deux mille onze

Hey kids! Yeah. I think I'm entitled to call you all "kids" as it's a new year, a time for a change, a time... Yeah. I don't know... kids. Hah. (I think I'm cheeky. Please play along.)

Anyways, I hope you all had a smashin' New Year. Mine was. Smashin', that is. Spent the entire night partying away with a huge crew of people whilst doing shots into the early morning. And by "night," I mean "day." And by "partying away," I mean "feeling sick to my stomach. And head. And nostrils. And anywhere else that can feel sick." And by "huge crew of people," I mean "my sister." And by "doing shots into the early morning," I mean "half-falling asleep to Friends, whilst feverishly forcing myself to stay up for it was a New Year." All in all, it was a pretty hardcore New Year (as to be expected.)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
To be honest, I never really bought into the whole "hype" of New Year. Like, BAM. Now that we have to awkwardly force our minds into writing "2011" onto our papers, life WILL CHANGE. It's so silly! People, EVERYDAY is a time for change. "New Years" is just a ridiculous umbrella label for it all.
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I guess I'm the Grinch of New Years. Did I use this joke last year? Someone stalk my archives? Or maybe not, that could be embarrassing... I mean DON'T STALK MY ARCHIVES. This conversation never happened... I will send monsters to hide under your bed and scare the living daylights out of you! Mwahaha.
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Gorgeous bracelet I got for Christmas. The white is eggshell. YES, THAT'S RIGHT. Eggshell! I want to eat it up. Except for 1) I don't like eating eggs and 2) I especially don't like eating egg...shells.
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Anyways, due to my NYINCH (New Year + Grinch = NYINCH) antics, I don't make New Year's resolutions. I don't really do anything. Ever. Not even a "Eh, I'll do the chores more." But this is a big year, so I figured some reflecting was in store. Therefore, I made some goals for the year (I'm a hugely goal-oriented person. I had 3 set for today. This is typical. This is a whole other post). There IS a difference. Resolutions are all, "Bettttch, you didn't run 10 miles each day, you suckaaa," whereas goals are all, "Well, good thing you tried. Gold star!" Personally, I enjoy setting myself up for pats on the back.
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However, I do genuinely hope to fulfill my goals for the year. I realize that they will (hopefully) evolve and develop over the year because THAT'S WHAT LIFE'S ALL ABOUT! Growing and evolving and dreaming and accomplishing. I'm also planning to start a list of "xnumber of things I want to do before 2012" (before we all reach our demise!)(that was a non-funny joke; I don't believe 2012 is particularly significant.) I'm always a little nervous about concrete goals, as failure is particularly evident (DIDN'T WERKKK OUT ERRDAY, as an example). In contrast, more abstract goals are measured by your smiles and your heart and are always there. I guess I like security and happy hearts?

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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Thailand, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - H&M $18 (GASP I KNOW, EXPENSIVE. USED A GIFT CARD, PHEW), Shoes - Vintage $15, Jewelry - Assorted, Headband - Oh Dina!)

Overall, 2010 was an incredible year. I feel like I've accomplished many things; things that will not only look good on my resume but, MORE IMPORTANTLY (Warning: Oprah moment coming up), things that I genuinely love. I'm really working to centralize my life on things that I truly enjoy and I hope to continue to do so in 2011 and the rest of my life (AW SHUCKS).

In the end of the Grinch, does the Grinch become... un-Grinchish? I don't know. But, I'll become un-NYINCHish (remember? I am the New Year's Grinch?) and wish you all the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. I hope all your dreams for the year comes true! 2011 has a lot in store. It will be crazy, stressful, scary, and exciting. I'm ready.

What are your 2011 plans/dreams/resolutions/goals/lifestory?
I genuinely want to know! Even though, I'm not a huge "resolutions" type of gal, I'm weirdly fascinated with others' resolutions. Therefore, DON'T BE SHY. OH YOU GUY(S). AND SHARE RESOLUTIONS. THIS IS A SOLUTION. (Worst rhyme attempt ever? Oh, you didn't even know I was trying to rhyme? I believe that answers my question...)

P.S. New header! Yay! Anyone able to guesstimate where it evolved from? Puts your SPY KIDZZZ SKILLZZZ to the test!

P.P.S. I'll let you in on a secret: A few weeks ago, I made a secret goal of reaching 400 followers by New Year (hollla, to fear of concrete goals) and WOAH IT HAPPENED. Thank you all SO much. I totally appreciate each and every one of you lil' munchkins and I would pinch your lil' cheeks if I could. And if that were socially acceptable. But since it's not... infinite gumdrops and rainbows and love is being sent your way!


