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It's the end of the first week of school, so you guys are obviously expecting a very preppy and peppy post. Right? Because, you know, school is JUST SO EXCITING. Just SO MUCH FUN. I can't even CONTAIN all the excitement. Exclamation mark. (Lexy, this is the time in which you start utilizing said exclamation mark.) (!!!!) Luckily for you, it feels like I've been at school for weeks. As though it never even stopped. As though my entire life has simply been SCHOOL. And, undoubtedly, I'm just overjoyed at this prospect. (!!!)

No, no I'm not. The exclamation marks are misleading. (Stupid brackets.) (I didn't put the exclamation marks there for a reason.) (Don't you shush me.) (I'm not going to my room!) (Oh, I see what you did there.) (If you didn't see, I used said exclamation mark without extra prompting.) (!!!)

BAM. Outfit from awhile back. Swoosh! (Awkward sound effects lighten up the mood.) (So BAM! KAPOW! OINK OINK! balances out the BLAH! of this post.) (SHUSH! BLAH! is a sound effect.)

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These pictures decided to end up being very awkward.
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Oodles of fun to wear prints. Simply OODLES.
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(Shirt - Salvation Army $3, Skirt - Homemade, Shoes - Value Village $8, Purse - Value Village $8, Belt - Thrifted $1, Accessories - Assorted)

Apparently letters to your past self are a good mental stimulation thing. No, I made that up. But I'm sure it's true. Kind of true. I mean, that's kind of what Tonya (Raven's mom) from That's So Raven (5:05 mark) did. And if you're lost: 1) watch more Disney channel, 2) she wrote a mean letter but IT WAS ACCIDENTALLY SENT. Dun, dun, dun! (Yes, the "writing a letter" part is about the extent of which the two relate. But that's beside the point.)

It's usually written to your 16 year self. I'm 16, so this could be awkward...

Dear 16-year-old Lexy,
Hi. This is a little freaky, but it is the PRESENT talking to you. (I know, scary concept to grasp.) It's your last year of high school and even though it doesn't feel like it, I'm sure it will soon. Reality is starting to sink in, but don't lose hold of the things you want. And even if you don't or do know, keep your mind open. It's only one more goddamn year so make the best of it. Even if you want to hurl your insides at your classmates and peers. DON'T. You've known them for too long. Besides, you'll meet lots of people in the future, so stop drawing mustaches on their faces. (Kidding, I know you don't do that.) High school's only a tiny blip of your life. You have a lot to learn. And I can't tell you what that is because, hey, it's the present. And well, I can't predict the future. (In other words, I ain't no Raven.) But whatever. I'm on a high horse so just listen to this letter.
Keep perspective, dream big and have fun, girl!
P.S. This was fun and awkward!

I'd love to hear YOUR LETTERS to your 16 year old self! Or whatever age you'd most want to give advice, too.
(Me? My runner up age would be 13. Because, seriously, 13-year-olds have so much to learn/ ARE, LIKE, SOOO ANNOYING. For the record, I don't like Justin Beiber. Bieber. I don't know.)

Ready, Steady, Go!


Ali said...

You, my lady, are the queen of pattern and color and magical mixingness wonder awesome. :D That was so a compliment, although confusing to comprehend. <3

I'm VERY glad you survived your first week of school. That is always the hardest. It's amazing you've just started, I'm already in my fifth week. :D

Anisa said...

You're style is ridiculously awesome and you're outfit is like an explosion of floral! Last year of high school is always the best, enjoy it while it lasts!

check me out: thelaughslut.blogspot.com

toxic disco boy said...

i love it that you're not afraid to mix prints and colors. fun! ^^

Melai said...

Super bold mixes! Love it :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Anonymous said...

you...are...TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! i love the post, love the outfit and love the pictures.

stay cool,



Amie said...

i love how happy you are in all your outfit posts! keep quirky lady! :D

dreamy princess said...

nice florals and colors combination! not much 16 years old girls can make a great combination and wear such a bold outfits like you. As usual, you're just awesome!
I'm not surprised that you'll survive and pass through your school life with so much fun! :D

P.S: I would like to know the 13 years old Lexy(:

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Victoria said...

i love this! you pull prints off so well!! you look adorable as usual :)

Xu Box said...

I hope school is going well for you so far and that you don't die from being too sarcastically bitter. Regardless, I just love your outfit. The colors are so bold and fresh!!!

btw, I linked you on my blog. Would be so kind as to return the favor?

HDM said...

I feel like that with school too. (But I like school, so...)
I <3 your floral cardi!!
(And I'm 13)

Hanna said...

Love the energy in your pics! And the outfit is great! You putted a smile on my face because of all the colours! Lovely!


Andie said...

im gonna write a letter to my future self oneday and put it in a capsule. my friends and i were supposed to do that year ago, but we were lazy...
WOOHOO GO TONYA!! i miss thats so raven :(
and I LOVE YOUE OUTFIT! i wanna try and copy that idea, but maybewith tropical prints cuz i dont have any floral tops...or do i...just hope i dont look weird, because tropical print on tropical print...never heard of it...
(wow loads of ellipsis, so proud! :D)


Nadia Kamballa said...

You're so funny Lexi.. :) And I love that outfit..

Color Me Dot Dress Giveaway by The November Girl

NikkiDee said...

haha, i actually really like the awkward pictures. they're fun. and yayy prints!

i deeefinitely agree that letters need to be written to 13 year old selves more than 16 year old selves. I was way cooler when I was 16 than I was when I was 13.

don't worry girl, enjoy high school while it lasts. soon it will be over and a distant memory of lame people. i had fun in high school but...life gets more fun. don't believe the people who say high school is the best 4 years of your life.. they are probably lame and hate their jobs.

