i tried to do handstands for you

Story time, kids: Once upon a time, this weekend was rainy. All the snow had melted. Lexy thought to herself, "Well, hey, rain = melting snow = SPRING." Yesterday, it snowed. A lot. Canada needs summer time. The end.

Awesome story? No, not so much. (If you said "yes," you are wonderfully talented liar... I like you.) In conclusion, I got nostalgic for summer and did what EVERYONE, obviously, does: stalk old, narcissistic, summery photos of myself. Because, um, yeah. I like summer. I like myself. The combination of both in a 2d image is marvelous...

Resurrection of summer photos and thoughts and muses from a very obviously teenage girl in high school.
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"You're so nice." This is a phrase I've heard quite a bit in my lovely lifetime. I heard it the other day. Cool. Thanks, bro. When I was younger, I used to smile, chuckle a bit and outwardly relish in the compliment. Inwardly, a tension with my heart ensued: nice, in many ways, equates to boring. And, evidently, my life consisting of playing dress-up and shopping with old ladies and locking myself in my room to make crap is, pfft, soooo NOT boring.
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Today, this concept carries a different meaning. I'm not especially nice. I know it's not a "let's all eat cupcakes and play ukuleles around a fire" type of world (THAT WOULD BE AWESOME). However, I guess I can be perceived as "nice" because I don't bitch about other people. Period. Hi, welcome to my world and here's one of my biggest pet peeves: whiners. I hate when people whine about things. Especially other people. Seriously. I want to send you to MTV where all the over-dramatic and worthless thoughts inhabit.
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My lack of bitching about other people (LBAOP, if you will)(doesn't that sound like a 90s kid band? like, they should be on a tvo kids with big, colourful sweaters with "LBAOP" in huge, bubble letters? yeah?) doesn't derive from "being nice" or "wanting to be nice" or "wanting to be perceived as nice." Rather, it's because I simply DON'T CARE ENOUGH. (I'm a rebelllll!!!!)
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In my experience, gnawing on other people's flaws - or what is perceived as flaws - is absolutely useless. All that it results in is anger or rage or letting your happiness be manipulated by the actions of others. That is a very dangerous spot to be. Letting yourself be affected by others. For me, there are two ways to react to things: 1) channel your inner hippie and, like, d0000d just like it slide. like, totally. life's a maddd trip and just GET OVER IT or 2) actually DO something. Make a change. Confront a person or a issue. If you're going to complain, make a change! (When you chant that it your head a few times, it sounds really catchy and I'm basically Ghandi.) (Obviously, I am not.) Also, when you talk about others behind their back, you're not "standing up for yourself." You're weak.
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Basically, I'm not quite sure where this post is going. But I guess it's reflective of where I am. i.e. High school. Yeah. Clearly. I think I'm ready to leave. But before then, I guess I'll channel my inner Oprah (LEXY R U KIDDING ME? U R OPRAH) and tell you all: LIVE LOTS AND LOVE LOTS AND LOVE LIFE AND LIVE LIFE AND HOW MANY MORE COMBINATIONS CAN WE GET?! Basically, keep it wonderful. Smile at strangers.
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(Dress - Vintage $15, Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Skirt - Pacific Mall $7, Tights - H&M, Hat - Thailand, Shoes - Winners, Socks - aeo, Jewelry - Assorted)

What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?/ What's your most memorable conversation with a stranger?
(I have a growing infatuation with strangers. Please share any of your STRANGE stories. Hah. That was the worst wordplay ever slash what am I even saying?/ I want a watermelon...)


Marloes. said...

Awww!! That dog is so CUTE! I love that last photo.

Prinzesschen★ said...

love ur hat and your stockings! (: Lovely outfit and the puppy is sooo cute. :D

Sweet said...

cute little doggie...I must say that these words are slightly related to the past things that happened to me...but for lent and after lent I told myself to let go of negativity since it does not do anything in my life...I only get wrinkles and of course I think about it most of the time which is not a great idea...

Great tips lexy and I would be sure to follow these one....

You are a stranger at first but you made a great effort of reaching out to bloggers like me...which I admire most!!!


Hanna said...

awesome outfit you look so cute! i'm in love with that hat!!!

Usually I have very strange conversations with strangers haha. Can't remember a particular one :P

Lemondrop Marie said...

What gorgeous pictures, love the little ruffled skirt.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Audrey Allure said...

I love your summery photos - I'm missing the warmer weather now too (And I usually prefer the cold/breezy weather).

I love your way of thinking; it is annoying when people whine about others & don't really do anything about it.

I can't recall any conversations with strangers (most of them are kinda creepy in ny! lol) One guy claimed to be an artist & wanted to draw me sometime, although I wasn't sure if he was serious or being a creep so I didn't take the offer. lol

Xag said...

