let's just fly

Hello, rabbits and lemurs! Wait, wuuut?! You're not rabbits and lemurs? Totally thought you were! Lolz, I'm kidding. I'm just being cheeky and hilarious and making you all furrow your brows and drop your chompers! Of course you're not rabbits and lemurs! You're my beloved readers! My beloved readers whom will forgive me for leaving hardy spaces between posting and responding to comments (ah, I KNOW I'M SORRY I WILL UTTER MY GREAT WORDS ON YOUR POSTS SHORTLY)!

I've been super busy lately: the play I'm designing costumes for is this week (yowza!), so I've been consumed in sewing and snipping. Plus, I have a portfolio review/interview this week, eeks. So, in conclusion, here are some filler photos. And by "filler," I mean, "yeah, they kind of are fillers until my outfit post pops up, but please enjoy them! They're my illustrations based off the costumes I'm doing for the Comedy of Errors. They've also been made into posters, but I'm apprehensive of posting them because you OBVIOUSLY all love me so much (?) that you'd fly over here and stalk me and murder me and if I watched Dexter, there'd probably be a reference right here. Bam."

So yeah. Enjoy...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Illustrations by Me. Watercolour, Pen & Ink and Sharpie.
1. Adriana and Luciana 2. The Dromios 3. The "Antipholi" (I think my pluralities of the name "Antipholus" is clever. shh.)

Let's play a game! Right now, I really want spring: I'm longing for the sunshine and bike rides and blue skies... It's a little pathetic. It's currently "ah, a snowstorm is supposed to come tonight" weather, but the sky was blue. Therefore, I whooped a little! I sometimes wish that the weather would vary day-to-day. Yes, it would be super annoying in terms of planning picnics with stuffed animals or snowshoeing with Santa but, ultimately, it would make days a little more spontaneous and exciting. So yeah. Your turn! What's your thought RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND?


sojourned in style said...

whoa! late night posts are the best. i think i will start posting at this hour... got a littel side tracked there. um. ya. these are. GODLY. AWESOME. AMAZING. just to say in three words. love the drama and wackiness of it all. masterpiece work. you have been facilitated with an amazing gift (i need a synonym for amazing)

Be said...

I'm so jealous. Not only are these pictures are awesome but your so good at sewing and costume disigning that you get to make the costumes for a play?!! I want to create outfits for a play! (although the only one which mine would look good for would be an Zombie play).

What's it about? Rabbits and Lemurs no doubt..

Stacey Kay said...

ooo wow, your paintings are amazing!

Stacey Kay
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Eli said...

ugh these are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you get to share pictures with us if you have the time. You really have a great eye and fabulous talent! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Aoife. said...

I really don't think that it's fair that you can dress as fantastically as you do, design clothes, and know draw amazingly well? That's not fair. I can't even do one.

Hanna said...

wow these drawings are INSANE!(but in a good way)! You really really have some talent outthere girl and I KNOW I say thay everytime, but it's still true :)

Spence. said...

Oh WOW. Your sketches are incredible! Love the last one especially... they kinda remind me of characters from 'Howls moving castle' (which is one epic film btw, tehe)
Good luck with making them all, can't wait to see the finished pieces!


Hello Naka said...

is there anything u cant do?! ur drawings and cretivity is amazing. do you do lessons ^^?

great work keep it up!

Melody said...

Loveeeee these type of drawings *v* ! and eee, my thought this ssecond is I FEEL LIKE DRAWING NOW TOOOOOOOO ;;

btw, I did your colorful outfit thing looll in the new blog post

Melissa said...

your illustrations are sooo amazing!

Melody said...

/reply/ lul yeh v_v' two bunched up stockings made me go aoisfhaosifhaoishf. I wonder if they actually make two colour ones?! COS I WOULD TOTES WEAR THEM :DD also maybe two thigh-high socks could workkkkk <3

Mrs. April said...

My thoughts this moment? You are too talented to be real, woman.


Deidra said...

Your pictures are amazing! I have no idea how you draw in that style, but it really looks like a professional's work to me.

Sweet said...

why are you so creative, talented and very very inspiring....it made me think, what was I doing when I was at your age??? hahahaha!!! these drawings are just amazing...


modern viking vixen said...

You have too much talent. Seriously, share some!!!



michelle_ said...

sharpies and watercolors are always good combos !
i love doing these kinds of illustrations as well :)