Jane Reggievia said...

waw, is this the longest post ever in the first month of new year? hahah :D
happy new year, lex! all the best for ya!
seems you had great time there, good luck in your 2011 goals! I made some of mine too.

have a nice day!

Jane From The Blog

Exuvalia said...

My New Year Resolutions:

01. Put in more effort in my studies.
02. Improve my personality/character.
03. Do more exercise to keep fit.
04. Think positive and be optimistic.
05. Be more sociable and make friends.
06. Better money + time management.
07. Improve my grades (Distinction).
08. Update my blog more often.
09. Have higher self confidence/esteem.
10. Refrain from over-worrying.

Katrya Kyla said...

I'm loving all of the colors on your outfit! It's definitely a festive one. :)


Hanna said...

I love this outfit! The skirt is so cute! oh and I took my pics on my balkony hihi :)
I love your goals! They are a lot less selfish than mine:$ Maybe you read it already, anyways;
- Attending Amsterdam Fasionweek Downtown!
- Learn how to sew.
- Make my blog bigger, better, funnier etc.
- Make a trip to Paris and London, cause I think it's a shame I've never been there and I only live like 5 hours away from both.
- and finally get my scooter driving license since it was cancelled all the time because of the snow!


La Rizada said...

i adore those stripey tights.

for the new year, i'm hoping to grow my own blog, get better at photography, run a 5k, and work out regularly!

La Rizada

Melody said...

Kid. Yup. You look like a little kid hehhee <3! :) AND IMMA GO STALK YOUR ARCHIVESSSSSS YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (H) Nah. I'm not LOL. <3 Im too lazy pwahahha

And oh gosh. If you be chit chatting to strangers, what happens if they be like "GET IN THE VAN, I GOT CANDY" ;A;

Yeahhhh. Goals. I got them on my blog which I think you read already LOL <3

SunnyToast said...

Congrats with your first entry for this year and wishing you all FAB blessing this 2011.

Please fallow mine:


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

this has got to be one of my most fave outfits from you! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

and oh, i really like your first 2011 goal -- right now, some people from high school invite me in facebook and i sometimes wonder if i actually knew them. i realized i should have made more connections then...

this 2011, i plan to take more risks for myself...and try out the fashion thing seriously -- like start my own line.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

gingerSnap said...


Zahra Mahdiatari said...

Good job on mixing the color! It's awwwwwmazing :)


Marella said...

You look amazing dear! <3

Courtney Erin said...

I never get too worked up over New Years - it's just another day! But it sucks you were sick. Hopefully you're feeling a little better now.

xoxo ~ Courtney

LyddieGal said...

Awww, sorry you were sick on new years eve, but you are right - it's a weird forced celebration, and it would probably be a lot more fun if it wasn't supposed to mean so much.

I like your resolution to get to know your class better. It's something I never did, and maybe I should have.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Chic on the Cheap

Britty said...

aww i'm sorry your sick!!! really but i like your outfit so mind blowing haha just love that skirt,bracelet and flats!

Spence. said...

Lexi that is one awesome bracelet, made even more so by the fact that you're wearing it ;)

I'm not one for resolutions either; I could say I'll 'get in shape or lose weight because it's the new year' but then I think 'yeahh, I'll get right too that, juuust after I've eaten this chocolate truffle cheescake' (omg. it's like my kryptonite)

I've always had a strange ambition to fly to space in a cardboard box (ever since I was 4yrs old... so far no luck, but launching myself off the roof when I was 6 didn't end well... haha only kidding, at least I think I am, I don't remember much after the pixies carried me off to join their tea party...)

Hope you feel better soon, ooh and have an awesome new year!

monster cakes said...

I'm not a big resolution maker either. I like to try to better myself and make new goals every day, not once a year. I'm currently working on my newest goal--sew easy circle skirts! I actually did it too! WOOHOO!

ps. Thanks for your fabulous comment. You made my day! And in answer to your question... NO, most tattoos don't hurt. They feel NOTHING like a shot, and more like a rug burn or a small scratch. However, if you get them on your ribs or spine (anywhere withs tons o' bone), then OWE! YES they will hurt. I am an oober wuss. No joke. And I successfully have many a tattoo. I didn't even shed a single tear, so you could totally do it. I hope you tell me if and when you do!!! xo

Deidra said...

I had to quote you on my Facebook status again! I couldn't help it.

"‎I'm always a little nervous about concrete goals, as failure is particularly evident. In contrast, more abstract goals are measured by your smiles and your heart and are always there."

Awesome and wise! :D

Clare said...

