow! nepal, huh? i've never been. i hope you don't forget to take pictures and write a post about it :)

kathi folds five

six-twentytwo-onine said...

Nepal !!!!!! Lexy seriously ....i m from nepal ... I live in newyork but you get the part .... Which village are you visiting ? Can i know the volunteer organization??
Have fun and be careful!!!

Prateeti said...

I love reading what you write, it's just makes me smile.


Marloes. said...

Haha have fun sweety

Hello Naka said...

i love the photos and wow u have travelled alot! i think new experience change ppl even if its just alittle :)

i hope ur having a great time!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

I am so jealous!!!! I've always wanted to see Nepal!!!
Have a great time!!!! And good luck climbing the mountains!!! :D

mashi said...

you're so cute lol

Good luck with your travels to Nepal!

sojourned in style said...

travelling has been retained to this continent of north america but a little travel is better than no travel at all. you are so lucky and its so great that its effects are just an integral part of you.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

whoa, you're amazing lexy. i love doing charity work and getting immersed in the lives of people who are less fortunate than me but it also makes me immensely sad too...i wish i can do more. it's amazing that you get to travel to these places and help further...<3

ps. i'm guilty of having shopping as my 1st thought when planning to travel...boo.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Be said...

Bahh, so jealous! I also want to travel the world, when I was little it has always been a dream of mine, but because I'm kind of poor I've decided that I can't exactly travel the world and instead planned a roadtrip up the length of Australia with my friend (like that's ever going to happen, I cant imagine either of us driving without severly hurting ourselves or another person).

But if I could go travelling I would have to go to: Egypt, Japan, Greece, Peru, Hong Kong, Thailand, Easter Island and New Zealand. Whoop!

I've only ever been to Vietnam and we went travelling up to Dalak and it was so sad to see people living in houses practically made of cardboard and without clean food and water, so I know what you mean, especially when you get to school and if you dont have facebook your a nobody.

Anyway, I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip and I'm sorry for my super-duper looong post. Haha. And have fun shopping and immersing yourself in Nepal's fashion, haha.

Stevia said...

me = stalker = "love you back! <3 <3"

it's amazing that you've done all those charity
good for you!

hope you're having fun there in Nepal!

Dreamy Princess said...

Wow, Nepal! You're so lucky to explore so many countries!!(:

Well, see you in April!(:
Have fun in Nepal and wherever you are, Lexy!!!;DD

Dreamy Princess

mistytewest said...

oh dear LEXY!!! wishing you a safe and happy trip...I am expecting a lot of photos when you return home...

why don't you come back in Thailand I wanna meet you like seriously meet you hahahaha!!!! you are like a celebrity for me....

I wanna fly to paris soon...


suki pooki said...

I've always wanted to do volunteer work as well but have never gotten the time to so I donate money, not a lot but I do. I think it's something a lot of ordinary people can do. You throw 5$ into that donation box, the old soup can, the violin case, sure you might not be able to drink Starbucks for a day but that money gives that person enough to live for perhaps a few more days ( and yes I am a sucker for the homeless people with dogs, and boy does my bf know it lol)

I think it's extremely admirable that you go to these places to do volunteer work and not just for pure pleasure! Im hoping to travel to most of the major places around the world! But if I do I might not have money to have a wedding or buy a house LOL oh decisions decisions!.... Italy it is!

fhen said...

oh wow that's incredible
to be able to travel and do volunteer activity is amazing
i mean everyone go on tour, but what you do will have different impact.
it's not just merely travel but also learning
i am so happy for you. hope one day i can visit nepal as well and see with my own eyes how is the life on different part of the world

oh and safe trip!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a dream lades! and you're livin' it, right on!!! i think traveling imparts so much into our beings, the lessons, cultures and mayhem of it all bring things in the everyday to balance.

cheers to you on all the appreciation you give your folks, radness, and safe travels. see you on the rebound. ♥

Amelie said...

"Traveling has given me perspective. It's made me realize the insignificance of my problems. And about our global roles. And how lucky we are. It's also made me a dreamer. The world is so full of possibilities. When I'm trapped in my little bubble of life, sometimes I forget that this isn't all. I forget what's out there. THERE'S SO MUCH. I want to see it all, absorb it all. Life is about exploration and evolution"

Thank you. I needed that.

Sy's Prints said...


Francesca said...

you're so lucky to have travelled to so many places! the places we've both been are hong kong, singapore and thailand :) all amazing places!

▲ http://opinionslave.blogspot.com

CDG said...

luvvvv ya 2 babezzzz. I'll give you some virtual chocolate you can eat through the computer screen, which after reading this post makes me realize how grateful I am and that people my age in other countries don't even have computers. It makes me feel a bit spoiled and selfish when I think about it, but also makes me think of how lucky I am.
Um super jealous that you're in Nepal and wonder what it's like there. Hmm, when I was younger I was forced to be a gypsy and travel across north america in a caravan. Super fun! I imagine that actually travelling to help people is much more rewarding though.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

OMG!!! You're so lucky! I wish I was on a life-changing trip right now, but instead I've been plowing my way through essays!
Anyways! I really want to go to Paris one day. Pretty much my biggest wish.

SunnyToast said...

I'm jealous:) enjoy your travel and don't forget to post your pics:)

Marloes said...

Lexy, you're awesome. I think you might overcome your fright of flying someday since you're going to all these bloody awesome places! :D

I've never been in Nepal... should go there sometime. I love the thing you did with the picture. (I love your hair.) (I believe I've said that in some earlier comments too... this might get a bit freaky?)

Anyways, before it gets too awkward ! I want to go back to Japan so bad! I still want to visit Venice in Italy, Sweden, Moscow & St. Petersburg in Russia, Hong Kong, Bilbao in Spain (but that's mainly because of the Guggenheim, haha!) Oh well, I guess I would love to get back to Rome, London, Edinburgh... UK in general actually, Thailand, South-Africa, New York... ! OH almost forgot, I want to go to San Francisco too! And maybe Canada sometime. And someday I'll see the northern light with my own eyes. That would be magical.

Okay, now Ill quit. You, enjoy your travel! And post them pictures! xoxo