roses are red, violets are blue, i'm neutral about valentine's day, but i love my new shoes!


I know I've only known you for a week... but what can I say? I'm smitten. I have to admit, when I first saw you, I rolled my eyes a little. I chuckled a little. You were bizarre, you stood out... I couldn't help but make fun of you. But hey! Unlike the others, walking by you, ignoring you, I had decency. I gave you a chance. I got to know you. And look at us now. Together. A future.

Baby, it's been seven days. I only bought you because you were 50% off and fairly entertaining to stare at. You were fat and I gave you a chance as jokes. But I'm so glad I did. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me (not really). I hope we have a long future together.

Do I dare utter the words? Those forbidden, dangerous words? I love you.


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I hope you all have a marvelous Valentine's Day. Whether you're blinking your eyelashes at a boytoy or writing deep love letters to, uh, inanimate objects, I hope your day is filled with love and chocolate and generic cards with creepy looking animals . Or, you know, it's just like any other day with a bit of pink and barf-inducing sights evolved from the consumerism of today's society. You know, whatever floats your chocolate fountain (hah. chocolate and, therefore, valentine's reference).

Describe your dream luvuhhhh. (that's slang for "lover." lolsneaky.)

Festive outfit post soon! (by "festive," I mean, "yes, I did wear yellow tights and clonky shoes today for Valentine's day so, you know, don't get too hyped up on wishful cupcake attire")


Sweet said...

WOW I was really expecting you would be wearing something bright in pink or red but yellow is the most unexpected color for hearts day but still you rock and you are awesome


Savannah Burton said...


Eli said...

you know what's funny, when I was in the 10th grade I saved up all my money for months to buy a very similar pair of black and white wingtip oxford shoes. And this was about 12 years ago, so strange yet funny to see someone else do the same thing! but so many years later :)

Mrs. April said...

Hot damn! Those shoes are fantastic! Dream lover? My husband. But unfortunately, he's in Mexico. :(
So... no fun.


Hanna said...

wow they are amazing!!

Spence. said...

Oh Lexy you do make me giggle... those shoes are like, wow, I really don't know what to make of them... they're like badass gothic hiking brogues, tehe, t'is insanely awesome.


Jen @ The Purple Pants said...

haha That was hilarious!!! Awesome "love letter"!!

sojourned in style said...

those shoes are amazing! i can see how the love formed spurred by its attractive wierdness you couldn't resist. the title's clever by the way, rhytming is always the way to go!

Melody said...

I read the first paragraph and I'm like THIS SOUNDS INTERESTING. And then I saw the 50% off and I'm like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU- ! But in other words, I LOVE THE SHOES :'D ! They look damn sexyyyyyy. So I uh, forgive you ;A:

AND URGH, I HAVE NOT FOUND TIME TO DO YOUR CHALLENGE. But uhm, does walking around in the city in a cosplay kimono count? Since it was ridiculously outstanding and embarrassing?

Mara said...

LMAO......your shoes ARE hilarious & your yellow tights reminds me of GD from his Knockout video. :)

Britty said...

i dont why but these remind me of cupcakes i had a birthday party mhmm weird but they are fucking awesome! so sweet! i miss your blog so much

Dreamy Princess said...

I love your love letter to Snookums!

Well, I have so many dream luvuuhhh><

Dreamy Princess

De Vero said...

So cool shoes!


Joanne Faith said...

Cute shoes Lexy! Your love letter to your shoes is ridiculously cute :)

Be said...

I would certainly make a joke of those shoes and never give them a chance of being bought but seeing you wear them with pride (love) actually makes me want my own pair of random-shoes-which-make-people-stare-at-you, because who doesn't love stick-out-in-the-crowd randomness??

My dream lover (luvuhhh) would have to be myself (duh) but I guess if I had to choose someone to be my valintine it would have to be Mr Invisible over there ;)

Sanny said...

Hahah.. thanks for cranking me up in this blue morning. That's one awesome and fun writing, just like those shoes! I would say they are super unique, just like the owner!

Have an excellent weekend! (:
Sanny's Head to Heart

Ali said...

wow those shoes are pretty amazing!! they remind me of my school shoes in their chunky lace-up shape. I hated having to wear the same shoes every day when I was at school but five years later now I wish I still had a pair of comfy shoes like this that I could just wear with everything! maybe I should investigate...

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your shoes! And your letter was very entertaining to read. I hope to see these shoes featured in an outfit :)

Freya@WearItWithFlare said...

Wow, they are some shoes!!

You know Ruta's tutorial on how to get Newspaper print nails?
(I saw your comment on there, so hopped over to your page, okay so I clicked but you get the point)
And I did it!
They look amazing, you should try them out!
I posted them on my blog if you want to see them. :)

Georgie said...

Those shoes are epic!! Love the bright tights too I need to crack out my teal ones sometime soon. And my dream lover? Alexander Skarsgard please!!

Marloes said...

Lexy! What extraordinary shoes you bought! DAMN GURL, I love 'em! And no, my valentine's day was over before I knew it was Valentine's day, I don't know but I always somehow miss out on that day. And I am glad to do so.

(i love your tights.. really, very much)

!♥ m i m i said...

Oh maaan I love em. Can I steal em?!!! Jk I'm no shoe-snatcher.

Dream lover?! Cross between Johnny Depp, Zachary Gray, and Kevin McHale! :D Preferably around my age. And talented.

Sorry for not commenting on your awesome posts!!! Have been AWOL...

Anyway, LOVE YOU.