fannee doodlee

I took these photos about two weeks ago. I. Yes, I. Meaning self timer. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if self timer shots are something to brag about. I'm pretty sure if you've mastered the art of self-timing, you've also mastered the art of narcissism. That could explain by utter love for all things shiny. (Because, you know, you can look at yourself in shiny things?) (Also, I've always wished I was a bird.) (Because, you know, birds like shiny things?) (IT MAKES SENSE, YOU'RE JUST CLOSED MINDED.) (Kidding! I take that back! We're still cool, right bro?!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's freaky how quickly time has gone by. My backyard doesn't even look like this. I came home and my parents decided that we should have no grass. Really, it's all mulch now. Random? Yes. I should start a Facebook petition or something. Also, the leaves decided to change colours on me. Wouldn't it be fun if we could change colours?! Like Marty Wolf's character on Big Fat Liar? YES.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Albeit being slightly weird, it's actually very fun/ a huge work out to prance around your backyard in man pants. I like man pants.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I also like rings, but you guys should know that. If you didn't, NOW YOU DO. Gold star for learning something new each day! Aw shucks!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know the weather where it's on the brink of raining, but then it doesn't actually? Yeah, that was this day. The frogs seem to like it...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Pants - Value Village $4, Dress (worn as a shirt) - Vintage $7, Blazer - Thrifted $1, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Shoes - Value Village $8, Ring - Thailand)

U feel like this post is kind of spiratic and unimaginative, but I think that that might be because it's 7:39 AM on a Monday morning and I am at school and I am, in fact, kind of spiratic and unimaginative. Yay for the blog reflecting my mood? Yay for being true to my mood? Yay for being at school early? NO.

Lately, I've been musing about life a little too much. I think it has something to do with being in grade twelve coupled with too much bus time for field hockey games, in which I usually just stare out the window and ponder over life. Which makes me sound like an extreme loser, so we can pretend I'm kidding if that makes you think I'm a cool cat. (I am, I am! Sam I am! Green eggs and ham! I am! I am! I AM COOL GUYS.)

Don't worry, I'm not constantly in a state of blah. It's the Monday morning blues. Hey, I HAVE AN IDEA. Pump me up. How? you may ask. Thank you for asking, I will answer, Just simply...
(If you can dream it, you can do it! Say with me guys! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it! Damn, I could so be your life coach...)


Nadia Kamballa said...

Cute pics! I love every piece in this outfit.. So pretty!

My biggest dream? To have a limitless amount of money for an endless shopping spree.. Ha, I bet that's every bloggers' dream, too :)

The November Girl
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commodestyle said...

lovely outfit;so retro!nice pics!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

My biggest hope and dream is to have a book published and to tour promoting it. Ooh, I would love it!

Also, ugh! Time truly is flying by. I honestly have no clue how it's the end of September already!! :/

catwalk criminal said...

looove the pics & your style ♥
like to follow eachother? :$

K said...

Someday (sooner rather than later...) I'm going to have an obstacle course to play on. A big one. like on tv shows. Im going to play every day and other people can come too. With a petting zoo. Thats my dream.

Joanne Faith said...

Nice job with self timing and all, considering you look miles away form the camera! :P Your ring is very pretty... I also really like what you're wearing in the previous post! x

Anisa said...

Ah I've missed your postings! Don't ever leave me again, what kind of a twin are you! ahaha I play, I play.

My dream...I've yet to realize what it is but I really do want to travel the world and simply eat and enjoy its atmosphere. I could have my own show on the food network, Anisa+World=Yum. Good idea, yea? I'd like to think so!


Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulous pictures, love love the color and action. And the mix of prints up top.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Deidra said...

You're gorgeous in these pictures, as always!

And good point about the self-timer...although I think that if you RECOGNIZE that it could be narcissistic, then it isn't. :)

Xu Box said...

Those turquoise pants are so rad!!! Actually, your entire outfit looks awesome!!!

My biggest dream (not impossible but highly improbable) is to abolish all the suffering of this world. Whether it's human suffering or animal cruelty, they all need to stop. But my life-long hope is to one day own a bakery out of which I will make and sell yummy pastries and hand-made clothes.

LyddieGal said...

Turquoise man pants are awesome!
and I love those little frogs, awwww!
Also double the belts = double the fun! Oh Yeaw!

Chic on the Cheap

maphi said...

oooh my goodness !!! i love your whole outfit :O woooow i would have never thought of such a combination ,and yaaaay for bright colours :D xx

Clare said...

I love your blog Lexy! You are the cutest girl with the greatest style!

Clare said...

I love your blog Lexy! You are the cutest girl with the greatest style!

Stevia said...

so jealous
is that really your backyard??
it looks like a little house in the prairie set!
I love the pink flowers
and even the frogs (that's a lie. I hate frogs. But I like THIS picture of frog in its little pond. So that's not entirely a lie)

and I love your pink blazer!
it matches the flowers perfectly

My biggest hopes and dreams are (for now) to finish my thesis nicely and to graduate. Like seriously, I need to get out of this town as soon as possible!!


Anonymous said...

you are just the COOLEST! i love the fit! too cute.

come by again soon



Agustina Selviana said...

HEYY your pants look so gorgeous!!love it, lovely photos! you look great with your expression :D

check my new post! http://selviorselfish.blogspot.com/

Charlotte. said...

cute ring! yay for the big fat liar reference, that used to be my favourite film when i was little!

Traveliztera said...

