embodying ethics

You know how you sometimes stumble upon something and the only word that pops in your head is GENIUS? Yeah? Yeah. Well I present you THESE amazing creations that I so happened to stumbled upon which so happened to inflict such feelings of AW YEAH GENIUS. It's so incredible I want to pull out my hair. Just because that would really emphasize how incredible it is? Yeah.

Rohan Chhabra - "Embodying Ethics"

Cow Leg Trouser

Sheep Organ Bag

Tree Shadow Chair

Hunter Jacket

Photos: here and here

I know what you're thinking. It's GENIUS. And if you're not thinking that... then you have major issues. HAH. Kidding. Sort of. But really, I'm so enthralled with the, for lack of better word, AMAZINGNESS behind this - the concept, the message, the construction, the execution, sighhhh. If only I had even a millionth of the creativity and talent behind producing such pieces. Also, if only I owned that hunter jacket because who cares if I don't need my jacket to turn into a ram? NOW ALL JACKETS I OWN WILL ONLY APPEAR TO BE A MINOR BLIMP OF COOL IN COMPARISON TO A JACKET THAT TURNS TO A RAM. Yes, that required Caps.

On a deeper note beyond why rams + jackets > normal jacket (not that that's not valid because it MOST CERTAINLY IS), the message in which Chhabra explores in his works is really phenomenal. I'm very attracted to the exploration of greater ideas and concepts through design; a garment is MORE than a garment, so to speak. As he describes on his website, he has begun to "focus on designs ability to ask carefully crafted question than just provide solution/ solve problem. My recent work question ethics and allow design to deal with more complex and darker emotions."

Check out more of Rohan Chhabra. Especially the videos.


Deidra said...

That just totally imploded my mind.

Ali said...

I am confused.

Ali said...


Stacey Kay said...

Strange. But definitely interesting.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

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kyki said...

Major. Mind. Fuck.

o__o ♥

- kyki xx


Melody said...


And the sheep organ bag. Because it looks COOL ...and freakyyy (H) ! THE COW LEG TROUSERS WAS LIKE WOWAH WTFFFF LOL <3

βe said...

Um, Genius? *laughs awkwardly*

Nice new banner. Yeah. I love the new banner. It makes me jealous about how good a drawer you are. Did you take art lessons or were you just born an artist?


Extremely interesting!xx

Hello Naka said...

WHOA! I'M LOVING UR BLOG LAYOUT! The font is crazily amazing :) and i love the cow leg jeans :3 and tehe i love finding new words to use :p

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Really cool ideas, I'm sitting here in AWE!! So cool. Love it.

Ps. adorable outfit before!

K. said...

Well, that certainly is interesting :)

K said...

My world will be complete when I own that ram jacket. How effing awesome!

De Vero said...

So cool;)


roxanne said...

flabbergasted. seriously.

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

haha, these are hilarious. the things people think of...


sojourned in style said...

at first i scrolled through it quickly and was slightly perplexed but upon closer examination, in noticed the ram first :) and it blew my mind to epically amazed proportions. converting everyday items into centres of thought-provokaction is genius!

Rand T said...

all I can say is WOW!!hahaha
have a good day:)