Lovely tights!

**OnYxStA** said...

Really liking this look! Looks like you're off to a fancy tea party :)

Xisses, Onyxsta


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Love this outfit!! And your dog!! That stinks about it snowing up there :(
The nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me was a couple of years ago. I was on the cute lil main street in my town and the sidewalk was crowded with tons of people in line because Bobby Flay was doing a book signing. He was cool. Anyway, my mom gave me four dollars to go into the diner to get a hamburger because I didn't have lunch. So I went inside and ordered a hamburger and I didn't have enough moolah!! The cashier glared at me, and then this random person was like, "here, take this dollar," and my mouth fell open in shock and she's like "just take it!" Yeah. Sorry for the long story.
Love this post!!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog!!!

sojourned in style said...

summer. arent we all nostaligic for some sun i never totally appreciated while it was around. socks with flats are aweome espeically with pink tights! this is such a pick me up post! i will try to forget high school for a few moments and live and love life (love your inner oprah, im trying to channel my own!)

Genevieve said...

Lovely dress! Here's something kind of strange: I was looking at one of the pictures and I said why does she have seams on her legs? And then I realized they were tights!

Eli said...

we're not having snow, but I'm tired of this chilly wind and rainy we keep having. We need sun!! Your photos make me hopeful, youll be able to dress like this soon enough!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaaww, these pictures are all so cute! You look absolutely adorable!


Rand T said...

oh wow really love this!!:)
ahh prob open the door for me and wait till i pass is the nicest thing!

Mrs. April said...

You're too cute to be real, seriously girl. I love that dress. It's perfect! I bartend a lot so I hear all kinds of crazy shit from strangers. People are crazy... that's for sure.

monchinee said...

AHHAHAH your blog is so funny!! love it!! and i love this look!! the blazer and everything!! your hat is so goreous!! following you now because im in love with this blog!!


Savannah Burton said...

Amen Sista! Wow.. That was bad :) I love your outfits and who you are. You are so straightforward. !!

Chloe said...

I looove this post! I miss summer so so so bad! :))

My favorite moment with a stranger was just last week. A little girl, not even four years old, handed me a lollipop because she had two of them! It was absolutely adorable...:) I smile whenever I think about it! So cute!

chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

Tami said...

Oh gosh, why are you always doing such cutesy things? You are so adorable, and I'm in love with your skirt. :) and i actually went shopping for a floppy hat, and I thought of you. :) can't wait for your next post!


FashionJazz said...

One of my fav outfits hun! xx


Not boring one lil bit!
Love this post it was exactly the cheering i needed after the week i had....
A good reminder for me to be thankful for those that i love and dont let the rest suck me down (i'm not complainng lol)

I love conversations with strangers.
My favourite was with one of the most amazingly gorgeous men from Israel who ended up becoming a wonderful friend to me.
We met on a train on my way home from taking my son to see some show.
It was two weeks after i had woken up to find a note from my husband saying he had pissed off bk to Scotland cause he found out he had a child, so i was in a pretty broken state (long story).
I cant even do justice to Ariel (the sranger on the train) in words.He was the most amazing person i have ever met and so many ppl would say the same.
He totally changed the way i viewed the world and i still think about him every day.
Sadly he died in a freak accident only 5months after we met.
He will always be coolest person ever!

Your outfit kinda reminds me of the movie "Heathers"...now they were some bitches! lol
If you havent seen it, you have to check it out...some killer lines.


Bella said...

I love that blazer soo much! Please check out my blog :)

Chelsea Lane said...
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Chelsea Lane said...

I love how you put outfits together! your photos are some of the best I've seen on the blog world, just gorgeous :)


LyddieGal said...

I am wishing for summer as well, and I must say that the light in these photos is perfect and feels like summer. and the photo of your pup and the hat is just perfection.

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

You seriously seem like a NICE person dude! really cheery and happy :)
Have you read "A Little Princess"? The part where Sara gives a little beggar girl those freshly-baked buns even though she's starving and half-frozen always makes me want to cry... this isn't a totally random comment btw, I'm bringing it up in reference to you "nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you" question. :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Such a whimsical, beautiful, light look! Looks like it belongs at Sunday picnic in France circa 1955. And that dog is adorable.

augustalolita said...

love your outfit!! its so adorable <3 and great photos :)

TheMadTwins said...

Oooooooooooooowh, These pictures are so beautiful and so are the clothes you are wearing! The hat and the skirt is soo lovely :D

I think the nicest thing a stranger has done for me, is helped me standing up when I fell on the ice when it was snowing XD

ps: You have been selected for our reward. You can see your reward on ours site ^-^


xxx London & Paris