You look totally adorable!!! :D Hahaha and it's okay... I <3 self-timers hahaha!

Melissa said...

mixing prints! ftw! you look awesome lexi!
i love how youre wearing double belts too :D

April said...

girl i love you and your man pants. and monday mornings suck, i feel ya. i need some man pants in my life. and gorgeous blazers.

biggest hopes and dreams...hmm...my only goal in life is to live in New York City :) beyond that, anything will do :D

Audrey Allure said...

Love your outfit & its colors :) And that ring is gorgeous!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

this outfit is awesome...all the clothes and the accessories too.

i love what you said about mastering the art of the self timer...haha!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

You are SO adorable in these photos!! And I love your pink blazer. You look lovely in it. That ring is also super cute. xoxo

Amber Rose said...

Hehe- I can picture you doing what I do-- hitting the timer button, haulin ass to the area, posing it up Tyra-style, then repeating!

PS: My eyeballs love you.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

well yeah, it's normal to have days of blah...i've been having them too much these days that my boyfie has to snap me back to reality every time i space out..haha!

i am loving the printed peach blazer...damn, i haven't found any good blazer thrifting lately.tsk tsk. can i have yours instead?

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

dreamy princess said...

Like the blazer and the pants!(:
I LOVE my tripod and self timer. Really help me a lot! haha...
my dream (I bet that you've already know xp): I want to go to Paris. It will even better if I can live there too..! (I CAN DO IT!)

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Gayle is Volatile said...

Your photos are awesome! Love the colorful top. I cant believe you got it for just $4!! Where on earth do you go shopping? Such great finds!

-Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

Vicki said...

love this jacket!!! biggest dream? to move to nyc in 2 years and work for elle magazine or a little indie designer and blog all the time and become a famous blogger! :) x

Marloes said...

You should so be my life coach.... I haven't been in here (with here I mean 'The Wonderful World of Blogging') in ages.. nor at your blog. :(

I love the jacket. That's just awesome, seriously.

But anyway, my biggest dream? Well, that's just it. I've been pondering about life while looking out of the window while, not on the bus, on the train that I just have ... pondered all my dreams away. I got too rational. That sucks. Now I don't have any dreams anymore. I think. Or, at least no dreams that have most likely a chance of coming true.. Im blabbing again.

Okay. I'd love to go to Japan one day and just stay there for at least 1 year so I can see all the seasons changing, learn a bit of the language, eat every single possible nice piece of food in Japanese kitchen, and finally remember how to make an origami crane bird. Or... move to france or italy and live on this huge chateau with all kinds of strawberry fields and sunflower fields around me and eat macarons and drink champagne all day. AND do something with my life at the same time. .... .... ... ... see. That's just too good to come true :')

Ali said...

That blazer is way too awesome! You got it for a dollar? Dear god, you need to take me thrifting with your bad SELF. <3

THOSE FROGS ARE SO CUTE AND I WANT TO SING WITH THEM. They are singing, right? I hope so. Or I'll sit with them. WHATEVER WORKS.

&& I've been musing about life lots, too. And hey, we're both in grade 12. WE'RE AWESOME. So alike in every way. But yes, musing about life has invaded my thoughts for quite some time now. I'm glad I'm not the only one. In fact, lately my comments on people's blogs have been really long and drawn out if one little thing pops up that I can relate to.

silviasiantar said...

hey thanks for your sweeet comment

i'm linking you on my blog now


βe said...

Is that your backyard? (sorry, I'm clueless about stuff) but if it is it's an AWESOME backyard. And the frogs. I love frogs, I used to catch them when I was little and then they died during the night and made the whole house smell bad. . .

And I am definately going to do more photoshoots, they are just so enjoyable! And I love this one you did, it looks so free and UNselfconcious. I just love those sort of photoshoots:D

βe said...

Oh! And say hi to Daisy for me! lol

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i love your pink jacket!!

thanks for the comment hun. hope you follow my blog.. http://barestudy.blogspot.com

also, want to join my giveaway? i'm giving away a coach poppy charm!
click here to see giveaway

sweet said...

everytime I visit your blog and see your photos love...I feel the positive vibe with in me...and your photos shows it all...thank you for keeping us positive...we need more bloggers like you...

Dreams??? for real?? just to be happy with my family, have kids, get my dream house, work as a teacher, still blog and take photos and have our own business, simple stuff but it needs to pave way for my undying love for fashion hahaha!!!!

love the pants lex...and thanks for the comments my dear!!!! you always make me smile...

stay pretty and fashionables gorgeous!!!


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

love your jacket!


sojourned in style said...

i love man pantss tooo, i want a pair!!!

my dream is to work at a magazineee, and i would so totally hire you as my life coach :)


Diane said...

Wow, this outfit is so amazing! I love it, the colors and shape of the pants and the print on the cardigan are great together!

Anyway, I love to see that your blog is growing, cause it's a great blog!!


Hanna said...

I got you a bloggeraward! Check out my page to see the rules!


jewel said...

that ring is absolutely gorgeous :) i am muchly in love with it!
my biggest hope and dream is to become a comedian and get my own sketch show. it's kind of weird but i want it!
x x x

Violet said...

love this outfit especially the top... my whole life is musing about life i wish i didnt do it so much lol
Vi from Cali

Skyline Eyes said...

Love your blog! (:

Susan said...

I like your outfit! and cool photos ;)

elfemme said...

nice blazer!!!!! i want iiiiiiittt!

see you around :)

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