I love your amazing collection of tights and lovely jewelry. Also your list is really great. You are incredibly smart and fun, Lexy!

Anisa said...

DIGGIN YOUR HEADER MY DEAR! It's very fitting for you if I may say so myself! Hahaha, I loved your first paragraph you had me going :O "THIS GIRL IS A PARTYER OH MY!" to going :D "awww she's a little sweety pie!"

I love your goals for 2011! They inspire me to want to do the same (I'm going to try, fingers crossed!) And me, well I make resolutions as a way of keeping track of stuff I feel like I should do differently, it's like the nagging voice in the back of my head. Sigh, let's hope I accomplish just 1/11 things on my list.



Style, She Wrote said...

Thanks for your well wishes!!

Love your fun and festive outfit! I am kinda obsessed with your skillful use of color. xo style, she wrote

P.S. There's a NYE pic up on the blog just for you. :)

Sands said...

What a happy post, girl! And your outfit is SMASHIN', as you say ;) Love all the brights and that awesome blazer and your cool accessories! What a way to start the new year... with a bam!

PS: Those are great goals for 2011 (wow I actually wrote 2001 and had to retype that). I just made 3 general ones (think outside the box, try new things and be optimistic), and I definitely want to control my tempers and be more outgoing too :) Happy (somewhat late) new year!


mashi said...

Happy new year lexi!
New years resolution, prob clean a few messy loose ends up from 2010.

p.s. love your headpiece

teri seaglass said...

Your eggshell bracelet is like totally totally amazing because I have a weird fascination with egg shells, and also just because it's totally cool. Haha. I also love love love your feather headband! It looks flippy :), like flippy in the wind. Ya got me?

ANYWAYS SINCE YOU ASKED, my dream for 2011 is just basically to do things that make me feel magical. One time I was walking to my friend's house and it was raining perfectly, and I thought I could die that very minute and be happy. I mean, that's not something I did, persay, but something that happened to me... Anyways, I hope contentment like that happens again in 2011.

PS. When I read the comment you wrote about the Great Gatsby and the green light, I was mentally squealing "Ooh Ooh I know I know! Pick me! I know about the symbolism of the green light!" Basically, I got excited. Haha. I only knew because my teacher talked about it today. But I won't talk about the symbolism here of couse just in case I ruin it for someone. (Or maybe I'm just scared I'm wrong. Hahahaa.)

teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com

Mara said...

I could not stop laughing at your intro. LMAO. Seriously, funniest shit I heard all day. I needed it. It's a fucken MONDAY.

Happy FUCKEN New Year, Chica! :)

mila said...

I love love love love love your girly skirt!! You always look so cute and happy in your pictures. Your resolutions sound good! I don't have really any specific ones, but just to do better in everything. *yes I'm an annoying overachiever* haha. we'll see how it works out...good luck with yours!


roxanne said...

you're like a punky '80s tinkerbell, i love it. my resolutions are posted on my blog, but it's quite the long list.. it includes learning languages and instruments, so it's daunting haha but i'll try my best!

kyki said...

All I can think of after reading this post is, "Say what, say what? CHEESE JERKAAYY." So um, yeah.

*coughs awkwardly*

- kyki xx


Audrey Allure said...

Love your new header, and congrats on reaching 400 followers :) Very cute outfit!

Eli said...

aw I hope you feel much better, you surely don't look sick in these photos. I think the whole nye thing is kind of a sham too...I never make resolutions just because it is a new year, I make them through out!

JMay said...

You are seriously so so cute.

That is all :-)

TheMadTwins said...

Ooooh, You look so CUTE in these pictures!
Aaaaah, and the bow is also sooooo beautiful! Everything is beautiful actually! And I love the combination of all the colors and that in a white landscape ^__^ amazing job dear!


Cupcake said...

Happy new Year!!


Happy new year!
You look beautiful xx

Christine Lilwood said...

Loving those ballerinas ;)


FashionJazz said...

Looking fab as always! Happy New year! xxx

michelle_ said...

i can ALWAYSSS count on you when it comes to non mix and matching out-of-the-world outfits ! you're so "friendly" to colorrsss !
i lvoe that striped leggings by the way ! can never pull those stuff off !

glisters and blisters

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! I LOVE your resolutions. You've actually made me rethink creating a list of my own. I never do; but maybe this should be the year that I start! :)

jen said...

i guess i'm a new years grinch too cause i don't really care for it. my excitement ends the day after Christmas haha.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhmiiiii goodness graveyyy(: (idk if there's really supposed to be an E in "gravy" but i just put one there so yea) but anywho....

its just me (maebell) ^^ im sure u can see it up there but anwhoo (again) lol sorry ... i just wanted to tell you that i sent you an email regarding your blog featuree!!! so check it out - fill it out and send it backkk at mehh(: spankkks(: (aka thankkkks) [[sorry i really dont know why i'm talking so much - prolly cuz i have to go do algebra 2 hw :P YUCKKK and im procrastinatingg] but yess well check your emaill and feel free to take as much time as you need to fill it outtt!

