I write this to you all, snuggled in a polka dotted robe with the warmth of the fire beating on my back, at complete ease and serenity.

Except for my polka dotted robe is making me extremely hot, the fire is burning the bare flesh off my body so I'm currently all blood cells and muscles, and I have homework/essays/portfolios/university marks/ life to worry about. But still. One thing at a time, right friends? Recently read the quote, "Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it." - Groucho Marx. This is now taped on my mirror and I hope you all have a happy day. Oh, Happy Days! (Am I quoting a movie? I feel like I am. I'll pretend I am. An Indie movie, no less. That will give me "indie cred." Therefore, I am cool.)

Today's creative project. FINALLY GOT TO PHOTOGRAPHING MY COFFEE FILTER DRESS. Procrastination? I think I'll just go with the "Ah, I was waiting for zeee perfect vinterrr day." (That was supposed to mimic a French, ahem Francais, accent, thus successfully giving me that air of "je ne sais quoi." Har har.)

Coffee Filter Dress/ Styling/ Photography/ Some of the Make-Up - Me (Lexy)
Modeling/ Most of the Make-up - Sibling (Mimi)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We glitterfied her face. Any relationship to Ke$ha was purely coincidental and do not represent the views of those involved with the project. Rated E for Everyone! (That was supposed to mimic those "Viewer Disclaimer" things. If you didn't get that, then YOU'RE STUPID.)(I'm kidding. That was a joke. It was a defense mechanism for my lack of competence. I AM SORRY.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Another disclaimer: I AM NOT AN EVIL SISTER I SWEAR. Sibling insisted she could go outside. Repeat, INSISTED. How's that for Canada, eh?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I've been seeing a lot of pine trees outside of peoples' homes. It makes me sad. I feel like these poor trees were bread for just one purpose and, as soon as their purpose was served, BAM THEY'RE GONE. I'm sure that this could transcend itself into some life analogy, but that's not somewhere I want to venture towards. In conclusion, heinous, plastic Christmas trees FTW!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Coffee Filter Dress - By me, more information here)

Hope you all enjoyed these Brrrreathtaking photos! (Brrreathtaking because "HOLY MOLY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. My breath is being taken away by Brrrs" not because they're, you know, "Breathtaking." There's a differrrrrence.) (The excessive rs = a failed attempt at emphasizing coldness.) Certainly a nice life break to take some photos. By "some" I really mean "300+" but, you know, same thing.

Sorry that comment responsiveness is on the low-down, hoe-down. Life is busy. But exciting. But busy, WOAH.
How are you all? If you could be an animal, what would it be?
(Life altering question, as per usual. I'm desperate to have you all RELEASE YOUR INNER BEAST. (like inner animal.) (like... never mind. Have a good day, my beasts xxx))


Stacey Kay said...

Fabulous design! So innovative.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

My First “Haul” Video – Thrifting in Indiana!

Melody said...

Really like the design! And I actually thought your sister was you until you pointed it out ;A; ! But yesss, you are a wonderful designer and I think you should make my clothes (H) !

Anyway, I would want to be a bird. Just cos I wanna fly :D

Exuvalia said...

Okay. That outfit is just outstanding. Can I please steal it? Anyway, if I had to be an animal, I would be a dove. :D

kyki said...

Please make me this dress! AHHH. <3333 Lady Gaga would be drooling right now if she read this.

(And Ke$ha would probably get some fashion pointers from it. Yay!)

OHYEAHANIMAL. Right. I would be a...umm...hmm. Cheetah?

- kyki xx


fhen said...

ooo such amazing dress and shots!
i've made a dress from non-usual-fabric as well and i can feel the challenge and excitement in the making of the coffee filter dress
me likey!
standing in awe cause i believe it was freezing outside when you took those photos. but you two did a great job!

April said...

shit girl, you are effing amazing. like, i'm really jealous. but seriously. you sister is gorgeous also :)



Anonymous said...

once again your creativity just blows my mind away(: love this!! but im cold just looking at you lol(:


duckalicious said...

just so we're clear: you made this? you made this from coffee filters? *jawdrop* FREAKING AWESOMENESS!!!!


Felix Curds said...

you are insane in the best way possible haha:) that dress is ingenious and the shoot is great. also, "oh, happy days!" i think that's from big momma's house;)

Hanna said...

OMG OMG she looks soo FIERCE. And did you made that dress yourself? :O cause it's incredible!!


TheMadTwins said...