April said...

you can mix prints and colors like no other. it's amazing.

also TOTES remember that episode of Raven...god i miss disney channel


Madeline Weber said...

argh school sucks
but cute outfit! love it

i really, really like........this blog (tehe)

xxx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

Putri Fatma said...

school sucks except the friends :)
and I love ur pics! awesome :D


Rand T said...

hahha well lovely;):)

Agustina Selviana said...

ohmygod why your outfit is always so lovely? <3 hahaha i've spend my holiday with my family, and i enjoy with it :p hope you enjoy your school time :D:D

!♥ m i m i said...

These photos look like a lot of fun :D


I'm glad you bought it. Love the mixing of prints!

Yeeeeah if only we lived close together man. "WE ARE TWINS"?! Awesomeness :D I've always wanted a twin haha.

Mehh the cover was sucky kay. I sound bored. And my voice cracked a bunch on the high parts. I feel embarrassed just looking at the screen. But thanks! I wanted to record something for SO LONG but never really had the guts. Finally I did it, but not very proud of it ):

Woah we're the same age? I thought you were younger than me! CRAAZY! You know what, I like how you never once brought up your struggles with school and shit on this blog. It's good. I need to learn from you hahaha. I think you're going to have a great senior year. And why do you want to hurl your insides at your classmates and peers? ): I've always thought you were the social butterfly, friendly type :3 Like, you know, people like you right away? If you want to talk about anything, you can msg me kay.

Joanne Faith said...

I like the swishy hair, cute colorful outfit!

I would tell my 16 year old self to grow the hell up and stop being such a drama queen!


hiven said...


Gorgeous Clara said...

nice bag!

Audrey Allure said...

Love your outfit, especially the shoes!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

so are you saying that school is not full of exclamation marks? :)

i love that i can always count on you for color. your style is so fun!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't even know what I would say to my sixteen-year-old self. Perhaps I would simply tell her to stick with the driving lessons because here I am, three weeks away from graduating college, and yeah...I still have no license. My driving instructor totes freaked me out!!

LOVE your look - you are the queen of color, darling!! :)

APieceOfCrap said...

Thanks for your comment giirrrrlll!
yea Paris was awesome!

cool pics!!


best regards from Sweden :)
/ Malin and Emma

Clare said...

These photos are incredible Lexi! I wrote a similar post to my 16 year old self a few months back *sigh* I had so much to learn back then! hehehe

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I AM BACK! And I missed all your updates, and I just read them all and I have to say that you have gotten way more AWESOME.

I used to write letters to other people all the time. Like if I was angry or something. And then I'm rip the letter up and throw it out, or hide it. It was a great way to get over things, especially since when my anger used to pass and I'd read the letters over they would have sounded stupid if I had given them to someone.

Anyways, awesome outfit. I love it. The pattern mixing is wonderful like always.

Naka said...

i love the bag and omg one of my friends has sent himself an email but it wont arrive for a couple of years XD i think i will do one :3

mashi said...

Love the floral combo, esp the thrifted top.

Might have to think about the letter to my 16 year old self, but the most important thing is to be more confident in one self, study hard and enjoy being young x

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

You are the princess of prints!!!!
Huge-ass flowers as a top and tiny adorable ones for the skirt..AMAZING!

So here's my letter:

Dear 16-Year Old Gizelle:

Stop being such a bitch to your classmates..Don't keep rolling your eyes at their foolishness and just let them be. Treasure your closest friends cuz they will be with you for decades..through hell and back. Don't take your current boyfriend too seriously cuz believe me, you will meet someone more awesome (haha!)...and yes, forgive yourself for wearing those retro pants and Spice girls platforms in Freshman year..Have the time of your life and just smile through it all!

Present Gizelle

♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

sweet said...

You are totally fun to look at my dear...your photos are without a doubt amazing!!!!

Love love the letter as well...and i agree with the letter for your 13 year old self...

Kisses hun

Charlotte. said...

loooove the pansy print shirt! here comes my letter into the past...

dear sixteen year old self,
could you get a better haircut please? thanks.
love future you.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

That is SUCH an awesome array of colour, pattern and swirling hair that I am left basically speechless. Except for what I just wrote. Rock on!
P.S. I actually played Dorothy in a high school play! 'Twas awesome.

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

your floral skirt is amazing! I've searched for it since 2 days ago and I haven't get it :'(


t said...

Super cute outfit!


Shelby said...

the only reason i would ever consider going back to high school would be to hang out with you. you look like you would have made my high school experience a riot. but, high school is lame and i don't (and can't) want to go back...

βe said...

Man, I've written so many letters to myself. But I write them to my future self. I remember, once, I found a letter to myself from when I was at the age of 7 or 10 asking about tiny teddies! Man, I was such a retard as a kid.

Oh, and I love the hair toss in the photos(;

QueenDesi said...

love ur blue purse baby girl :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

jewel said...

i love the way you write. you're funny. have you ever thought about writing sketches?!?
BTW, TOTALLY AGREE WITH 1) WATCH MORE DISNEY CHANNEL (it's not just for kids, i'd better hurry up cause JONAS is coming on soon... jk jk i dont get disney on my tv D:)
and dear 16 year old me, HOLY CRAP IM SIXTEEN TOO IT JUST DOESNT WORK :''(
how can you have hindsight without actually having hindsight!?
love ya posts,
love the colour!
x x x

sojourned in style said...

dear quirky explosion,
i thought i should put my commetn in letter form, and all i have to say is that your quiirkiness is ah-maizng and your humour, super funnny, and you are fantabulous.


TheMadTwins said...

wow these pictures are soo stunning o.O Wonderful job with the photoshoping. The colors are amazing!

and thank you so much for you sweet comment, it made me so happy.

and you blog is so beautiful, we're going to follow you ^__^

Loves, London & Paris