- maebelll (againnn) again?

DeVero said...

So much joy in these photos! I love it!Great accessories!

Happy 2011!


Flashes of Style said...

You are too cute! That skirt is so sweet on you. Hope you have a great new year, and that all of your dreams come true. :)

projectvee said...

haha geez, why are you so cute?
erm, i definitely had a hardcore nye as well. haha just kidding. i wasn't that excited about it either - but it was nice to spend some time with foooriends.
i hope you complete that list :) i don't have many resolutions, but i just want them to be realistic + achievable :D


Sanny said...

Those are such festive pictures, even before reading anything, I could feel the fun from your pictures already hahah.. I guess you are always that colorful, love it! And that new year goal list of yours sounds challenging and so different. You go girl!

Have a FAB year ahead! (:
Sanny's Head to Heart

Marloes said...

Okay, as I don't know you recieved my ...enquiry... at your formspring account I'm going to tell you again, I am utterly in love with your new header.

And too, I think you are some of those people that can rock striped thights anytime instead just in the early years of youth. (me)

I know what you mean with the goals-thing. But this year I am genuinely going to try to stay by my "list". So ehhrr, here it comes:

- Getting less foul-mouthed, seriously I don't know why I say fuck most of the time, it's such an ugly word actually. Or saying "you suck" as a reply to someone isn't very... polite either.
- Get finally started with my own Moleskine-project.
- Blog at least once a week.
- get my finance better organized and finding cheap vintageshops... (that's going to be tough)
- Write postcards randomly to friends, just because I like it too if I find something for me in the mail.
- Make the right decisions.
- Start wearing heels on a sort-of regular basis
- enjoy every minute of life as much as possible, so even the "bad days".
- make more time for photography, art etc.

...it's becoming more and more everytime I think about it.

Hope Adela said...

i love the pink and green color combination and those tights are adorable! =)


Marisa Noelle said...

You seriously have the most darling style ever! I love the way you put together all those bright and playful colors. I absolutely adore the tights and the headband...and your blog for that matter:) Definitely inspiring and definitely following you now. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. xx Marisa

Lynn said...

oh my gaaaa, you are so incredibly awesomely funny! and CUTE! i wish i could bottle your energy and take shots of it throughout the day, fer serious. i don't know how i missed to click the follow button before but now i'm going "directly there", and by "directly there" i mean....oh ya well that's exactly what i mean.

love your colorful list! you already read my goals for 2011 but thanks for your visit the other day, i know what you mean about pushing the over-analyze button. we b ahhh-ight tho ♥

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Eeep! I completely love your second and fourth new years goals. Sound's like you had a fun night ringing in 2011. I totally adore your tights and blazer; they're so much fun, and your whole outfit is the perfect shot of bright and cheery during the winter. Best of luck in 2011!

Oh, and major congrats on 400 followers. That's huge and super exciting!

Freya B ♥ said...

I L.O.V.E your blog!
it's fantastic!
It's awesome!
I love your posts!
I love your outfits!
Your awesome! (okay.. Now I AM being creepy, I'll stop, maybe.)
My resolutions?
Figure out if I like DM's (is that even a resolution?)
Oh, and of course, make my blog as awesome as yours! (Now I WILL stop)
at Thatfashionmoment.blogspot.com
I really need to change the name!
Any ideas?
Oh, and I'm following by the way!
Have a great 2011!

sojourned in style said...

NYINCH!! love it. love your get-up your working! that blazer is gorgeous, tights strip-tastic, and the rest so bright and colourful! (im so full of cheesiness today, i know :) Happpy Belated New Yearrr!

Ellen Farida said...

Haha, you really had a great time! I like your smile :)


Sweet said...

hello Lexy Gorgeous...

I just visited your site and I was completely amazed with the new layout and everything...oh I miss visiting your gorgeous site my dear...

You always bring out the best in your post..I wish I have that super creativity and spark....

I love the leggings and you look so fantastic with the headpiece and the outfit...


KalynBlaire said...

I love all your pictures!!
you're just so cute. (:

your blog is my favorite.

Missy Daisy said...

Love the jacket, love your style <3