This is sooooooo beautiful!
you are talented!
love it so much!
and if I would be an animal than it would be a cat :)

lots of love Paris

K. said...

Wow, coffeefilters? That is so clever! The dress looks absolutely fab! Hmm, what animal i'd like to be... i guess a cat, cause they are cute and they can sleep all day long... and well, that's about it :D

Recycling jewelery girl said...

very cool dress!!!! the pictures are awesome too!!!

Courtney Erin said...

Wow, that is amazing!!!! Seriously, that's an incredible piece of work.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Deidra said...

THESE PICTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL. This is possibly my favorite post from you ever! And my boyfriend (I made him look at this too) and I are trying to figure out how you made a coffee-filter dress...

Abi said...

The dress is such a beautiful design! I like the mono sleeve and ruffle/layers thing going on. No, I don't think you're an evil sister. That is if your sister did INSIST on going outside. Otherwise, tsk tsk...

I love that quote by the way. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it. I need to make that my motto!

Arabelle said...

that is a fabulous design and those are AMAZEBALLS pictures!!! blown away. :)

Hello Naka said...

I would be a cat!!!! XD and ur sister must have been freezing but worth it for the great photos! i love ur dress :3

Marloes. said...

I LOVE the dress!! It's beautiful!!

CDG said...

In all seriousness, if designer is not in your future plans, I am going to hunt you down and create my own sweatshop just for you to work in! You are amazing, it would be a crime if you didn't become a designer. I would love to own this dress and would prance around in it all day.
p.s if I was an animal, I would be a coatimundi seeing as that is my favorite animal! Plus they're cute and fierce. Who doesn't want to be cute AND fierce?!

maphi said...

she looks beautiful , you two look so much alike , i thought it was u at first ( till i used my brain and read the description looooool ) and that dress is the most amazing thing i've laid eyes on :O xx

monster cakes said...

UM I'm sorry but did you say you made this dress?!?! That's totally insane. I'm beyond impressed. Hats of to you! Also... I love coffee so that makes your dress doubly cool.

Style, She Wrote said...

That dress is INSANE in the absolutely best way possible. What a genius idea!! Love it!

Savannah Burton said...

This is amazing! How did you make this? How is this not falling apart?!

Savannah Burton said...

This is amazing! How did you make this? How is this not falling apart?!

missy pig said...

speechless and utterly BEAUTIFUL!
If I didn't read your post, I wouldn't know the dress was made out of coffee filters! *gasp* creative to the max.

why i'd be a cat. because i love my naps and being to myself.

LyddieGal said...

I completely admire you for making a dress out of coffee filters. I hope this dress makes it out into the world some time. it would be awesome.

and i love the new header. adorable.

Chic on the Cheap

Drifter said...

That is so cool! Where did you get the idea for it? And what will you do with a coffee filter dress, haha. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY AND ALL YOUR ART WORK, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. You're right, some things DO need caps :). And if I was an animal I would be a DRAGON because dragons are amazing and I still believe they exist. So there. Hope I didn't go overboard with the caps thing haha.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i think you beat the hell out of the genius on your previous post...because what you did is legendary. *wink* seriously, it's beautiful...

if i would be an animal, i'd be a male lion..take note, male..because their mane is cool. and they're cool. hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Christine Lilwood said...


You r very talented!

SunnyToast said...

I love your creativity! I admire you and wishing to see this dress on glossy magazines or the world some time:)


Freya B ♥ said...

Oh woooooow! (is that too much?)
A coffee filter dress?
Now that's awesome!
Thanks for checking my humble page out, I may have few followers (For now!) But I WILL take over the blogging world! (okay so I probably won't but still...I can dream)
Sooo, Great post!
I'm glad you like the layout of my blog, no-one ever comments on that!

Sweet said...

OMG!!! the dress is amazing...and at first I was thinking...wow!!! LEXY...it's weird not to see you smile...but once I started reading the post hahahaha!!! you got me there love...

actually your sister looks gorgeous...and you look like twins hahahah!!! I love the glitter her facial expression and the pose...extremely creative

love it!!!


morgan. said...

i am in love with this. you are a babe.

& if i were an animal, i would be a lexy.

okay that was creepy.

i would be a cat, so i could climb trees & would have a natural excuse to be moody if i wanted.

Alexandra said...

I adore the dress,it's amazing ! If it was made out of fabric,it would fly off the shelves!

If I were an animal ? I think I'd love to be wither a fox or a cat. I'd like to be a little sexier and trickier.

alexandra @

Eli said...

If you made this with coffee filters you should go ahead and make it with fabric! It will be way easier than the filters! I'm sure you could do it and it could only turn out just as wonderful as this dress. I'm super impressed wow!

projectvee said...

WHAOOOOO, coffee filter dress! i love it love it love it.
you are amazing.

but you must be cold. props yo, i can't take the cold at all :'( why do i live in canada?


Ali said...

WHAT these are awesome. Your sister is an amazing model and I love the purple and blue and green (cool? yes, cool) undertones of the pictures.. and brave she is for daring the outside. And faux pine trees ftw. Love the sparkles. :D

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my gosh!! That dress is unbelievably stunning! I am saving this to my inspiration file. It is the most beautiful piece of clothing I've seen in a while. The colors are exquisite! xx Marisa

Leigh said...

i love that dress! it is so creative and innovative!


Hope Adela said...

STUNNING dress! you look like a magical faerie ice snow flower princess! =)


Dreamy Princess said...

Creative and talented! You're Lexy! Wow..

If I'm animal, it would be a bird that can fly high. But not a bird in a gold cage. NO! xp

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

jen said...

you're an ice princess! lol just looking at your outdoor photos makes me shiver

Clare said...

GOOD LORD! These photos are INCREDIBLE! I just fast forwarded to you on your wedding day and you will be the MOST amazing bride ever. I mean this dress. is. amazing!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ummm...hello. You do realize that you NEED to be a fashion designer after constructing something as stunning as this dress out of coffee filters. Genius! As is the make-up - it's like an ice princess or snow queen. LOVE

I think I'd be a giraffe - though I've yet to decide why I would be that particular animal. :P

Audrey Allure said...

Such a gorgeous dress, I love the colors - and it does look good against the snow! I'd be either a bird so I could fly or a white tiger (just because my dad loves tigers and it sorta rubbed off on me too haha).

teri seaglass said...

Okay this is so amazing on so many levels, it ain't even funny, girlfranddddd. After my sister and I marvelled at it, we showed it to my mom, who then also was like "O.M.G." This is beautiful. I swear to god, oh my god.

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

this is beautifully made, Lex. i would wear one if you were mass producing! and your sis is a stunning model.


Britty said...

you...you are brilliant! this dress is wonderful... no it incredibles girl you got taltent!

Tami said...

Oh my god. That is crazy. You have officially become one of my idols forever. That is.. just wow. It cannot be described in words. I would die for a dress like that. How did you make it? How long did it take you? And how do you wear it? Is it just like a slip on? sorry im rambling on with these questions, I am just so curious and stunned at the same time. gosh, i could go on this comment forever, because this is my absolute favorite post of yours.

xoxo Tami at tamijam.blogspot.com

PS. You gotta dance like your dumb. LOVE the Ke$ha glitter!

Jessica said...

my goodness it's such an amazing post!!!
you're super brilliant and genious !!
it's just, breathtaking (without brrrrr) me seeing those photos.

De Vero said...

Amazing dress!


Marloes said...

Shame on you. You haven't seen Breakfast At Tiffany's!?!? I am all astonishment.

Although I must say, I'm amazed. I am even more in love with this piece of utter awesomeness (i mean, dress) than before. Whoa, I love it. And the shots are amazing too... the make-up fits and is not at all "too much". I am proud of you, although I've never met you before.

And the animal thing, yeah... i'm a leo at my horoscope, a monkey at my chinese horoscope... but I'd much rather be something like a bird. They can fly and hide and see all lovely places.

Flashes of Style said...

Oh that dress is SO gorgeous!! <33

Lynn said...

totally incredible and blowing my mind with your ingenious ways! rated E, love it and your sis is super cute too. i could totally see either gagaloo or perhaps carrie bradshaw sporting this fine number out on the town. ♥

Ellen Farida said...

Hi Lexy thx for your kindness comment, you make my mood turns great! I can't keep smilling when reading your comment :)
Actually I googling to design layout and just fix a lil bit to fit my blog.

Lova ya,


sojourned in style said...

wowww!! my breath has been taken away (inpsired by your "breathtaking" phrase). so gorgeous beautiufl amazing. i lvoe the lighting and that dress is wintry perfection. just amazing.

Anonymous said...

amazing, amazing dress. so much thought put in to the details, beautiful.


Diane said...

wow, I love her make-up and attitude!

You girls seem to be very different!


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

This is stunning; what lovely pictures and an amazing dress! Her makeup is PERFECTION.